Watch: Video Runs Through All 'Cabin in the Woods' Movie Monsters

October 31, 2014
Source: GoodBadFlicks

The Cabin in the Woods

If you haven't yet given the horror flick The Cabin in the Woods a chance yet, it's available right now on Netflix Instant, and it's one of the best genre films of the past decade without a doubt. It uses familiar horror tropes while also giving them a reason to exist, and we don't want to explain any more than that if you're outside of the bubble of this film for some reason. Just take our word and watch it with some friends. Anyway, since the movie has been out for a coupe years, someone decided to dissect it a little further and focus on all the horror references made in the film, especially regarding all the monsters we see. Watch!

Here's a guide to the horror references in The Cabin in the Woods from GoodBadFlicks:

It's cool to see how intricately planned all of the horror elements of the film are from the monsters to the horror artifacts and more. Drew Goddard has a genuine horror masterpiece in his filmography (which he co-wrote with Joss Whedon) that takes cues from previous horror classics and trends without stealing them in a boring way like most horror films do nowadays. We're glad this breakdown shows off just how much work went into the production design and backstory of the universe this film creates. Cool, right?

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Thoughtful and well made with a few stretches. Biggest problem for me? That was not a Facehugger no matter how you slice it.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 31, 2014


Yeah, sometimes it will just have been a scary/funny monster idea they decided to put in rather than make everything a reference. Then again, it's possible that they did all start out as a direct reference and deviate from there.

Snev De la Fontaine on Nov 1, 2014


This movie is listed as a homage to horror tropes ! It's practically based off of other movies. Great thing someone said , good artist borrow, great artist steal. The movie is so great, they stole references from other movies to make a baddass movie. Not sure if you know this but Quintan Tarrantino has been doing this for over a decade and a half ... he's not had 1 flop yet !

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


That was as a spiritual reference to a facehugger/parasite type horror creature without much of a stretch, they probably couldn't do a real facehugger because of licensing issues.

Panzerknecker on Nov 1, 2014


you are right ! and sigourney weaver is in the movie as the evil boss of the monster corporation of the USA - enough said!

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


it was to !

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


Gotta go back watch this again.

DAVIDPD on Nov 1, 2014


This movie and VHS Viral and Troll Hunter and Ponty Pool are some of the most original films in the last 10 years... sad horror needs a revamping of quality... movies like SAW and Ring and Grudge, plus all the reboots destroyed the mainstream cinema - most stuff js indie. Sundance and IFC have been helping out.. but last big budget horror film to make a lof of money is torture porn SAW - so if thats tells you why theres no Cabin in the Woods sequel - theres your explanation.

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


Every time he says "is a reference to" is he guessing or did he hear/read that somewhere? Some I believe, like the cellar door from Evil Dead, but some I wonder if it's coincidental and he's just assuming they deliberately made the reference.

OfficialJab on Nov 2, 2014


yeah it definitely seems like he's over analyzing in a lot of places.

Dan Hibiki on Nov 3, 2014


I think he did a spot on job, Ive seen this movie over 25 times in the last 2 years and haven't caught nearly everything he did. But i watched it on netflix - so no special features... this movie is the best in a long time... Kudos to writers of this film

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


The cellar door goes deeper than Evil Dead, the cellar door / basement has always been an eerie location, Evil Dead just made the cellar a huge plot point since he locks his sister in the basement when she becomes a deadite. But cellars have appeared in Hitchcock and Vincent Price movies long before Evil Dead, Sam Raimi just made a focus since the underground is not sacred, its hollowed ground meaning evil can attach its self to it..

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


Season of the Witch wasn't really a Halloween sequel, it was just re-titled by the studio because they thought it would make them more money. Still that was one hell of a fun movie if you get passed the lack of Mike.

Dan Hibiki on Nov 3, 2014


All Halloween movies are good, there fun do to the Pagan beliefs - making Meyers a real believable killer. But it would be like doing a Nightmare without Freddy...

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


One of thee best horror films of the 21st Century .. anyone who bad mouths this film, for one knows little to nothing of the film. And people who criticize it as being a generic or campy horror film, has not scene enough horror films to validate this statement. Ive have seen endless amounts of horror films. Italian, Serbian, Russian, British, Asian (all regions), North American, Mexican, South American, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish,Finnish, German, Irish, Spanish, French, North and South African... all are good - this films pay homage - but also re-establish the possibilities of what can be done in horror. This is pretty much the fucking Matrix of horror films. Please movie execs' I will never watch a reality tv show again if they make a sequel.

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


I don't think it should have a sequel. One of my favorite things about the ending (Spoilers ahead...duh) was that they literally ended the fucking world. Neverending sequels is yet another horror cliche smashed by this movie, because they eliminated the possibility. No earth, no humans, no sequel.

Rabbity9 on Nov 7, 2014


I disagree there were 5 Gods - or 5 Ancient one - obviously the ancient one for North America is a fire veined Titan like being... would like to see the other 4 - or how America is destroyed by the ancient ones... and maybe see a group of European teens / college kids fight off European monsters.. and then fail ... would be a great non-linear sequel - or a prequel on how all this started ... dude this is H.P Lovecratian style of horror - anyone who doesnt want more -must, like Horror Torture Porn like SAW and other home invasion movies ... those arent horror , there extreme interpretations of real life - freakin' lame - i prefer horror fantasy - its more fun! Can take a person pretending to have there leg cut off knowing its fake - but fighting monsters is like watching Power Rangers - shit's fun! Zombies, Monsters, Demon's and Ghost's always win !

shane willett on Nov 12, 2014


And your a complete classless moron ! Just saying.. You obviously don't like horror, or know enough about the genre to enjoy this film. Goes the same for all you mainstream film buffs! You people sicken me,, go watch another drama movie, lack of comedy - comedy movie or a marvel movie... movies that require little thinking, seems thats more in vain of your taste buddy!

shane willett on Nov 3, 2014


Some of these references are reachin'. Great film though.

ragethorn on Nov 10, 2014

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