What Do the Official Titles for 'Captain America 3' & 'Thor 3' Tell Us?

October 28, 2014

Thor & Captain America

Marvel Studios doesn't usually like to announce things more than two or three years away, but the recent onslaught of news from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment provoked the studio into making a big spectacle and announcing their entire slate for Phase Three of their cinematic universe, which will begin with Ant-Man in 2015 following The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And besides the revelation of Black Panther, Inhumans and Captain Marvel, the comic book studio also announced the titles for Captain America 3 and Thor 3, sequels that we've been expecting and anticipating. But what do the titles tell us? Read on!

Captain America: Civil War

First up, coming on May 6th, 2016 is Captain America: Civil War. Marvel played a little trick on people at the event this afternoon by first announcing the title of this film was Serpent Society (which sounds like a show on The CW), but then went back and revealed that it would actually be Civil War as we heard when Robert Downey Jr. was added to the cast. Because we already heard that news, the revelation of the title doesn't tell us much that we didn't already know. The film will put Tony Stark (Downey) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) at odds, taking cues from the comic book story arc of the same name.

However, this won't be the Civil War that comic book fans know. The storyline from the comics follows the inception of the Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and agree to act as a police force for the authorities. While Stark supports the program, Rogers does not, believing that it threatens civil liberties, and everyone in the Marvel universe is forced to choose a side. But there are no secret identities in the Marvel cinematic universe, so how will this work? Well, Kevin Feige vaguely explained at the event:

"I don’t want to give too much away, but needless to say, the generalities of the act are the same. Something happens, perhaps it’s cumulative for things that have happened though all of the movies leading up to this point. It has made the governments of the world say 'we need to have some oversight of these guys. They need to report to somebody.' So it becomes more… it falls under that umbrella, rather than 'you have to take off your mask.' It’s not about the secret identity thing, as much as it is about, overall, who reports to who, and who can agree to oversight committee. Because as of now, in 'Avengers 2,' there is no more security council, there is no S.H.I.E.L.D., obviously. Stark is paying for it, Captain America is running it, and things occur that will make governments begin to question."

So this will moreso be about an argument about these superheroes answering to some kind of government oversight. More than likely, the destruction caused both by the villains and the heroics that end them is what comes into play, along with the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier where S.H.I.E.L.D. was proven to be a front for Hydra. The government wants some form of accountability, and it sounds like Rogers isn't on board, already through with fighting wars for governments. But Stark, who will see what his unregulated actions can cause in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn't agree. That should be intense.

Thor: Ragnarok

As for the God of Thunder, Marvel announced that Thor: Ragnarok will arrive on July 28th, 2017, returning the franchise to the summer. During the Marvel event, Kevin Feige explained that "Ragnarok" means "the end of all things," and it references a 2004 comic book storyline that destroyed Asgard and all its inhabitants and also killed off Thor for several years. Is there a chance that Thor: Ragnarok will kill off Chris Hemsworth, leaving him out of the running for The Avengers: Infinity War? We've heard rumblings that the new line-up, recently confirmed by Feige, appearing at the end of Age of Ultron means that some of the original members won't be utilized for The Avengers 3.

However, let's also recall that The Avengers: Infinity War is split into two parts coming in 2018 and 2019. The new team could easily take the lead in the first part, but when Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet become too much to handle for them, it forces the presumably estranged Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to team-up and destroy this seemingly unstoppable villain. It stands to reason that if Thor is killed off in Ragnarok, Marvel would figure out a way to bring him back for the second part of Infinity War. It would make for quite a dramatic reunion of The Avengers who started it all.

Interestingly enough, Ragnarok is also the name of a clone that Tony Stark creates in the Civil War comic book storyline to help fight against those who refuse to register with the government. Stark had a hair from Thor that he kept just in case, and used it to create a deadly clone who dispatched with plenty of superheroes while the real Thor wasn't involved in the battle. We doubt that this version of Ragnarok will be used on the big screen, but it's interesting to point out considering the fact that Civil War kicks off with the Captain America franchise in 2016.

Anyway, while these titles and the little amount of information revealed so far give us an idea of what we can expect from the future of both of these franchises, the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron (the Thor sequel picks up right after that sequel) will certainly have a huge impact on both. We're also interested to see how the new franchises like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel effect things. And if we're lucky, all of these superheroes will probably end up meeting with Guardians of the Galaxy to deal with Thanos in the Infinity War. There's so much to be excited about! Thoughts?

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Please, for the love of all that is good and pure, can we finally have a Marvel movie wherein the climax is NOT a big smashy-smashy big-blow-uppy showdown?

BJ Orbase on Oct 28, 2014


These movies are action blockbusters. They've really become the die hards and lethal weapons of a generation ago. If you'd like something else, it would be a good idea to offer a reasonable suggestion. I hate Michael Bay for not treating Transformers with any respect for character development or even treating Prime like some oversized prop, but without the good vs evil action sequences, no amount of storytelling would put butts in the theatres for Marvel.

Robert on Oct 28, 2014


I'm not opposed to good action, especially for Marvel movies, but Marvel's been kind of relying on the "Oh look, big ship, let's blow it up" formula (at least they turned it on its side a bit for GotG). Days of Future Past had an emotional climax that wasn't super-smashy-smashy. Sure, Magneto carried a stadium and it looked super-impressive, but the moment we as an audience hung on for dear life was about whether or not a single bullet was going to be fired. Not asking for all the upcoming movies to not be devoid of destruction pr0n, just that at least one would not be.

BJ Orbase on Oct 28, 2014


Days of future past was a fucking snooze fest. Not a bad movie but if you've got people with the power to move stadiums you expect something more explosive.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 28, 2014


I'm with you on this. I know people are going to rush to say "thats what you should expect from comic book movies" but to me the strength of these Marvel "Phase" movies has been their story (with the exception of The Avengers). So I tend to hold them to a higher standard than just "CGI action porn" from their movies. I'm in full agreement on Days of Future Past too, completely loved that film.

Bryce84 on Oct 28, 2014


Thank you holy fuck. It's like people forget the movies they are going to see.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 28, 2014


Why? That's what comic books are for.

txJM on Oct 28, 2014


You might get it with Ant-Man. I think that climax will be a heist, which would be very fun.

Brian on Oct 28, 2014


I'm hoping Cap, Iron Man & Ultron sit down over a cup of earl grey, share their feelings and talk things out peacefully. Maybe some puppet therapy. Maybe arts & crafts time with some macaroni necklaces being shared.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


Capt 3, we are all excited and have a good idea what will go down. How it ends and how it effects the MCU is the more interesting part, especially since we don't know if we'll see Cap or Tony till Avengers IW Part 1?? What's more interesting is the story for Thor 3. As much as we say we like to have an actual death in the team, I find it hard to actually live with the fact a core character, who I've watched now over the many many years grow actually DIE. And Marvel sees it the same way (even if it is due to the $ part). However, this could be the perfect time for Marvel to do a really sly sneak attack on the audience! Have Thor die while fighting Surtur in Ragnarok. He kill surtur but ultimately, he too dies! This later causes Thanos the ability to storm the Asgard vault and take back the tesseract and the infinity glove. Then the rest of Phase 3 continues will NO movie news surrounding whether Thor IS ACTUALLY dead. Nothing. Then Avengers IW part 1 comes to a head, and yet still no news. Then at the conclusion, we see Thor in Hel still alive. It's there, in Part 2 where he is resurrected from Hel (because he's still a god and can be resurrected) to fight the finale battle with the rest of the new/old team against Thanos. This way, it's an even bigger surprise and fans/audiences can go around with the thought for the following couple years, Marvel finally...actually...killed off a core member. Even though it was a big still sank in for those couple years between Thor 3 and Avengers IW Part 2.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


It would be sooooo epic...if Thor will die in Avengers 2 or Ragnarok and come back for the epic showdown against Thanos in A:IW Part2. All the members are wondering, because they've seen Thor died against Ultron. So he would fight against Thanos...and at the end of the movie or the fight, Thor transformes to Loki. Loki decided to help the Avengers, to save the Universe.

Dubmaster2010 on Oct 28, 2014


Thor can't die in Avengers 2 because Thor 3 comes out after that. More likely that if he dies, it will be at the end of Thor 3

TheOct8pus on Oct 29, 2014


I am not sure about that. The Next movie is "Thor:Ragnarok" and if you know the comics, it don't have to be the same Thor 😀

Dubmaster2010 on Nov 7, 2014


Thor dies. Mjolner goes floating off into space. Roll credits. Post credits scene- we see Mjolner stuck in the hull of deep space vessel "Skuttlebutt". A lone alien astronaut space walks out to see what has hit the ship, picks up Mjolner and is instantly transported to Asgard in front of Odin. Here we get our first look at his face. Welcome to the Marvel films universe, Beta Ray Bill.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


Break them apart, then build them back together. Break them apart, then build them back together. Break them apart, then build them back together. I really am psyched for these films to come together and rock IT!!!~

DAVIDPD on Oct 28, 2014


Do we really need another Thor standalone movie? His movies are the weakest link in the universe, in my humble opinion. And even though Hemsworth certainly looks the part, he lacks the charisma to carry a movie on his shoulders. I'de rather have that slot occupied with something else and keep Thor in the Avengers.

Ricardo_PT on Oct 28, 2014


Agreed, Thor has been my least favorite of the bunch for me.

mooreworthy on Oct 28, 2014


I think Thor 2 was one of the best Movies of the MCU. It was pure Epicness! I think even because of the unfinished Loki-Plot, the Thor Franchise needs another Chapter!

Dubmaster2010 on Oct 28, 2014


You're entitled to your opinion but the Thor movies are the weak link in the marvel universe if you ask me.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 28, 2014


For the first time I can recall Jon, I disagree with you. I think, though the first could've been done better, the second executed the character better and was one of the stronger standalones. Thor 2 did much better, IMO, than IM2 and Incredible Hulk.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


In my opinion the Iron Man series is the weak link. Fight giant robot. Fight army of robots. Army of robots fights. I think Robert Downey Jr. Putting in a career defining performance as Tony Stark is what has made Iron Man what it is. Can you honestly Imagine any other actor in the role able to do what he's done? It was the perfect role for the perfect actor at the perfect time in his life.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


"But there are no secret identities in the Marvel cinematic universe", yes currently now there isn't but Daredevil would have one. It all depends on the timeline where Daredevil will take place if it's after or before The Avengers.

Jordan Odinson on Oct 28, 2014


I don't think Daredevil is enough.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014


this is so dam aswesome cause a good point was made that NOBODY as of yet has died, and not to spoil it but as a true comic geek, my intuition tells me the original template for heros will close(temporarily) while much more will open for other favorite up and coming heroes thus bringing it back to an epic ending by the time infinity hits...bout to real sad and dramatic #gottaStayAliveTil2020

Liam Knurtsis on Oct 30, 2014

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