William Shatner Has a Cameo in 'Star Trek 3' But He Has to Accept It

September 22, 2014
Source: Badass Digest

William Shatner

The reboot of Star Trek was directed by J.J. Abrams, and although he wasn't a longtime fan of the classic sci-fi property, he managed to take fans on a new path with familiar characters while keeping the old mythology intact. There's actually more than a direct connection with the original Star Trek characters (beyond following the alternate younger versions of them) since the alternate future Mr. Spock has popped up in both the 2009 reboot and the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. And now there's a chance for William Shatner to have the same kind of cameo in Star Trek 3, appearing as the alternate Captain James T. Kirk.

There was a plan for Shatner to have a cameo in Star Trek back in 2009, but it never came to fruition and was more of a fun appearance than the more pivotal appearances that Leonard Nimoy has had as Spock. But in the case of Star Trek 3, Badass Digest says there's a scene in the current draft of the script that teams Kirk and Spock together for the first time since Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in 1991. That's a pretty big deal, and since we know that wormholes with time travel has been what made the reboot possible, it's not hard to see how this could happen.

But it remains to be seen if Shatner will actually take the part or if the scene in question will survive rewrites. Do you want to see William Shatner return as Captain Kirk? He can be kind of finnicky about things like this, and hasn't reprised the role of Captain Kirk in a long time. But a reunion with Leonard Nimoy has to be hard to turn down, right? If Shatner can find time to make commercials shilling travel website, surely he can take the time to give fans the honor of seeing Spock and Kirk together on the big screen one last time. Here's hoping Roberto Orci gets what he wants. What do you think?

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Sorry this sort of shallow fan service is not at all cared about by me. How bout make a movie true to Rodenberrys vision to get old fans excited instead of shitty pointless cameos.

Brian Sleider on Sep 22, 2014



MattPeloquin on Sep 22, 2014


I have to agree. It won't bother me, or anything, but what's the point?

Bl00dwerK on Sep 22, 2014


Yeh I wont be bothered by it, but its not like I get some nerd boner over it either. I see what for what it is, shallow fan service.

Brian Sleider on Sep 22, 2014


I wouldn't mind it really.

DAVIDPD on Sep 22, 2014


If they digitize them and show just mocapped CGI versions of Kirk and Spock that would be very cool. The tech is good enough for that now. But in their current physical states, one bloated, the other melted, I'd rather not see it live.

Michael P. Shipley on Sep 22, 2014


That's funny, but I don't think the tech is there yet. Still just makes for creepy waxwork versions of the real thing. The uncanny valley is so fine-tuned for us, "Tron Legacy" or "Surrogates" or "Harry Potter 8" might as well have been that Final Fantasy movie where everyone was in awe of the photo-realistic animation... until they talked.

Smithian on Sep 22, 2014


Please watch your step as you exit the valley. 😉 Disney’s Maleficent: Re-creating Fully Digital Characters

Michael P. Shipley on Sep 22, 2014


Can't speak for Surrogates, and I'm having a hard time thinking of any de-aging digital effects done in HP8(unless we are talking up the 'up-aging' for the end, which I thought was done mostly with makeup?)...and we must remember none of those films had the most staggering budgets, and due to the factory-like production timeline for every movie, none of them ever had the best of CGI either. But the young Bridges in Tron: Legacy wasn't a mo-cap scenario, I'm quite sure it was all key-frame animation. What was done to McKellan and Stewart at the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand looked much better....and that was back in 2006, EIGHT years ago. If anything similar was attempted for Star Trek 3, they could certainly improve the technology and deliver much better results.

Chris Groves on Sep 22, 2014


Snape's flashbacks in HP8 had the tech, to me Alan Rickman's de-aged face looked like a botoxed trampoline. X-Men... I just didn't like it. The problem is that we all know what these actors looked like when they were younger, and this creepy waxy effect which somehow also looks matted and doesn't glean the way natural skin does, this always misses the mark. Even the Arnold Schwarzenegger model in Terminator Salvation didn't cut it for me. It's clearly the hardest thing to animate.

Smithian on Sep 22, 2014


From the video I posted it looks like to me its getting very close to being ready for prime time but even if it isnt quite ready yet, they could make it work by keeping the lighting dark or only showing him from a distance. Its worth a try because fans of Kirk (and there are millions of them the world over) would go ape shit to see their hero again, at the peak of his physical prowess, in ST3.

Michael P. Shipley on Sep 23, 2014


Oh probably, though I have flashbacks to the Bring Back Kirk movement that claimed this was the sole solution to any and every perceived problem the franchise had post-1994, ignoring anything new and interesting that was attempted in those 10 years. The reservations I have about the Abrams Trek movies don't instill me with confidence that they'd use such an opportunity with any sort of innovative flair. Well, maybe lens flare.

Smithian on Sep 23, 2014


true it wasn't that good the same with Jeff bridges in tron. It's very simple I think. There are around the eyes to many muscles that gives a face the special expression when needed. I think it will be very hard for computers to mimic that expression at the right time at the right moment in milliseconds...

Avi on Sep 23, 2014


The tech is not good enough yet. It takes a lot to trick the human brain. A lot of CGI these days is so advanced, yet it still looks fake. Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy looked like a man in a mask.

TheOct8pus on Sep 23, 2014


Check this video out: "Disney’s Maleficent: Re-creating Fully Digital Characters" They've come a long way since Tron.

Michael P. Shipley on Sep 23, 2014


Actually, since his character was killed off in 1994, William Shatner has reprised the role of Captain Kirk in five video games, co-authored 10 novels featuring Kirk (the first of which was called, "The Return"), happily-produced and fronted two Star Trek documentaries featuring notable cast members of the spin-offs, lampooned his Trek persona in "Futurama," "Free Enterprise" and "Fanboys" (to name but a few instances), and appeared as Kirk for Seth MacFarlane during the 2013 telecast of the Academy Awards in front of an audience of over 1 billion people. I'd say he's pretty comfortable with the idea of milking that character for all it's worth, and the only thing he's "finnicky" (sic) about is the size of his paychecks.

Smithian on Sep 22, 2014


Didn't his Kirk die?

Fidel Reyes on Sep 22, 2014


I'm all for this, 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of Star I think it makes for a special occasion where, if they can make it functional and make sense for the plot, they should take every opportunity to honor what came before.

Chris Groves on Sep 22, 2014


Bring it on, as a fan that has watched the Original Series and the Movies multiple times, i would love more things connecting the two series. YES

Sky on Sep 22, 2014


Just move on, no more cameos, we get it.

Angry Latisha on Sep 23, 2014


Would be great to see him again in the right context. Fine if not. Happy with Bill's decision on this one.

avconsumer2 on Sep 23, 2014


I dunno....he's so bloated and kinda hard to take seriously anymore

TheOct8pus on Sep 23, 2014


Enough already with the nostalgic casting, time to move on. The new Star Wars has the patent on novelty geriatric "oh look, isn't that nice to see him/her again, wow he/she looks really freaking old" fan favourite casting

Wayne on Sep 23, 2014


yeah the first problem is finding at what SPOT do u pluck him out of time , and reunite him with HIS Spock in an Alternate Universe . That actually doesn't sound easy as u have to explain / sync it with his physical condition NOW ( Nimoy is in better shape ...) Before he meets Picard and dies in the Nexus ? somehow after ? , since nobody supposedly ever dies in the Nexus ? ... he'd need to borrow one of Hollywood's diet secrets that the actresses use ...then they'd have to invent a crisis for him and spock to help solve , that only THEY can help with ... ...

Dominic on Sep 24, 2014

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