WTF: Sony Wants Audiences to Use Shazam for 'Spider-Man 2' Tease

April 29, 2014
Source: SlashFilm, ComingSoon

Amazing Spider-Man 2

This can't be real. But, apparently, it is. And I am baffled. No wonder they didn't put this on any of the press screenings, as critics would've lost their mind if this "Shazam" clip played at the end. Marc Webb's sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally hits US theaters starting this week and there has been rumors going around about scenes attached to the credits, or in the credits, or a potential X-Men crossover, or something like that. But after waiting and waiting and nothing appearing during US press screenings last week, Sony has announced "be sure to Shazam the end credit sequence to unlock a look into the sinister future." WTF?!

Pardon my French, but yes, this news deserves a "what the fuck?!" because this just makes no sense. Studios encouraging phone use during movies? It's a blatant misunderstanding of user experience combined with insane marketing oversaturation. This official statement apparently comes direct from Sony (via SlashFilm):

"After seeing THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 – opening on May 2nd - be sure to Shazam the end credit sequence to unlock a look into the sinister future. Download @Shazam on iTunes or GooglePlay. #SpiderMan"

As far as we can tell, if this is real, what it's saying - you must Shazam the song during the end credits to get the credits scene delivered to your phone. So, the studio is requiring people take out their phones during the movie (as soon as it ends). For those wondering what is going on here, let me explain: this is what is known as "cross-promotion". Sony, fearing that they need more attention brought to Spidey, strikes deals with as many other popular companies as possible, which allows them to cross-promote Spider-Man 2 without spending more of their ad budget. Shazam puts up banners and info in their app and all over their site, Sony comes up with a way to feature Shazam in return (and this is it). From a marketer's viewpoint, everyone is popping open champagne and celebrating. But from the audience's viewpoint? This is utter studio stupidity.

To the studio execs, I'm sure this all sounds great. Spidey gets promoted in a very popular app, Shazam gets promoted via Spidey, Hollywood makes more money, everyone is happy (right?). But to me, this sounds like the execs have no idea what sitting in a movie theater is like. It's as if they've never actually been a part of an "audience", or had the excruciatingly miserable experience of someone take out their phone during a movie. It's a sensitive topic and many believe it is flat out wrong to use phones during movies (one person was even shot and killed because of an argument over phone use earlier this year). But this is taking marketing and promotion way, way too far. Just stop. Put the damn credits scene at the end of the credits where it belongs.

Update!: That didn't take long - ComingSoon has discovered the scene we'll see when you Shazam the end credit's song "It's On Again" by Alicia Keys. It reveals a quick look at the Sinister Six line-up (which is part of the movie anyway) including ambiguous shots of the vehicles/weapons used by the six villains they'll be including: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and perhaps Chameleon or Mysterio.

Sinister Six Amazing Spider-Man 2 Reveal

At the moment, the video is not available online, but can still be seen by Shazaming the song in the credits. At least we know what the reveal is. We strongly discourage anyone from using the phone during the movie.

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So Lame. For every one step forward. Two steps back.

DAVIDPD on Apr 29, 2014


That's the entirety of Sony in a nutshell and it's why they're burning Billions of $ in losses every year.

Guest on Apr 30, 2014


It's a dumb idea, but I don't see how having your phone out during the credits is disruptive. You might be distracted from the credits? That's when phones come out.

OfficialJab on Apr 29, 2014


This is pretty lame. I don't want to watch a scene on my tiny phone screen. I want in on the big screen! Oops, didn't mean to reply 😛

Christina on Apr 29, 2014


It could well be that the Shazam link takes you to a gallery of the following images (the article explains why this may be the case):

Tom Buxton on Apr 29, 2014


Indeed, we already updated and added that info to the post. Still a stupid idea, and still a very boring way to promote Sinister Six and the next villains.

Alex Billington on Apr 29, 2014


This article over-reacts. It is a dumb move, but lets not act like movie going etiquette involves deep moral implications. Yes, taking out your phone in a movie is annoying, but is it morally wrong? That's an overstep. Almost all ads are then morally wrong and this site better get another source of income. At the same time, there is no mention about how this will fundamentally not work. This is described as a "credit scene" so I am assuming it is a live action scene with sound and everything. If everyone whips out there phone and shazams this scene.. it is going to play, on everyone's phone, at different intervals. You wont be able to hear your's because everyone's will be going. It just wasn't thought through, unless this article is making an assumption (which is possible considering it is dripping with personal perception and knee jerk reaction), and this is just a simple photo.

adam lamonica on Apr 29, 2014


Indeed this is an over-reaction because we (I) vehemently fight against cell phone use in theaters and this entire concept is studio marketing over-stepping its bounds. Just a very necessary "over-" response to an over-use of phones. It's just stupid, there are much better ways to cross-promote and highlight end credits scenes. But not this. It's harmful, it's bad, it's wrong. And I will never back down from this fight.

Alex Billington on Apr 29, 2014


I don't think someone pulling out their cell phone during the credits is nearly as distracting as the lights going up or the people stepping on my feet trying to get to the aisle. Now if you have to pull out your cell in the middle of the movie, that's a different story, and I concur whole heartedly that anyone doing that should be escorted out or otherwise publicly humiliated. As a side note, and this is a a pet peeve of mine, using expletives makes your post seem childish. It comes across more as a tantrum than anything else. end rant

EmagSamurai on Apr 29, 2014


Appreciate your criticism and response. Noted.

Alex Billington on Apr 30, 2014


Geez, relax Alex. I get your point and I agree 100%, people should abstain from using their cellphones during the movie. But this is meant to happen during the credits. Is it really that bad for your movie experience if someone uses their cellphone during the credits? Most people are already standing and leaving the theatre anyway (at least that's how it goes here). Pick your fights 😉

Ricardo_PT on Apr 30, 2014


I agree with Alex 100%. This just shows how out of control marketing is in this country. So not only do I not get to see end credits freely, I now have to download an app, use a program I don't care about and let the scene play on my phone. If only people were smart enough to boycott shit like this we wouldn't have to worry about it becoming the new Hollywood FAD.

blkstar on Apr 29, 2014


just find the song on youtube and then shazam the song at home, it works. just did it

Ryan on Apr 29, 2014


This is definitely a dumb move. No it's not horribly annoying, but it sure isn't something that brings me satisfaction as a viewer. I don't have Shazam on my phone, and I don't want to download it to watch a scene on my little itty bitty phone screen (especially when I've got a massive movie theater screen in front of me...are you serious Sony-Marvel?). While I don't think its this massive middle finger to the consumer/viewer or anything, it definitely is stupid. You have to ALWAYS think about what is best for your customer, not what will make the most money. Ultimately delivering exactly what your customer wants will bring in the most money. Side note, why the heck are they pairing with an app with the same name as a rival comic superhero....come on now...(just kidding)

I'm Batman on Apr 29, 2014


everyone boycott the movie booooo fuck u sony

redskulllives on Apr 29, 2014


I seriously don't see all the anger in this. It's just meant as a small hidden Easter Egg for the fans and something just alternative. Plus at least it isn't during the middle of the movie, yeah if it was in the middle of the movie I would be pissed off but it's just something small during the credits. I'll have to agree with some people this is really just over reacting. Fine if you don't want "Shazam" you don't have to. Plus they are moving along with current technology and Shazam is a cool and very useful app. And also it's something that didn't really connect to the movie itself. It's a neat and clever promotional tool. Seriously put yourself in the shoes of someone getting paid as a promoter or marketer and tell me this idea sucks which you wouldn't even dare to say at all if you were.

Cocaino Weaver on Apr 29, 2014


This would be during the credits, no? Who cares if people use their phone during the credits? The lights are on and the majority of the audience is walking out.

Rick on Apr 29, 2014


I don't think it's that bad really so I don't get the hate towards it. Most people usually pull out their phones as soon as the credits start rolling to update statuses about how awesome the movie was or check missed calls. I'd actually be all in for this if it meant I didn't have to sit all the way through the credits just to see the end scene. Another cool idea is the immediately link you to something like Sound Off where people who have seen the movie immediately afterwards get to share their thoughts. My 2c.

TK on Apr 29, 2014


Agreed. I dont care at this point either. And would love a quicker exit of the theater. P.s. Don't make fun of Alex.

mgazo on Apr 29, 2014


Haha I was being serious. Something like Sound Off hosted by the studios who made the movie would be beneficial I think. Especially with the astounding amount of sequels coming out, it would be great to have a forum where the audience could say what they liked and what they didn't. Not that they would ever listen lol.

TK on Apr 29, 2014


I was being serious too. I agree w/ you. The P.s. Was an aside. I had a comment deleted that May have mentioned calling emergency services.

mgazo on Apr 29, 2014


Great idea (I wish we could do that!). And I hear you, that actually makes sense. That's a much better idea for the end credits than this kind of odd cross-promo.

Alex Billington on Apr 29, 2014


Don't defend taking your phone out in the middle of the movie, you whiny social media bitches can wait until you go outside to use your phones

Fuckyoubitch on Apr 30, 2014


Rofl...Oh the irony.

TK on Apr 30, 2014


Exactly anyone complaining is an idiot, credits are not the movie the lights come on as soon as they start to roll. Fine with me if people didn't like the movie but same people whining would say the same if the best movie ever

brettlee93 on May 5, 2014


Can I simply go on youtube, type in "It's On Again" by Alicia Keys, and Shazam the song and have it go to the end credits scene? I mean, how's the phone going to know if I'm in the theater hearing the song, or simply at home?? Or am just not that phone savy?

JBrotsis on Apr 29, 2014


Nevermind. Just did it from home, and it worked.

JBrotsis on Apr 29, 2014


ROTFL. I instantly thought 'having to use Shazaam' mean it was a cross promotion featuring Shaquille O'Neal dressed up as a genie.

Akirakorn on Apr 30, 2014


Same here, I'm still not clear on what they mean...

cuckoozey on Apr 30, 2014


The photos above were simply designed to give fans an idea of what they should possible expect from the movie which production could begin as early as January 2015. (via The Wrap)

Film Cutting on Apr 30, 2014


This movie is so bad, it's becoming absolutely pathetic. Marvel should buy the franchise from Sony and integrate it into the Marvel cinematic universe. That could be cool and a lot better than this sh*t Sony's pulling. The Tobey Maguire movies were okay, but this is just going nowhere fast.

Guest on Apr 30, 2014


Yeah, SM2 was the highpoint of either franchise. Unfortunately, to keep the rights from Marvel, Sony will keep producing more of the same 'origins' of Spidey. Stupid bylaws and contracts.

Ryan Perez on May 2, 2014


I've said this over and over again. This movie is going to fucken suck!! Sony has no other way of getting people to go see it so they are starting to add bullshit. If anyone over at Sony is reading this, for Gods sake please hand the franchise back to Marvel Studios. Spidey would make a great addition to the Avengers.

Mario Morales on Apr 30, 2014


Or even better, the New Avengers. Just gotta get Wolverine and Spidey on screen togethe, so we can have that hilarious banter and silly rivalry over MJ.

Ryan Perez on May 2, 2014


Saw the film two days ago. Way better than the first one.

Nielsen700 on Apr 30, 2014


Sorry to say that the movie is absolutely lame and boring. Only enjoyable if you are 8 years old or less. Only scene I loved: the kid at the end.

Abraham Morales on Apr 30, 2014


I think you mean, "only enjoyable if you are 8 years old or older", lol you fell in love with the little kid in the end, you're a pedophile aren't you?

Fuckyoubitch on Apr 30, 2014


I'm seeing this movie later today but damn I'm tired of all the hate for this new franchise. Just shut the hell up and enjoy it or don't watch it. So far its a million times better than that shit Raimi trilogy was. It was seriously like a power ranger movie come to life.

SkyNet300 on May 1, 2014


I dont like all the hate either. Just enjoy the damn movies for what they are. But, i would not say that TASM or TASM2 is better than either SM or SM2. Though, much better than SM2 pretty much set the bar for CBM quality, and is still held as one of the foremost of its category. My only gripe with the new franchise, is that they rebooted something that they should have just movied forward with. Why re-establish something that was already well established. Audiences would have completely understood the situation...Same Spidey, new story. Though, i still like the new franchise a lot.

Ryan Perez on May 2, 2014


SPOILER ALERT: Just saw the movie and its disappointing. Trying to give it a darker side made it really boring.The movie is still building character for the 2016 and 2018 release. We will see the Vulture, Dr.Oct, Rhino and many more. I guess this will work for TASM 3,because there won't be much love but revenge. Lets Hope because Stacy wanted us all to keep HOPE on Spidy.

Ani on May 1, 2014


By far the best Spiderman movie. It wiped the shit that was called spiderman 3...ending heart wrenching...spiderman was even better he wasn't moping Becuz his girlfriend broke up with him. He was power he was awesome he was Spider-man. Probably the best movie this year. Andrew and Emma shine while Goblin and Electro are pretty formidable. Aunty May awesome and secret about his father is even more interesting now. Spidey 3 let's go! This movie has wiped clean my mind of all three spiderman movies...(may be not 2nd one) some international bullshit I had to endure!! (Dhoom 3, Krrish 3) man these two were shittiest unofficial copies of Hollywood movies!

mfarhaniqbal33 on May 1, 2014


Best movie of the year? That is a bold statement. Cheers...

Ryan Perez on May 2, 2014


come oooon give us a damn hobgoblin already

joe on May 7, 2014

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