Zack Snyder Reveals a Photo of New 'Batman v. Superman' Batmobile

September 10, 2014
Source: Twitter

Batman v. Superman

Now that is a Batmobile! Oh yes! In response to the first sneaky fan-taken set photos leaked to the web this week, Zack Snyder has taken to Twitter to reveal an official and spectacular first look at the Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Filming is now underway, and the photo was taken by Snyder's goto set photographer Clay Enos, who also tweeted some particulars. This shot they've revealed makes it look a lot more suped up than any of the set photos from around Detroit, or the one in the background of that first Batman shot, and I can't wait to see it in action. Is this everything you wanted? Or is it too much?

Here's the first official photo as revealed by Zack Snyder, with his original tweet right below. Thoughts?

Batman v. Superman Batmobile Photo - Zack Snyder

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) and written by Chris Terrio (Argo) with a story from David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy). Production is happening now in Detroit, Michigan and the sequel will be shot back-to-back with Justice League. Henry Cavill is returning as Superman along with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane from Man of Steel and Jesse Eisenberg playing iconic villain Lex Luthor. In addition, Ben Affleck is joining the film as the new Batman, along with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Warner Bros has this set to arrive on March 25th, 2016. Stay tuned. See the first official Clark Kent photo here, along with Affleck as Batman, plus Gal Gadot's poster.

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This doesn't look exciting at all, it's just a modified version of the one from the Nolan flicks. It may look a bit more sleek but it's still ugly in design. Why can't we get an updated version of the original Tim Burton Batmobile in the first film? That was perfect. This just looks like clunky and cluttered, it's a simple mess.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 10, 2014


Just as much Burton's batmobile as It is the tumbler. A perfect hybrid.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 10, 2014


I tought exactly the same...

ProjectionistHP on Sep 11, 2014


more pics

Josh W on Sep 11, 2014


If they are going with the same look as in mos, Tim Burton styled props would look a bit out of place. This will do nicely. Alltough it could have been a bit less tumblerish.

ProjectionistHP on Sep 11, 2014



DAVIDPD on Sep 11, 2014


I love it. Like the Tumbler with 10 years of evolution/advancement....which is essentially what it is.

Chris Groves on Sep 11, 2014


Yep - looks like a cool upgrade of the Tumbler. Now I so want Bale back 🙁

Steven on Sep 11, 2014


Don't have a bad thing to say about Bale-Batman. But I like Affleck as this new incarnation of Batman for this Superman universe. Bale, at 5'10, works as the lean, stand-alone Batman. Affleck is in the 6'4 range and has more of that larger than life type of build/physique. Bale's Batman was essentially retired at 40, while Affleck is evidently still going to be in his prime in his mid 40s. The Bale incarnation was the more realistic and grounded approach, while Affleck is a bit more stylized and 'hyper-real'. More comic-book-y...which is perfectly fine. In a world without The Dark Knight Rises, I would have loved to see them fold the Bale/Nolan Batman right into the Man of Steel world...but Rises was such a great conclusion to that arc that I don't like the idea of following that story up with BvS.

Chris Groves on Sep 11, 2014


everything looks fat in this movie! First ben affleck in his batsuit and now a overweight batmobile looking like a tank. I am sure we will see jonah Hill as lex luthor!

Avi on Sep 11, 2014


I would argue this one actually looks slimmer than the most recent iteration. Like others have said, a hybrid between the Burton and Nolan versions. I think it's a little busy, with jagged armor jutting out everywhere, but even then it's still more streamlined than the armored monstrosity Bale got to drive around.

Wafffles on Sep 11, 2014


Zack Snyder got us talking about a movie with a release date of 2016?? Now that's what I call clever marketing!

Avi on Sep 11, 2014


Well, Gadot is so thin that she makes up for overall fatness

ProjectionistHP on Sep 11, 2014


if this thing is fat, the tumbler was obese?

Brian Sleider on Sep 11, 2014


Why you gotta bust on Jonah?

chuckpenz on Sep 11, 2014


hahahahaha get a life!

Avi on Sep 11, 2014


Batman basically does drive a tank-like vehicle in The Dark Knight Returns so a bulkier Batmobile may have taken some slight influence (especially with the guns on it). I like it, I have high hopes for this movie, but will go into it with lowered expectations. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Blake on Sep 11, 2014


same here! I liked superman from Zack Snyder, but I have still doubts about this one... The story must be great and logical will it work.

Avi on Sep 11, 2014


Oh. How very Bay / Transformer-ish. Maybe just me.

avconsumer2 on Sep 11, 2014


Like it.

Xerxexx on Sep 11, 2014


That front end, looks messy.

Brian Sleider on Sep 11, 2014


Like the footballer?

capitandelespacio on Sep 11, 2014


This looks way overdesigned.

chuckpenz on Sep 11, 2014


One word: Bitching!

capitandelespacio on Sep 11, 2014


yes but is it superman-proof

redskulllives on Sep 11, 2014


Looks awesome to me! I really hope they make a more realistic cinematic Batman for this version. What I mean is I hope he actually kills his targets only when he really needs to. That's what I liked about the Keaton version.

SkyNet300 on Sep 11, 2014


It's a Bat-tank

TheOct8pus on Sep 12, 2014


Are there blinkers?

Etienne Martin on Sep 12, 2014


So far all the Batman pictures were taken in an old run down warehouse. Is that where Bruce Wayne spends his time these days?

TheOct8pus on Sep 12, 2014

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