'American Sniper' Getting Unnecessary Run on IMAX Screens Too

January 8, 2015

American Sniper

Briefly: With American Sniper getting recognized by the Producers Guild and Writers Guild with nominees in both of the guilds' awards, it looks like Warner Bros. Pictures wants to capitalize on the buzz (even though the film doesn't have any Golden Globe nominations). The studio just announced that the film starring Bradley Cooper will be getting an IMAX release simultaneously when it hits regular theaters next week on January 16th. But let me say, that this is not a film that needs to be seen on the IMAX screen, and it's not even all that great of a movie in general. It's far from terrible, but it's just not very good. Moreover, there's nothing technically impressive to warrant an IMAX screening if you truly must see it in theaters.

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Ethan, your bitterness towards this film is embarrassing. Grow up and accept that just because you're too stupid and ignorant to appreciate the movie doesn't mean everyone else is.

Reg on Jan 8, 2015


Yes, having a different opinion than some people, and also simultaneously matches others who have already seen the film, makes a person stupid and ignorant. Thank you for your wisdom, Reg. You are a treasure. The problem is that the movie actually isn't smart at all, it's redundant, lacks subtlety, and is a wholly derivative war drama. Beyond Bradley Cooper's performance, which is actually fantastic, the movie is nowhere near great. The story of the real-life sniper is remarkable, but the movie is not.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 8, 2015


Ethan, anyone with a brain can see right through most bloggers in the entertainment industries. If Warner Bros had treated you to a set visit and a media day with the director and stars, you'd be hyping it any way you could (outside of the review). Or better yet: if they'd flown you to the Alamo Drafthouse for a movie nerd squad screening, you'd shill the crap out of it. It's the same thing with video games, and the same thing with movies. Instead of trolling the film at every opportunity...why don't you just run a review, already? I don't even necessarily disagree with your opinion of it. I just don't care for the snarky attitude being slathered onto the headlines as sleazy clickbait.

txJM on Jan 8, 2015


Anyone with a brain wouldn't make hasty generalizations and apply them to an entire industry. The fact that you think all bloggers will hype a movie just because they visited a set or attended a special screening is insulting to say the least. We have a passion for movies, and an opinion on all of them, whether it's positive or negative. My dislike for the film notwithstanding, even if the movie was good, as I said, there's nothing in it technically that warrants being seen on the IMAX screen. And therefore the headline isn't clickbait in the least. If anything, it gives away the whole story with my opinion. That's not what clickbait headlines do. It's not trolling a film if you're offering genuine criticism having seen the film in its entirety. And I'm not writing an entire review, because we usually leave that to Jeremy Kirk, unless myself or Alex Billington are attending film festivals. In addition, I get plenty of opportunities to offer short, concise opinions when we repeatedly write about the movies in question. Would you rather have me just say that I love every movie just so no one gets their feelings hurt or has to go out of their way to disagree with me? Then I would just get the opposite complaint about loving a movie just to kiss someone's ass or because maybe I visited the set or got sent a sniper rifle or something stupid like that. The reality is, half of the set visits I've been on (which is less than 10) have been for movies I didn't like and I have vocalized as much on here and on social media. 30 Minutes or Less and Runner Runner come to mind as a couple of them. Yes, there are some people who will shill for movies like that. We have not, do not and will never operate like that.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 8, 2015


Them show some objectivity. Your readership either likes it, dislikes it, or hasn't seen it. Why would you alienate a significant portion just to get your jimmies? I think it's because you haven't been incentivized not to. I understand that bloggers aren't necessarily real press, and that there's an expectation to show character. But that headline is just grocery-store-checkout-line worthy, and written with an antagonistic twist. It's either to get people like me to come in and start a dialogue that we have to return to continue...or to get the attention of WB's public relations team. Either way, it's slimey.

txJM on Jan 9, 2015


Those that can, do. Those that's can't do, teach. Those that can't teach, evaluate. Those that can't evaluate, report. Ethan, you obviously have something against the military as a eval/reporter -- in this case reviewer. You may think we are all baby killers, stupid and boring, but the movie shows the poor balancing we do with fighting and home, how boring most of a 6 month deployment is, punctuated with a few minutes of high stress and terror. I actually agree with your assessment of some of the filming and editing, but you attack on the subject matter shows your true colors. Unfortunately, 1st Amendment allows you to be cruel and wrong, will being defended by the same guys that sacrifice so you can feel good about yourself and tear down others. Good luck with that ANYWHERE but the US, Canada, Western Europe and Japan.

Jack on Jan 9, 2015


I think Ethan genuinely didn't love the movie Jack, which is fine. There's plenty of people that seem to like it, infact since I knew very little about Chris Kyle I had a look online for some interviews with him and it seemed people liked him so much they threatened to rape and murder people who didn't fully support the movie.

Carpola on Jan 9, 2015


I can understand were txJM is coming from though. In a previous post you slammed the inclusion of the enemy sniper and emphasised its over use in the film. I in the general public have not seen this film, as its not released, so its kinda of hard to agree or disagree, yet the tone of your reply is that I must accept your view as you've seen it..

Steven on Jan 9, 2015


"Stupid and ignorant" just because he doesn't appreciate a movie you like is just wrong dude... The fact that he doesn't like the movie gets mentioned everytime there is an article about the movie, and I think people should make up their own mind. But Ethan runs the site, so he can write whatever he wants and he has seen the movie 😉

Enola on Jan 8, 2015


As a movie I liked it. Was genuinely sad to see he died at the end. The reality didn't seem quite as simple as the film.

Carpola on Jan 8, 2015


Thanks for spoiling the ending, jerk.

SirNic on Jan 19, 2015


It's based on a much publicised story that's been in the news and mentioned in all the press about the film. It's not a spoiler.

Carpola on Jan 19, 2015


Still spoiled it for those who haven't watched the movie or the news.

SirNic on Jan 19, 2015


Damn news... spoiling movies since "Titanic"...

Mike_T on Jan 19, 2015


Surely you'll have heard of Chris Kyle? His funeral is on Youtube, I'm not even kidding. Sorry for ruining the movie for you Nic, but it's not particularly plot destroying. I'd actually say it would be better researching his life in interviews or by reading his book, from what I can gather, he seemed pretty banjos and not anything like the 1 dimensional man in the film. He lied quite a lot, supposedly murdered 30 people in New Orleans for a laugh and lost a lawsuit to a guy who could fire a gatling gun from his hip whilst fighting aliens.

Carpola on Jan 19, 2015


So the sheep who live in a bubble? Too bad, so sad...

sgtguthrie on Jan 29, 2015


If you didn't know he died, not sure what planet you live on. It was ALL OVER the news. It was only the left wing news and Obama that didn't seem the give a crap. It doesn't change this movie. It's a masterpiece.

Ryan Austin on Jan 21, 2015


I am still looking forward to seeing AMERICAN SNIPER. It looks good to me.I don't really expect to be blown away, but it looks so very good.

DAVIDPD on Jan 9, 2015


It is above average just not great.

Henry Willis on Jan 9, 2015


Was hyped to see this but it was just average. The Home/family scenes didn't work very well and especially breaking into the action scenes with back at home scenes. 6/10 And Bradley Cooper wasn't really all that GREAT either. Sure he put in a lot of work into the part gaining 40 lbs of muscle and voice training for months but honestly it just seemed very average. And was hard to believe that there was this Sniper#2 badguy out their the whole time evading everyone else along the way. Enemy at the gates was better. IMAX is a joke for this movie.

Henry Willis on Jan 9, 2015


I've yet to see the movie but I am surprised to see that Ethan is so vehemently against it. I see so many awful movies that he blindly loves that it's just strange to see him be so repeatedly vocal in his dislike against it. Maybe if Ethan started to dislike a few more, it would offer a bit more balance to his opinion and hence might not lead to people questioning the motives behind him so uncharacteristically not liking a single particular movie.

Payne by name on Jan 10, 2015


Doesn't need to be on IMAX, but don't listen to this idiot 'critic', there is a reason it was nominated for six Academy Awards (should be seven, Eastwood deserved a nomination for best director). This movie is a masterpiece and it BETTER than The Hurt Locker. Only reason for this "review" is he is a liberal and hates anything to do with the war overseas.

Ryan Austin on Jan 21, 2015


Idiot, plain and simple. This movie made over 10 million IN IMAX ANYONE OPENING WEEKEND! I hate when liberals can't see past their dislike of people like me, willing to sacrifice so they can say and do what they want. Pathetic...

sgtguthrie on Jan 29, 2015


I thought the war scenes and the sound quality were really great in IMAX. In addition, the movie won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing.

So Jin Choi on Mar 1, 2015

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