'Batman v. Superman' Trailer Coming April 20th, Tease on Thursday

April 14, 2015

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This Thursday will kick off Star Wars Celebration, and as we revealed today, all the panels from the convention will be streamed online, and they will include all the exclusive footage that will be shown to fans over in California. Rumor has it that includes the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but there will be another major tease coming that same day, one hour before the Star Wars hype kicks off. Latino Review reports the five seconds of footage from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be teased through Zack Snyder's Twitter before the official trailer is revealed in theaters on Monday, April 20th.

Here's the update on Instagram from Latino Review's Umberto Gonzalez:

So the first bit of footage will debut on Twitter at 12pm ET/9am PT, and then there will be some kind of sign-up system to see the first trailer in theaters for the first time on Monday, not unlike previous publicity stunts for films like Avatar and TRON Legacy. As of now we don't know how many theaters will be showing the trailer or where, so we'll have to wait and see how this develops. It seems a little over-the-top to debut just a trailer in theaters and not extended pieces of footage, but this will undoubtedly be a big movie, and fans will be excited either way. But either way, we'll be seeing footage from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that's something to get pumped about. You excited?

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I am so curious if the DC Movies can keep up with the awesome Marvel Movies. I don't see much potential in Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Co. Green Lantern and Man of Steel were not really good. The awesome Batman Movies of Nolan are not DC Universe there isn't a good basis. But...maybe a wonder happens 😀

Dubmaster2010 on Apr 14, 2015


Isnt this due out in 16 now? A tad early for a trailer. I guess when you are so far behind Marvel you gota get the ball rolling soon.

Brian Sleider on Apr 14, 2015


There are more than a few precedents for teasers being released essentially a year before the film. December 2013 had the Interstellar teaser and it came out in November 2014. November 2014 had a Star Wars teaser and it doesn't come out until this December. Heck, they dropped that audio/helmet animation 'announcement teaser' for Age of Ultron online nearly 2 years before it came out. Spider-Man 3 debuted its teaser/trailer with Superman Returns in June of 2006, and Spidey 3 hit in May of 2007. So yeah, with the film being less than a year away, it actually makes perfect sense to release the debut teaser trailer.

Chris Groves on Apr 14, 2015


JL LITE? I thought we weren't even getting a costumed Wonder Woman in this one?

DAVIDPD on Apr 14, 2015


For me, everything about this is riding on Affleck's shoulders. He's got a lot to live up to, and he needs to deliver. This teaser better show his Batman in some context, because people need to see why hell he was cast in the first place. After Ledger, I'm trying to hold all judgement until I see for myself, but I just can't see Affleck as Batman. They need to try to change my mind.

grimjob on Apr 14, 2015


4:20? Coincidence? I think not....

TheOct8pus on Apr 14, 2015


a year until it comes out and im excited about a teaser to a teaser. Marvel wont have the monopoly for long.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 14, 2015


why didnt warner brothers buy marvel??

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


Because Marvel is too beloved and succesfull and Feige is too awesome and badass?

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


the warner brother made dc so great that marvel will always be the second of the two

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


Not for a while it will.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


warner brothers dc universe is truly amazing disneys marvel truly suks ass

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


How come Marvel is more successfull then, despite the headstart?

Guest on Apr 14, 2015


Because there are a lot more stupid people than smart ones?

qweqwu on Apr 14, 2015


Then I am happy to be stupid.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 15, 2015


dc got out like 10 movies this year while marvel got 1 out "marvel u suk" go sell urself to the WB

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man doesn't count as two?

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


iron man now suks, hawkeye suks, hulk suks, thor starting to suk, fantastic four will suk,so will black panther... f u marvel, even fox outclasses u

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


None of the ones you mentioned sucks.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


this batman and superman movie will make the avengers movies look like crap thanks warner brothers

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


Obvious troll is obvious.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


interesting theory but false of course....

ari smulders on Apr 15, 2015


You're obviously a DC fanboy....but you're also extremely optimistic....I'm less optimistic about this movie. Man of Steel was pretty mediocre and now they're adding Ben Affleck to the mix, with some Wonder Woman chick and an Aquaman that looks like John Travolta in Battlefield Earth....I'm extremely skeptical.

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


Avengers was garbage made for ignorant americans

SallySpider on Apr 15, 2015


Couldn't you say that about most Hollywood blockbusters? Superman, Spiderman, Die-Hard, etc.

TheOct8pus on Apr 16, 2015


next youll hear marvel trying to turn there heroes a little darker like the wb did for batman marvel u suk

dan persaud on Apr 14, 2015


They already did that with Netflix' Daredevil series 😛 Marvel will keep their movies more light hearted, which makes their films more fun and enjoyable.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 14, 2015


anticipation for a teaser for the teaser of the trailer. thats like divorcing the chick you're about to talk to at the bar.

jonnyb61 on Apr 14, 2015


Nope, that's just another day at the office.

Nash on Apr 15, 2015


No hate. The ultimate cut of the watchmen is straight up one of the best comicbook movies I have ever seen. No question

Affan Ahmad on Apr 14, 2015


No hate! Watchmen was excellent.

Nash on Apr 15, 2015


Yes excellent it was!

ari smulders on Apr 15, 2015


I preferred Watchmen to Man of Steel, so would be a lot happier if it was like the former rather than the latter.

Payne by name on Apr 15, 2015


you're a moron

SallySpider on Apr 15, 2015


yep, you got it 😀

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


actually, I`m an arsetroll.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


still clever in the marketing those guys! It will be so hyped up when it arrives it will never accomplish the promise to be just as good as the avengers. Two years already and one big delay from a year means they putting storylines in movies that weren't In the original script. It will be one big mess of cgi, characters fighting each other and when you leave the movie you feel completely exhausted from the bombardment of cgi images who are completely unbelievable and noisy like Godzilla! But still clever marketing...

ari smulders on Apr 15, 2015


You completely summed up why reading comments is intellectual suicide

Rauncor on Apr 15, 2015



ari smulders on Apr 15, 2015


Has anyone considered the fact that Batfleck could be a complete and total disaster?

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


Yes? I Mean are you new to the internet? Its been a consistent whine since the announcement. I personally think he has the potential to be the best thing in the movie.

Brian Sleider on Apr 15, 2015


No need to get snippy, Sleider. I've been reading the comments below and all the DC fanboys are orgasming all over the place, yet they don't seem to be considering the fact that historically, many hyped up movies turned out to be total shit.... A few titles come to mind, like The Phantom Menace, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Terminator Salvation, anything with Wolverine in the title, Indiana Jones 4 and the list goes on.... This movie could very well be on that list. A little healthy skepticism is a good idea.

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


You asked a question that a guy who has been on this site as long as you have knows the answer to.

Brian Sleider on Apr 15, 2015


I guess the question was aimed all the starry eyed fanboys who have already given this film 5 out of 5 stars.

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


I'm no fanboy, but I think Age of Ultron has waaaaaay more hype than this.

ragethorn on Apr 15, 2015


You're absolutely right.... The big difference is that we know what we're getting with "Ultron". We know the characters - they're like old friends at this point. Super vs Bat on the other hand has a lot of unknowns, and it's bound to be much darker and thus not as lighthearted as The Avengers movies. Who knows, maybe it'll be the new Citizen Kane....we'll have to wait and see

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


How about everyone just wait and see and stop ASSuming.

cg on Apr 15, 2015


No ASSumptions....just speCULations.

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


"The big difference is that we know what we're getting with "Ultron"." That's what I'm afraid of. A final climax scene that takes place within two blocks, drones all weak and swarming the avengers, etc

No, Really Just Saying on Apr 15, 2015


AoU has earned that hype with ~10 years of solid movies and stories from Marvel. DC has a list of flops and mediocre at best movies in thier past. Dark Knight doesn't count as it is not cannon in their cinematic universe.

Brian Sleider on Apr 15, 2015


It comes out in less than a month. This comes out in a year. I'd HOPE it has more hype haha

No, Really Just Saying on Apr 15, 2015


I'm a huge DC Fan, but they haven't established their Cinematic universe instead they are just rushing into pushing out their product to compete with Marvel instead of putting in the time and work to establish each character and their background stories and the overall feel of the universe.

Mr. Green on Apr 15, 2015


This is them establishing a cinematic universe. Lol

No, Really Just Saying on Apr 15, 2015


hahahahah....this idiot hasnt seen any of the Dark Knight movies

SallySpider on Apr 15, 2015


And by NOLAN I mean the director of Transformers. Make no mistake.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Yes it could be a complete disaster and he looks to pumped up!

ari smulders on Apr 15, 2015


Read your comment as "fat Batfleck"

phaed on Apr 15, 2015


Haha!! Fatleck

TheOct8pus on Apr 15, 2015


The trailer will give some decent insight...Let's just see it before judging where it falls on the "shit scale."

Quanah on Apr 15, 2015


Here's hoping it'll be stupendous

A5J4DX on Apr 15, 2015


Should be some good comedy.

technoreaper on Apr 15, 2015


DC > Marvel

SallySpider on Apr 15, 2015


what is it with these lame idiots needing to make everything idiotic?

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


only a moron thinks the two are EQUAL. Are you telling me that someone can't evaluate both and pick one that is better? lol You're truly a PC baby

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


You are right. I stand corrected.. I have been posting comments drunk for several weeks now.. sorry man :/

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Btw: I forgot: I always teabag my coffee. Sorry for all the rude replies guys.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Im sorry.. i was a bit harsh.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Because I am a trekkie.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015

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