Boyle's Steve Jobs Biopic is Shooting in Apple Creator's Real Garage

January 19, 2015
Source: CNET

Steve Jobs' Garage

After falling away from Sony Pictures and getting picked up quickly at Universal Pictures, Danny Boyle's biopic about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is finally happening. And the good news is that it's not just in development anymore, it's actually in production, and it's been shooting at a familiar location for those familiar with the career of Steve Jobs. The film written by Aaron Sorkin has been shooting in California, specifically Los Altos in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the real garage where Jobs grew up. It's the same garage where he and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976, and now it's been carefully recreated as a set.

CNET has the story, and they describe the set thusly:

"Cinderblock and wood shelves are pieced together along the walls. Roller skates, a Thermos, an old vacuum cleaner and 8-track player and stereo lay haphazardly about. An advertisement for a Braun electric coffee maker hangs on the wall, as does a poster featuring Bob Dylan holding a 'Get Born' sign from a film clip featuring the song 'Subterranean Homesick Blues.' And the house itself has been painted a beige color with darker tan trim, contrasting with the formerly lighter exterior."

Here's some pictures from the set as it was being finished (see more at CNET):

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

That's gotta be a pretty cool time capsule of sorts, especially in the exact same garage where Apple was founded, and to have it look exactly like it did nearly 40 years ago. This will obviously be a critical location in the film that is said to cover three major production introductions that were milestone achievements for Jobs and Apple: the Macintosh computer in 1984, the NeXT computer in 1988 and the iPod in 2001. With Boyle directing and Sorkin behind the script, this could be the definitive biopic about the technological innovator who changed personal computing as we know it. And the cast is great too.

Michael Fassbender is playing Jobs while Seth Rogen is playing his right hand man Steve Wozniak. In addition, Katherine Waterston is playing Chrisann, the first wife of Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet has been linked to the role of Joanna Hoffman, head of marketing for the Mac team, and Jeff Daniels will portray former Apple CEO John Sculley and Michael Stuhlbarg is Andy Hertzfeld, the computer scientist and inventor who was part of the original Apple development team that came up with Macintosh Operating System. With the film in production, we might hear some more casting news soon, so stay tuned.

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Reader Feedback - 14 Comments


Danny boyle doing another biopic on Steve Jobs. What a colossal waste of talent. Jobs may have been a great guy, but enough already.

Charles Knowlton on Jan 19, 2015


A waste of talent? This guy has reinvented how we use computers, music and digital devices a few times over. Get a grip and with such bullshit statements.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 19, 2015


I think he was just saying that this story has already been told. We want Boyle working on original screenplays.

MattPeloquin on Jan 19, 2015


no one should consider that Kutcher Jobs movie as story that was already told.....the source material for this script is 100x better than that crap

desispeed on Jan 19, 2015


Most of the general public will just see a trailer for another Jobs film and immediately write it off.

MattPeloquin on Jan 19, 2015


its called a good marketing budget...just throw up Sorkin/Boyle's flmography during the ads and they will sell. Plus general public barely registered with that first Jobs movie...I dont think it even got a wide release

desispeed on Jan 20, 2015


She must have stopped reading before my line that Jobs may have been a great guy. Either that or she's an...

Charles Knowlton on Jan 20, 2015


What exactly did he reinvent or even invent? Apple is all marketing...clearly you're just another gullible isheep

Bruiser on Jan 20, 2015


Ok anonymous Troll, i will bite. Do me a favor, before i start, pull out that ignorant stick you have stuck in your ass...Done?? Are you sure? Maybe some twisting will help...ok. All Marketing? Look at the computers before the first Apple Computer was announced in 1984. It wasn't just hype. The machine was real and it was a huge step forward. Fast forward to the early 2000s. iPod was all hype right, because you used someone elses awesome mp3 player before? right. Itunes saved the music industry for a few years at least. iMac? do you think millions of offices and creative people use Macs because ONLY of marketing? How stupid are you really? Have you looked at how the cell phones looked like BEFORE 2007's iphone? All hype again right? Wrong. There is a leaked piece of trivia where some Samsung CFO was at the 2007 iphone event, he evidently called HQ and said "Scratch everything we are doing". iPads? How many tablets where you using before the ipad exactly? Do you realize the billions of dollars being made by iOS developers because of Apple's innovation? Of course everyone copies from everyone but i think most can agree that no matter what your personal opinion of SJ is, the man created products that changed people's life MULTIPLE times over. So yeah, its WORTH having a good script and a good movie about this dude. Now put that stick back up your ass, twat.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 20, 2015


Sascha, my man...take it someone expressing a different perspective and opinion. No need to get all riled up and hostile and so offensive with the stick up the ass there? Just askin' so don't go off on me, unless you just have to...then be my and stones and all that...righto cheerio? And listening to music on the ipod Mp3 player is one of the worst things that ever happened to music because you get about 5 percent of what the artist recorded and wanted you to there is that horrible aspect to all this Jobs/Apple stuff. Plus, Jobs was known to be a monumental dick and horrible to people. Let's hope that is in the bio-pic...which I doubt because most folks want to bow before this kind of success and accumulation of big money and not know the real truth behind the myth of the man. Oh, and you are correct on other stuff...I myself am using an IMac to scribble these words of wisdom and insight to there is that!

Guest on Jan 20, 2015



ITITIT2IT on Jan 20, 2015


making the same shitty product each year with a different coat of paint? Sounds like an apple product to me.

Dan Hibiki on Jan 20, 2015


Ummm...I was under the impression that Sorkin's script consisted of just 3 30 min. scenes and all took place back stage before Jobs went on to introduce his latest device(s). Am I wrong here? Ethan? This article of yours seems to indicate that they have either opened it up to other locations or changed the script or whatever. It sounds more interesting to me with more locations than just that 3 scenes backstage stuff I read about before. Ummmm....

Guest on Jan 20, 2015



Mark Brackney on Jan 24, 2015

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