Channing Tatum's 'X-Men' Spin-Off 'Gambit' Coming October 2016

January 5, 2015
Source: Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum / Gamibt

After being officially attached to the X-Men spin-off focusing on the card-throwing, kinetically charged Cajun mutant Gambit, hot star Channing Tatum has revealed that 20th Century Fox has officially dated the film for release. Tatum took to Twitter with an amusing update that said, "How do you say October 7, 2016 in Cajun?” This comes after we learned on Halloween that RoboCop reboot write Josh Zetumer was hired to script the mutant spin-off film, which has us a little concerned. But the good news is that it's based on a treatment written by character creator Chris Claremeont, so we're hoping for the best. More below!

What's crazy is that we'll get the previously announced Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds on February 12th, 2016, followed by X-Men: Apocalypse (with Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Oscar Isaac as the title villain) that summer on May 27th, 2016, and then we'll get Gambit that fall. Will all these films be connected narratively, and be part of a growing X-Men universe, or will some of the characters merely crossover? Hugh Jackman recently talked about some plans "integrating the whole X-Men world, including the Wolverine movie," so it's clear Fox is building their own little universe to play in with X-Men, but it'll be interesting to see how/if all these spin-offs tie into the main franchise.

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I think Gambit should tie-in with the main X-Men series but Deadpool should be completely separate. I think if they tried to have Deadpool integrated into the main series they'd be more likely to mess it up again like with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

izakkson on Jan 5, 2015


"I really want a Gambit movie." - said no one ever. I'm calling it: this movie will bomb.

CoosCoos on Jan 5, 2015


I dunno, I always kind of liked the manipulative charmer in the comics. If they make a con man film with an unusual love interest I think it would work pretty well. Gambit always talked like he was writing poetry and since Claremont is involved I'm very hopeful. "Gambit, Prince of the thieves guild, left standin' like a fool, pain in my chest cause she stole my heart...gaspin' for air...cause she took my breath away."

MattPeloquin on Jan 5, 2015


and it can't be JUST Gambit , as he was big in 90's but never big enough to keep his own book going . Rogue , Mystique ,and whoever mutant they can tie-in , like Deadpool , will have to help the draw .. It has to be the Rogue-Gambit love story , with Mystique interfering like a soap opera mother ...

Dominic on Jan 6, 2015


This would be the perfect chance for them to reboot Rogue seeing as they left her out of DoFP. They need a new actress as well, someone who can shoot down the irresistible charm of Tatum's Gambit with a harsh eloquence. Someone with attitude, beauty, and respectability who could use her charm to manipulate men if she wanted to, but she doesn't need to. They need a more direct adaptation of her powers on screen too. I hated how they made her a lost kid in the first X-men film. She is a badass who doesn't need men and that is part of the reason why Gambit is attracted to her. I think Shailene Woodley, from the Spectacular Now, would be a perfect choice. Who do you think?

MattPeloquin on Jan 6, 2015


LOL Hardly Not ... first off the Rogue you want is the adult Rogue , after her dip into evil with Mystique and back , who falls in love with Remy not Bobby , so she 'd better be statuesque enough to handle that MANE of red hair with the black and white stripes - Paquin is too short .. second Shailene ain't old enough .. and don't know if she's bankable after Divergent being a mini-disaster . and third yeah they have to give her her REAL super-strength powers , to make her that bad-ass . some taller Adult actress .. I just thought of Adrienne Palicki , if they padded Rogue's green bodysuit for her .....PLUS the Cajun accent has to be perfect - one reason Paquin can't do it again ... She was a Lost kid in the beginning ; that;s how she got mixed up with black-skin Mystique ( the color I WISH they would change JLaw's blue body paint to .. something about the blue background being necessary for CGI ) , the XMen "rescued " her . .. but that's the old Hollywood paradigm for CB characters - just switch 'em around any way that fits .. I think the past few movies/TV shows ( Constantine on NBC good example ) have shown the seriousness with which the directors and scriptwriters and actors are taking replicating the true ethos and pathos of each character . finally appealing to us CB fanboy nerds ...

Dominic on Jan 7, 2015


Isn't she already playing Mockingjay in AoS? I agree that I want an older strong Rogue, but she also has to be a similar age to Gambit.

MattPeloquin on Jan 7, 2015


they can write her out for a few months ...all depends on shooting schedule Dormer ? I think she could ACT the role perfectly , but I wouldn't say she IS perfect ..Tho I'd like to hear the Cajun accent come outta those lips ; she could be the flirty Rogue with Gambit

Dominic on Jan 7, 2015


How about Natalie Dormer? she'd be perfect!

MattPeloquin on Jan 7, 2015


That's what people said about Guardians Of The Galaxy

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 6, 2015


I liked Kitsch, even though Gambit was squandered in that movie.

OfficialJab on Jan 5, 2015


I loved Gambit in that movie, but it was a little shame he didn't throw his cards more in the film.

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 6, 2015


Here we go! Tatum is finally in the right place for everything to come together to make this kick ass movie.

DAVIDPD on Jan 5, 2015


Such a shame that Fox could never hire writers that were capable of writing decent roles for Cyclops, Gambit AND Wolverine in the same film. Unfortunately they were pretty one dimensional and hence Wolvers was the cool guy, Cyclops the boring douche quickly killed off and Gambit not even attempted.

Payne by name on Jan 6, 2015


Stop eating my money 2016! XD

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 6, 2015


Tom Hardy should have got this role.. but at least Gambit fights with a stiper pole - I'm sure Mr. Tatum has shook his as around one of those quite often, so it won't be a huge leap for him to hold pole for long periods of time on screen, he's actually great at that!

shane willett on Jan 6, 2015


I'm down for all three. Let's not screw it up Fox.

mooreworthy on Jan 6, 2015

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