Charlie Hunnam Replaces Benedict Cumberbatch in 'Lost City of Z'

February 3, 2015
Source: THR

Charlie Hunnam

From Brad Pitt to Benedict Cumberbatch and now Charlie Hunnam, the lead role in the adaptation of The Lost City of Z has been tossed around quite a bit over the years, but now it sounds like things are getting locked into place. THR reports the "Sons of Anarchy" series star is set to star in the big screen take on David Grann's book of the same name, with Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller still on board the film. Pitt was part of the earliest iteration of the project, and while he won't star in the film anymore, he's still producing with Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner by way of his own Plan B Entertainment arm. Read on!

James Grey is still directing the film from a script he wrote himself. The story focuses on British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett, who went searching for the so-called City of Z in the Amazon, but mysteriously disappeared in 1925. Over the last 80 years, countless explorers have tried and failed to retrace Fawcett's path. Fawcett is said to be one of the inspirations for the classic hero Indiana Jones. Frankly, I'm not sure if Hunnam has the chops to pull something like this off. He's not a bad actor, but he just doesn't seem to have the gravitas and charisma to lead a film like this. But maybe he'll prove me wrong.

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Well that does not bode well.

Brian Sleider on Feb 3, 2015


He can act, watch any of the recent seasons of SOA, specially this last one.

Sky on Feb 3, 2015


He's a mixed bag. He over-acts at times and really falls out of character turning quite British at points but I think he will improve with more film roles.

Mr Chatterbox on Feb 4, 2015


He can act but he's no where near Pitt or Cumberbatch.

IamSlave on Feb 4, 2015


There's people on this site that would disagree with you. I got in a argument here a week ago about Pitts acting. This last season on SOA he hasnt been a grizzled tough guy, but a man that has lost everything and is suffering, and he is good.

Sky on Feb 4, 2015


He is a bit actor, grizzled tough guy is his bit.

Brian Sleider on Feb 4, 2015


WHEN DID I EVER SAY I LIKED SOA, I just said I watched it. Don't be such a dick, and assume things about me that you don't know. You just reconfirmed it, I don't like you, BO.

Sky on Feb 4, 2015


Um, who is the one that it writing Boo hoo over and over again. I'm a reviewer, that watches as many shows as i can. I do not think SOA is as bad as you do. Bo, i hope that i never see you on this site again. I like to come here with my opinions and put them out on the table. I have had some really intelligent conversations on Firstshowing, I've had my mind changed about the way I view media. But for you to come on here and type Boo Hoo and Goo Goo over and over again 100% makes me believe that you are a immature 45 year old bachelor sitting alone typing his hatred out onto the internet. Now I may be wrong, you may have a nice life with a nice wife. You could be a woman sitting there pissed about Jessica beating you out for the Administrative Assistant. Whatever you are, Whoever you are, you are the biggest piece of garbage on the internet, leave me the hell alone.

Sky on Feb 4, 2015


I will never admit something that is not true you disgusting piece of human trash. I have been on this site since the launch. I am glad you realized you sounded like a baby when you used Boo Hoo too much so you backed off. Now your trying to copy me by trying to be reasonably, thats long past gone when you said goo goo the first time. You see the problem with you Bo is that from the first post you made, you were a huge dick. That is why I immediately said I didn't like you. I stick by that, becasue of the 8 years I have been visting and commenting on this site. I have never, ever told anyone on here that I dont like them. You made me do it twice in one day, I dont care if you think your right, or smarter, or better than me. I know your wrong, because I found you, and I feel sad. see you soon

Sky on Feb 5, 2015


I no longer care much for this

ListenToVinyl on Feb 3, 2015


true indeed,,,

ari smulders on Feb 3, 2015


Lost cities? Will give it a go, as long as the opening credits don't scream Syfy.

Carpola on Feb 3, 2015


Ah man, I was really excited for this film. I've done school projects and research on Fawcett and his disappearance. Was looking forward to it with Pitt then Cumberbatch but honestly I'm not feeling the Hunnam casting. He's alright but its a pretty big downgrade from Pitt and Cumberbatch to him IMO. Hope it still turns out good.

IamSlave on Feb 4, 2015


Umm... wasn't Fawcett like 57 when he went missing. His adult son and his son's friend were traveling companions on the expedition.

Bad Casting on Feb 4, 2015

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