Comic-Con 2015 Live: 20th Century Fox in Hall H - Deadpool & X-Men

July 11, 2015

20th Century Fox

It's just about time to kick off our last live Hall H blog coverage of Comic-Con 2015. The final movie panel on Saturday this year is for 20th Century Fox, and it's mainly an upcoming look at three new Marvel Movies: Deadpool directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, the new Fantastic Four directed by Josh Trank, and of course, X-Men: Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer. There of course may be even more surprises, reveals, announcements or other details that may arrive during the presentation. We're excited to get underway and find out what secrets Fox has in store, and if Marvel will make a dent at Comic-Con 2015.

Updates LIVE directly from 20th Century Fox Comic-Con panel on Saturday, from 5:45PM - 7:30PM:

7:43PM - The very final moment is they brought EVERY superhero on stage for a photo of the most superheroes in one photo. Everyone from X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Wolverine and Gambit - yes, even Channing Tatum showed up. Even Stan Lee showed up! You'll see this photo later, don't worry.

7:37PM - Chats with the cast, but nothing worth quoting. Time to show the footage one more time before they wrap up this panel today.

7:27PM - Oscar Isaac says as Apocalypse he exploits people, and gets these followers, in order to enact his plan. Apocalypse brings Storm, Psylocke, Magneto, and Angel onto his side.

7:26PM - In Apocalypse, Magneto has hung up his cape and lives a normal life. This sounds like nothing we've seen in X-Men franchise.

7:24PM - Just saw two minutes of footage that looks very dark, very chilling. A bit different than Days of Future Past, a bit more darker, and all about Apocalypse. Oscar Isaac in a practical suit as Apocalypse looks SO gnarly, just wait until you see him.

7:19PM - Before we get into more discussion on X-Men, they did bring something. So we get to watch some footage first before talking more with the cast. They've only been shooting for 5 weeks, so it has no VFX or anything, but does give us an idea of the tone.

7:17PM - Hugh Jackman finally walks off stage, and the entire cast applauds him. Some fun final banter between Hugh and Bryan Singer as they talk about how long and emotional their journey together has been.

7:16PM - Bringing out the entire cast of X-Men: Apocalypse, including Oscar Isaac as Apocalpyse, Michael Fassbender, Olivia Munn, James McAvoy, and a few others.

7:13PM - We move right into X-Men, with a reel showing Hugh Jackman's first audition and his many years playing Wolverine. Now Hugh Jackman takes the stage to talk about how he's passing the character on after putting on the claws one more time. He's saying his thank you to everyone, and saying thank you to Fox and Bryan Singer for this incredible journey. But he did add: "I've got three words for you guys - Old Man Logan. Read into that what you will…"

7:06PM - They just showed footage TWICE! It was amazing. The entire Hall H erupted into a standing ovation after the footage. Then demanded "Show it again, show it again!" And Hardwick took the mic, and asked them to show it again, so they did. That is how you win Comic-Con. It's awesome. It's perfect. Bloody, violent, foul-mouthed, just excellent.

6:57PM - Tim Miller says the script was one of the best he's ever read. And the writers would say its one of the best scripts they've ever written, and needs to be done.

6:55PM - The most faithful adaptation of a supersuit with a comic to a screen. "We have your Merc with a Mouth - not at any point is the film is the mouth sewn shut."

6:54PM - Tim Miller loves rage. He's telling a story about how crazy angry he is, and he did this scene in the middle, and it was such a good angry scene he actually teared up a little bit. Reynolds: "You should direct the next Hulk! Crying like a bay over there."

6:53PM - Tim Miller jokes that the studio never questioned anything they did, "even though they should have."

6:53PM - Fellow blogger Peter Sciretta writes on twitter: "I hope the Deadpool movie is half as funny as the Deadpool panel." Ha.

6:51PM - Hilarious panel with everyone just joking around on stage. I had a feeling this would end up being one of the best panels of Comic-Con! If the video of the discussion ends up online, I highly recommend watching all of this and laughing your ass off.

6:49PM - Brianna Hildebrand talking about how Negasonic is a strong, female superhero. And how she had a crush on Ryan Reynolds growing up.

6:48PM - Now they're joking about how much crazy stuff they're saying on the panel, even when it says "their may be children under 18 in the audience." TJ Miller jokes because of the internet nowadays "you see horses fucking before you kiss your first girl."

6:46PM - Reynolds dissing Green Lantern's CG suit but saying how great it was to finally walk out on set in a full suit.

6:46PM - Tim Miller says Fox flip flopped on the R-rating, starting out with R, then went PG, then back to R because the world is ready for this. Reynolds adds, "No matter what the rating is, babies will love this."

6:45PM - Reynolds: "I think this character inhabits a space and world in the comic book universe that no other character can inhabit." And he think it's amazing that the studio let them make an R-rated movie.

6:44PM - Tim Miller says that "Fox said you can make it, and I said okay." The studio was ready to make it now, because of the fans.

6:44PM - Reynolds: "One year ago today, some fucking asshole leaked that footage, and because of that we're here today."

6:42PM - Bringing out everyone on stage: director Tim Miller, actors TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein and Gina Carano, along with Reynolds.

6:41PM - Opened with footage of Deadpool sitting in a chair with the cheesy "one world" voiceover. "Ladies and gentlemen of Hall H - I give you, me! Deadpool!" Ryan Reynolds appears on stage.

"Looks like we're ready to make some chimi-fucking-changas in here. Only been waiting 11 years."

6:39PM - Footage looks great! Will probably be online soon, but lots of finished, polished footage and it looks great.

6:35PM - Trank says "I think we're completely done" and they just came out of mixing right here. They're finishing final cut in the next few days. We're going to see the "final" trailer right now.

6:33PM - Kebbel says that he thinks Dr. Doom is one of the best comic book villains, because he's lead purely by ego.

6:31PM - Jordan says they tried to take in the fan expectations, yet also present something new that lived up to Fantastic Four being Marvel's first family.

6:29PM - Mara says she loved the more grounded and darker take that Josh pitched, and that's what interested her in this so much.

6:28PM - Teller says he thought he would do a superhero film at some point. "Then Spider-Man came and went and I thought that was it."

6:27PM - Learning about everyone's interest. Simon Kinberg was almost burned out on comic book movies, until he heard Josh's grounded pitch. "It was more science than science fiction."

6:25PM - Fantastic Four is up! The entire cast takes the stage: Josh Trank, Simon Kinberg, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Toby Kebbell, Kate Mara.

6:23PM - Goofy antics on stage, acting out a scene. It was less informative, more just entertaining to watch these two actors joking with each other the whole time. Footage was okay, not particularly exciting. Onto the next movie.

6:16PM - McAvoy on what makes this story different: They keep Frankenstein mad all the way to the end. Script my Max Landis, which they reference.

6:14PM - McAvoy on Igor: Like Liam Neeson in Taken, I think he recognizes that Igor has a very special set of skills. And he can use him, and take advantage of him, and in doing so, he comes to love him.

6:13PM - Radcliffe: "Okay cool, tell me more," when first approached to play Igor. And it's a different Igor than we've seen before.

6:11PM - Radcliffe: Victor finds Igor and lifts him out of the slums, and his life is saved and made possible. As we embark on this journey, and he goes insane, it becomes about: how do you stand up and tell somebody they're wrong when they've given you everything.

6:09PM - It's a re-imagining of the classic Frankenstein movie, and a "love story" about these two men - Igor and Frankenstein. And they mean that in a beautiful way as friends, nothing else.

6:08PM - Next up is Victor Frankenstein, which started out with a look at the trailer. Now coming up to stage are Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, as well as director Paul McGuigan.

6:05PM - The end of Maze Runner's presentation.

6:04PM - Saw a clip introducing the "cranks", or whatever zombie things they are. Really creepy and disgusting, more contorted than regular zombies, covered with some weird stuff. Was a dark scene set inside tunnels where they run to escape, and end up opening onto a destroyed, scorched world.

6:00PM - Ball: One of the main threats are the "cranks", sort of zombie-like characters. It's part of the bigger world that these kids emerge into. You see different stages of "cranks" throughout the movie. They have a bit of a horror movie, a new monster.

5:58PM - Ball: They didn't want this to be a rehash, they really wanted to do something totally different. You can watch these first two movies back-to-back as they connect right into each other and it's basically a huge 3 hour adventure. And this will throw us into a really cool third movie.

5:54PM - Hearing about how exciting it is to make the next Maze Runner movie. Dashner says this is the highlight of his career, but he just sits back and lets all the actors do the work.

5:50PM - Full cast out on stage, along with director Wes Ball and author of the novel, James Dashner.

5:49PM - First up is The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, so we're watching a new trailer first.

5:47PM - Chris Hardwick is our moderator once again. Takes to the stage to run the show.

5:46PM - Nevermind! We're already up and running, time to get this one underway. It's a longggggg panel, almost 2 hours, lots to cover.

5:45PM - Waiting for the panel to start. Everything has been delayed today, so we're expecting this one to start a bit late just the same as every other panel.

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