Comic-Con 2015 Live: Warner Bros Hall H Panel - DC's Big Unveiling

July 11, 2015

Warner Bros

Are you ready for the return of DC? It's time to get underway in Hall H on Saturday at Comic-Con 2015 - beginning with Warner Bros, and ending with 20th Century Fox. The WB panel kicks things off as the first show of the day, highlighting these new movies: Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring Wonder Woman, David Ayer's Suicide Squad, Joe Wright's Pan and maybe a few others. There also may be some very special surprises, tons of never-seen-before footage, reveals, interviews, appearances and much more. We'll be live blogging the full Warner Bros panel from start to finish below. Let's begin!

Updates LIVE directly from Warner Bros Comic-Con panel on Saturday, from 10:30AM - 12:00PM PDT:

12:09PM - "Black and blue. God vs man. Day vs night. The red capes are coming…" Lex Luthor. That's it! The end of the Warner Bros panel.

12:04PM - Roll the footage again! We have to watch it one more time.

12:03PM - We have to hear something from Holly Hunter! "That's it" is all she says. Ha.

12:00PM - Listening to fan Q&As. Was there a moment where they realized "This is going to be awesome?" Snyder says: There are moments that feel like this is cool. For instance… the photoshoot while everyone is getting their costumes together. All of them standing their together taking their pictures was crazy. But he says the ideas during brainstorming when he's working on early on. He's by himself, and he does a doodle, and he just has that moment of "I want to see that" and he's like "where are the cameras, let's get everybody."

11:59AM - Some very interesting ideas about Metropolis being big and successful, and Gotham is much more downtrodden, and they have to take a ferry across the bay to get over there.

11:57AM - Host says she's not going to ask "who would win in a fight?" and Zack jokes "good, because I made a whole movie about it!"

11:56AM - Man of Steel setup a conflict that would allow them to explore more in this universe, and maybe more characters.

Affleck: "Are you sure [about this role]?" "You're perfect for it… Snyder told him. 'He's older, he's a burnout.'" Laughter. "The truth was he took me through the process of creating this character… at the end of it, that's exactly what he pitched and I wasn't even sure he was doing it."

Affleck tells a story about when he finally met up with Christian Bale and his tip to him: "make sure you can piss in that suit."

11:54AM - "There's a real emotional grounding to this movie." Jesse Eisenberg

11:49AM - Zack: "If you dig deep enough, you can find a justification for anything" referring to how Metropolis and Gotham were near each other.

11:48AM - Man of Steel setup a conflict that would allow them to explore more in this universe, and maybe more characters.

11:46AM - Wow. Footage was MIND BLOWING good. Unbelievable. I am more excited for Batman v Superman than I am any other Marvel movie coming up. That's the truth. Very dark. Very tough. Shows Batman in the Metropolis battle, watching the destruction around him.

11:42AM - About to see a big chunk of Batman v Superman footage. "Let's just show it."

11:41AM - Bringing out the entire cast on stage, from Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot.

11:40AM - Zack: "It's really a dream come true type of project… I've always been into the big icon superheroes. After Batman and Superman, after that what do you do?"

11:38AM - Welcome to the stage: Zack Snyder.

11:38AM - Small tease of Batman v Superman. Lights come up and the stage is empty.

11:37AM - That was quick. Entire cast came on stage, WIll Smith said a few words, and they left. Presumably going right back to Toronto keep filming.

11:36AM - Will Smith says David Ayer is the real thing, and the truth. He's making something special.

11:34AM - Just saw a sizzle reel for Suicide Squad. Wow. Impressive. Very dark, very cynical feel to it, but looks fantastic. Lots of footage. The characters look like they're going against their own wishes to join this team, but are going to have a very fun time. Ending shot on Joker "Oh I'm not gonna kill ya. I'm gonna hurt ya. Really, really badly."

11:29AM - David Ayer takes the stage to talk about Suicide Squad. Right from the set. They were just shooting last night in Toronto, and they had to report into Hall H because "You guys run this shit."

11:28AM - Suicide Squad intro first, showing concept art of some of the frames of the various people being recruited. Gorgeous concept art. Suicide Squad plastered over the walls.

11:27Am - "There's a massive DC universe just ready to explode." -Zack Snyder during video showing Suicide Squad + Justice League glimpses. Video currently running down every last character they're going to be exploring: including Green Lantern Corps.

11:24AM - The lights go down, and a very emotional DC Comics video starts playing.

11:23AM - Wright on the original JM Barrie book: it's a strange book, it's quite dark. "There's no real goodies or baddies." Even Pan is a bit weird, he sees, stabbing Hook in the back at the end. He loves the duplicity of all the characters.

11:20AM - Shown another clip of Blackbeard coming to the top of his ship to introduce his rules of the realm. Early clip when Pan first gets to see Blackbeard.

11:16AM - Jackman: The pirate ships were fullscale, fully built. Everything was incredible. But Joe had 3 weeks of rehearsals. All the pirates in a room, gave them a box of clothes, and let them dress up and do their own improv.

11:15AM - Garrett: "Every day was pretty magical" working on a set with so many practical pieces. They had 150-200 extras on set almost every day. Everyone was dancing and singing.

11:13AM - Shown another new trailer, looks as elegant and fantastical as we've already seen in previous trailers.

11:10AM - Hugh Jackman talking about how Joe Wright is a visionary and how they built a set in a hangar that was three times bigger than Hall H Huge sets.

11:10AM - "It's Peter Pan for 2015 … a reframing of the story as we know it," says director Joe Wright.

11:08AM - On stage is Joe Wright, Levi Miller, Garrett Hedlund and Hugh Jackman.

11:07AM - Up next is Pan, from director Joe Wright.

11:05AM - Finally, time to move on from this movie.

11:03AM - Audience Q&A. First question "who got hurt first in real life?" Ugh. These questions can be rough. I think everyone in the audience is just waiting for Batman v Superman.

11:01AM - Listening to banter and really boring questions from the moderator. Currently talking about what it was like to make a period piece in the 60s.

10:58AM - Now out on stage: Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill, Elizabeth Dibecki, and Alicia Vikander.

10:58AM - Long long sizzle reel of footage complete with Guy Ritchie blooper reel at the start. Looks great, lots of action, fun dynamic between Armie and Henry. Looks fun!

10:50AM - First presentation is for The Man from UNCLE.

10:49AM - Aisha says she's seen the footage from all the movies today. "It's so kick ass! I've watched some of it 3 times…" "What's special about Comic-Con is we get to see stuff no one else gets to see."

10:47AM - WB starts with their usual pulling back of the side walls to reveal screens surrounding all of Hall H. Huge screens. Lots of cheers as they show footage from their movies of the years. Aisha Tyler is the moderator of the panel.

10:44AM - Lights go down… "I need to hear a roar, because we're about to get started!"

10:43AM - Lots of buzz, lots of anxious people, still no official start yet. Still waiting.

10:40AM - Currently waiting in a packed Hall H for the panel to begin. Delayed start.

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Cool to read and all here and twitter, but I just wanna see the actual trailers and footage for BvS and Suicide Squad....not read it.

Jason Scarpelli on Jul 11, 2015


Keep in mind, this is the same site that gave Snyder's "Sucker Punch" a 9/10.

PiratedTVPro on Jul 11, 2015


For me it seems like they got no real plan what they are doing 😀 They got hard work to do to compete against Marvel. In case of Suicide Squad i feel a huge bad move coming...the costumes look like cheap cosplays...and the cast sucks....

Dubmaster2010 on Jul 11, 2015


Have to say it, damn did that trailer for Batman Vs Superman look good!!! And I'm one of those that did not like the teaser at all... Cool that Warner Brothers put it on Youtube too 🙂

Enola on Jul 11, 2015


Thank you AB! I can't wait for what Warner Bros. has to offer in the next year!

DAVIDPD on Jul 11, 2015


DC needs to form their own independent production company, so that WB doesn't call the shots anymore. It worked swimmingly for Marvel.

TheOct8pus on Jul 13, 2015


I cant believe more people aren't screaming GUY GARDNER I wanna see him on the big screen. A friend of mine is perfect for the role and me and my trying to get him out to the casting call if there is one even. he's Instagram is @jakedoan15 if you wanna check him out.

Tamira Douglas on Jul 13, 2015

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