Did You Know That 'Frozen' is Unfair to Men & Bad for Young Boys?

February 5, 2015


If you've been paying attention to movies lately, you know that men are constantly being depicted unfairly as being bumbling idiots or tyrannical villains. When's the last time you saw a movie showing a handsome man as the hero? Meanwhile, women are having all the fun, taking all the meaty roles in Hollywood, winning all the awards, and every single superhero movie out there is taken by a female. Well, this seems to be because of something called "The Frozen Effect," named for the Disney animated film Frozen from 2013 where two sisters take the lead, while the major male roles are relegated to an oafish ice salesman or an awful phony lover. This is a problem, and it's dissected with flawless logic and awareness below. Watch!

And in case you were wondering if this is just a Disney problem, Penny Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, clarifies that this is a huge issue that could destroy our kids:

"It’s not just Disney, but Hollywood in general has often sent the message that men are superfluous, that they’re stupid, that they’re in the way, and if they contribute anything to a family, it’s a paycheck. And that is not true, and it’s not good social science."

All right, I can't even keep up this ridiculous charade anymore. How is this even a legitimate story taking up airtime? Put aside the fact that all cable news networks, not just Fox News, are desperate to fill their 24-hour cycle with anything and everything to appease their viewers. This isn't even something that is a valid concern. Even if you believe Frozen has some kind of hidden agenda to kick men off their pedestal, this is a single film out of literally hundreds, that are produced by Hollywood each year. And in most of them, men take the lead, as the hero and the villain most of the time. So where the hell is this coming from?

And if that wasn't enough, this shortsighted, dimwitted talking head adds (via SlashFilm):

"The question for us as moms, is when we bring our daughter to see ‘Frozen,’ or whatever the movie is, we often have our little boy sitting there, and is this message helpful? We want them to know that they’re essential. We want to raise heroes. We want to raise real men that will stick in their families and be great dads and great providers and great husbands."

Again, this is a single film that lets females be the strong characters who end up not needing the men to take care of them or solve their problems. But even so, in Frozen, Kristoff still tries to save Anna, which sounds like a pretty strong hero figure to me. Even this silly snowman Olaf is willing to melt just so he can keep Anna safe. Those sounds like pretty strong male characters to me. But even if they weren't how is it all of a sudden more important to empower men than it is to let women take the spotlight in films just as often as men? Do we not want to raise women who are heroes or that will be great mothers, providers and wives?

And by the way, just to prove that Fox News mannequin Steve Doocy has no idea what he's talking about, he says that Frozen is "coming out in a little bit," and this report is from yesterday. He doesn't even know that the movie came out in the fall of 2013. It's mindblowing to me that Doocy says, "It would be nice for Hollywood to have more male figures in those kind of movies as heroes." Oh, you mean like the hundreds of other movies that movie studios release every single year? Yeah, what a perfect world that would be. But then what would you complain about Steve Doocy? For some perspective, here Chris Hayes at MSNBC:

But don't worry, most of the general public doesn't seem to be as stupid as Doocy. And as audiences have proven with box office successes like Lucy, The Hunger Games, Divergent and more, audiences want more strong female characters alongside their male heroes. There is no "Frozen Effect," and movies that introduce us to strong female figures won't suddenly make our growing boys any less empowered. You know what will ruin your children though? Letting them watch 24-hour cable news, whether it's Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN, just stay away from it all and go play outside. What do you think of this nonsense?

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The shoe is now on the other foot.

txJM on Feb 5, 2015


Rofl this is a complete joke right?!?! I think those news programs have a lot more to answer for than Frozen. The only thing Frozen has to answer for is that annoyingly catchy song which I can't seem to get away from haha.

TK on Feb 5, 2015


this is NOT a complete joke , i saw their story on it .. granted doocey didn't look like he REALLY wanted to say those words ... but FNews played it up to their usual low standards .. . Doocey prob got told to to say it or else .. just another example of how Radical Republicans AREN'T much different from Radical Islamists ...

Dominic on Feb 6, 2015


Fox news is insane, it really is just fucking mental. The Birmingham madness they came out with recently was hilarious. I do like the shouty hosts though, they definitely are heroes.

Carpola on Feb 5, 2015


Omg thank god I kept reading for a second I was like..."Is he being serious?!?... and yea this is just getting ridiculous. I feel like these types of ignorant people NEED something to complain about. These are the same people that listen to Fox News. Regardless what the movie is portraying, its the parents job to raise their kids NOT Hollywood.

Franklin Carpio on Feb 5, 2015


This is a joke right? This person ss...intellectually unsound. Women have been consistently rendered to tits and ass, or impossibly perfect...let some girl power exist. As a guy a well written female protagonist is always a delight.

Xerxexx on Feb 5, 2015


True, but I'm sick of hearing "this is the year of the woman" and especially "it's been a great year for women in cinema" at award shows. Mother *I)%#& Alien (the first two or three anyway) proved that women can be the strong hero-type and hit commercial and critical success. And that's just the modern era.

Akirakorn on Feb 7, 2015


Hear hear.

Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2015


booo ethan I don't come here to get political.

Zak Coleman on Feb 5, 2015


It's not even well-written. We've got HuffPo, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, etc for these kind of lazy, click-bait articles for people who want to be offended. Another site isn't needed.

Bill Brixton on Feb 6, 2015


there is a disclaimer at the end of the credits before the Marshmallow scene stating that not all men pick their noses... http://41.media.tumblr.com/3eb5f2a28aca404efa5c48283de29162/tumblr_mwyhgo21811spx9gdo2_r1_500.jpg

JLee18 on Feb 5, 2015


What's "Superfulous?"

Qrious on Feb 5, 2015


Taco Bell Food

Akirakorn on Feb 7, 2015


"We don't have to empower women at the cost of tearing down men."

Chris Groves on Feb 5, 2015


I Honest-to-God think that Miyazaki is to Blame. Either That, or Hollywood can't Freaking make a well-Balanced Man-Woman Protagonist Relationship-story Work. *Sigh* I Hope it's just the Latter.

Mark Brackney on Feb 5, 2015


Mr. and Mr. Smith anyone? Too bad they got married instead of making sequels.

Akirakorn on Feb 7, 2015


I don't Know. I Guess I'm thinking More along the Lines of Dory and Marlin, personally.

Mark Brackney on Feb 7, 2015


It;s a Joke of a story , but it was played seriously on FNews .. all ONE 'sect" of conservatives has to do is bleat loud enough , and EVERY other major conservative org. takes up their story like it's Gospel

Dominic on Feb 6, 2015


The only time I dislike female leads is when it's rebooting a classic movie as a gimmick. I wonder if Sony paid Fox to run this to drum up hype for Ghostbusters. Anyway, this was a dumb article. Don't run anymore Gawker-level junk please.

OfficialJab on Feb 6, 2015


Oh look, another site that's going to take jabs at Fox News. Wait, did you just try try to give us perspective using Chris Hayes from MSNBC? WTF. That's like asking a man hating lesbian to share her opinion on men. Or the KKK to provide their opinion on different races. But I get it, its your site and you can push your liberal drivel when you feel like it. Because MSNBC "never" has outlandish news reports ever! Bleh, I only come here to watch movie trailers and comment on them. And then this sh!t shows up.

backwardsprogress on Feb 6, 2015


With that said... this is a stupid discussion by all parties involved. Some movies make men look bad. Some movies made women look bad. Lets not even get into a discussion on stupid both men/women look in horror movies. They make bad decisions left and right! With that said, its an f'in movie. They can push whatever story or idea they want. Since when did we take movies so f'in seriously and not just half fun and enjoy them.

backwardsprogress on Feb 6, 2015


ahh MSNBC has MUCH less outlandish news than their conservative competition , as THIS story points out will you be happy if they quote a Repub sometime ? ... don't christian conservatives hate today's movies ANYWAY ?

Dominic on Feb 7, 2015


Spoken like a true non think liberal.

backwardsprogress on Feb 7, 2015


Lol , now HOW did I know , that you'd try to get the last word .... 1st the fact that you had nothing but an insult left , means you already KNOW you're wrong ... 2nd its ONLY Non-Thinking , to think that humans are going to base ALL of their behavior on CARTOON or BASE story logic . Entertained , yes ; Driven to oppress the male sex , NO .... 3rd What entertainment have YOU been watching , that DIDN"T have a Male as the Lead Villian ? btw.... Jodie Foster wasn't exactly inspiring as a Female "Lead Villian" , but I didn't hate all women because I saw her as that .. and Elysium is about the only movie I can think of lately , off the top of my head (ESP in the Action Adventure Genre) that had a woman as Lead Villian. I think the Male World in America is doing just fine , regardless .. Non-Thinking , just Over-Emotional Fear CRAP , is that story

Dominic on Feb 8, 2015


Even on Elysium , you could quibble that the Lead Villian was the MALE " leader" of the tactical force tracking Damon ..

Dominic on Feb 8, 2015


I am going to cry laughing this article is so stupid.

alexis on Feb 8, 2015


When's the last time you saw a movie showing a handsome man as the hero? Any Marvel Movie ever.

MMAniac911 on Feb 9, 2015

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