Director Ed Zwick Reteaming with Tom Cruise for 'Jack Reacher 2'

May 19, 2015
Source: Deadline

Ed Zwick / Never Go Back

Now they have my attention. It's being reported by Deadline that Paramount and Skydance are looking to hire Edward Zwick (aka Ed Zwick) for the in-development Jack Reacher sequel, which will once again star Tom Cruise. Based on Lee Child's book series, the first film followed Cruise as Jack Reacher being framed for killing innocent people, and was directed by Christopher McQuarrie. While McQuarrie has since moved on to direct Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, he will still be executive producing this. Cruise will return for Jack Reacher 2 with Zwick at the helm, directing a script by Richard Wenk that will be revised by Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz before they start filming. A few more details on this next one found below.

Early word is that Jack Reacher 2 will be based on the book Never Go Back, published in 2013. "Reacher heads back to his old military base in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested, and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy and fathering a child with a woman. He can't remember either transgression but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force." We'll keep an eye out for development details. Zwick and Cruise worked on The Last Samurai together, one of my favorite films, but that was years ago. Zwick's most recent features have been Pawn Sacrifice, Love & Other Drugs and Defiance. Stay tuned for more.

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Reader Feedback - 14 Comments


Okay after 8 years of only going to Firstshowing for my movie news, the lack of Shanghai Dawn news has made me say forget this lame site im outta here.

Jesse Bangerter on May 19, 2015


If U waited 8 years for sequel to that first movie, then U got bigger problems than the movie sites U visit for your news..

Tester on May 19, 2015


nothing is perfect...

ari smulders on May 20, 2015


When I watched Jack Reacher he was the guy that helped the man who was framed for killing innocent people, not the other way around. Kinda liked the movie so got no problem with them making a second one.

Enola on May 19, 2015


Oh man The Last Samurai is insanely excited for this now.

Jon Odishaw on May 19, 2015


THE LAST SAMURAI is one of my favorite films. One of the only movies to make me cry whenever I view it. The "last charge" scene!!!~ Hurgh!!~

DAVIDPD on May 19, 2015


I absolutely adore Ken Watanabe because of that movie. Became one of my favorite actors.

grimjob on May 20, 2015


No! A resounding no, no, no! First of all, I've read all the Reacher books and there's no one like this character. A loner, with a high personal morality and integrity who sets people and situations right when so needed. Great character. He is also 6'5" and his size, his hugeness, is part of the psychological and philosophical impact he has on the world around him. What's Cruise? 5'6" wringing wet in high heels? Come on! Do people have no sense of reality or do they constantly buy into the pretense of the world as it's presented to them? That's also a lot of what the Reacher books are about. The 'curtain of pretense' that hangs before society and our culture. Reacher breaks thru that curtain. And now, Hollywood and guys like Cruise and Zwick, who are the most guilty of hanging and presenting that curtain of pretense before us, think they can present this character truthfully? Zwick and his writing partner would tremble in fear and terror if they ever came across a man like Jack Reacher. His authenticity alone would frighten them away. Now they are going to create him with any degree of authenticity? Come on! Look, I saw the Reacher film with Cruise. I thought it absurd! Yet, I can understand people perhaps liking it, especially if they have not experienced the books and the REAL character of Reacher who comes to life in them. Be that as it may, I hope you all enjoy the movie with Cruise as directed by Zwick. There's no chance of me liking this nonsense. If you really want to get what Reacher is all about forget these movies with Cruise and now Zwick and read the books. They are the real deal. These movies are nothing but cheap imitations and pretense. Your choice!

Bo on May 19, 2015


Nice said, and I wasn't impressed by the first one. I must admit the jack reacher books I don't read but I understand his appearance (length) is essential for the stories. But isn't Lee child responsible for that? If he said to :not with Tom Cruise, because he is to small, the movie wouldn't be made, because he gives the final yes to make a jack reacher movie...

ari smulders on May 19, 2015


Well, thanks, Ari. Nice to have someone, at last, that is in agreement with my perceptions and opinion(s) on this site. I usually get anger-filled No, usually when an author sells the 'rights' to his book he loses all 'rights' and has no say in who makes the film, how it's made, or how it's cast. In this case, and surprisingly for me, Childs was totally behind them casting Cruise to play Reacher. After all, Cruise is one of the biggest stars in the world and a writer knows the film of his book will also be a big one. Even if the actor is not a big, I couldn't resist. It's a hard thing to resist. The star power and bright lights of Hollywood. I was surprised because it would take a man like the Jack Reacher character to resist any such inauthentic nonsense and overwhelming pretense. It seems Childs is not like the character he created; he seemed to have fallen victim to the razzle and dazzle of Hollywood and movie stars; he even allowed himself to be cast in a one day bit part playing a cop at a desk in the movie. In the movie biz that's an embarrassing and very low level part of the whole movie making business. It sure changed the way I thought and think about Childs after both discovering he loved Cruise to play Reacher and then seeing him in an embarrassing turn as a day player bit-part character. Plus, he was horrible and obviously self-conscious. I felt pity for him upon seeing him do that. Come to think of it, the next book after all this with the Reacher movie wasn't as good as the others. Perhaps Hollywood corrupted him so such a degree he lost his mojo?'s happened to a lot better writers than Lee Childs. Hemingway knew...he was famous for saying, and I paraphrase, when you sell your work to Hollywood you should drive up to the city limits, toss the book across the line, and drive away, far, far away as fast as possible in order to not be tainted and smudged by the Hollywood junk machine. Kinda funny! Later gator.

Bo on May 20, 2015


When arguments are valid I always listen to people. I knew jack reacher was a big man by reactions on this site and others. When I saw jack reacher I felt they indeed should take a big man like a di onnofrio or marine like with a big jaw bone, but couldn't explain it why, it would indeed have more impact. Yes it says allot about how it works in Hollywood, the stars have a great influence, how movies are made, and with how much cash. Marvel I think is a exception, because they have there own stars on paper. But indeed as a writer you have to swallow cum of stars to get the bucks.

ari smulders on May 20, 2015


You indeed sound like a reasonable man, Ari. Later gator!

Bo on May 21, 2015


Zwick is very talented. I am curious to see how he makes a straight up action film.

DAVIDPD on May 19, 2015


Nobody cares about the anti Tom cruise fan boys. Cruise been cast as reacher has happened and will continue to happen. Get over your sense of self entitlement. You're not getting the movie you want then don't watch it. But don't whine about it. Nobody cares.

FriendlyPrimate on May 23, 2015

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