Director Joe Kosinski May Be Steering Sony's 'Gran Turismo' Movie

March 2, 2015
Source: THR

Joe Kosinski / Gran Turismo

Now this could end being up awesome. Hear me out. Not all car movies are going to turn out the same, but if they have Joe Kosinski at the helm that's pretty much guaranteed. THR's Heat Vision is reporting that Joe Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy and Oblivion, is now in talks for the Gran Turismo movie developing at Sony based on the racing video game. We've reported on it before, a few years ago when it was first picked up and when writer Alex Tse of Watchmen was attached. It has the right team to turn out kind of amazing for a video game movie, here's to hoping they pull it off. Kosinski is also attached to a few other projects.

Aside from The Black Hole remake at Disney, director Joe Kosinski (who made that awesome live-action Destiny commercial) is also attached to Trials of White Boy Rick and Go Like Hell, so who knows what will come together. However, THR reports that Kosinski will get a new script first on this one, which still has producers like Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti. They do add that Kazunori Yamauchi, the lead designer of the Gran Turismo series, reportedly said in 2013 the plot would center on a video game player turned racer. But it's unlikely they'll keep that and may start from scratch with an idea Kosinski has. After seeing what he did with racing in Tron Legacy, I'm particularly excited to see what will happen here. Stay tuned.

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Good, let him make a Mediocre movie out of something I don't care about rather than give him something I do.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 2, 2015


English motherfucker! Do you speak it?

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


Kosinski is a very visual director and I don't see this as a movie that would appeal to him. Paycheck... I'm not a fan of the director, but he makes damn good looking movies 🙂 And why the hell make a movie out of a game that has NO story whatsoever. Need for Speed sucked, and some of those games had a "story" to go with the gameplay...

Enola on Mar 3, 2015


It's possible to make extremely visual movies from racing. If you have had a change to be in a racing car witch soars through track, you might know. Add in some visuals, slowmo, special effects and cars that normal people can afford, it gets pretty damn visual. This movie is going to look and sound awesome. Story arc may not be that great tho...

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


You just described Need for Speed 😉 And I have been on a racing track going 250km, and when you look at movies with fast driving it looks nothing like the real thing.

Enola on Mar 3, 2015


Visuals weren't that good in Need For Speed, it felt like its source material. Let's hope that this can capture the actual feel and sound of a track race even remotely.

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


I like his style, it's very clean and modern, this sounds great. I think he would've been great for Star Wars or Alien.

qweqwu on Mar 2, 2015


If done correctly, racing works great in big screen. For example in Rush. So this has my attention. But again, why ride with a videogames title if only thing common is the name? Why can't they just make a original title and just market the hell out of it it in videogames and ect. People might get interested more if you don't scare them of by labeling it a ''video game movie''

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


I think the answer is: $$.

Alex Billington on Mar 3, 2015


Of course it is. But it's wrong 😀

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


Might be good for this one, since the ideal GT movie would be a bit laid back and stylized instead of an action thrillride. Where did the Twilight Zone movie go?

OfficialJab on Mar 3, 2015


Another movie based on a driving videogame? Doesn't anybody learn? I vote for a Mario Kart movie.

TheOct8pus on Mar 3, 2015


Need for Speed was great and with Aaron Paul at his A-game, and Keaton in an Oscar worthy role. Eh wait, Need for Speed sucked bigtime, and they should just leave racing games out of it. Make a movie about racing or whatever, but don't use the name of a game to try to cash in on it...

Enola on Mar 3, 2015


So it's going to be 2 hours of driving around the Nurburgring?

Dan Hibiki on Mar 3, 2015


I remember this game when it first came out on the original Sony Playstation. I wonder how often the characters will be able to change the paint on their '96 Toyota MR2, or be able to unlock the '92 Corvette. Seriously, the best part of this game wasn't the racing, but having fun customizing the look of the various licensed cars, something no game had done before. Plus, unlike Need For Speed or Fast and Furious (to a certain extent, cuz it's not a video game) the Grand Turismo series is based on actual track racing (sort of), not illegal street racing and such like the others. Like others have stated, this will be a typical racing style movie with nothing tying it to the game other than name and marketing.

theslayer5150 on Mar 3, 2015

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