Disney's 'Tron 3' Sequel Cancelled, Despite Plans to Shoot This Year

May 30, 2015
Source: THR, The Wrap

Tron Legacy

Trouble in paradise. Multiple sources are reporting that Disney has apparently cancelled Tron 3, or rather, the next sequel to follow Tron Legacy. Though they may not agree with that wording, as THR writes that "the project was never officially greenlit", but in the end Disney has "chosen not to move forward with a third installment in the sci-fi series". A few months ago we also reported that Vancouver was preparing for another Tron shoot later this year, and that it was happening, plans were in place, and things were heading towards that potential start. However, that's no longer the case. So what's to blame? Apparently the dismal opening of Tomorrowland, which scared them from making another futuristic sci-fi movie. Well this sucks.

Disney's Tron Legacy was released in late 2010, and we've been waiting to see a follow-up ever since. Word is they finally had Joseph Kosinski back to direct, along with Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. The Wrap also says they were after Jared Leto and Olivia Munn to co-star in the sequel, however no deals were in place, so nothing is moving forward anymore. As explanation they add: "after the relative failure of Tomorrowland, Disney executives may not have wanted to gamble and risk exposing the studio to another loss." I'm not sure what to say, it sounds like this was a move to stop anything bad from happening before it could happen. Not that that was going to be the case anyway. Doesn't sound like Disney is very optimistic.

For now it sounds like there's not much hope for another Tron movie, at least in this movie climate, not in the near future. Nope, it's more superheroes crossing over and Disney animated movies turned live-action, all day, all night, plus of course Star Wars every year and maybe some Indiana Jones. We'll keep an eye out for any updates or other news, but most likely Kosinski will end up directing something else different next.

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Nothing of worth is lost here.

Brian Sleider on May 30, 2015


And you actually read this AND commented why?

octopus9498 on May 30, 2015


Because this is a comment section, a place to express opinions.

Brian Sleider on May 30, 2015


Keep calm Octopus, I know you're cheesed about Tron 3 being canceled, but hey... Star Wars is coming out in December....let's all stay hungry for that upcoming beast now shall we? 😀

Joker's hideout on Jun 2, 2015


I think they just couldn't get Daft Punk back :O

HarryFiddleSticks on May 30, 2015


I doubt they asked. Disney's pretty stubborn, and didn't even want to do the sequel because they felt it was too big a risk. And with it not being the next Star Wars/Avatar/whatever, they're viewing it as a flop.

Tracy Hilliard on Apr 13, 2017


I was starting to work up some enthusiasm for this. I had been building up some enthusiasm for Kosinski being at the helm of a modernized remake of The Black Hole.But that is another Disney-Sci-fi that probably isn't going to move forward either.

Chris Groves on May 30, 2015


Legacy is still my favourite movie and I was really looking forward to this, but that's ok. Could be for the best. I'm going to see Tomorrowland this week Disney, dont ring the bell yet!

OfficialJab on May 30, 2015


Goodbye sweet Prince. We will probably have to wait another 20 years for another TRON.

DAVIDPD on May 30, 2015


Man... This sucks!

Alpivan on May 30, 2015


Tron legacy was phenomenal from a visual and audio standpoint. Story lacked but I still loved it. Sad news. As a side note, this is random but Tron XD is one of the best series I've seen. They need to resurrect that big time.

I'm Batman on May 30, 2015


If everything stayed the same and they improved just the story which could only go up it would be a hit. Uprising was amazing! I have to rewatch that soon to compensate for getting my hopes up for this.

Armitall on May 31, 2015


ROTFL Didn't I just read something where everyone was tired of Disney (and Hollywood too) relying on franchises and remakes? (just remembered: The Point Break trailer post) Now they throw out a franchise because something original didn't open to huge numbers. Wow. I'm really scared of the watered-down, hits-all-the-demographics generic blockbuster franchise tentpole they're gonna throw at us to make bazillions.

Akirakorn on May 30, 2015


...Well damn lol.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on May 30, 2015


Don't worry folks there is still a live-action Winnie The Pooh coming because everyone asked for that right? Friggin Disney.

Jordan Odinson on May 30, 2015


Go 69 yourself Disney! Was really looking forward to this.

Armitall on May 31, 2015


Clearly I am the only one who doesn't mind!

ari smulders on May 31, 2015


Clearly you are.

octopus9498 on May 31, 2015


Sigh...This is such BS. If they are just looking at the numbers, didn't they see the first legacy made over 400 million with a budget of 170 million? Wouldn''t you call that a good investment? Ugh. But its ok to bring animated turds to live action right? I really wish I knew the Disney execs email addresses. Such a shame. I love that world and hate to see it dead in the water. I would start a petition too if I thought it would help. Uprising was pretty sick!

timnimbus on May 31, 2015


you have to remember that 400 million about 130 million is for the cinemas and about id say 30-40 million in promoting the move, they are the going rates so 240 million that's 70 million profit at best, a large figure but if tron was well liked that figure would have been a lot higher, unfortunately because it was not received well by the public doing a sequel after the bad word of mouth(and I liked tron legacy but I was the only one of 12 people) there is a risk that itll make less than 400 million next time, that's a risk close to a loss in money making terms. Basically its to close to call so they just eliminate the risk and try a different franchise. Look at john carter a fantastic film and one more deserving a sequal but it was a flop too. Difference is most people agree john carter was a very good film. I so hope they realise that making a john carter sequal to a already very good original would make a lot of money this time round.

Munchy on Sep 12, 2015


Not sure where you got those numbers but 70 million is still a profit. More than enough for a sequel. Tron has a much bigger fan base than the John Carter series and it has grown since its release along with the legacy series. I did like John Carter also. Their is no comparison in my opinion.

timnimbus on Sep 13, 2015


Sign the "Revive Tron 3" petition at here, if you want it back and to show how many are willing to pay to see it.

Adam Bland on May 31, 2015


This pisses me RIGHT off! Tron is/was an established franchise! Legacy was one of the coolest iMax experiences not to mention had a kickass soundtrack and visuals. You shouldn't compare an original sci-fi concept debut to an already established franchise debut! Gd ball less pussies.

RAW_D on May 31, 2015


Thanks a lot Lindelof.

Anonymous on May 31, 2015


Only bright side is maybe, just maybe someone besides Kosinski could get it going. Shit, let Lisberger get back in the chair.

ChristianPasquariello on Jun 1, 2015


This ain't Tomorrowland! WTH! They would at least promote another Tron movie properly....I would imagine. Truly sad, I really liked watching the second movie on a real IMAX screen. Grow a pair, Disney executives!

Whichhalfofthewit on Jun 1, 2015


Maybe this is a stunt to set up a viral Flynn Lives campaign.

OfficialJab on Jun 1, 2015


Legacy was trash. Just a bunch of pretty lights.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 1, 2015


And amazing music.

Wing X Custom on Jul 15, 2016


Disney does not like to gamble. They only like to bet on sure things....

TheOct8pus on Jun 1, 2015


and then do terrible marketing campaigns for those sure things to guarantee no one goes to see them 😀

El_MUERkO on Jun 2, 2015


Uhh I'm pretty sure a ridiculous amount of people went to see Star Wars based upon all the records it broke the opening week.

spektred on Feb 17, 2016


lol - cancel Tron sequel, cause Tomorrowland sucked? Wha?! That's some interesting logic, and given Tron's fanbase... pretty terrible logic to boot. Too bad, was excited to see where that franchise was going.

avconsumer2 on Jun 1, 2015


I hope another studio can grab the rights to it and fly the finger to Disney.

Pos7al on Jan 26, 2016


That'd be great. Unfortunately, I imagine Disney's holding onto that IP tighter than a crucifix on judgment day.

avconsumer2 on Jan 26, 2016


that's a horrible reason.... I was actually looking forward to this.

ColtNoir on Jun 1, 2015


You know what's amazing. Disney has so much money that they can spill a billion dollars and it wouldn't hurt them and they can't even make a sequel to a pretty underrated and cool flick? F(*& off!

ragethorn on Jun 2, 2015


This a huge mistake. Not to mention electronica in Disney California Hollywood backlot. It was spectacular with the end of line club. Excellent recreation. All the props. Tron bike. Flynn's arcade in a exact set up. A landed capture craft that scanned guests as they walked under, then announcing whether you were to be rectified or assigned to "Games". They brought The Mad Tea back. Excellent move. Both of these events were nostalgic for so many, including yours truly. I think with enough lobbying, and with all of the feedback, that they will eventually make it. Let's all try to make that happen. I went to Disneyland extra times just for these events. End of Line...

Andrew Joseph Duggan on Jun 8, 2015


It's true that TR3N could have done excellent, but Disney was almost guaranteed to rake in tons of cash with Star Wars, so it seems pointless for them to even waste time focusing on Tron at this point. And odds are, Garrett Hedlund (Sam) probably would not even come back to reprise his role, because its been 5+ years since the last movie.

spektred on Feb 17, 2016



Grant on Jun 15, 2015


tomorrowland... screw you

Ironbunny IonBunny on Jul 22, 2015


Yeah Tommorowland has nothing to do with Tron. It didn't have any of the lore and old fans it was a stand alone movie with no background beside whoever visited the tommorowland in disney.

Sylvain Paquette on Dec 23, 2015


I though tron legacy was a good movie, one deserving of a sequal but I get it 400 million world wide after all that publicity should have been closer to 600-700 million, it wasn't the hit it should have been. Still I hope they do something, tron upriseing animation was excellent. When you do do a requal or remake Disney leave out the silly looking computer humans and add more people a lot of scenes felt empty.

Munchy on Sep 12, 2015


The problem with Tron Legacy and the animated series, is that they both only had a cult following. People who were familiar with the original Tron movie of course were anxious to return to the Grid on the big screen, but unlike Star Wars, the new Tron movie was just cool to look at with all of its special effects, but it didn't create new fans for the franchise and the characters weren't lovable nor truly memorable. Only the cult followers wanted to see more and loved the animated series. Disney is out to grab a much wider audience, and of course, make as much money as they can in the process. (And from a financial planning standpoint, Star Wars is a much better investment than Tron)

spektred on Feb 17, 2016


Raise your hand if you enjoyed Tron Legacy but could care less about ever seeing Tomorrowland. (Looking around and seeing no hands raised). The two movies could scarcely be further apart in terms of audiences. A large percentage of the people that went to see Tron Legacy, went to see it because they were old enough to have seen the first Tron, and most of those forty somethings who saw Tron as a child or teen, brought THEIR children or even young grandchildren, and introduced them to a pretty cool sequel with a really great soundtrack. The movie was hardly a flop, it made good money. Did it make a billion dollars? No, but very, very few movies do. This movie DESERVES a sequel to complete the series, particularly with the way Legacy ended. Hugely disappointed about this, I've been checking every few to several months to see what the status was on this film. I guess it's more mindless, crappy, 3D, comic book super hero movies for us, and endless sequels of unoriginal movies.

Eric Denney on Jan 16, 2016


Did you mean 'looking around and seeing all hands raised'? I rewatch Tron Legacy all the time, as it is an amazing sci-fi movie with a great soundtrack and star power. Movies like this need to continue to be made, and not the trash like Tommorowland. Look at the Batman series and what happened when it put the darker twist on things, it exploded. Make the sequel.

Pos7al on Jan 26, 2016


Wow, some movie that has NOTHING to do with Tron flops so they cancel an actual good franchise and leave the series incomplete. I feel rather alienated and extremely disappointed.

Adrian Corey on Mar 9, 2016


FLYNN LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Israel Sierra on Apr 6, 2016


Sorry, I think you meant to say "COULDN'T care less". What does "could care less" even mean anyhow? It's a completely redundant statement. If you could care less then care less.

CrouchingWeasel on Mar 27, 2016


FLYNN LIVES! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Israel Sierra on Apr 6, 2016


FLYNN LIVES! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Israel Sierra on Apr 6, 2016



Jose Israel Sierra on Apr 6, 2016


The movie was awesome and needs a sequel. The soundtrack was ahead of its time and intertwined your emotions into the movies futuristic tales.

Josh on Apr 15, 2016


Disney is crushing my dreams one by one. They've single handedly made it so expensive to take my family of 5, that I fear I'll never have the opportunity to go again in my lifetime. Now they stuck a dagger in my heart by cancelling TRON. Greedy!

Jon Lesher on Jun 13, 2016


This sucks!

Criss on Aug 1, 2016


if you are confident in your work, you don't have to second guess yourself. If you submit to the 'all about the money' approach constantly, you destroy the abstract creative approach that made about selling out and leaving your fans behind...

Tony Hayden on Sep 19, 2016

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