Dwayne Johnson Bringing Us the 'Big Trouble in Little China' Remake

June 1, 2015
Source: The Wrap

Big Trouble in Little China

Another day, another remake. But this one might actually work. Big news coming from The Wrap, where they're reporting that 20th Century Fox is in negotiations to sign on Dwayne Johnson for a remake of cult favorite Big Trouble in Little China. Johnson is looking at starring in and producing the remake of the John Carpenter film, which is getting a script from X-Men: First Class writers Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz. The original Big Trouble in Little China, released in 1986, is an action cult classic starring Kurt Russell as a trucker who gets dragged into some wacky weird mystical showdown in Chinatown. If you've never seen it, first order of business is finding an old VHS copy and having a blast. As for the remake, I'm actually curious.

Big Trouble in Little China is the kind of film that is ripe for a remake considering it's a campy 80's cult classic. The film has found its audience and has grown that fanbase in recent years with a Blu-Ray re-release and all kinds of goodies, like a Mondo poster. It has a built-in set of fans, it can be remade and still maintain that campiness that made the original so good, and hopefully it won't get watered down in the process. The Wrap adds that Dwayne Johnson "and his producing partners Dany and Hiram Garcia pitched the remake to rights-owner Fox, which released the original film." So the studio hasn't actually said yes yet, but they have the two writers on-board already, and with Johnson the leading man, I don't think they'll be too concerned.

Word is that Dwayne Johnson (seen in San Andreas, Furious 7, Hercules, Pain & Gain) will indeed play Jack Burton, the same role Kurt Russell once played, an "all-American trucker who gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in San Francisco's Chinatown." I'm interested to see how they're updating this and who they get to direct it, because that could make all the difference in the end. But for now, I'm trying to remain optimistic. As much as the original film is a great cult classic, this could be a fun update as long as they don't dumb it down. And please call it something else other than Big Trouble in Little China all over again. Let's leave that title for Kurt Russell to hold onto, he really owns that one. See the original film here.

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"this could be a fun update as long as they don't dumb it down." I'm not sure how Big Trouble could get any dumber.

redtie on Jun 1, 2015


Good point, but Hollywood will find a way...

Alex Billington on Jun 1, 2015


Did you miss the part about casting The Rock?

cuckoozey on Jun 2, 2015


I think The Rock is an excellent casting. I just don't think Big Trouble needs to be remade.

redtie on Jun 2, 2015


oh man really? I think it will some of it's charm. They will overflow it with flashy CGI. Some of the reason why the original was so good was that some parts were so bad haha. Please Dwayne make something else.

TK on Jun 1, 2015


And tell me again how this is a good idea?....

RAW_D on Jun 1, 2015


No need to get the VHS out - this classic was on over the weekend, in HD none the less. I think on HDnet Movies. Bet you can get it DirecTv On Demand.

Bree on Jun 1, 2015


Yes! This is one where I think they can bring us something funny and cool! The Rock's WALKING TALL was pretty good.

DAVIDPD on Jun 1, 2015



TheOct8pus on Jun 2, 2015


But, Carpenter already gave us something funny and cool. This is so unnecessary. imo

grimjob on Jun 2, 2015


NO thanks, I have no interest in them ruining it with a bunch of CGI and a lead who its Kurt Russel.

Brian Sleider on Jun 1, 2015


I don't even know what to say here. Disgusted. Yet not at all surprised.

grimjob on Jun 1, 2015


He should make a remake of Kurt Russells soldier! Nobody has seen it and I enjoyed it very much!

ari smulders on Jun 2, 2015


Naaah, it's a unique movie, totally of it's time. No need really. Plus the Rock is a giant, surely the whole joke about Russel's character was that he was pretty rubbish at fighting? Naaaah.

Carpola on Jun 2, 2015


Hollywood's gonna crazy! Maybe Chris Pratt instead of Dwayne (The Rock). The Rock will never works reprising the role of Kurt Russel. Stay put Hollywood.

Hugo Diogo on Jun 2, 2015


Cool, I thought they were going to vainly attempt to recreate the magic of the original but now by including The Rock it sounds like they're going for a straight-up trashing of it.

cuckoozey on Jun 2, 2015



Brandon Moss on Jun 2, 2015


NOOOO!!!! This is gonna suck!!! Nothing is as good as the Carpenter/Kurt Russell was filled with great practical effects, an awesome cast and a great script....the Rock has proven that he does not have what it takes to lead a film like this....come on! Say it ain't so....

TheOct8pus on Jun 2, 2015


wait.. what ? Great script ? The script was a joke, that's another reason the movie was so cheesy and great.. U cannot replicate that, regardless of who you cast

Tester on Jun 2, 2015


Come on! It's no Citizen Cane, but it was John Carpenter having fun with a totally ridiculous plot. He probably threw it together one coke-fueled weekend....that's what makes it great IMO

TheOct8pus on Jun 2, 2015


I completely agree with U, but U threw me for a loop with the "great script" comment.. I simply misread it.

Tester on Jun 2, 2015


Yeesh - seems like a bad casting. Part of the magic of Kurt in that one was that he pulled off the white trashy trucker type so well - that was so completely opposite and out of place with the surroundings and plot. I know the demographic of the occupation is all over the place these days, but still - that was the draw of Jack Burton to me anyway (in addition to his... comedic false sense of brazenness?) Eh, whatevs.

avconsumer2 on Jun 2, 2015


This would work better as a continuation with an older Jack Burton (Kurt) going on the Pork Chop's last run to Chinatown and stopping by to visit a good friend (Dwayne Johnson) to play cards when all hell brakes loose...

DJROBL on Jun 2, 2015


Aaah...a sequel? I'm intrigued..... (runs fingers through white beard)

TheOct8pus on Jun 2, 2015



ResurrectRider on Jun 2, 2015


Just terrible.

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 2, 2015


Noooo God, No God Please NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tester on Jun 2, 2015



timnimbus on Jun 2, 2015


Won't see it.

theslayer5150 on Jun 2, 2015


I just wanna know who they're going to cast as Lo Pan, Wang and Egg Shen.

Duane on Jun 2, 2015


That is a very good question. I also wonder who would play the 3 storms?

cl3hjr on Jun 3, 2015


Hollywood.....FUCK YOU! Sincerely, FUCK OFF

Have Hope on Jun 2, 2015


I'd wish that the Rock would just drop dead, but I know that they'll just CG him in to the movie any way.

Dan Hibiki on Jun 2, 2015


Hollywood is out of original ideas...

LibertyForAll on Jun 2, 2015


Has been for a while now

bjensen on Jun 8, 2015


FUCK NO! If this get made.... well, as Jack would say, "Son of a bitch must pay!".

Burnin Biomass on Jun 2, 2015


In the words of Lo Pan: "This really pisses me off to no end!"

Terry Shannon on Jun 2, 2015


I like the Rock. He's clever and he's funny. And, more importantly, he knows how to look the fool on screen and still be the guy you're rooting for. But as Jack Burton? No. If Dwayne and Hollyweird are serious about this, then they're missing one of the quintessential points that made the original BTiLC such a cult favorite: Kurt Russel, was no Arnold Schwarzenegger, and while buff, still maintained the boyish charm and cluelessness with a dash of cocky swagger know-it-all that made American boys and men everywhere recognize a bit of themselves (or at least how they perceived themselves on a good day). The abundance of "huh?" and "what?" moments as delivered by Kurt and the adoring adulation of his friends in spite of them, were the product of that rarest of all combinations in a film: perfect casting, perfect script, and perfect directing. Maybe the Rock can pull off something as equally charming and witty, but it can't possibly be the BTiLC we know and love. It will be something completely different, and in that case, why bother calling it Big Trouble in Little China? Verhoeven's Starship Troopers was so watered down and so off track from the book it was ripped from, that if they had called it something different, like Space Marines vs. Icky Insects, it would stand up more on its own eight legs.

mrsatyre on Jun 2, 2015


Yes. To everything.

Huck PS on Jun 5, 2015


Kurt Russell should be in it, the Rock should be a younger partner or something... not Jack Burton.

DJ Homeless Mike on Jun 2, 2015



InvisiGhost on Jun 2, 2015


InvisiGhost on Jun 2, 2015



lesliecarroll6 on Jun 2, 2015


The original was not supposed to turn out as perfect as it did, but with that rare combination of humor and cheese and crazy awesomeness it immortalized itself. The fact this studio thinks they can recreate the charm of the original, which is probably impossible considering the charm came from a thousand unforeseen places, is just incredibly dumb.

BNN667 on Jun 3, 2015


NO. Just stop.

borninatrailer on Jun 3, 2015


how much you want to bet they change the ending so JACK falls for the girl and is some feminized chump?

Paulie Chambers on Jun 3, 2015


Remake The Thing if you want to put Dwayne in a Carpenter film (even though that was a remake already), He's a horrible choice to play a character in a movie that shouldn't be remade anyway.

bjensen on Jun 8, 2015


What goddam reason is there for this? After I Spy, I stopped hoping for remakes and redux's. Fury Road is the exception that proves the rule, but that was driven by the creator.

Todd AngelHawk Clark on Jun 9, 2015

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