Editorial: Another Spider-Man Reboot? I'm Not Really That Excited

February 10, 2015


This is definitely going to be the unpopular, you're-totally-crazy opinion but I should be totally honest - this Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe news doesn't excite me at all. In fact, at this point I think I'm over Spider-Man. I didn't grow up reading the character in comic books, so I don't really have that kind of deep connection to Spidey the character. But I did "grow up" watching the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, then later followed the newest iteration lead by Marc Webb after helping him breakout with 500 Days of Summer (originally a Sundance film). Maybe I'm also just a bit tired of Marvel these days, too. This is where Spidey belongs, in the Marvel Universe, I'll certainly agree to that, but I'm having trouble feigning any excitement.

For years and years I've been a Spider-Man fan thanks to Sam Raimi's movies. I'm not saying his version of Spidey was the best version, or that his movies are some of the best ever made. In fact, I think Spider-Man 3 is abysmal and was the first painful Spidey memory for me. It's one of the best examples of over-extending a character's appeal (including the world he's a part of) by trying to satisfy fans by including everything they wanted: Venom, Sandman, New Goblin. It was too much, and it didn't work. I can't help but feel this might be the same - let's satisfy the fans' never-ending fantasy to get Spidey into the Marvel Universe. He does belong with Marvel and this is where he should be. But does it mean this is the best thing since sliced bread?

One feeling that keeps coming up when thinking about Spider-Man is that I've been burned by him time and time again. For the longest time, I argued that Raimi's Spider-Man 2 was (or still is) one of the best comic book movies ever made. It got everything right, it has the perfect mix of characters in the world, and it was an incredible action movie. Then we had Spider-Man 3. A few years later, they brought Spidey back and cast Andrew Garfield. Another perfect choice. I was even excited for Marc Webb to bring new life to the series. The Amazing Spider-Man was good but not great, but the version of Spidey they gave us was perfect. Then we had The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now, yet again, they're stopping when things went bad and rebooting.

Studies have shown that Spider-Man is one of the world's most valuable brands, comparable to Coca-Cola, which is partially the reason Sony is insistent on never giving up the rights fully (and even in this new deal they're still going to make Spidey movies for themselves after the Marvel crossover). Disney, I am certain, wants a bit a lot of that money. I mean, they did buy Marvel and they already are getting some of that brand money, but they want the box office money now. So, of course, when there's lots of money involved deals will come together. I'm actually more surprised and more excited by the fact that a landmark deal was made between these studios than I am excited by the potential for the character. Maybe I'm not a big enough fan.

As far as I can tell at this point, similar to Spider-Man 3, Disney and Marvel Studios and Sony are doing the exact same thing again - they're satisfying the demands of fans in hopes that it will pay off in spades. I'm sure it will. I don't doubt the success that is sure to come, and I full well expect that Marvel's movies will be breaking records over the next five years. The first Civil War movie is going to be huge. But I can't help but feel that's just because they're enticing fans with the smallest piece of meat to chew on, just to draw them in and cause mass hysteria. It's starting to feel like a gimmick. This early on we don't know any details about the new iteration of the character, or plot details about of the movies he will be involved in. It's all just hype.

Do we really need to recast Andrew Garfield? (I'll be happiest if Donald Glover gets the new role.) Do we really need to reboot and start another Spidey franchise again so soon after the last one? (I'll be happier if they actually make the Venom movie.) Do we really need to get excited by a crossover that was inevitable if only the studios could work together? Maybe. I guess what it comes down to is that, within 15 years of time this will be the third Spider-Man reboot I've gone through. Yes, they finally got the character correct in the latest iteration, but they're going to recast and restart all over again with Marvel in the mix now. Let's hope they do him justice. Let's hope this isn't a gimmick to make fans lose their minds and empty their wallets.

Please don't hate me for not being excited by comic book movie news in 2015. I know I'm not the only one feeling a bit burned out by the growing slough of comic book movies slated all the way until 2020. As much as I want to be excited, and hopefully will be by the time they release these movies, my genuine feelings after hearing this announcement are fairly neutral. I'm not excited, nor am I worried. At least they made a deal, at least it's really happening, and I'm hoping it's as awesome as we want it to be. Marvel has done a fine job building up a fantastic cinematic universe so far, I just don't want them to push too far just to satisfy fans, and suddenly it's Spider-Man 3 all over again. Even though it is Kevin Feige's Marvel, you just never know.

In all truth and honesty, I might be excited by the time this big Marvel crossover comes out. I need to see some footage, and I want to know who will be playing the new Spider-Man first. Just bringing Spidey into the Marvel Universe is not enough to make me excited anymore. But it's very early on only time will tell how this all plays out and if our friendly neighborhood Spidey will play nice in Marvel's cinematic playground. I'm curious, but not excited… yet. Do you agree? [For a different take, read Dan's editorial on the news.]

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I'm not all that excited either for some of the same reasons. And Black Panther and Captain Marvel are already feeling the consequences in release date. BP probably doesnt have as big of a role in Civil War if the rumors are true that they already have a Spidey version of the script.

JDubs on Feb 10, 2015


I dunno, I'm pretty excited.

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


I'm excited but part of me does wish they held on to Andrew Garfield. He was a cool Spiderman. Way better then Toby. If I was Garfield I'd be on my knees in front of Bob Iger begging him to keep me.

David Diaz on Feb 10, 2015


He's the one who turned them down

peter on Feb 11, 2015


Alex - you're right to be weary of this arrangement. There are way too many variables and unknowns. The studios have appeased the fans (myself included) by bringing in Spidey into the MCU...now it's up to the writers and producers to make it a tasteful and satisfying alliance, rather than a total overkill.... hopefully someone at Marvel is reading your post....

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


I agree with you about Spider man 2. It got everything right and is one of my favourites.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 10, 2015


I feel the same way Alex....there's already been FIVE Spider-Man movies, and IMO only the first two (by Sam Raimi) were good. If Spider-Man shows up in an upcoming Marvel film, he should be a supporting character at the most, no need for another major Spider-Man film for a loooong time. Gosh I couldn't even get through ASM 2...so boring!

Joker's hideout on Feb 10, 2015


I'm also more interested in the precedent this is setting (see, studios, it IS possible to play nice and share rights/characters/profits for the benefit of your audience!) than the prospect of shoehorning Spider-Man into the MCU. Things I don't like about it: (1) Spider-Man cutting in line and pushing back the release dates for Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans. I'm easily more interested in those characters' introductions than the re-re-introduction of Spidey; besides which, I'm worried that Spider-Man will become an easy lynchpin for the MCU to fall back on in the future, one that absolves them of the need to take more risks on lesser-known characters. That would suck, to say the least. (2) Spider-Man probably being introduced in Captain America: Civil War. That movie's already in danger of losing its focus on Cap with RDJ/Iron Man in the mix. Throw in Spider-Man and you might as well retitle the thing altogether; it's not a Cap solo film anymore. (3) I will miss Andrew Garfield.

Ali Miller on Feb 10, 2015


Cap 3 will be great

peter on Feb 11, 2015


I've been sick of Spider Man for awhile now but if there is anyone that can make a movie out of it that will be great and get my interest back its probably the people at Marvel.

IamSlave on Feb 10, 2015


You can never be too tired of Marvel, especially Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tuomas Lassila on Feb 10, 2015


The only one of their films so far that I didn't really like was Thor 1. And it was okay.

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


I never get Thor 1 hate, that film was great! The Incredible Hulk must be my least favourate film from MCU.

Tuomas Lassila on Feb 10, 2015


I wouldn't say I hate Thor 1, I just think it's the least good. As soon as it hit Earth it really lost me, other than when he's breaking into the SHIELD compound. Now it's my turn to not get you - what's not to like about Norton and Incredible Hulk?

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


Why so cynical? Marvel is doing some amazing storytelling across many platforms--movies, broadcast TV, Netflix--and it's something that's never been done before. Enjoy that. Stop calling everything a "gimmick". Quit being cynical and just enjoy the ride. Is that really so hard?

davidshaw on Feb 10, 2015


Yeh but this is the reboot that matters, Rebooted into the MCU. I know people here wanted that for a long like, myself included, did you think they were going to use that shitty Garfield spiderman? IF so you are silly. Long of the short, a reboot had to happen to get spidy in the MCU

Brian Sleider on Feb 10, 2015


If you're not excited about Spidey finally being in an Avengers movie...you might not have a pulse. I'll be there on opening night - as well as most who complain anyways.

ColtNoir on Feb 10, 2015


I don't get the Garfield hate, just take him and pull a Mark Ruffalo.

Xerxexx on Feb 10, 2015


Garfield caught too much crap. His Spidey was 100x better than Raimi's and a lot truer to the comics nowadays. I'd prefer him to stay in the role but regardless I'm real excited to see Spidey in the MU no matter who's playing him.

ColtNoir on Feb 10, 2015


I'm sorry but this article is irrelevant. Here's why: You can reboot ANYTHING, every year if need be, I don't care nor does anybody really, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE SOMETHING NEW AND FRESH TO SAY! The reason why the majority of us don't like reboots anymore is because few and far between do reboots/remakes have anything new to add. Spiderman has yet to see Venom done properly. Heck! Spiderman has yet to show us the Kraven's Last Hunt storyline. These are some of the best in the comic universe. Get off your Avengers bandwagon. I'm always excited because until this day, Raimi's Spiderman 2 is one of THEE best comic book movies ever and stands toe to toe with even the Dark Knight.

ragethorn on Feb 10, 2015


Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Or anyone will watch it if you do.

blargh on Feb 10, 2015


You don't have to preach to me pal. My favorite movie is in the middle of it's 3rd reboot. Now they're calling it a recalibration. But they're going to do it whether I like it or not. Whether you do or not. If they make it fresh and add to the mythology, to any film for that matter, then you have my blessing.

ragethorn on Feb 10, 2015


The problem is Reboots BY Definition , aren't fresh .. so I don't think the article is irrelevant , just that it won't change anything by itself - think Groundswell ... so we do need them to concentrate on a NEW storyline , , with these Producer/Director/Studio shifts . really Spidey has more stories than any Marvel character ( who else had 4 titles going at one time ? ) so it's Lazy , to go back to the 70's stories .. Eve if they use the Venom or Kraven threads , they have to get a actor to do the villians as well as whoever does Spidey

Dominic on Feb 12, 2015


Brock Lesnar for Eddie Brock. Dan Stevens as Peter Parker. Marvel, just do yourselves a favor and hire me. ha!

ragethorn on Feb 12, 2015


I'm not excited either, man. I don't really enjoy the super hero film genre, but I do understand why people do enjoy it. It seems like the line between Television series/films/sequels/internet series/hbo is getting more and more blurry these days. I suppose without the FX heavy summer blockbusters, we wouldn't have theaters to go to, as they'd probably be out of business without these films, so i appreciate that they are there in that regard..

tree on Feb 10, 2015


I say Marvel should embrace the continuity chaos. Have Willem Defoe's Green Goblin kill Andrew Garlfield's Spiderman at the end of Captain America 3 and use Miles Morales as a new Spiderman. Then throw a cloned Garfield somewhere and Spiderman films might be exciting again.

blargh on Feb 10, 2015


I like this idea but how do you explain his existence during the whole Avengers / Phase 2 timeline? If they could use the story of Spider-man existing in different universes like from the 90's toon series, that would be awesome. Especially in light of Guardians coming into play down the line. Definitely want Miles Morales involved.

WritinginDaWind on Feb 10, 2015


Marvel is dumb to replace Garfield he is an oscar caliber actor and will have lead roles in Mel Gibson and Scorsese's next films not to mention he was the perfect spiderman watch them get some inferior actor like logan lerman or josh hutcherson

HG2012 on Feb 10, 2015


Uh no they are smart

peter on Feb 11, 2015


I would be excited if Garfield was kept on board, just not interested in watching anything in regard to Spidey's origins again. Seriously how hard would it be to have a reference to Spidey events in ASA 1 & 2 in a future Marvel film before having Garfield in it?

Steven on Feb 10, 2015


When he turns them down impossible

peter on Feb 11, 2015


This is good news. Marvel knows what they are doing. We've seen that in the MCU since Iron Man. They won't screw it up unless Sony does something stupid. They may work off past continuities. We don't know. What we do need is for Fox to see this and realize that The FF need to go back to Marvel before this reboot destroys The First Family of Marvel. The ones who started it all.

Bryan Sablatura on Feb 10, 2015


As far as Garfield. I think he was to goofball and silly as Peter. He was okay as Spidey, but I cringed whenever he was Peter. That high pitched whining. ugh.

Bryan Sablatura on Feb 10, 2015


Same boat here. Actually still haven't seen the "new" Spiderman 2. Just can't seem to get excited for a "new new" Spiderman. Are they just gonna reboot it every few years or so? If so... I'm holding out for new new NEW Spiderman in July 2022.

avconsumer2 on Feb 10, 2015


Best news is that Avi Arad is nowhere near this version of Spidey. And you really want a Venom movie? You're absolutely not a Spider-Man fan if you're excited about Venom. Venom is a shitty character who's never ONCE had an interesting story in his original incarnation or his second. Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan are terrible characters. Their versions of Venom are both awful, childish and stupid. Venom was this late 80s, metal, dirty creation from Todd McFarlane. He was testing his limits of making terrible characters. It was the precursor to Spawn who he'd create 4 years later (same aesthetic) Eddie Brock is a whiney bitch in a muscle bound body. He doesn't get his way because he sucks at everything. He's the polar opposite of Peter but in a totally non-sympathetic way. He's just a loser. Mac Gargan was only ever Venom because Brock got Cancer and they were like "who else is big and stupid? Oh Mac Gargan? Put him in the suit" THE ONLY time Venom has ever been interesting is when he was given to Flash Thompson by the government and he became Agent Venom. And there's no way they're doing that story line over at Sony. Fuck Venom.

Kento on Feb 10, 2015


I actually kinda liked the first venom storyline in Ultimate Spiderman and that version of Eddie.

MrMcGibblets on Feb 10, 2015


Actually, he is. He's producing it.

daneforst on Feb 11, 2015


No he's not

peter on Feb 11, 2015


Yes he is. He's apparently only Executive Producer but he's still on board. Thanks anyway for playing.

daneforst on Feb 11, 2015


Bring in Carnage.

Xerxexx on Feb 10, 2015


Garfield was a good Spiderman, terrible Parker. He is better when masked. Toby, great Parker, not so good Spiderman. Lets just bring them both back. As for Spiderman 2 (Rami), that and Xmen 2 are the best comic book movies made. I am excited for this. I enjoy Spiderman, enjoy the Marvel movies and I think this is how it should be.

Cliffyskogs on Feb 10, 2015


There's a first time for everything, and Alex, for the first time I actually disagree with you (I'm actually surprised you're on the no go side of Spidey joining the MCU). I think this is solid news plainly because he's going to be put in a better direction under Marvel's vision instead of Sony's. I will admit, I will miss Garfield but that's a for now missing of the actor. He'll get replaced and we'll all probably like the new actor then. Marvel's pretty good about selecting people. Plus they aren't rebooting the character....they're skipping the origin story and having him be like he's been there all along. I'm happy. That's all that matters.

JBroti on Feb 10, 2015


I'm not "no go" but just not "OMFG!!" excited. I'm curious, but that's the most emotion I feel for this. And it's because I am tired of all the endless Spidey reboots and versions that seem interesting at first, but fizzle out by the end. Here's to hoping this isn't the same again. I wrote this to see how people would react, to provide an opposite opinion and encourage discussion. I appreciate that you (for once) disagree with me! That means there's a good discussion to be had here.

Alex Billington on Feb 11, 2015


Its not getting rebooted, it getting retooled for the MCU. His story isnt starting over, especially if he is already spiderman in Civil War. I dont understand what you want from spiderman, they understood you didnt like the last two. So they are changing up what they did, and your still unhappy. How about we at least wait for a trailer before we start editrolizing the new spiderman

Sky on Feb 10, 2015


You said the only truly important thing here Alex. Donald Glover for Spider-Man!

EdmondDantes on Feb 11, 2015


I'm not excited either. I'm getting really tired of reboots in general. I think Sony should at least make a ASM3 and then give the franchise over to Marvel. Maybe even possibly continuing Amazing Spider-Man.

Xavier on Feb 11, 2015



peter on Feb 11, 2015


I'll wait for the next reboot. Curious tho for how they'll tackle it, but not crazy about it either. And why does he have to be like twelve. It's always some young actor in serch for. I grew up watching the animated series and just don't relate to Peter Parker being all that young.

Armitall on Feb 11, 2015


With Marvel Studios doing it I would think the box office would be higher than Amazing but not Top 20 like Spiderman 2002. Audiences are wary but once they hear Avengers and Spiderman in the same sentence with the possibility of teamups in the future, they are there.

houph on Feb 11, 2015


Well, they tried it 2x with Hulk, yet, despite oscar-winning director and cast (Lee, Norton, Connelly) they failed. Feige, Whedon and Ruffalo nailed it then in the Avengers, so if anyone could make Spidey work on the big-screen I think they are. Maybe that's what Sony's thinking too...

nightlord on Feb 11, 2015


Can't they just shove Garfield in Avengers and make everyone happy?

K_Warrior on Feb 11, 2015


He turned them down

peter on Feb 11, 2015


Spiderman cameo in deadpool. Getting his ass kicked. That will be all for me.

Ben J. Davidson on Feb 11, 2015


Fantastic post Alex. You put into words what I've felt since the announcement. I am crushed at Garfield's exclusion. As far as I'm concerned he's the best Webhead out there. Here's my two biggest issues: 1) The mere possibility of sitting through a THIRD Spider-Man origin story makes me ill (even though I'm a diehard fan). Perhaps they can do what Batman v. Superman is doing - introduce the hero when he's already a veteran crimefighter... 2) The abrupt cessation of the potential Sinister Six storyline. After all that laborious, clunky set-up in TASM 2, I now have to drop all of it? That hurts. As does the loss of a possible Venom spin-off (which, like you, I hope to see come to light anyway). I guess third time's the charm. At least the upside his that I'll get to see the Webslinger fight next to the Avengers. And THAT is a dream come true. Maybe that'll be enough to make me ignore the loss of Garfield.

rymat93 on Feb 11, 2015


You wanted the guy behind transformers 2 To do venom?

peter on Feb 11, 2015


To whom are you referring? I know Josh Trank and Gary Ross were both connected to a Venom spinoff at some point. I'd be okay with either one - Trank's Chronicle was superb and Ross's Seabiscuit remains one of my favorites.

rymat93 on Feb 12, 2015


who says you have to drop any of it rymat ? what Sony/Marvel SHOULD do , is NOT make a reboot , Yes .... And maybe continue the Sinister Six line .. the only error will be if thy do try to go back to being bitten in the lab , et all This is what it's going to take , Alex ; people like You ALL saying Reboots Suck ... one thing about the Marvel movies , at least , is that storylines of different "franchises" will mix ( Avengers /Guardians , for ex ..) . That should keep things fresher

Dominic on Feb 12, 2015


Dominic: Totally agree with you. But I didn't say reboots suck. It's not that I don't like reboots. I'm fine with them IF there's something to improve. Spiderman 3 was terrible, and TASM reinvigorated the whole storyline. My point is that a THIRD reboot of this particular property is kind of hard to stomach. What will make it easier would be to have Spidey be a veteran crime fighter by the time we see him on screen (a la Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice). Like you, I'm hopeful that the mixing of the franchises will keep things fresh, and I'm glad you brought that up. That's why I'm not hugely disappointed. Even with the loss of Garfield, seeing Spidey fight beside Iron Man, Cap and the rest is a dream come true.

rymat93 on Feb 12, 2015


Ok Just me will say it - Reboots Suck ! .....;?)) Just another Evolution , Hollywood must go thru . we finally got directors/producers that ACTUALLY READ comics , and Don't make fun of the genre ... now we need to hip scriptwriters on The Never-Ending Story .... One event has many ripples , to be fleshed out AND progressed Past , into new story "thread" .. soap opera writers and CB writers - fiction writers in General - can do this , why can't Hollywood CB movie scriptwriters NOT be lazy ?? Hunger Games is doing pretty darn well ... much less STrek or SWars who DID well ...even tho there were only a FEW books/ episodes out at the time .. Maybe XMen : Apocalypse shows the way , as his stories are team-changing arcs ...

Dominic on Feb 13, 2015


I think Marvel will do it right. Until they fuck UP, I won't doubt their ability to make good calls.

DAVIDPD on Feb 12, 2015


They need to run with the Carnage story line from the comics. Spider-man in all of these iterations has been to happy go lucky. Spider-man is a dark character, troubled, and I don't think any have done the source work justice.

MaqueeStalker on Feb 12, 2015


I'm with you there. Never read the comics, but I watched the movies with Toby Maguire. Because I liked Toby as Spiderman as a child, Toby is the true Spiderman to me, even if he didn't portray the comic book Spiderman as perfectly (or so I've heard before). With this new reboot coming, I'm over Spiderman. It's no James Bond. They need to stop. Give it a couple generations, seriously.

mauia88 on Mar 30, 2015

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