Editorial: Why 'The Force Awakens' Won't Be What Every Fan Wants

December 17, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This Friday (and in some places, Thursday or even Wednesday night) moviegoers across the nation and even the world will be plopping down in their theater seats as they anxiously wait for the first frames of the first Star Wars movie in ten years, The Force Awakens, to unspool on their screens. The anticipation for this next chapter – directed by J.J. Abrams - in the Star Wars legacy is literally through the roof of the Millennium Falcon, with many lucky journalists and fans having seen the film at the extravagant World Premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. Early word of mouth has been generally positive so far, but let's take a look at why it will be okay if The Force Awakens doesn't meet your expectations.

For fans of Star Wars, everyone has a different but equally strong story of how they first came across the franchise. The series literally spans almost 40 years and there is quite the generational gap between fans who were first introduced to the original movie in 1977 and its sequels in the early 80s; and to fans that were introduced to Star Wars with The Phantom Menace in 1999 – and as the story continues, so do the legion of newcomers that will be experiencing Star Wars for the very first time with The Force Awakens. For fans that have been around since the inception of the series – and even for later day fans – anticipation and expectations for The Force Awakens are probably immeasurable.

While every fan has a different but similarly strong connection to the franchise, as a result their response to the new film will vary. While The Force Awakens is a sequel to Return of the Jedi, taking place 30 years after the events of the Battle of Endor, many fans will have grown up on the Prequel Trilogy, with The Clone Wars TV show as their supplement while the film series has been on hiatus for the last ten years. For some, it might be an adjustment to see old characters like Han, Leia and Luke – when they were more familiar with Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme. For older fans, it will be something quite special – a reunion of sorts that many (myself included) probably thought was never going to happen but here we are.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With that said, everyone will experience The Force Awakens differently when the lights go down and the familiar opening text comes across the screen. For the newcomers, it will be a totally new experience. I envy those who will be seeing a Star Wars movie on the big screen for the very first time with The Force Awakens. I remember when I first saw the Special Edition versions of the Original Trilogy on the big screen when they were re-released in early 1997. I was fortunate enough to get exposed to Star Wars first with the Special Editions before seeing The Phantom Menace two years later. It was an experience I'll never forget. So while I grew up with the Prequel Trilogy, they never felt like they were my Star Wars – but for many, the prequels were Star Wars for many fans in the late 90's/early 00's.

It goes without saying that the expectations for The Force Awakens are astronomical. This is an event movie that we haven't had in quite some time. I think the last time I experienced this kind of fervor and excitement for a movie was probably The Dark Knight and before that, most likely The Phantom Menace. I was ten years-old when that film came out and as a child I thought it was the best film of all time. It wasn't until many years later that I realized it wasn't as good as I initially remembered it to be. I'll never forget walking out of that theater in May 1999 on cloud nine, twirling around my toy lightsaber and high on the energy and excitement of the film. As I was walking out of the theater, I remember asking my step-dad why some of the adults weren't as excited as I was. "I guess they didn't like it as much as you", he said. I totally dismissed the notion that someone couldn't possibly like the film and went on my merry way of fighting an imaginary Darth Maul on our way to the car.

Star Wars

There will be those that will watch The Force Awakens – younger kids, I am sure – that will probably have similar reactions. There might be some older fans – fans perhaps that were kids when the Original Trilogy came out – that might view the film a bit less favorably (or more favorably). As we get older, sometimes we get less idealistic and what we expect and demand from our entertainment evolves just like we do. It will be interesting to see the reactions from the different generations of fans this weekend – from the kids that will surely love it, to the more laid back fans that will probably enjoy it, to the inevitable die-hard fans that will find things to nitpick and the disenfranchised curmudgeons that might be harder to sway.

Either way, it'll be okay if The Force Awakens doesn't meet or surpass our expectations because let's face it – our expectations are out of this world, anyhow. We live in a weird internet age where if something doesn't do exactly what we want it to do, it's considered a disappointment. For Disney, this will be especially true for the film's box office. According to insiders, The Force Awakens must earn $1.5 billion in order to be considered a success financially. Earlier this year, Avengers: Age of Ultron made $1.4 billion at the box office but was still short of the worldwide gross of the first film – so by Disney's standards, it was considered a disappointment. We live in a world where $1.4 billion can be considered a disappointment. If The Force Awakens doesn't shatter records and do exactly what people think it needs to do, it could very well be thought of as a failure or disappointment – and thus the conundrum of the cultural climate we live in.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Unfortunately, there's a certain amount of cynicism that has spread through the public consciousness these days almost like a virus. It becomes almost trendy to hate on something that becomes too popular (like, say, Mad Max: Fury Road). There'll always be people that will want to separate themselves from the crowd and not like something just because. That doesn't mean you have to like everything, but our expectations seem to have gotten a bit higher, perhaps a bit more stratospheric. Fortunately – both for Disney, J.J. Abrams and the filmmakers behind The Force Awakens – if the movie is even better than the prequels, it will probably be considered a success by many. For that reason, the bar isn't set very high – however, for the next film (to be directed by Rian Johnson), he might be facing an even more uphill battle than J.J. Abrams did (imagine that). Or perhaps they've got it all planned out and we're all just along for the ride.

It's going to be impossible for The Force Awakens to satisfy everyone. You'll have the fans of the Original Trilogy who will find things to be disappointed about. You'll have fans of the Prequel Trilogy who might not be satisfied – although, that's probably less likely. You might even have new fans or casual moviegoers who just don't get the appeal of Star Wars – and that's okay. Right now, we should check our expectations and anticipation so we aren't disappointed if the movie doesn't do exactly what we want it to do – because it very well won't. When asked about it, George Lucas said, "it's the film [fans] have been looking for" and while that may be true, The Force Awakens won't be the movie every fan is looking for – and you know what, that's okay.

There will be some of you that might enjoy the movie for its characters or visuals – but have fundamental problems with the film's story, or vice versa. Just because a movie isn't perfect, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad, either. J.J. Abrams and the filmmakers behind The Force Awakens had a massive challenge – to not only make a new Star Wars movie for older fans and new, but to continue the legacy of the franchise in a fresh and new way. It would be a herculean task for any filmmaker – and fortunately, there will be more Star Wars after this film. We have two more sequels and a ton of spin-offs coming our way. So if The Force Awakens isn't your Star Wars, there's a good chance you'll find satisfaction in one of the many new Star Wars movies coming soon to a galaxy not that far away and a time closer than you think. Do you think expectations for The Force Awakens are too high?

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Reader Feedback - 57 Comments


Just came back from the theater, absolutely loved it!

D6 on Dec 17, 2015



bumboclot on Dec 17, 2015


Watched it a second time this afternoon. And enjoyed every single minute – JJ Abrams did a great job – can‘t wait to see Episode 8 🙂

Peter Schweizer on Dec 17, 2015


Saw it this afternoon and it was very very good for every Star Wars fan. Lightsabers fights, great story (a big surprise) great action sequences and a great heroine Daisy Ridley and a great baddie Adam driver! She was for me the highlight of the movie and Boyega the downside, he just didn't fit in. JJ abrahams did a great job, and made a helluva movie for every age! It's by far the best star wars movie ever!

ari smulders on Dec 17, 2015


Fin was alright. I don't mind seeing one actual human being in the Star Wars universe. Why does everyone have to be a super-powered fearless warrior? I would be as scared as Fin if I was in those situations.

bumboclot on Dec 17, 2015


It's just a feeling, i like Boyega as actor. But maybe i was blown away by Daisy Ridley she stole the show for me..

ari smulders on Dec 17, 2015


Finn was great, don't be like that. And it's Abrams, genius. Learn names.

davidshaw on Dec 18, 2015


WTF! Since when you decide what i like or not? Teach manners before you teach others...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


I disagree, but that's it. I'm glad you loved it, I appreciate them trying to keep the star wars movies going, but it's nowhere near what I hoped it would be

Jake Kaleoaloha Gates on Dec 18, 2015


I will be seeing it in theaters for the 1st time this coming Sunday. My expectations are not through the roof. I'm sure most of us truly felt that strong emotional nostalgia when we 1st saw the original trailer, when the x-wings were flying over the water, the music, it was amazing. However, I feel as though people this generation(let's say mid 20's - mid 30's?) have suffered enough disappoints even in our own cinematic lifetime to never completely get our hopes up again. Maybe we're at a point in time where we can just be more realistic about our expectations, and take things at face value. I don't speak for everyone though. Also, damn you lucky bastards who's already seen it! =P

bat0u on Dec 17, 2015


You will not be disappointed, but it is star wars and it's a great episode. Everything is in it and you get everything you expect..

ari smulders on Dec 17, 2015


Damn it Ari! You're making my expectations higher. I won't allow it! *covers ears*

bat0u on Dec 17, 2015


Don't make them to high. It's a great star wars movie, but it has not the quality of mad max Fury road or even the martian. For me they where the better movies,but me as old star wars fan loved it. Let me know what your opinion is...

ari smulders on Dec 17, 2015


Really?? Why is everyone praising Mad Max Fury Road! I liked it but I still thought the older ones with Mel Gibson were better!

Fastman on Dec 25, 2015


Great article Dan. My first movie ever was Star Wars back in 77. The series will always have a special place in my heart....but after Eps 1-3 I've learned to not set the bar too high. It's kinda like being Michael Jackson after 'Thriller' and going..."ok...now I have to make 'Bad' better than the greatest album off all time." George Lucas had an insurmountable task ahead of him. So...I'm going with an open and wondrous heart this other next weekend to enjoy this thing. That being said....can we hold off on 'Force Awakens ' sound off for a out a week? 🙂

Duane on Dec 17, 2015


So, if you like it, it's because you're a kind-hearted idealist with a child's sense of wonder, and if you don't like it, it's because you're a cynic, or a troll? That's a bullshit ad hominem attack against people who may have perfectly legitimate gripes about the quality of a new installment of a property they genuinely care about. This article complains that there is a culture of "hating" that pervades the internet and that it's subverting pop culture. No doubt there are trolls, and no one wants them around, but I would argue that the real subverting of pop culture is happening in apologist articles like this. It's basically saying that if we don't like how this movie has turned out, "it's okay", we should just keep that negative reaction to ourselves, rather than dampening anyone's warm and fuzzy feelings. To automatically label someone's negative reaction as "hating" undercuts the public's ability to hold pop culture artists, like filmmakers, to a high standard of quality. If we look at everything through the rose-colored glasses of wanting to like something so much that we convince ourselves a lackluster product is actually amazing, we're doing a disservice to the arts. I'm not taking umbrage with The Force Awakens itself. I haven't seen it... but I'm certainly looking forward to doing so. I take issue with the tone of this article in suggesting that we should go easy on our judgements of this film. Why? If we don't keep the bar high for this franchise, and films in general, we might end up with more empty spectacles, like Transformers and the like. Although I don't care for how extremely harsh some people were on the prequels, imagine if there had been no fan push-back about the quality on those? We would probably just be getting more of the same right now. In the end, we should push for the highest level of quality, within reason, by supplying rational analysis of what we think did and didn't work for us within a storytelling experience. That's how art gets better. That's how a great mythologies can grow.

Swanland on Dec 17, 2015


Hi, Swanland. Thank you for your comment. I didn't mean to imply or suggest that only 'idealists' will like the movie - nor did I mean to suggest that only cynics or trolls will dislike it. What I meant to imply, and perhaps I didn't get my message across accurately, is that I've seen a lot of negativity towards something if a piece of entertainment doesn't hold up to their standards or expectations. It's suddenly "the worst movie of all time" or a "huge disappointment". It's sort of absolutist thinking and I didn't mean to be absolutist myself when it came to handling the possible reaction to "The Force Awakens". If you don't like the movie, then your opinion is as valid as someone that did like the movie - but that doesn't mean you should condemn it as the worst movie of all time, which is the kind of reactionary thinking & posting I've seen from people online. At the same time, if a movie is even moderately good, I've also seen the same kind of response but from the opposing spectrum, so I could have clarified that as well. I think we should all be critical when it comes to art as that is the only way any artist or filmmaker or musician can grow. Constructive criticism should be at the heart of any opinion - good or bad- and I wasn't trying to be dismissive of that. What I was trying to achieve was to communicate that absolutist thinking has permeated Internet culture almost abrasively and I think a less reactionary approach might be beneficial to everyone, but alas, I am sorry that point did not come across as succinctly as maybe I would have hoped.

Dan Marcus on Dec 17, 2015


The internet has devolved film criticism into a binary 0 or 10 rating for every movie that comes out. Constructive criticism or at least criticism coming from any kind of film knowledge, is becoming lost in all the noise at this point.

bumboclot on Dec 17, 2015


"If you don't like the movie, then your opinion is as valid as someone that did like the movie - but that doesn't mean you should condemn it as the worst movie of all time" WTF is your problem!!!!!!??? Everyone condems what they want to condemned, condemning something is an individual position, you shouldn't feel like if someone condems something they're imposing their thoughts into you. "What I was trying to achieve was to communicate that absolutist thinking has permeated Internet culture almost abrasively and I think a less reactionary approach might be beneficial to everyone" You just became an Absolutist, congratulations bro.

Wyrdfang on Dec 18, 2015


That's how the internet is. If you don't agree with this (because I do) then you're a _______ and wrong.

Radknight on Dec 18, 2015


you are taking this WAY too seriously and personally. get a life, doofus. that being said, clearly you are in fact a cynic and / or a troll. grow up, loser.

davidshaw on Dec 18, 2015


All you should be asking for is a technically well made and well acted film that honors the original story. If that's the case we already have a better movie than the prequels. Surely, we can agree that it is a given that there will be spectacular effects and exciting action scenes, simply because of the budget and talent involved. Personal opinions that people have are irrelevant because what some idiot thinks of the movie has nothing to do with what you should think of it. Having said that my opinion is that it is great.

bumboclot on Dec 17, 2015


Is any one of you a reader? If yes have you read any or all of the many books written over the past 30 years that build the universe of starwars after return of the jedi? If you have you are a true starwars fan and I want to know how you feel about the new movie. I will be seeing it tomorrow and then I will be able to tell you how I feel about it but I'm not too hopeful

fezzik63 on Dec 18, 2015


I read quite a few of the novels and comics, plus games that expanded the universe, what this movie turns out did not justify them wiping the expanded universe clean

Shau Jin Neow on Dec 18, 2015


I totally agree with you. i'm really dissapointed man, I 've never hated star wars but now I do....

Wyrdfang on Dec 18, 2015


I felt very bad. This movie is a huge, huge dissapointment... Eyecandy with lack of dept, pure fanservice without real reasons to be, the plot is weak reliying on two barely epic plot moments, one of those at the very end. This movie has a very deep lack of originality.

Wyrdfang on Dec 18, 2015


It`a shame they've just took a shit in top of all the thing that helped star wars to stay alive throug all of these years... It's a huge blow.... They've just wasted a lot of awsome work, books, comics, art, lore, a lot of things which were the real staer wars universe just disapeared with the most superficial and greed of reasons. JJ Adams didnt had the talent to match the events in the expanded universe so he took the easy way.

Wyrdfang on Dec 18, 2015


It's a shame really because one of the best EU characters would've been a real asset to this movie: Adm Thrawn.

Radknight on Dec 18, 2015


Whoa. Take it easy there. There's some indications that Disney will not be completely disregarding the old EU. For instance, in a map of the galaxy that was recently released, Rakata Prime shows up. The Selkath species and Malachor was also canonised by TCW. So it looks like there may be some plans to re canonise Knights of the Old Republic and hopefully expand on it. Fact is, they would not re canonise Rakata Prime if they didn't have plans for it. I think Kathleen Kennedy and co. are smart enough to be aware of what worked in the EU and to use it as a source of content going forward.

Ted Tedington on Dec 18, 2015


I believe you and not calling you for proof by any means, I'm just wondering where you got all that information from? I'd love to read up on it and you are seeing this somewhere I haven't so I want to watch that website for future information on what might be reinstated as canon from the old EU!!!

Serijag on Dec 21, 2015


For proof that Rakata Prime, the Selkath and Malachor are part of the new canon simply look them up on Wookieepedia. There's other things The Clone Wars hinted at from KotOR too. You might remember The Death Watch talking about their true warrior heritage as Mandalorians. Filoni and company even considered canonising Revan himself in the Mortis trilogy of TCW but eventually decided against it. HK 47 randomly showed up in the new Galaxy of Heroes game. So it's not that I have a special source of information it's just all signs seem to be pointing to them doing something with the KotOR period.

Ted Tedington on Dec 21, 2015


Ohhhh I was forgetting all about that section of series. Awesome thanks for the information!!

Serijag on Dec 21, 2015


I've read most of the post Return of the Jedi EU and in my opinion it's a good thing that they scrapped it. It got ridiculous when they took beings from the Mortis trilogy of TCW that were intended to be entirely symbolic and started treating them as literal aliens. Troy Denning also seemed to suggest that Jacen had ended up in some sort of Force hell. So yeah, to hell with all that nonsense.

Ted Tedington on Dec 18, 2015


As far as novels, I've only read the Dark Force Rising series of books by Timothy Zahn, but I've also gotten into quite a few of the comics and video games, which are all part of that expanded universe. I've heard some of the later novels get quite ridiculous, but that it's all still canon. I don't know. I didn't think TFA was a great movie by any means -- quite disappointing in many ways, but I do understand why Disney decided to ignore the expanded universe -- it would have too heavily dictated what they do with their newly purchased property.

mrflint on Dec 19, 2015


Have to say that I'm pretty disappointed in the movie. Way too much going on and way too many people for absolutely no reason. How about introducing new people in the following movies instead of jamming them into the first one? Pretty forgettable and frustrating. Did George just get lucky? Why can't they make a good Star Wars movie nowadays?

Radknight on Dec 18, 2015


Spoilers in my comments! I'm pretty disapointed too. Kylo is weak and even an untrained Rey could of killed him. Rey is learning jedi tricks way too fast with no training at all when a minute ago she didn't even know the Force even existed. The main mission blowing up a bigger Death Star for the 3rd freaking time with a trench fileld with turret leading to a hole spot to blow it up. Really original guyz... 🙁 Han Solo gone before even getting the chance to do an epic battle with the old team. I was expecting the old guyz to have at least 1 huge fight leading to a sacrifice saving the universe. Luke not playing any role in the movie. It remains a good movie but it feels like a copy of Episode 4 without the charism and emotional attachment to the characters.

Sylvain Paquette on Dec 20, 2015


I am sure we will find out Rey had her mind wiped as she was trained as a Jedi before the slaughter of the Jedi, and Luke's wife. She is most likely Luke's daughter and Snoke is Darth Plagueis (Darth Sidious master) who used the dark side of the force to create Ankian in his mother womb. Sidious talks about his master being able to create life with the force. If you watch episode one and three, they give it all way. Luke Skywalkers Grandpa is a Sith Lord I'm sure of it. Also Kylo received very little training and is not a Sith Lord. He is most likely a beginner apprentice who is strong with the force but very raw. Killing someone close to you personally is the final step to begin your training as a Sith Lord. Sith Mast want to train their apprentice with as much as they need but not too much to the point where the apprentice can take out thier master. Kylo is good against non-force users but will get worked against someone who has skilled. Its hard to judge this movie without seeing the other films.

George Thompson on Dec 28, 2015


I really like your comment very constructive and really make sense i was thinking the same about Rey and it's a very interesting theory about Darth Plagueis and who's Luke father. I always wanted to know more about Darth Plagueis and if the Emperor was lying or not about the power of controlling life he had. Also knowing who is Luke father at the same time would make it really cool! I hope you're right cause this would be awesome!

Sylvain Paquette on Dec 28, 2015


The movie sucked! Felt rushed, no depth just fancy covers, Kylo Ren was super disappointing!

Wole Kush on Dec 18, 2015


I'm a die hard fan. I've read many books, delved into the history of the star wars universe outside of the movies, love the clone wars, the other samurai jack style star wars. The originals are the first movies I remember, I loved the prequels too. I was disappointed in this one. It was visually great, and sure the storyline was good. But I couldn't buy into some 16 year old general (hux), like seriously? Toff was bone chilling. Hux was...he could give a good speech. The lightsabers? Looked nice and you could hear the old school noise that they made in the spin off cartoons and episodes 1-6 but in 7 they sounded horrible. Many people complained about the ewoks and jar jar being comedic relief, but they're probably the same people laughing every three lines while watching episode 7. Star wars isn't funny, in my opinion. Hell, the clone wars cartoon was more serious than episode 7. Kylo? I like his story; but he's weak, even if his character is made that way. I mean seriously did everyone buy into that weak a** fight scene near the end? Because I didn't. Episode 7 is basically epusode 4 remastered and some new characters. And lastly, this is just me being an a**hole but the person who is supposed to be so strong in the force and supposed to become the new jedi? As a man, like I said it's just me as an a**hole and being made fun of by girls for liking star wars growing up, I can't imagine myself as the new main jedi because, well if you've seen the new star wars then you already know.

Jake Kaleoaloha Gates on Dec 18, 2015


It's good but not great and certainly not magical like IV, V and VI. It felt rushed, crammed, too many convenient things happening, old characters put on screen just for the sake of it and similar details that cheapen and take away from the Star Wars mystique. Soundtrack was average and even generic. Don't get me wrong, you'll have a good time, but I think the Star Wars franchise deserves better; it is, after all, Star Wars. It needs someone special to REALLY give the saga that aura in filmmaking it once had and honestly I don't think JJ Abrams did it. He was never a big Star Wars fan to begin with. (I also don't think he did it with Star Trek). I don't know if there isn't anyone better than him out there right now to take on this jaggernaut, or why JJ Abrams keeps getting assigned these projects. If he's all there is, then too bad. Finally, I think once the initial excitement and emotional rush of The Force Awakens wear off, people and the dedicated fans will realize that this movie is more like an 85%. and will end up just like the prequels when it comes to movie appreciation and that's not a good thing. It seems that episode V was the peak and it will never be surpassed.

Argos Wolf on Dec 19, 2015


I think its a fair assessment to assume that EP V was the peak, unfortunately. I had a good time watching TFA but I left the theater not feeling happy. I expected more esp. with Laurence Kasdan penning the script. Maybe Looper director will get it right with Ep8.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


Exactly, I expected far more from Kasdan.

Ry on Dec 21, 2015


Spoiler Alert. I am sure we will find out Rey had her mind wiped as she was trained as a Jedi before the slaughter of the Jedi, and Luke's wife. She is most likely Luke's daughter and Snoke is Darth Plagueis (Darth Sidious master) who used the dark side of the force to create Ankian in his mother womb. Sidious talks about his master being able to create life with the force. If you watch episode one and three, they give it all way. Luke Skywalkers Grandpa is a Sith Lord I'm sure of it. Also Kylo received very little training and is not a Sith Lord. He is most likely a beginner apprentice who is strong with the force but very raw. Killing someone close to you personally is the final step to begin your training as a Sith Lord. Sith Mast want to train their apprentice with as much as they need but not too much to the point where the apprentice can take out thier master. Kylo is good against non-force users but will get worked against someone who has skilled. Its hard to judge this movie without seeing the other films.

George Thompson on Dec 28, 2015


Saw it and will keep my review succinct: meh.

jOkeR on Dec 20, 2015


Right there with ya. We could've made something the original fans would've been truly proud of.. what a damn shame..

Ry on Dec 21, 2015


Plopping down in their seats in a cinema, not a theatre-they're not going to see a play!

Sc0tsmanGB on Dec 21, 2015


We call them theatres. Many people call them Movie theatres and have for as long there have been movies. So go troll somewhere else you freaking grammar creep. I hate people like you....

Zexxes Mercurian on Dec 23, 2015


Bless! Troll-handy retort for when you cannot think of any meaningful to say.

Sc0tsmanGB on Dec 24, 2015


Abrams, Disney and Lucasfilm didn't continue the STAR WARS franchise in a fresh and original way. The movie was basically a rehash of the 1977 movie. It was probably the most unoriginal movie I have seen in the franchise and for the year 2015. If there are people who expect me to believe this movie was "at least better" than the Prequel movies, then they would be guilty of smoking too much happy weed. Not even "A New Hope" and "Return of the Jedi" are better than the Prequel movies, as far as I'm concerned.

rosie1843 on Dec 28, 2015


Has anybody noticed that Kylo Ren's look alike is Barry Manilow?

Bobby Yatco on Jan 2, 2016


Ha ha!!!! But did you notice how his voice was altered when his mask was on even though he sustained no injury that would have been needed to artificially substitute for his voicebox, and that it had a quality of how women sound when their voices are slowed down, and not the way men sound?

Torreth on Jan 18, 2016


BTW, Disney has killed Star Wars. Episode VI is still the last epic movie for me. TFA is just a nightmare. I've watched Star Wars since 1977 without missing any sequels. I ain't watching it till they bring in George.

Bobby Yatco on Jan 2, 2016


You know I'm frankly getting tired of this opinion that, when someone has an justified beef with a movie like Star Wars or Abrams last train-wreck, Star Trek, then they're labeled as "haters who don't like it because it's popular." I'm also tired of saying "Oh, it's okay that J.J. ripped off New Hope, he had a herculean task and we understand why Disney wanted to do a rehash/remake?" Sorry, but why is this parasite making dumber/faster remakes of cherished properties given special privileges and respectability as if every movie he's made hasn't ripped off as much as he could get away with (even with Super 8...an obvious E.T. wannabe). We, as an audience should be asking for better than this and yet the mass audience continues to say...Oh, we just want something familiar that we can justify paying inflated ticket/concession stand prices on a Saturday night.

James Breen on Jan 3, 2016


Look up the definition of a remake. This movie does NOT fit that bill. It's a new movie that took ideas and concepts from the original trilogy and infused them into a new story that pushes the story forward. Where's your "remake" talk of Return of the Jedi ripping off elements of A new hope? Exactly. You have your opinion. You do not like the movie. You feel it is not an entirely original idea, so your disappointment. Did they borrow elements of the originals, elements mind you, NOT the entire story, which would validate your argument for this to be a remake. Yes. But to call this movie a remake just makes you sound like a straight up hater. The new Fright Night, that was a remake. The new Point Break, that was a remake. The new A Nightmare on Elm Street, that was a remake. Just stop bro. Enjoy the flick man. You just sound like one of those people on the hate train.

blackjack on Jan 14, 2016


While I must admit I really loved the movie, I cant say its story line was unique. Lets be honest here. It really didnt stand on its own legs. Youve got to admit it was about a round planet killer weapon that could wipe out the resistance with a beam that needed to be destroyed from within, a families evil secret and betrayal between father and son, a secret force that needed to be developed and trained, a dark villain who is mega powerful but not the top man, a young person that grew up on a desert world with a destiny to locate a secret jedi, and a robot who is carrying a much needed hologram. From the very beginning of the yellow words scrolling out into space, my jaw dropped at the lack of substance in the story. It could have been simply be compressed down to one sentence. "Luke is missing, and theres a new enemy that threw out the previous prophecy that Anakin would bring back any lasting balance to the force.". When the storm troopers arrived I couldnt even understand which side they were on. Was Abrams skipping out on the Mega important battle of how the Galactic Alliance was completely overrun by the dark side, and the jedi were once again on the endangered species list so he could come back in 20 years and do another series of prequals?

Torreth on Jan 18, 2016


All that stuff is going referenced in VIII and IX, and or but into books/games.

Megistus on Feb 6, 2016

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10. A Beautiful Day
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Adam's Top 10 - 2019
1. Parasite
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Avengers: Endgame
4. The Farewell
5. Knives Out
6. Rise of Skywalker
7. Peanut Butter Falcon
8. Little Women
9. 1917
10. The Irishman
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