Elisabeth Moss is the Creepy 'Queen of Earth' in Official US Trailer

July 26, 2015
Source: Apple

Queen of Earth Trailer

"A week at the lake - relaxation, peace & quiet. But under the surface lies emotional unbalance." IFC has debuted the trailer for Alex Ross Perry's latest film Queen of Earth, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Starring Elisabeth Moss, this eerie throwback to old school horror tells of a woman scorned after a break up who retreats to madness at her friend's lakeside cabin. Also starring Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit and Kentucker Audley. We just ran another international trailer a few weeks ago, but this is the official US version promoting the release next month. Elisabeth Moss is always worth complimenting, as she's so very talented, but this may not be everyone's cup 'o tea. I do like the way the critics' quotes scroll.

Here's the official US trailer for Alex Ross Perry's Queen of Earth, in high def from Apple:

Queen of Earth

Catherine and Virginia are best friends. Last year, Virginia wasn't doing well, while it's Catherine who's struggling this year. Virginia's parents own a lakeside cabin, the perfect place for a week of mutual wound licking. Sun pours in through the windows, framing the cool green of the trees outside. But this isn't the refuge it seems and it's not just the music that awakens the menace in the images. The ripples across the lake and the wan sunlight offer little comfort, to say nothing of the picture of a skull lying forgotten in a cupboard. Queen of Earth is written and directed by filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, of Listen Up Philip, The Color Wheel and Impolex previously. The film first premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and also played at BAMcinemaFest. Queen of Earth arrives in select theaters starting August 26th next month.

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Reader Feedback - 19 Comments


Man oh man, who does these trailers? The narration/voice over was awful. Terribly written and whoever voiced the narration was so, patronizing? Like he was talking to children. I laughed out loud at the guy several times, but also realized how badly it was written. This isn't going to drive them to the theaters, I wouldn't imagine. But hey, what the hell do I know? It wouldn't surprise me if the majority thought this trailer was superb and the narration top notch!

Bo on Jul 26, 2015


It's supposed to sound like that. It's a nod to horror trailers from the 70's.

Zach Cole on Jul 27, 2015


Well, that's an interesting take. Perhaps. I still ain't buyin' it and thought it silly. Thanks just the same as if so, it totally flew over my head. How do 'we' know it's a nod to horror trailers from the '70's? Did I miss a mention of that somewhere?

Bo on Jul 27, 2015


A fascinating choice of editing for this trailer. Clearly, not for every one, but I found it positively novel.

DAVIDPD on Jul 26, 2015


What was up with the voiceover?

Trey on Jul 26, 2015


With a voiceover so strange. It must have been on purpose.

Shaun on Jul 27, 2015


The voiceover is supposed to sound like an old horror trailer. It's meant to sound silly. It's a throwback.

Zach Cole on Jul 27, 2015


hehehe, kids these days

Tester on Jul 27, 2015


Let me assure you, Tester, that I'm no kid. I didn't like the trailer one way or the other. It was silly and childish, especially more so if it was a 'nod' who's the kid? Allow me to pass a bit of wisdom your way in the form of a question. That would be the following: I wonder if referring to those of us who missed the nod (if that is what is was as how do we know?)as 'kids' makes you feel bigger and better, Tester? If so, that superior feeling won't last as the place where it comes from, being insecure and feeling small inside, is always going to be there unless you find other ways to deal with it. Just sayin', man. Peace.

Bo on Jul 27, 2015


Ease back dude, you are reading way into this. it was a general comment to those young enough that they would not be familiar with 70s silly horror movies.. I meant no disrespect and apologies to those that took it the wrong way

Tester on Jul 27, 2015


Ok, easing' back here, boss! (That's a great line from the great Paul Newman film, Cool Hand Luke) Thanks Tester. What a terrific, intelligent and calm reply to my confrontational response to your original 'kid' post. Sorry I missed your intention. I take it you're no kid? I sure ain't as I'm an old dog and been involved in the film biz for over 40 yrs. If this trailer is a nod, it flew over my head... and I still don't like the 'nod', if that's what it is. So' my tongue out here, boss! God, I hope my silliness and irony is not going unnoticed.

Bo on Jul 27, 2015


Yeah dude, wish I could be 20 again, in my mid-late 40s.. probably still a bit young for the 70s trailer but I was exposed enough to them to see it in this funny, albeit crappy, trailer. Funny enough U mention CHL, I had my fiance watch it a week ago for her very first time.. Man I miss that man, truly one of the greatest actors ever.. not to mention a great man Lastly I'll leave you with "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"

Tester on Jul 27, 2015


Cool, hope your fiance like the film. If not, that might be a deal buster? Yea, the late, great Strother Martin. I honestly think that no actor in the history of cinema could have delivered that line in the manner in which he did. Great stuff indeed. I agree re: Paul Newman. Starting with The Hustler. One of the great American films ever. Also liked The Verdict a great deal. However, I must say I think Hombre is one of his best. I love that film. Of course, I really love Westerns. Richard Boone and the Mexican bandido played by Frank Silva, I believe, are wonderful in that movie. Martin Ritt directed. Great Western. With Fredric March and Diane Cilento; both equally as good as the rest of the above mentioned. Seen it?

Bo on Jul 27, 2015


I have not, I will have to look it up.. thanks

Tester on Jul 27, 2015


You're welcome. Newman was on a roll in 1967 as both Hombre and Cool Hand Luke came out that year...or were made that year. Enjoy.

Bo on Jul 27, 2015


Awesome retro style trailer. I like this "new" breed of horror film that gives a nod (and a wink) to 70's horror. FIlms like this one, It Follows and We Are Still Here to name a few.

tommyturner on Jul 27, 2015


I caught a trailer this weekend that had an old lady who asked a teenage girl to clean out the inside of an oven and she locked her inside..I thought this was that trailer, can anyone help me and tell me the film I'm talking about?

Rage72 on Jul 27, 2015


That's M. Night Shyamalan's new film, The Visit.

Richard on Jul 27, 2015


Just so we are all clear no one like the 70's style movie trailer voice over guy? Also this movie looks terrible from this trailer.

MaqueeStalker on Jul 29, 2015

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