Explore the Mind of Bobby Fischer in New 'Pawn Sacrifice' Featurette

August 20, 2015
Source: YouTube

Pawn Sacrifice Featurette

"What were you doing - were you spying on me?" A fascinating new featurette has debuted for the film Pawn Sacrifice, starring Tobey Maguire as chess prodigy Bobby Fischer. The film is an extensive look at Fischer's time battling Russian rival Boris Spassky in the 70's (read my TIFF review). The featurette looks at Fischer's various problems and paranoia that made him so unique, and made him a bit crazy. There's a great collection of scenes from this intersperse with the explanations of what's going on in his mind. In addition to Maguire, Pawn Sacrifice stars Liev Schreiber, Lily Rabe, Michael Stuhlbarg & Peter Sarsgaard. If you're a chess fan, or Bobby Fischer aficionado, or any of this makes you curious, I recommend this film.

Here's the new making of featurette for Edward Zwick's Pawn Sacrifice, on YouTube (via Collider):

American chess phenomenon Bobby Fischer (Maguire) squares off against his Russian rival Boris Spassky (Schreiber) in the 1972 "Match of the Century" in Reykjavik, in this gripping docudrama from director Edward Zwick (Glory, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, Defiance, Love & Other Drugs) and screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises). "It was dubbed 'The Match of the Century,' and it drew more worldwide interest than any chess match before or since. The 1972 World Chess Championship between American challenger Bobby Fischer and the USSR's defending champion Boris Spassky would for several weeks turn a chessboard in Reykjavik into a battlefield of Cold War one-upmanship." The film first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. Bleecker Street will release Pawn Sacrifice in theaters on September 16th.

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Reader Feedback - 15 Comments


Well, Alex, I just can't see the possibilities of Zwick making an intelligent and stimulating film about this guy who was really just a prick. Pity, as watching brilliance balancing on that fine line of madness is certainly a worthwhile subject. I don't see that happening here in this movie with Zwick, et al. His work has always just been too shallow and vapid, i.e. Love and other Drugs, Legends of the Fall, About Last Night, etc. etc. I also just don't see how the troops will flock to see a movie about chess which most people wouldn't know the difference between it and checkers...lol...including me, by the way. Well, I jest...even so, I make my point. So, having never liked anything Zwick has ever turned out I don't have much interest in this one. I'd love to be wrong and pleasantly surprised though. I do very much like Schreiber, but his other outing with Zwick, Defiance, was just horrible. So, there's that to consider.

Bo on Aug 20, 2015


Glory is an incredible movie. Doesn't surprise me that you didn't like it seeing as you're one of the biggest trolls here

Brian Sleider on Aug 21, 2015


Thank you, Brian. I always appreciate well-thought-out, intelligent, mature responses to my views and opinions when attempting to debate films in a grown-up manner. Oh...bye-the-bye...I didn't mention Glory in my post with regards to Mr. Zwick's work. Just thought I mentioned that as you seemed to have projected your personal stuff into my post. That film wasn't mentioned, Brain. But thanks again for your mature and intelligent response.

Bo on Aug 21, 2015


You must have a lot of friends

Higgens on Aug 22, 2015


Many, many intelligent friends who gather and argue and debate films on a regular basis...but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Or the expression of views and opinions regarding films that might not only differ from your own, but fly over your head intellectually? Read my comments and reply above to both Payne and FreeJared; they might apply to you also. Cheers to you and to them as well.

Bo on Aug 23, 2015


You know that guy who takes himself way too seriously and we all suffer as a result?

Payne by name on Aug 23, 2015


Dude is an epic troll...just ignore him

FreeJared on Aug 23, 2015


Come on, man. I mean really. Can you not stop and think for a second just how stupid this reply is? Are we not grown up enough on this site to be able to digest and think about and respect someone's opinion that may differ from our own? Must we name call and label them out of our inabilities to behave in a mature manner? I employ you to read my remarks to Payne above as it applies to you also. Let me also inject some humor here and respond to your post on the same grade-school level from which it came: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". Or being labeled a troll...lol, by the way...: "It takes one to know one". Jeez, this is rough for anyone with any degree of maturity and intelligence. I fear I am tossing my pearls before the swine here and the pigs don't like it and get all riled up!! I am having fun, however and feeling stimulated. It reminds me of my teaching days and challenging the ignorance of my former film students. Take care, 'Dude'. That's another one...'Dude'...really? Still using that?..lol..

Bo on Aug 23, 2015


That he is.

Payne by name on Aug 23, 2015


Do you know what ignorant means? Being without education and knowledge; in this case having to do with films. Why do you choose to suffer from an intelligent, educated opinion stated without rancor or hostility? Do any of you people here on this site study film? Have intelligent conversations and debates regarding films? Fighting to remain ignorant becomes stupidity. Why do you choose to fight against someone attempting to elevate a conversation and debate about films and filmmakers in an intelligent manner? Is the ignorance here so great that there is a complete inability to recognize intelligence and experience that's at a higher level then your own? Why not choose to engage in a civil manner with someone whom you might disagree with and possible learn something that you might not know? These remarks and retorts to my comments regarding Mr. Zwick's work are childish and silly. They are much, much worse than my students in the college level Film Discussion class that I taught. Try to re-think your position and take yourself and discussions regarding films more seriously than you do rather than putting someone down for being serious in their attempts to communicate about the wonderful world of film. I mean no ill will. I'm attempting to employ you to wake up out of your stated and obvious ignorance. You either will do so or resort back to immature put-downs of someone much smarter in these matters than yourself. It's up to you.

Bo on Aug 23, 2015


I would love to see a film that explores that genius and madness theme. I mean just look at the smartest people who ever lived and many of them seemed to run that line. In college, I met a guy who purported to have a 190 IQ score and he was absolutely batty! Genius, but just had no clue when it came to "acting human".

DAVIDPD on Aug 20, 2015


I'm happy they're not glossing over the fact that he was an anti-semitic holocaust denier....yes. He was insane....

TheOct8pus on Aug 21, 2015


Look, I don't know who you are posting under my name. You might want to re-think why you would do such a thing. I am the real deal Bo and I did not post this 'ok' post nor did I post the creepy 'smegma' post you posted earlier and Alex has obviously deleted. I have also notified Alex, the managing editor of this site, of your 'fake posting under my name' and he is taking the necessary steps in dealing with this kind of behavior on his site. Please listen to me. You are not harming me, but in fact are only harming yourself and I feel only compassion for you because your inner pain and confusion is causing you to behave in this manner. I hope you hear what I'm saying to you as I'm truly attempting to help you. You are not empowering yourself in any manner by fake posting using another's name. In fact, you are harming yourself because deep down inside yourself you know what you are doing is creepy and immature and that has to wreak havoc on your self-esteem. You don't have to do this. You have your own personal power and I employ you to tap into that and discover the inner power you possess. Engaging in creepy and disingenuous behavior only dilutes one's power. It DOES NOT empower you. It only makes you smaller. Why do that to yourself? This kind of behavior will eventually catch up with you and the price to pay is too great. Look, do what you must. Be careful and take care of yourself. I feel for you. I feel your pain. It's okay. Be yourself. That will truly empower you. Just be yourself.

Bo on Aug 22, 2015


I think this might have hooked me into wanting to see this film

Ty Webb on Aug 25, 2015


I played tournament chess for a few years. I got hooked on Fischer's end game. Needless to say it didn't serve me well, since I was far inferior to many other chess players, but it got me deeply interested in Fischer the man, for which, I learned he had a screw loose. Why do the geniuses always have a screw loose?

Quanah on Aug 25, 2015

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