Extra Details About 'The Force Awakens' 70mm IMAX 3D Release

August 3, 2015
Source: Making Star Wars

Star Wars - The Force Awakens 70mm IMAX 3D

A few new details have surfaced regarding the plans for the upcoming IMAX release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming up this December. By now, it's been pretty much confirmed that there is one main sequence shot with IMAX cameras in The Force Awakens. The movie will be getting a 70mm IMAX 3D release, and film blog Making Star Wars has posted some info on the initial plans for the IMAX 3D version. As one would hope, there will definitely be special IMAX 70mm film showings at the few remaining "real" IMAX theaters, but they will be in 3D with dual projectors, so this will still be pushed as 3D. Rest assured, "it's what IMAX was founded on, showcasing the best and most immersive 3D ever." Let's hope for the best.

The blog post also mentions a few other details - mainly that: "theaters that house a 'true' eight story tall IMAX screen will present the film in actual 70MM film reel", and this will only happen at these locations, not the "lie-MAX" theatres. It will be an expanded format that you can specifically see this way for at least this one action scene. They also mention that "the scene is most likely the escape from Jakku", which links all of the photos/images we've seen so far. Here's a few of the comparison shots they posted for reference:

Star Wars - 70mm Comparison

Star Wars - 70mm Comparison

The rest we pretty much know and expect. Soon enough theaters will start selling tickets, and you'll have to search for your nearest "real" IMAX to get the full-on Jakku action experience. Alas, it will be just that one scene. "Expect The Force Awakens ticket presale around late September to mid October. I have had two theater managers relay that information to me." Plans are already coming together for the big release this December, which they will be bringing to theaters worldwide. "The Force is approaching quickly." Soon…

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, continuing the beloved original trilogy about Luke, Leia, Han & Chewie that ended in 1983, is directed by J.J. Abrams, of the films Mission: Impossible 3, Star Trek, Super 8 and Star Trek Into Darkness. The screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Big Chill, The Bodyguard) and J.J. Abrams, with Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm producing. This debut is the beginning of a brand new saga, with another trilogy planned for this storyline, not to mention other standalone movies in this universe. Disney, after acquiring Lucasfilm, will release Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters worldwide on December 18th, 2015.

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Well then, 70mm IMAX it is!!~ // I am very happy they are keeping this mega format alive. STAR WARS is a big enough vehicle to singlehandedly prop 70mm film up.

DAVIDPD on Aug 3, 2015


If the story is good enough, I'm hoping it won't need the juvenile gimmick of 3D to garner extra revenue.

Payne by name on Aug 3, 2015


I just wanna see the movie when it comes out. I don't care if a scene was shot in Imax, 3-D, Lego or Play-Doh.

Jason Scarpelli on Aug 4, 2015


This movie is going to be a surefire mega-hit whether they film it on 70mm, 35mm, an iPhone or a's going to gross hundreds of millions even before it comes out!....they don't need any distracting gimmicks for this one.

TheOct8pus on Aug 4, 2015



avconsumer2 on Aug 12, 2015


I hope it's just as thrilling as mad max or the raid ,I know it are different movies but I hope it's of that level! It would suck it if has the quality of jurrasic world!

ari smulders on Aug 4, 2015


I'm kinda glad I don't have one of these theaters in my town. I don't have to deal with deciding to spend massive money on film or not. I don't care for 3D to begin with, so a massive screen, while I am sure is nice, isn't required to enjoy a movie for me.

theslayer5150 on Aug 4, 2015


70mm is a definite for me. I love when a scene fills up that entire screen. Makes it feel that much more epic.

David Diaz on Aug 4, 2015


I want IMAX in 2D

Henry Willis on Aug 4, 2015


This. 1000x this. They just don't get it (& probably never will).

avconsumer2 on Aug 12, 2015


I was looking forward to this, but the last 70MM Imax in Los Angeles is at Universal City Walk. And they are replacing that with the new IMAX laser by the end of the year. So the place that is known for making movies, cannot be seen in 70MM. I saw a 3D trailer (2nd teaser) when Disney Screened Ant-Man for their blog readers, and the 3D looked really bad. I thought they had just thrown it together because it was a 3D presentation of Ant-Man (I hope that was the case). Granted it was not IMAX 3D it was a regular room using RealD

waldyr on Sep 23, 2015


IMAX laser is still able to show the full screen, just like IMAX 70mm.

chltjwls on Oct 18, 2015


I saw that trailer too during AntMan and it was at a IMAX with laser projection (TCL Chinese Theater) and the 3D looked terrible.

avcpl on Nov 10, 2015


For all of you who are waiting to see TDA in 70mm IMAX 3D. Do you realize that what you will see is not really IMAX 70mm? The famous scene "excape from Jakku" shot in 70mm Imax 2D (not 3D) has been through a process of Digitalization (Digital Intermediate), probably 4k (according to IMDb), and then again to 70 mm Imax. So what you will watch will not be very different from a 4K Digital Imax. Only a larger screen.

Andres on Oct 19, 2015

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