First Look at the Yellowjacket Outfit from Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Movie

April 9, 2015


Marvel is kicking things up a notch with Avengers 2 just a few weeks away. Up next is a first look at the villain Yellowjacket, the first real photo of him in costume, from the Ant-Man movie directed by Peyton Reed starring Paul Rudd as Hank Pym. This is likely from the next trailer, and just being revealed as a single shot now, but take a look anyway. Yellowjacket is the name of the suit that Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll) wears when he becomes a villain, with the suit giving him super powers. "Hank Pym's Ant-Man suit doesn’t have a single weapon," director Peyton Reed told EW. Adding, "whereas Yellowjacket is armed with plasma cannons." Looks like at least two of them sticking up like stingers behind his shoulders in this photo.

Here's the preview of Yellowjacket from Marvel's Ant-Man movie, originally via

Yellowjacket First Look

See the original concept art for Yellowjacket here, and watch the first Ant-Man teaser trailer.

Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man) with a script by Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish, rewritten by Adam McKay and Gabriel Ferrari & Andrew Barrer Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. Marvel/Disney releases Ant-Man starting July 17th this summer.

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First thing I've seen that's piqued my interest

Jon Odishaw on Apr 9, 2015


Not gonna lie. DIG!!!~

DAVIDPD on Apr 9, 2015


That's actually pretty badass!

grimjob on Apr 9, 2015


As soon as the next trailer hits and starts giving people glimpses of the size-fu, people's enthusiasm for this film is going to spike in a great way. All of the negativity around this film has created an atmosphere where it is set up to destroy expectations.

Chris Groves on Apr 9, 2015


I totally agree with everything you stated. I love how I'm reading on other movie sites people saying how this movie will be Marvel's first flop (in awhile) and even the core Marvel fans saying this may be the one they skip. And all the while, I'm still thinking "this is the SAME reaction everyone was having towards Guardians and yet, look how great that movie turned out being". People need to calm down and just wait till another trailer hits and wait till AOU gets released so Marvel can focus their marketing hype on this movie. It's ridiculous reading everyone's premature reactions to this movie when we all know Marvel's track record, dedication, and love for this franchise.

JBroti on Apr 10, 2015


I second both of you. When I first read about GOTG, I was instantly hooked and it's my favorite Marvel movie thus far. When they announced Ant-Man, so many of my friends were disappointed, not at all looking forward to it. I had the same feeling about Ant-Man as I did about GOTG.

Justin R on Apr 10, 2015


My sentiments entirely. As much as I am stoked about AOU, I love the fact that this will be a little bit different. All my expectations of coolness and, to some extent, predictability will be met with AOU but Ant Man has the chance to be something fresh and bold, and that excites me.

Payne by name on Apr 10, 2015


And I love that they cast Rudd as Ant Man. Like you said about "fresh and bold", this will be a fresh role for him as he's always in comedies and never have we seen him take on a superhero or action film (I mean, the dude's got ripped abs in this film). Plus with the potential this movie has that COULD lead to Giant Man...I just keeping picturing him helping fight Thanos as a giant.

JBroti on Apr 10, 2015


yeah but gotg hasn't had a well known director be forced to bow out (one who potentially would have brought a unique style to the mu) i know im far from the only one who dropped interest in this after wright left

Matthew Sam Russell on Apr 11, 2015


I agree with you in the disappointment of losing Wright as the director, he was one of the reasons for my initial interest for Ant-Man. He absolutely would have brought an element to the Marvel Universe within Ant-Man that differentiate it from the rest. But we will still feel at least some of his work in the script, and this is still a different type of movie compared to the rest we've seen, just like how GOTG was different, yet still successful.

Justin R on Apr 11, 2015


Plasma cannons? SWEET!!

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 9, 2015


Falcon P...sorry

Tyrell Antonio on Apr 9, 2015


Paul Rudd is playing Scott Land, Michael Douglas is Hank Pym. Do your research before publishing for the whole world to see.

davidshaw on Apr 9, 2015


You mean "Scott Lang?"

BenSang on Apr 10, 2015


Fingers crossed, down the line, we get Giant Man too.

JBroti on Apr 10, 2015


I'm going to see this no matter what the next trailer looks like....and I'm gonna get psyched about Ant Man in the phase 3 movies.

TheOct8pus on Apr 10, 2015


I just realised now that Ant-Man is in the picture 😀

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 10, 2015



Mark Brackney on Apr 18, 2015


He actually looks legitimately terrifying. In other words, can't wait, man.

Mark Brackney on Apr 18, 2015

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