First Photo: David Ayer's Task Force X 'Suicide Squad' Assembled

May 3, 2015
Source: Twitter

Suicide Squad

Assembled and ready to kick ass. Ready to kick the Avengers' ass? Maybe. David Ayer has tweeted out the first official photo of the Suicide Squad crew in costume from his upcoming DC Comics' Suicide Squad movie, which is now filming up in Toronto. We finally get a look at everyone in the line-up, and all of their wild outfits, including (seen from L to R): Adam Beach as Slipknot, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, and Jay Hernandez as El Diablo. We recently got a first look at Jared Leto as The Joker, so that pretty much covers everyone. From this first look, I'm sure Harley Quinn is going to be every geek's favorite character in 2016.

Here's the first official photo for Warner Bros' Suicide Squad, tweeted out by David Ayer with this message:

Suicide Squad

In addition, photographer Clay Enos (who has worked on all of Zack Snyder's movies, hint hint) revealed at least one more solo shot of a cast member from the production - up first we have Will Smith as Deadshot:

See the other cast photo that Ayer tweeted recently here, and follow him @DavidAyerMovies for updates.

Suicide Squad is a DC Comics movie from Warner Bros, directed by David Ayer (End of Watch, Sabotage, Fury) from a script by David Ayer based on the comic books. Will Smith is Deadshot, Joel Kinnaman is Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, Jared Leto is Joker, Jai Courtney (Terminator: Genisys) plays Boomerang, Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller, Cara Delevingne (Anna Karenina) is Enchantress, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is supposedly playing Killer Croc. All of these characters are part of a super villain team recruited by the government for secret missions. Our friend El Mayimbe is also claiming that Ike Barinholtz is playing Dr. Hugo Strange, Adam Beach is possibly Ravan and Jim Parrack is playing Deathstroke. Production is now underway in Toronto, so we'll keep you updated on more news from here.

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they all look very weird

Miguel Garay Boszeta on May 3, 2015


How long do you think Will Smith is going to wear that mask before he takes it off for the rest of the film? Five minutes, tops?

DAVIDPD on May 3, 2015


As long as he's wearing the mask for the big climax and action sequences I'm fine with him not wearing it for most of the movie (I just hope he doesn't talk much with the mask on)

Ricardo_PT on May 3, 2015


Ha. You never know, maybe after Guardians of the Galaxy's success they'll take a tip from the way they used the mask.

Alex Billington on May 3, 2015


Or Will Smith will go Hemsworth style and say he didn't like wearing the mask (helmet for Hemsworth) and never wear it again in any future films.

JBroti on May 5, 2015


Deadshot in full costume is fantastic (with the mask off, seeing Will Smith just makes it awkward). I’m not a fan of Harley’s “costume” but I love Margot’s smile and body language, I’m sure she’ll do a great job (and I hope her Harley and Leto’s Joker have some decent screen time together). Killer Croc is just ridiculous. He just doesn’t fit in. (Same for Diablo, mainly because the actor has this weird pose). Also, Jai Courtney is probably one of the worst actors still getting jobs (you can see it from a picture alone)

Ricardo_PT on May 3, 2015


Better resolution

Rauncor on May 3, 2015


Awesome. Looks great. Can't wait for a bit of change from all the regular superhero movies we have been getting.

TK on May 3, 2015


Cool. They are villain that will be our heroes. 😀

Azwar on May 3, 2015


Glad to see Jay Hernandez getting roles.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2015



Tuomas Lassila on May 3, 2015


Meh, I have to see them in action first.

Jordan Odinson on May 3, 2015


Ayer directing so always cool like will Smith in his costume!

ari smulders on May 3, 2015


Lame, Just like Sabotage.

Н.И. + on May 4, 2015


Several observations: 1) this photo looks like a pretty good cosplay, 2) it looks like one person was in charge of buying pants for everyone and they accidentally ordered a size too big for everyone, and 3) the eyeliner budget for this movie has to be through the roof.

the_situasian on May 4, 2015


Is this a musical?

cuckoozey on May 4, 2015


Can't wait to see how Ayers brings it!

mooreworthy on May 4, 2015


Here we go... Pros: Deadshot does look pretty sweet. Rick Flagg totally looks like the leader of the group (which is good). Margot Robbie is killing it with her body language. Also, if you zoom in, her left leg has a tattoo that says, "Puddin". YASSSS! For the most part, they are pulling off the whole "misfits" look. Cons: Enchantress looks as if she just left Evil Dead (Tree Rape). The blue in Harley's hair is mehhh. Killer Croc wearing the wrapped up bandages (we get're the bruiser). Last, El Diablo looks like he just got done giving a swirly to some Freshman and is showing off for his cheerleader girlfriend. Hmmm. ***Take this all with a grain of salt. These are merely photos. This is NOT the film. Save real judgment for Suicide Squad after the film is released.***

Jesse on May 4, 2015


No salt grains!!! This single shot reveals how terrible this movie will be!! One might even state this is a dead shot!

redtie on May 4, 2015


Agree Robbie is killing it, but the costume is a bit too bubble gum fo me.

redtie on May 4, 2015


Wow. Know it's just a picture and not even a trailer but I just can't be bothered with this film. The best thing about it is deadshot and even he looks like an alien, or will smith. cba.

blargh on May 4, 2015


This looks like a gamble....I just want more pictures of Harley....

TheOct8pus on May 4, 2015


I think the porn parody will look better, and probably closest to the source material.

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2015


Dang, Enchantress looks like her next stop is a cave somewhere in Scandinavia to poison Buliwyf...

Gohikeone on May 4, 2015


She looks like Crazy Hoarder Cat Lady.

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2015


Oh, btw, is this an action comedy, right?

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2015


Clearly not the Personal Hygiene Squad

TheOct8pus on May 4, 2015


Oof. These look like supporting characters in an early X-Men movie. Cannon fodder for Magneto.

Steve on May 4, 2015


you mean Morlocks?

Dan Hibiki on May 4, 2015


This looks even worse!

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2015


Will Smith looks "What the fuck did I sign up for?"....

TheOct8pus on May 4, 2015



Scarlett Witch on May 4, 2015


What is DC and Warner Bros obsession with the HaHaHa tattoos? Still think my scar idea works better. But on the Joker. Harley seems more like she would draw pictures on herself like those artsy people in high school. I could see her drawing the J-Man stabbing Bats on her leg and asking the rest of the Squad if the colours bring out her eyes.

Maxx on May 4, 2015


At least they were able to get the whole cast in at the same time for the photo shoot. That already puts them ahead of the avengers promo pics

Richie G on May 4, 2015



Akirakorn on May 4, 2015


And here's what it looks like with, you know, color.

Krishna Shenoi on May 4, 2015


This is DC, so we're not going to get flesh tones.

the_situasian on May 4, 2015


Zack Snyder's a f*cking idiot, man.

Mark Brackney on May 9, 2015



redskulllives on May 5, 2015


I'm glad Adam Beach is in this...everytime I think of him I think of Joe Dirt and that movie was so long ago. And it' s interesting to see Will Smith not the focal point of the picture...more like finally. And Courtney looks almost unrecognizable, which I guess, is a good thing (even though I enjoy him as an actor...he's like the today's Sam Worthington). You can really see the difference between Marvel and DC in this picture which is a good thing as I enjoy how different the properties are from one another. (and that sentence isn't to invoke which is better).

JBroti on May 5, 2015


Still sad Margot Robbie got picked up for this instead for Captain Marvel....

JBroti on May 5, 2015


I honestly think she's to old to play Harley, anyway.

Mark Brackney on May 9, 2015


This pictures make me wish I die before the movie comes out. Just sayin'.

ragethorn on May 5, 2015


Harley Quinn's theme song seems like anything by the band 'Sleigh Bells'.

lewinston on May 5, 2015


I think Will Smith could honest to God get a Nomination (in anything) after this............

Mark Brackney on May 9, 2015

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