George Miller Reveals 'Wasteland' Title for Next 'Mad Max' Sequel

May 18, 2015
Source: The Playlist


We knew it was coming, as George Miller is already confirmed for more Mad Max sequels along with Tom Hardy, but the title for the next Mad Max movie might have been revealed. Hidden in the George Miller episode of The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast (found via The Playlist), Miller discusses the plans for the expanded Mad Max universe now that Rockatansky is back in Fury Road. "We've got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because with the delays [on Fury Road] and writing all the backstories, they just expanded." So what's the next title? Mad Max: The Wasteland. Bring it on. Furiosa better be in it, too.

Speaking of Furiosa, that's where things get interesting, as she deserves her own sequel. This tweet from a new George Miller account mentions "more" - but it's not a verified account so do not take this as real yet:

We knew there would be more but… Our friends at SlashFilm point out that this latest update from George Miller differs ever so slightly from what he first said about a trilogy years ago. Back in 2011, he said they wanted to make a trilogy and were finishing scripts. "We've written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters," he said at the time. Apparently he even mentioned the title Mad Max: Furiosa back then, but supposedly that might not be the case any more. Or things have changed now that everyone loves Charlize Theron as Furiosa, and she deserves a spin-off movie of her own, while Max could continue into The Wasteland himself. We'll have to keep an eye out for details. I'm definitely up for more of George Miller's Mad Max no matter what it's called.

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Do not become addicted to water, it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence.

Xerxexx on May 18, 2015


That guy was like an old version of Bane.

DAVIDPD on May 18, 2015


Much more intimidating though...and creepy.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2015


tom hardy and charlize theron had differences on stage filming fury road. wed have to see if they are willing to work together again.

oscar on May 18, 2015


Everyone has their price.

DAVIDPD on May 18, 2015


Please tell him to get Bruce Spence (aka Gyro Captain from Road Warrior or Jedediah the Pilot from Beyond Thunderdome) to appear on the next movie (and all movies to come).

gyro captain on May 18, 2015


That would be beautiful.

Snake Plissken on May 18, 2015


I would bet Furiosa and company will be excluded in the sequels. It seems Max plays better when each film is an evolution from the last. I wouldn't be too surprised if it were another solo adventure film. He needs a dog though.

DAVIDPD on May 18, 2015


Going by Wiki, one sequel title being thrown around at one point was "Mad Max: Furiosa" which would make me think she WOULD be back. But Theron doesn't seem too stoked about coming maybe they pull the classic 'bring X character back and kill them off' move. Max on a rampage of revenge wouldn't be so bad.

Chris Groves on May 18, 2015


Yeah, apparently Theron and Hardy were quite frustrated by each other on set.

Terry Craig on May 18, 2015


Then I say they have no better excuse to bring Theron back and kill her off, and then have Max go on a rampage of revenge...

Chris Groves on May 18, 2015


He would revenge them why? He would have let them to die if he could have driven the truck in the first try, and he leaves them as soon as he can... Max has only a bit of goodness left in him under his survival instict, that bit made him help Furiosa, not enough to go on revenge rampage...

ProjectionistHP on May 19, 2015


Bring it the fuck on!

Trey Wilson on May 18, 2015


They will all be back. It's all lawyers and the bottom line, from her on out. Warner Bros just kicked started a new billion dollar franchise with MMFR. So Batman and Mad Max will be pretty much all they will be dumping money into for the next ten years!

Why? on May 18, 2015


My only concern is Miller's continued involvement - I'd like to see him direct as many of these bad boys as he can. FR proved the franchise can easily survive the loss of Gibson but it still needs Miller's eye, I think. The guy is 70 now, and once he's gone it'll be someone else's baby and that might feel a bit... odd.

Griff on May 19, 2015


I say bring Theron/Furiosa back and make a 'dramatic death' out of her.

Chris Groves on May 18, 2015


This is probably it, really, more than anything. They likely don't have her details figured out yet and now with all the buzz about her, it definitely makes things a bit different. Will just have to watch and see how it plays out from here...

Alex Billington on May 18, 2015


Thursday Ultron and mad max, Yep I am late...

ari smulders on May 18, 2015


More Furiosa make no sense. Need more Max-San.

Kesuke Miyagi on May 19, 2015


Still more 'on board' ------------------decades STALE, ----------------------------franchise slum -------------------------------------TORTURE PORN. BTW --it looks like they're using ---------------------- the SAME art director as ISIS. Probably ARE!

IT-- II --IT on May 19, 2015


Great. Now, can we get Hardy to enunciate a bit more next time around? Pro-ject Tom! Pro-ject!

avconsumer2 on May 19, 2015


I walked out of that theater in complete shock. A little disappointed actually that it WASN'T the best action movie I'd seen. In reality, it was just as great as Road Warrior and that's not a bad thing. Then something began to happen. Every morning I've woken up since watching it Friday night, I've wanted to see it again more and more and more. George Miller f'n mind ninja's me!

ragethorn on May 19, 2015


All the movies should have Max in it. It's part of the franchise where he and other strange characters fight to survive in a post apocalyptic world. Furiosa could contact Max to help her rid of some of those annoying wasteland human scavengers that were depicted in the chase scene of MMFR.

Mike Zarquon on May 20, 2015


Seen it just now and it was mindblowing and visionary! It was the best action movie of the last decade for sure and onley a visionar could have made this. Each frame was perfectly timed and when the V8 weren't roaring the character development en dialogues where at pace of the rest of the movie. I never give a movie a 10 but this was 9.9 and the sad part is, we never ever be so fully satisfied after watching a movie. Tonight back to the cinema watching age of Ultron... Realy realy astonishing movie...

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


I really dont get the "more furiosa" comment. Here is the thing, the movies are about Max and his story. If you want to have other characters come in and out that is great, but personally, I would like to see more of Max since that is what the movies are based on. I like the Furiosa character, its not her that has built the series.

bzink on May 28, 2015


Hey this tweet turned out to be fake, so maybe update it or take it down, I mean come on.

Boogie on Jun 4, 2015

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