Helen Mirren Stars in Trailer for Military Drone Thriller 'Eye in the Sky'

December 3, 2015
Source: YouTube

Eye in the Sky Trailer

"You are putting the whole mission at risk because of one collateral damage issue?" Bleecker Street has released the trailer for military drone thriller Eye in the Sky, which premiered at TIFF a few months ago. The film involves a Colonel, played by Helen Mirren, watching over her pilots on anti-terrorism missions in Africa. As expected, it becomes a moral quandary when they question whether they're killing innocent people or actually doing good. Everything gets heated, and there's plenty of arguments in front of computer monitors. Also starring Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi & Jeremy Northam. Take a look.

Here's the first official trailer for Gavin Hood's Eye in the Sky, found on YouTube:

Helen Mirren stars Colonel Katherine Powell, a UK-based military officer in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, Africa. The carefully planned mission suddenly escalates from a "capture" to a "kill" operation when Madden realizes that the terrorists are about to embark on a deadly suicide mission, which would result in the catastrophic deaths of many innocent civilians. Eye in the Sky is directed by filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the films Tsotsi, Rendition, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ender's Game previously. The screenplay is by Guy Hibbert. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this year. Bleecker Street will release Eye in the Sky in theaters on March 11th, 2016 next year.

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Reader Feedback - 10 Comments


I would really like if they had those drones over banks when they decide to rob people ... But they don't, don't they?

shiboleth on Dec 3, 2015


And what? Bomb the banks and people they are robbing killing them all along with the robbers? I'm sure that's not your meaning or intention, siboleth, but that's what we, Americans, do. We kill innocent civilians (calling it collateral damage as if that makes it okay) every day using these drones. Where's the outrage like that which was displayed, and rightfully so, around what happened in Paris? Where's all the media and exposure when we kill all these innocent civilians that we do on a daily basis that would then be followed by outrage, and rightfully so, by these same civilized people who were outraged by the innocent civilians killed in Paris? That's what I'd like to know. When or how has it become okay or acceptable to kill innocent civilians because we are trying to get the 'bad guys'? Where's the outrage? Why does it continue? It looks like this film might be addressing these issues and I'd say it's about time. I only hope that it does so with intelligence and doesn't, in the end justify it all as a necessary means to an end. My biggest fear is that Americans, along with much of the rest of the Western world, do not care about 'those people' over there that are being killed unnecessarily. Hopefully this film will address that as well.

Guest on Dec 3, 2015


Oh I do agree with you, don't you think I don't. What really bothers me, and that is what I meant to stress, is the power to magnify the interest of the 'outside' terrorist and not those inside of Western societies. Once again, I find you very perceptive. And believe me, for some Americans, not so much for richer European nations, I live in some kind of Third World country (which I don't but that also does not mean that it couldn't be better too). Oh, I do really understand what it means to live some kind of expandable and permanently unmentioned life or casualty in the eyes of the others. And yes, I have seen a lot of people living life on the verge of possibility to become a refugee or something even worse (for example, during Bosnian war in 1990s). Anyway, it's a long, tragic and ugly history of disrespecting lives of non-Westerners and one of the greatest shames on the face of Western societies. But that is slowly paying back which certainly does not mean anything good but very difficult struggle of desperate people for recognition ... I don't know about this film. It lost some credibility for me during the sentence (I think): 'If we kill one person they will win propaganda war, and if they kill eighty people we will be the ones to win in propaganda war'. This is not the exact quote but I don't think I missed the meaning. Anyway, with such a demagogy you can claim any innocent victim on the Western side of the front. And I hope that this film, judging against it from the trailer, is in fact not proposing just that ...

shiboleth on Dec 3, 2015


Thanks for your intelligent rely, siboleth...and your continuing communications on such a high level. I really do appreciate it. The world is on fire and there is much fear which in turn causes violent reactions just about everywhere now. My fear is that human beings will never evolve spiritually enough to find other solutions to their continuing conflicts and disagreements other than killing one another. Which usually means the killing of innocent civilians whether on purpose or not. It's pretty insane and it's difficult to observe. Take care, siboleth. Peace.

Guest on Dec 4, 2015


Thanks for your response Bo, too. Just to add, I also don't really think violence resolves anything. And a bit of clarifying my first post. When I compared use of drones against the 'terrorists' and against the banks I was not thinking about bombing. I wasn't thinking how would such an idea effect someone's thinking and judging. I was thinking of focus drones provide in our world these days and about the need to take other perspectives on the way the world goes on. That technological moment called drones displace nowadays a focus people put on many important things and in fact don't really see nothing useful from it. Anyway, I also wish best for you. Hope you're doing fine and having a nice weekend ...

shiboleth on Dec 4, 2015


Just bomb everything, seems to be working just fine. We're going back into yet another war over my way, so there will be plenty of movie material in 10 years time. Found another link for the trailer 'Killchain' is a new buzzword I haven't heard before. It won't be long til all the surveillance equipment shown in there is used to control the population outwit of war zones, which is a shame for our children. Makes me wonder when the first domestic drone stoke will happen in the US?

Carpola on Dec 3, 2015


Domestic drone strikes most likely have already occurred, but have not been reported by mass media.

DAVIDPD on Dec 3, 2015


Reported as a gas leak explosion possibly. Too easy really. We live in quite creepy times. All that technology, but no ideas on how to be better human beings.

Carpola on Dec 3, 2015


The whole concept of "collateral damage" is effed out. This trailer looks good, but Gavin Hood's name has me worried.

DAVIDPD on Dec 3, 2015


I thought this movie had Ethan Hawk in it, right??

theslayer5150 on Dec 4, 2015

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