Here Are 7 Actors to Consider for Marvel & Sony's New Spider-Man

February 10, 2015

Dylan O'Brien / Spider-Man / Iko Uwais

In case you haven't heard by now, the character of Spider-Man is now being shared by Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures. Your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler will now be part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe appearing in a Marvel Studios release in the next couple years and will begin a new franchise of his own beginning on July 28th, 2017. And because this is a new Spider-Man, it has been confirmed that Andrew Garfield is no longer suiting up as Spidey, creating a major opportunity for an actor to gain superhero status. And I've rounded up my favorite picks as to who I would like to see shooting web around NYC now.

To set the stage here, I'm of the mind that Spider-Man should skew younger, if only to create some extra differentiation between Peter Parker (or maybe Miles Morales), and the rest of The Avengers who range from Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson in their 30s to, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner in their 40s, to Robert Downey Jr. at 50 and Samuel L. Jackson in his 60s. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen join the Marvel scene in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and both stars are in their mid 20s, so perhaps finding someone in their late teens or early 20s (or who looks that young) is the best move.

But age isn't the only important factor. You want to find someone who's charming, believable as being a bit of a geek and also a legitimate superhero. He has to have solid comedic timing, but good dramatic chops to match everyone else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So taking all those things into consideration, as well as my own feelings, these are the 7 young actors I think would be best for the job:

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

After starring in the indie darling The Kings of Summer in 2013, the soon-to-be 20-year old actor rode that wave to a key supporting role in Jurassic World as well as the forthcoming young adult sci-fi The Fifth Wave with Chloe Moretz. He's charismatic, proved he has what it takes to lead a movie with the aforementioned Sundance selected comedy, and already has some blockbuster experience.

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann

The young star of party movie Project X and supporting star of Beautiful Creatures is coming off an astounding breakthrough performance in the Sundance 2015 award winning comedic drama Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and if his turn in that indie doesn't prove that he has what it takes to be Spider-Man, then I don't know what will. Mann delivers a touching, genuine, funny and powerful leading performance, and this could be his chance at super stardom overnight.

Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien

Though he already has his own franchise with The Maze Runner, when something like Spider-Man comes along, especially being part of the Marvel cinematic universe, that's something else entirely. O'Brien has dabbled in action and comedy (The Internship), proving to be a solid talent in both arenas. He also has the right kind of natural attitude to be the smart-ass kid that we all know Spidey can be. Of course, considering how fast The Maze Runner sequels are coming together, he may not have room in his schedule.

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin

Here's another familiar face to fanboys as the young Chekov in the Star Trek franchise reboot from J.J. Abrams. But beyond that blockbuster work, Yelchin has taken on a variety of genre fare, both good and bad, including Terminator Salvation, Fright Night and Odd Thomas. But beyond that, Yelchin has shown tremendous dramatic work in films such as Like Crazy, Rudderless and The Beaver. The actor skews a little older for what I think would make the perfect new Spider-Man, but he still has the young looks and personality to pull it off.

Donald Glover

Donald Glover

Hey, after he was buzzed about all over the internet when The Amazing Spider-Man was trying to find its leading man, why not reconsider the guy who got fans in a tizzy over potentially coming the first black Spider-Man on the big screen? It doesn't even matter whether this iteration of Spider will again be Peter Parker or Miles Morales, because I don't see any problem with Glover playing both. He's got everything we could ask for for a Spider-Man and his alter ego, and there's no doubt that even though Black Panther is one the way, the Marvel cinematic universe could still use some diversity.

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort

After making waves in The Fault in Our Stars, the charming actor followed Shailene Woodley over to The Divergent Series, though his role wasn't too meaty in the first film. It looks like he'll have a more pivotal part in the sequels, which might keep him out of the running, but Elgort certainly fits the bill to be Spider-Man. And it would be a little fortuitous for Elgort to shoot web around NYC considering Woodley was supposed to play the new Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Iko Uwais

Iko Uwais

All right, this one is a little far out there since I have no idea how well the Indonesian actor from The Raid series speaks English in order to take on a major role in an American movie. But the thought of someone with the action skills, speed and ferocity of Iko Uwais putting on the Spider-Man suit gets me so excited. Uwais is the oldest out of this bunch (turns 32 this week), but he certainly looks young, and he's absolutely fit enough to take on a role like this. But again, because of his lack of experience in English-language films, I don't know if he can pull it off. But hey, we can at least let him do the stunt work as Spider-Man, right?

So those are my picks for who I would like to see get the role of the new Spider-Man. As for some actors that I really don't want to see get the role, Jaden Smith would be at the top of my list, and he's probably the only one that wouldn't make me happy. Logan Lerman seems like a pretty bland choice, but he wouldn't be terrible. Josh Hutcherson isn't a bad idea, but something just doesn't feel right about his casting in the role. Honestly, it's a shame that Andrew Garfield ended up on the raw end of this deal, because he was easily the best part of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, right along with Emma Stone and their chemistry. Anyway, let's hear from you. Do you like my choices? Who do you want to see as Spider-Man?

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Did up my own list of actors as well! http://moviepilot.com/posts/2015/02/10/confirmed-andrew-garfield-will-not-be-spider-man-in-marvel-s-cinematic-universe-here-are-5-actors-who-could-take-his-place-2678939?lt_source=external,manual Seems Dylan O'Brien is the current favorite among fan casted shortlists.

Tim Gonzales on Feb 10, 2015


Of this list, I think Dylan O'Brien is best suited for Peter Parker. As for Miles Morales, I think Glover is way too old now. But I'm sure there are a ton of young unknown Disney Channel actors I'm not aware of that could play Miles Morales.

CoosCoos on Feb 10, 2015


Please no Glover, not because he's black because I cant stand him. I like Anton though.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 10, 2015


u really had to throw in the "not because he's black"?

cg on Feb 10, 2015


Well yea Peter Parker isn't black to my knowledge

Jon Odishaw on Feb 10, 2015


mike morales is though...

mindie on Feb 11, 2015


MILES Morales.

R3last on Feb 17, 2015


It was a good point. Since there has been quite a shitstorms in messing with character ethnics. Not because racism, but just because its not true to original chararacter...

ProjectionistHP on Feb 10, 2015


Cancel Fantastic 4 and bring in Miles Teller.

Al Apone on Feb 10, 2015


I really hope you are joking.

Angry Lester on Feb 10, 2015


Pee Wee Herman all the way!

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


Anyone but Nick Robinson, he is just a pretty face who can't act. Thomas Mann has my vote.

Zack Snyder on Feb 10, 2015


You really think he Carnot act ur such an ass hole go watch Jurassic world shit head

Becky on Aug 9, 2015


Why?? It's not the acting that killed the last movie, it's the writing and directing!!

Angry Lester on Feb 10, 2015


I'm definitely thinking a younger Parker would be better for once.

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


i am voting for harry shum here. i think it would be nice to switch it up on folks completely

thisguyhere on Feb 10, 2015


i think that'd be amazing because he honestly has amazing reflexes and could totally do it.

mindie on Feb 11, 2015


Uko speaks next to no English.....

Charles Oosterhouse on Feb 10, 2015


Iko from Asia, Spiderman from Western. Dylan O'Brien is good actor, he is funny and attractive

Prince on Feb 11, 2015


iko ,english is not very good but he was awesome in action movie from indonesian girl

Apriyanti on Sep 25, 2015


I'd love to see them have Spidey show up in-suit for the MCU film, only to remove his mask at the end of the film (or in an after credits scene) to reveal that he's Latino. Then have the new reboot pick up with a quick Miles Morales back-story/origin flashback so everyone who was confused by the reveal is up to speed, then continue on for the film with an actual story.

Jedi on Feb 10, 2015


Out of this list the only one I'd be remotely interested in seeing as Spiderman is Anton Yelchin but to be honest none of these jump out at me as being a decent choice. I don't want to see anything remotely close to an origins story for the new Spidey film so having a slightly older actor portray him in the MCU would be a better choice in my opinion.

izakkson on Feb 10, 2015


None of the above. Nothing against any of them, but for the sake of the fans just join Garfield's Spidey into the MCU. Can it really be that hard to do?!?

Steven on Feb 10, 2015


Iko uwais? That will be a bonecrushing spiderman!

ari smulders on Feb 10, 2015


Please don't do the origin story again. Please!

Nielsen700 on Feb 10, 2015


Sigh.. this is such bullshit. I liked Garfield as spiderman. Why did they decide to recast again? It wasn't his fault those movies sucked. Weren't they thinking of bringing back Tobey?

timnimbus on Feb 10, 2015


I think that Thomas Brodie-Sangster would be an awesome Peter Parker. He is right there with Dylan O'Brien though in the Maze Runner franchise. But if he had the opening in the schedule and a convincing enough american accent, he would be perfect.

Maxx on Feb 10, 2015


Andrew Garfield.

Xerxexx on Feb 10, 2015


Find a way to work it out with Garfield. He is a BEAST playing Spider-Man.

Buzz Killington on Feb 10, 2015


Donald Glover

mooreworthy on Feb 10, 2015


Excited for Spidey finally being a part of the MCU, but I'm not sure I'm ready for yet another origin re-telling.

jygsaw on Feb 10, 2015


I have to say that I too would have been more than happy with Garfield. Why can't they just through him in there?

ProjectionistHP on Feb 10, 2015


Lord....is this the best? Only way is down after Garfield. Perfect choice, bad films

Have Hope on Feb 10, 2015


Garfield is a way superior Spider-man than Maguire. Imagine if Garfield was in Raimi's Spiderman 2?

ragethorn on Feb 10, 2015


Andrew Garfield, John Gallagher Jr., Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or cast an unknown. THERE MARVEL I SOLVED YOUR MOVIE.

Giothegiant on Feb 10, 2015


yeah, they really should just keep Garfield. After watching ASM2 again and delving into the deleted scenes, he's pretty great as both Spider-Man and Pater Parker. That movie just was edited and conceived rather poorly. The deleted scenes add so much that seemed missing the first go round. #keepgarfield

daneforst on Feb 10, 2015


Thomas Mann

Lady Kaede on Feb 10, 2015


He'll be black I guarantee it. Marvel/DC has been all about political correctness as of late, and changing the race and sex of characters. Regardless of what the fans want they'll do what Sony's doing with Ghostbusters, and take a shit on the fans to push a message and or an agenda.

Billy Beefcaked on Feb 10, 2015


Choosing to change the race or sex of a character has nothing to do with political correctness. It's to take a story or storyline to different places that a white male storyline can only go so far with.

same on Feb 10, 2015


It's destroying the past and rewriting history, to appease the PC crowd.

Ray Rotello on Feb 20, 2015


except there is a black iteration of spiderman named mike morales and donald glover/any other black actor but mainly donald glover would be quite literally flawless. it has nothing to do with political correctness, and everything to do with the incredible likeness an actor has to a role. (for reference, however, captain america can be black, thor can be a woman and i can't remember what else they've changed)

mindie on Feb 11, 2015


I'd forgotten that being white was a vital part of Spiderman's character

Zak on Feb 12, 2015


I really love Garfield as Spidey, but I hear he told a bunch of executives at Sony to fuck off during filimg of ASM2 so I think he burned that bridge.

MattPeloquin on Feb 10, 2015


Yeah, for real, just keep Garfeild. He's good, he's really really good.

Jameson Cyr on Feb 10, 2015


no, thanks.

jonidimo on Feb 10, 2015


IKO Uwais best fighter,,, he is suited to plays a spiderman.. try you see in the movie the raid.

brandut on Feb 11, 2015


ANDREW GARFIELD. Or Glover or Yelchin.

si1ver on Feb 11, 2015


Just Keep, ANDREW GARFIELD. NO reboot!

HerCar on Feb 11, 2015


All of these choices are awful.

Brian Douglas Macleod on Feb 11, 2015


Adam Brody should be considered. His role in the OC was practically Peter Parker without the mask. Besides: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxybuuZzvn1r9mnljo1_r1_250.gif

Chrisscros on Feb 11, 2015



jonnyb61 on Feb 11, 2015


mr.bean,,, maybe 🙂

FAIZAL HARIZT on Feb 12, 2015


damn i love your comment. LOL

Aris Putra on Feb 12, 2015


please,, im not gay :p ,, vote rowan atkinson for Spidey

FAIZAL HARIZT on Feb 13, 2015


Dylan O'Brian!

Denny Saputra on Feb 11, 2015



Prince on Feb 11, 2015


Dylan O'Brien is the best actor. He is funny, energetic, cool and attractive.

Prince on Feb 11, 2015


I hope it is another unknown actor. I hope they are really young. Like 17 or 18. Let them age into the role for the next 10 years of his life.

DAVIDPD on Feb 12, 2015


I very happy when hear Iko include in the actors that consider for Marvel & Sony new Amazing Spiderman. I am so proud as Indonesian people. He's so strong, fast, and flexible. If he doesn't play as Spiderman at least he can be the stunt. He will be the next "Jackie Chan" from Indonesia

Govinda's NewDevide on Feb 12, 2015


what about The first Iko Uwais from Indonesia mate? he can be himself tho

wowdoge69 on Feb 12, 2015


Iko Uwais? really? i'm Indonesian but seriously he doesn't speak english very well....

Edgar Reza on Feb 12, 2015


This is absurd , Chuck Norris should be in there !

Andri Agam on Feb 12, 2015


iko uwais

raihan akbar F on Feb 12, 2015


Spideman, they rebooted it too much. just like bible. vote no for iko wais by the way

chimera28 on Feb 12, 2015


Jason Statham lol

wowdoge69 on Feb 12, 2015


nice artikel

bhinekaartikel on Feb 12, 2015


i think IKO Uwais is suited to be a spiderman..

Aldi W on Feb 12, 2015


Iko Uwais should be the next Spiderman.

Ryan Adikara on Feb 12, 2015


iko Uwais the next spiderman !!!

robin ady setiawan on Feb 12, 2015


Not Jaden Smith for sure. He's already looks high without the suit.

Jonno on Feb 12, 2015


Iko uwais.. well even if i'm indonesian, but i don't think he's capable for it. His english is not fluent enough, and i don't think he's that good in acting. Plus, he's asian. It's no way he'll be the lead actor. My vote goes to Dylan O'Brien !!!

kirinstress on Feb 12, 2015


agree... maybe as stuntman or another villain.... it was sad to hear andrew'll not act as spiderman. He is better than tobey so far

Fachri Siddik on Feb 14, 2015


Yes it's cool enough if he able to became spidey's stuntman. At least, he can get a great chance to learn from hollywood a-list director 🙂 i'll pray for that. Btw, imo, tobey is still better than andrew to portray spiderman :p tobey's geeky look as peter parker is more believable, and more lovable too.

kirinstress on Feb 16, 2015


Iko Uwais should be the next VENOM..not Spiderman vote Dylan O'Brien 😀

Bayu Satrio Nugroho on Feb 12, 2015


Vote for Dylan, it just seems right to see him as Parker after Andrew departed, but Iko is more suited for suit actor than as Parker, so Dylan as Parker and Iko as Spider-Man suit actor, that would be nice!

Ivan Azzam on Feb 13, 2015


Dylan would need to start working out because Iko has bigger muscles than he does. It would just look weird if one has bigger arms than the other.

Gordon Mordecai Searles on Feb 20, 2015


Well, although Iko has the muscle, but i think he doesn't have the right feel to be Spidey, my ideal version is, the suit actor is Iko, and the face of Parker with Dylan, kinda like Japanese show (Kamen Rider/Ultraman), i agree though with your point, with Dylan working out and stuff

Ivan Azzam on Feb 24, 2015


iko uwais the really man

MWN Ngguf on Feb 13, 2015


Vote for Dylan.

Cynthia Cecilia on Feb 13, 2015


iko uwais

Rahmat Sam on Feb 14, 2015


Iko Uwais is best for the movie in the world. i like it

Rahmat Sam on Feb 14, 2015


Taron Egerton.

Dimius on Feb 14, 2015


Ein Durchbruch schaffte das "Iko Uwais", die grosse Abenteuer versprechen und ist ein spannendes Action Abenteuer.

Guest on Feb 15, 2015


Ein Durchbruch für "Iko Uwais", die grosse Abenteuer versprechen und ist ein spannendes Action Abenteuer. Ich mag es !!

yongky mr on Feb 15, 2015


It's going be the black guy, no need to vote

Johnnie Hudson on Feb 15, 2015


So PC it's sickening.

Ray Rotello on Feb 20, 2015


The only one I have seen in any thing is Glover and he is a worse choice for spiderman than Jordan was for the Human Torch and that is saying a lot

angry american on Feb 21, 2015


All of your choices are truly terrible but Glover is just a stupid dumbass choice

angry american on Feb 21, 2015


Jaden Smith... that would be pretty cool.

ZenaLundgren on Mar 4, 2015


how about none of these

Justin on Mar 5, 2015


The thing about Spiderman, is that the actor needs to play two characters. Peter Parker, the nerd who's life is changed by spidy powers, and Spiderman, the cocky, whimsical hero who is great at bantering with villains. So these guys could all make great a great Spiderman... but I have a really hard time believing any of them as Peter. That was the problem with The Amazing Spiderman. He simply was way too cool to be Peter, which ruined the fact that he was an absolutely terrific Spiderman. When he put's on the mask, he's no longer Peter. He convinces himself he isn't a geeky high-schooler. He isn't Peter, he's Spiderman now, the he hero everyone loves and adores. Also... Spiderman is in High School... half these guys are far too old.

Jaycen Zimbeck on Mar 6, 2015


Vote for dylan

Henny Tjandra on Mar 13, 2015


iko uwais.. iko , I think it would be able to do so . he has the agility in the fight. don't doubt Indonesian!

Al Fątih Ąrmštronģ on Mar 16, 2015


i think it could be dylan ,, but i hope he can face a rival or enemy such as iko that has great ability in fighting.....

Tommy Amin Santoso on Apr 11, 2015


Vote for Iko Uwais

latifah nuramadhani on Apr 11, 2015


i want Iko uwais is so cool

Aldoskateblackfast Ngablu on Jul 25, 2015


Iko uwais, Its Perfect to spidey ..

Rizki on Jul 27, 2015


He good for speak english language

Rizki on Jul 27, 2015

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