How Many More 'Avatar' Movies Does James Cameron Have in Mind?

April 28, 2015
Source: HeyUGuys

James Cameron Avatar

More? Oh yes. Not only are they building Avatar land at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but they're working on no less than three Avatar sequels. We've known about these plans for a while. But wait, just how much of a story does James Cameron want to tell? Possibly even more than we imagined. Our friends at HeyUGuys recently sent us a tip from a talk with composer James Horner where he actually mentions another script, for a fifth Avatar movie. Yes, you read that right – five, but it's actually not five movies, rather – Cameron has four scripts he's trying to condense into three movies. So there's really four more? This is all a bit crazy.

The new quotes come from composer James Horner in an interview after his a live performance of James Horner's score for James Cameron's Titanic, where HeyUGuys caught up with him asked about the Avatar sequels. This is where Horner let slip and revealed this interesting tidbit about four scripts in the works:

"He's got four sequels script-wise, and he's trying to make it into three. And I think that's where the effort is going right now […] how do you keep it from expanding into a fifth movie?"

As of last year, Cameron was speaking mostly about three movies – another trilogy to follow the original Avatar. "We set ourselves a challenge of writing three films at the same time," he revealed in 2014. "What we did that was unique was we sat in the writing room for five months, eight hours a day, and we worked out every beat of the story across all three films so it all connects as one, sort of, three film saga." But wait - is it really a four film saga? I'm wondering if James Cameron and his writing team came across some epic, four-film saga that – since they already said it – needs to be three films, is being condensed somehow. It could work. Especially because, right now, four more Avatar movies sounds too crazy for anyone to swallow.

We'll have to continue to keep an eye out for any more interesting updates about Avatar, but Horner also mentions Avatar 2 is mostly set underwater. So that should give you some idea of where it could develop, but who knows what kind of story there might be that would take us into five movies. So many Na'vi! So much Pandora! Maybe too much? Only time will tell. But you can't stop it, James Cameron is bringing even more Avatar into our world whether you like it or not. Tons of films, theme parks, merch galore, get ready.

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I miss old James Cameron. 🙁

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on Apr 28, 2015


James Cameron is still "old James Cameron". I miss old Ridley Scott and old Paul Verhoeven.

crystaltowers on Apr 28, 2015


+1 (You have 20 seconds to comply.)

Alex Billington on Apr 28, 2015


Some people just have too many ideas.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 28, 2015


Visually Avatar was amazing, but the story was run of the mill IMO. I hope as much effort goes into the writing as the visuals in further instalments..

Steven on Apr 28, 2015


My favorite movie of Cameron's is Aliens. Best of the series IMO and still holds up remarkably well. Avatar looked amazing, but I gave no sh*ts about the story. I don't see how you can turn out 3 or 4 movies out of such a lackluster premise...

RAW_D on Apr 28, 2015


That picture is so racist geez

OfficialJab on Apr 28, 2015


I'm confused. This is what Cameron spoke of. "As of last year, Cameron was speaking mostly about three movies – another trilogy to follow the original Avatar." So far there was one movie, not a trilogy. So why then does it say another trilogy? You would actually say "A Trilogy" to follow the first movie. not Another trilogy to follow Avatar.

Mike Avallone on Apr 28, 2015


He's one of my heros. Avatar isn't entirely my type of movie, but I can't help but admire just about every aspect of it aside from maybe some of the casting choices. I forgive the generic story because it's dealing with universal themes for broad appeal and on that level it succeeds. Great to hear how deeply invested he is in bringing his own creations to life, instead of other peoples.

NathanDewey on Apr 28, 2015


Avatar was superb, I'm up for however many more Cameron wants to make.

Chris Groves on Apr 28, 2015


Avatar was crap.

Joe_HTH on Jan 17, 2016


I hope he live long enough to make all his avatars. is this some kind of sickness?

Pincode on Apr 28, 2015


I won't write off the AVATAR IP just yet. I mean, he has had quite a number of years t develop his ideas, and hopefully fine tune them into something better. AVATAR wasn't bad, just really mediocre (especially from some one like Cameron). I am very curious to see what Cameron can do with these films.

DAVIDPD on Apr 28, 2015


Avatar was shit with nothing to offer except a great 3D experience and fancy visual effects.

Joe_HTH on Jan 17, 2016


"Great 3D experience and fancy visual effects." That's still pretty good.

DAVIDPD on Jan 17, 2016


i mentioned it allot on this movie site but i can't understand why a director as cameron wants to make 4 movies of the same story. Yes i understand that avatar is a perfect playground for his 3D and his technical ideas ,and indeed there are allot of planets to explore,but the concept stays the same. So maney stories out there who need genius Cameron to explore,but now are lying dead in the water. I feel a little sad now,because it feels like michael jackson is doing thriller again onley adding one new track!

ari smulders on Apr 28, 2015


I agree it was utterly dreadful. Empty, uninvolving and all revolved around a gimmick that isn't anywhere near as immersive as it's users believe. How disappointing that a once decent director has consigned himself to this dredge to end out his days.

Payne by name on Apr 29, 2015


Oh yeah, Avatar sequels... right. Whatevs. Will see 'em eventually.

avconsumer2 on Apr 29, 2015


Our self-basting, ----------------culturally, ------------------------creatively --------------------------------and morally bankrupt ----------------------------------------------------'veteran' directors. AT a TIME like this, when a REAL artist would be SPOILED for choice! BEHOLD! BLLLUH

IT-- II --IT on May 13, 2015

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