Jake Gyllenhaal Takes a Beating in Trailer for Fuqua's 'Southpaw'

March 27, 2015


"I can't lose my daughter. I'll give you my everything." We'd already gotten a first look at a ripped Jake Gyllenhaal for his role in Antoine Fuqua's boxing drama Southpaw, but now that the first trailer has arrived, it's clear that this isn't just another boxing movie. Gyllenhaal plays a champion who has his life torn away form him piece by piece, leaving him a shell of the man he used to be. There's a really meaty story here, and the redemption that Gyllenhaal's character seeks isn't just for boxing glory. This is a summer release, but I hope this ends up getting Gyllehaal the Oscar nomination he didn't get for Nightcrawler.

Here's the first trailer for Antoine Fuqua's Southpaw from YouTube:


Southpaw is directed by Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen, Shooter, Training Day) and written by Kurt Sutter ("Sons of Anarchy" and "The Shield"). Jake Gyllenhaal plays Junior Middleweight Champion Billy “The Great” Hope, a lefty champ who loses his wife, daughter and life as he knows it after a personal tragedy, forcing him to literally fight his way to redemption. Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and more star in the film which will hit theaters on July 31st this summer.

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This looks amazing. It's going to evoke strong emotions especially for husbands and fathers.

David Diaz on Mar 27, 2015


Only a matter of time before Jake is taking home some hardware

Jon Odishaw on Mar 27, 2015


It's kinda weird he haven't yet. Such a over all talent.

ProjectionistHP on Mar 27, 2015


I agree.. but not so sure that it will be for this movie, this looks too generic, we have all seen this before kind of movie.. But I agree, the dude has great talent.

Tester on Mar 27, 2015


Good trailer, going to be great a great film.

ProjectionistHP on Mar 27, 2015



ragethorn on Mar 27, 2015


Kurt Sutter is on a roll! Jake is on fire but not sure about the direction - feels very gangster like.

Mr Chatterbox on Mar 27, 2015


Gangster like?

Nielsen700 on Mar 27, 2015


Yeah, it just kinda has that vibe. Guess its the music and seeing 50 cent in there and lets be honest Antoine likes his ganster tales and it seems to be cheapening what might otherwise be an interesting downfall and subsequent rise of a man. Just my opinion.

Mr Chatterbox on Mar 27, 2015



Sky on Mar 27, 2015


Sorry Sky, it's a lovely trailer and everything's peachy.

Mr Chatterbox on Mar 27, 2015


I guess they should've just tried to recreate the Rocky score. I hate it when they use that hippity-hopp music the kids like. You know, that hippity-hopp music that's made billions of dollars and been around for over 30 years now. Oh so cheapening...

Nielsen700 on Mar 28, 2015


Gyllenhaal looks like he'll be great in this!

Nielsen700 on Mar 27, 2015


Looks great, but I'm a bit disappointed to know EXACTLY what happens to the wife

Richie G on Mar 27, 2015


kind of hard to show a trailer for the movie otherwise seeing as thats the central event. so tired of the morons crying about trailers. THEN DONT WATCH THEM

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


Judging from your comments in this thread, you are one very butt hurt individual

Richie G on Mar 28, 2015


I certainly see your point, but I'm sure they could have alluded to him losing his kid without showing the wife getting shot. You're probably right, I just feel it neuters a great deal of the emotional impact out of that scene and prevents us from caring about the wife as we're just waiting for her to die

Richie G on Mar 28, 2015


Dang. This looks epic.

Qrious on Mar 27, 2015


Another trailer that shows way too much

Efterklang on Mar 27, 2015


yeah...apparently there's a boxing matching in this movie about a boxer MOVIE RUINED

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


Sigh.. There are plenty of better crafted trailers that don't show too much, but this one did.

Efterklang on Mar 28, 2015


very very interested because of Gyllenhaal, never seen a bad movie of him. Looks awesome...

ari smulders on Mar 27, 2015


which is a good thing ...

shiboleth on Mar 27, 2015


Man, you gotta love JG. Seriously, he's one of few American actors lately worth attention... And some reward for his work is coming too late ...

shiboleth on Mar 27, 2015


one of the few? oh ok

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


well, since it's one of the few there's no need mentioning too many of them, right?

shiboleth on Mar 28, 2015


how the fuck does 50 cent keep getting acting jobs ... his agent must be amazing ... ROC

cabo on Mar 27, 2015


Comment of the year ^^^^ haha

Antonio on Mar 27, 2015


I'll watch any movie with Gyllenhaal. This looks pretty damn good is just a bonus.

IamSlave on Mar 27, 2015


One of the best workers in La La Land.

Guest on Mar 27, 2015


Ummm.....50 cent and Rita Ora.....they really packed this film with solid actors ;( What a joke...........I'll pass.

PikeyOneil on Mar 27, 2015


Who's laughing now!

mooreworthy on Mar 27, 2015


Damn! He got huge for this film. I am always down to see a boxing film. Shame about the spoilers, though.

DAVIDPD on Mar 27, 2015


Dig it. Looks like a heavy watch.

grimjob on Mar 27, 2015


Awesome. The 'villain' kinda looks like Anthony Pettis. Expecting some good stuff here. Just hope the fighting is shot well. Looks like they're doing the same hard camera set up like actual boxing fights which is good. Hope they use that perspective frequently with long takes for realism. I enjoy Fuqua's directing style. That plus Gyllenhaul, the boxing premise, and Rachel McAdams has me invested.

NathanDewey on Mar 27, 2015


Hmm, gotta check this one out. With me being a big boxing fan and all. And I do kinda like Gyllenhaal and Fuqua.

John Doe on Mar 27, 2015


Jake's looking way too chubby, can't buy it. He looks properly scary in some of the shots, which is good.

Carpola on Mar 28, 2015


I hope this is awesome! I have faith in those involved and I have wanted a good fight oriented movie ever since Warrior.

Blake on Mar 31, 2015


Whoo! Kurt Sutter! Hopefully it will be good.

Mark Brackney on Apr 4, 2015

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