Jeremy Renner Also Set to Return for 'Captain America: Civil War'

March 7, 2015
Source: THR

Jeremy Renner

The cast of Captain America: Civil War is going to be so packed, it might as well just be another chapter for all of The Avengers. We already know that Robert Downey Jr. will be facing off with Chris Evans as Iron Man and Captain America butt heads in the most confrontational way yet, and Scarlett Johansson has also been confirmed to return as Black Widow along with Captain America: The Winter Soldier addition Anthony Mackie as Falcon. Plus, Chadwick Boseman will make his first appearance as Black Panther in the film, and Spider-Man is also supposed to show up too. Now we can add yet another Marvel hero as well.

While reporting that Jeremy Renner will star in Denis Villeneuve's new sci-fi film Story of Your Life opposite Amy Adams, THR mentions that before the film heads into production, the actor will be reprising his role as Hawkeye in Captain America: Civil War. This isn't entirely surprising since the sequel will likely deal a lot with the remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how the government is dealing with the corruption of the organization (and probably the major events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron), and both Black Widow and Hawkeye were a key part of that agency. However, the size of his role has yet to be revealed.

Also, for those curious about Villeneuve's Story of Your Life, that project is an adaptation of a short story by Ted Chiang, which is being adapted for the screen by Eric Heisserer (2011's The Thing and 2010's A Nightmare on Elm Street). The story begins when alien crafts land around the world, and an expert linguist (Adams) is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat. But in her communication with the aliens, she begins to experience flashbacks that may hold the key to figuring out the true purpose of their visit. Renner has the role of a physics professor paired by the government with the linguist to help communicate with the aliens. Sound good?

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RDJ has still made it clear it'll still be Caps movie. Besides, the amount of characters in this film isn't bad thing at all because we know most of them so they don't need to be introduced, unlike Batman V Superman which is superloaded by new characters.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 7, 2015


plus labeling it as a Cap film makes it clear whose side the audience is supposed to be on in this conflict

davidshaw on Mar 7, 2015


Even though the movie will be centred around Captain America, I will still call the movie Avengers 2,5

HarryFiddleSticks on Mar 7, 2015


It basically is, in the same way that The Winter Soldier was Avengers 1.5 But that is okay, The Winter Soldier was the longest Marvel Studios solo film...and I'm sure dealing with the larger cast of characters made them more comfortable with it being a 'bigger' film. I don't doubt that they'll go the same route here, and allow the film to be long enough and large enough in scope to handle such an ensemble cast...with Captain America at the center of it all, of course.

Chris Groves on Mar 7, 2015


You know, I'm still curious who the "heavy hitters" are that will be in the film. No disrespect, but Black Widow, Falcon, and Hawkeye are....let's face it...B heroes. More like side kicks. Kind of. They don't really have powers just God given talents incredibly enhanced. That being said (and again, not trying to degrade those characters cuz I think they're great), besides the obvious Cap & Stark...I wonder if we'll get anymore more powerful characters coming into this Hulk or Thor? Spidey and Panther I'd consider heavy hitters and likewise Bucky (but we still don't know what kind of role he'll play).

JBroti on Mar 8, 2015


the less Black Widow I see the happier I'll be. the more the Marvel U switches over to cosmic type settings and villains the more laughable it is that she's anywhere near the action. Ultron should kill her off in about 5 seconds, we all know that won't happen unfortunately. and if the time comes when Thanos shows up... I just hope she's far removed from the story by then.

ColtNoir on Mar 9, 2015


I personally dont like him as an actor. So every time he's on tv i cringe. Like bad casting marvel

Luke Hanna on Mar 7, 2015


He was good in THE HURT LOCKER. Renner succeeds at playing roguish roles. I would be interested in seeing play against or with Ben Foster.

DAVIDPD on Mar 7, 2015


First time I saw him was National Lampoon's Senior Trip. He was fine in that. But it was weird for a while seeing him rise in Hollywood. He'll always be Dags to me.

grimjob on Mar 7, 2015


He's a phenomenally talented actor, and based off your profile picture you look like a monumental douchebag and probably a huge piece of shit. So literally nobody cares what you thing you arrogant waste of skin. Go fuck yourself with a rusty bayonet.

davidshaw on Mar 7, 2015


Your attitude around here is what's douche like. Who the F are you to judge someone by their profile pic? Does that make his opinion irrelevant and yours a fact? Esp. coming from someone who does not have a profile picture.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 7, 2015


Dude...I'm tripping balls right now and even I thought that was over extrinsic! Dude you disagree that's fine...I do too. But for goodness sake man, it's just an opinion.

JBroti on Mar 8, 2015


There's no need for that kind of atitude on a place like this. Guess who ended up looking like a douchebag? He was only expressing his opinion, and in a relatively polite way.

Ricardo_PT on Mar 8, 2015


His acting is like your attitude, Shitty.

Luke Hanna on Mar 8, 2015


Dude....your pills. You obviously have taken this man's opinion very personally. Let it goooo!! Let it gooo!!!

TheOct8pus on Mar 9, 2015


Sweet, I like him.

Brian Sleider on Mar 7, 2015


So we are getting an AVENGERS 2.5 with CIVIL WAR? That is fine by me.

DAVIDPD on Mar 7, 2015



Sky on Mar 8, 2015


You thing that's been big on my mind regarding "Civil War".... Ok, so Feige announced (this during the Phase 3 line up conference) that Black Panther would serve as the "middle man" between Cap and Stark. He was filling the role that Spiderman took in the comics, because at the time, Spiderman was still owned by Sony. Now that that's all changed and Marvel and Sony are "one", is Civil War still going to use Black Panther as that pivotal, middle man role or are they going to revert back to the comics and use Spiderman??? Personally, much as I loved the comics version with Parker, I think I'd rather see it with BP. I've trusted Marve's formula so far and have been very pleased. And being that its difficult to do storyline of "heroes unmasking themselves" due to everyone knowing our heroes' identities....Spidey isn't necessary needed. Plus we won't see BP in his own movie for another year or two after Civil War, whereas we saw Spidey last summer (yes...different franchise but still visibly seen, same character). I'm just hearing a lot of "pretty much guaranteed Spidey is in Civil War", and I hope they don't throw out the BP element to the story JUST for Spidey.

JBroti on Mar 8, 2015


Dude. This is a huge spoiler!! I honestly thought they were gonna kill Hawkeye in Ultron....he must be the luckiest non-super hero in the world.

TheOct8pus on Mar 9, 2015

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