Jon Watts to Direct Tom Holland in New 'Spider-Man' Movie for Sony

June 23, 2015
Source: Deadline

Tom Holland - Spider-Man

The new Spider-Man has been chosen. Deadline has confirmed that the new Peter Parker, following Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, has been cast. Sony has decided upon 19-year-old actor Tom Holland to star as the new Spidey, and they've set Jon Watts to direct. Watts is still an up-and-comer and many may not recognize his name, but he's the filmmaker behind Cop Car, a Sundance midnight film that we enjoyed - see the trailer here; he also directed the film Clown previously and a number of "The Onion News Network" episodes. Holland was on the shortlist for actors under consideration, along with Asa Butterfield, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer and Charlie Rowe. This seems like he might be the best choice.

Our last update before this on Sony's next new Spider-Man movie identified Drew Goddard as the potential frontrunner to write and direct. However, that seems to have changed with Jon Watts landing the directing gig in the end. This is a similar path that The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb took, landing the big job of bringing Spidey to the big screen after breaking out with his Sundance hit 500 Days of Summer. This next Spider-Man movie is currently being scheduled for release on July 28th, 2017 in two years time. There are also rumors that Spidey, meaning Tom Holland, may show up in Marvel Studios movies before his next solo outing for Sony. For now, apparently the choices were just made and "deals are being finalized."

As much as I was hoping they might consider using Miles Morales for this next Spidey, it doesn't seem like that's going to be in the cards for a while. But that was expected. I'm not particularly excited for this new Spider-Man yet and it will all come down to how different it is this time. The good news is that Cop Car is a fun movie, and hopefully that bodes well for this new Spider-Man. We'll keep an eye out for more updates.

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This was not what I wanted to hear but at least the kid looks like he could be a believable Peter Parker. Should be an interesting trip as long as they stay away from yet another origin story. We get it. I'm a nerd. Ouch! Spider bite. Your uncle died. Need to save all white New Yorkers. You like blue and red.

Maxx on Jun 23, 2015


Wait this is a different spidey than the one in Civil War? Thats weird. and pointless.

Brian Sleider on Jun 23, 2015


No, same.Holland will be in Civil War and then the new spidey flick in 2017. He is the new Spider-Man for Sony and Marvel.

KevMerica on Jun 23, 2015


OOOO I got confused then, I thought Ender was already cast as spidey.

Brian Sleider on Jun 23, 2015


Bleh, am not really thrilled about these choices at all especially Jon Watts whoever he is directing. I'll have my faith in Marvel for now because I hope they know what they are doing.

Jordan Odinson on Jun 23, 2015


This kid was really good in The Impossible. I'm excited to see a younger Spiderman. Should be fun.

David Diaz on Jun 23, 2015


I dont care

Trey on Jun 23, 2015


I pray to god they don't do a origin story, then I am out... Thanks for the tip (cop car) looks cool to watch...

ari smulders on Jun 23, 2015


Seriously though, who are they going to have as the villain this time around?? They've exhausted this Marvel character to the point where the audience and fans abroad are sick of seeing him come and go.... Third reboot's the charm? Then again, maybe everyone else simply just won't myself

Joker's hideout on Jun 23, 2015


Poor Spider-Man. Once a beloved superhero of mine, and now I loathe him due to the over-exposure and endless reboots that seem to be happening. I was hoping for a Mile Morales character. At least it would've been a fresh take on a tired character. And if Sony's done the Uncle Ben origin story routine TWICE before, I'm anticipating they'll do it again. I'm betting the logic will be : "It's a new actor, so the audience will be confused and we'll need to RE-INTRODUCE him again." *sigh* I just don't care anymore either.

RAW_D on Jun 23, 2015


it is getting a bit tiresome....

Have Hope on Jun 24, 2015


Despite getting a new Peter Parker movie, we still might get a Miles Morales. You can't have Miles without Parker, so logically they'll have to cast Parker anyway and maybe down the road we'll see Miles.

TheOct8pus on Jul 1, 2015


Didn't Marvel say that they're not doing an origin story. But I can't imagine who they would pick for a villain. Almost all the bigs have been used and most of them sucked.

Andrew on Jun 23, 2015


They can do Carnage, Kravinoff, a proper Venom, Mysterio. The list goes on

steve on Jun 23, 2015


mysterio is rumored to be in DD season 2 so there's a good chance down the line he shows up in a sony picture. but I'm mostly hoping for Kingpin to cross over

ColtNoir on Jun 24, 2015


I'm so over the spiderman character.

IamSlave on Jun 23, 2015


this is total dogshit.

Astroboy3000 on Jun 23, 2015


Who and Who? I guess that is a good thing.

DAVIDPD on Jun 23, 2015


Wow. From the Onion News to directing Spider Man. Not a bad trajectory.

TheOct8pus on Jun 23, 2015



capitandelespacio on Jun 23, 2015


No....I'm genuinely impressed...

TheOct8pus on Jun 24, 2015


I'm having a hard time believing you.

capitandelespacio on Jun 30, 2015


If you saw my face right now it would be totally impressed looking.... like this, kinda....

TheOct8pus on Jun 30, 2015


Woah! This news were close to rip your face off!

capitandelespacio on Jul 1, 2015



Luke on Jun 23, 2015



TheOct8pus on Jul 1, 2015


Could be interesting if they simply started further along the story. A young Spider-Man who has already beaten the likes of Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, perhaps even also Venom. But now dealing with someone as ultra-violent as Carnage. Partly riding the coattails of the, hopefully, successful R-rated Deadpool. Completely different than previous Spider-Man incarnations yet still Spider-Man, allowing for slightly more darker undertone. Still keep Venom in as the anti-hero he is.

Neuromancer on Jun 23, 2015


*flog* *flog* *flog* "Get up, horse!" *flog* *flog*

crystaltowers on Jun 23, 2015


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RobertJStacey on Jun 23, 2015


Americans....why don't you guys get to play characters that y'all created?

Have Hope on Jun 24, 2015


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Shelly5259 on Jun 24, 2015


I dunno....his head looks too small....

TheOct8pus on Jul 1, 2015

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