Judd Hirsch & Bill Pullman Are Both Back for 'Independence Day 2'

April 17, 2015

Independence Day

Just recently, we learned that Brent Spiner was going to join returning cast members Jeff Goldblum and Vivica A. Fox for the long-gestating Independence Day 2, the sequel that's essentially been in the works for 20 years. And now two more cast members from the original 1996 blockbuster directed by Roland Emmerich have been revealed. The filmmaker himself just posted to Twitter confirming that Bill Pullman, now former President Whitmore, and Judd Hirsch, Jeff Goldblum's character's father Julius Levinson, will both be back in the film. However, the size of their roles hasn't yet been revealed. Read on!

Here's the two Twitter announcements for Independence Day 2 from Roland Emmerich:

Hirsch and Pullman join a growing cast that also includes new cast members Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Travis Tope and Joey King. That's pretty much all the returning characters we need from the original, mainly because Randy Quaid perished at the end of the first film (and he's a walking looney bin now anyway). I would say Adam Baldwin could reasonably come back as well, but he's a bit of a loose cannon and has some pretty whacked out views on things. Anyway, 20th Century Fox has the film set for release on June 24th, 2016, and we should be hearing more soon. Sound good?

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Reader Feedback - 32 Comments


Independence Day was pure cornball cheese and over acting at its best. The only one worthwhile in it was Smith and who are the bringing back instead? Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch and Bill Pullman cinemas champion over actors. So what if they killed off Randy Quaids character? If they just put his character in the movie without any explanation do you really think it would matter to those who are going to see it? I doubt it LOL.

Jason on Apr 17, 2015


Didn't know what you meant, Ethan, in reference to Baldwin and his 'whacked out view of things' so I googled it. Thanks for the heads-up. Yea, I kinda knew he was overly intense and more than a bit pushy, but didn't realize how right-wing crazy he is. Oh well, what with my views about nut-jobs like Cruise and his participation in the whacky Scientology I guess I'll have to be consistent here, although I profess to not having much interest in Baldwin anyway. Is Baldwin a loose cannon? Has it affected his getting work I wonder? I never hear a thing about him, so......

Bo on Apr 17, 2015


I Googled him too and I still can't figure out what happened...

cuckoozey on Apr 18, 2015


I know either. I don't know if any one thing 'happened' as the google trip didn't provide that info. It just said he had extreme right wing conservative views after reading Radical Son by a Horowitz character. I assume, he like many right wing nut-jobs, expresses them here, there and everywhere and most people get a little bored with that stuff being pushed at them aggressively. It might seriously affect his getting work as Hollywood is a liberal town for the most part.

Bo on Apr 18, 2015


Now there is some cast worth bringing back I'd say. I'm fine if we ditch Smith's wife and the guy that died. In fact we'd probably be better for it.

OfficialJab on Apr 17, 2015


I wish David's news friend was still alive to return...his character was so amazingly stereotypical, so annoying..."DDAAAAVVIIIIDDD!!!"

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2015


Political opinion or views expressed by Adam Baldwin should not influence his distribution in ID2. It is a very good actor and a lot of people are expected him to appear in ID2 . This should be taken into account

Mirela Ivan on Apr 18, 2015


So you are denying people their right to be repelled by someone's (extreme) political views? Look what the red-necks did to the Dixie Chicks. They expressed a slight political view regarding Bush and it likely played a huge role in ruining their career(s). To say views 'should not' influence is a bit parental and people have the right to be influenced by anything they choose to be influenced by. It is a free country, right? You're free to express your views and opinions and people are free to react in whatever manner they want. I think it supposed to be the way, isn't it? I want nothing to do with the likes of Tom Cruise and his whacked out views and participation in what I see as a dangerous and abusive cult. The same with Baldwin and his extreme right-wing nonsense. I won't and don't go see their movies, etc. My right, whether you think I shouldn't be influenced by their antics or not. Right cheerio?

Bo on Apr 18, 2015


This feels like a straight to DvD movie. None of the returning actors are relevant these days. In fact more than one have been in shitty straight to DvD b-rates. Im pretty sure this movie is going to bomb HARD!

Brian Sleider on Apr 18, 2015



Sky on Apr 18, 2015


"Pretty sure" is not a phrase that implies certainty. We all get feelings about things and my feeling about this is it will be bad. I could be wrong, feel free to book mark this and throw it in my face if Im wrong.

Brian Sleider on Apr 18, 2015


i dont really care... i just want you to know how much the world outside ur tiny little mind cares about what you think

Sky on Apr 18, 2015


I'm not sure who shat in your cereal but there is really no need to be rude. This is a comments section of a movie site, if you do not care about peoples opinions, why are you here? Or are you one of those basement dwelling trolls?

Brian Sleider on Apr 18, 2015


Well said, Brian. I saw nothing wrong, or rude, or condescending in your original post regarding the film and the actors they are casting in it. In fact, I thought you were on the money with your perceptions. What's with this Sky guy?

Bo on Apr 19, 2015


We all get up on the wrong side from time to time, I guess.

Brian Sleider on Apr 19, 2015


I reckon so, and that's a very nice way to look at it; although some get up on the wrong side all the time. Take care.

Bo on Apr 20, 2015


Yeh sarcasm and irony does not come through well in type.

Brian Sleider on Apr 21, 2015


Thank you. I wish more people would realize that, but oh is what it is.

Bo on Apr 21, 2015


I obviously dont like your opinions. SO IM EXPRESSING MINE. DONT BE RUDE!!!!! GAWD YOUR RUDE BRAIN SLEIDER

Sky on Apr 19, 2015


Don't worry sport, we all have bad days.

Brian Sleider on Apr 19, 2015


Jeez, Sky...get a grip. Can't people express opinions, even critical ones of movies on this site? It's called freedom of speech. It really is 'herd mentality' stuff to condemn someone for having an opposing view. Must everybody like everything and if they don't must you shat upon them?

Bo on Apr 19, 2015


You idiots dont realize when people are just messing with you do you?

Sky on Apr 19, 2015


No, it's hard to tell, at least for me, just reading posts. If so, cool. I like irony and jokin'. You being for real in sayin' that's what you're doin'...the 'you again, Bo. Gawd I hate you' is just messin' with me? If so, I like that. Like I said, it's hard to tell. I did take it seriously though. My

Bo on Apr 20, 2015


I have gotten into it on here with you BO... so my feelings for you are on the negative side... BUT YEA whenever i spell GOD like GAWD, usually means im messing around

Sky on Apr 20, 2015


I know, Sky...I tend to let go and forget the past, but that's just me. However, the wonderful thing about movies in our culture is that each person views them from their own perspectives, background, family influences, eduction, etc. Therefore each person has their own unique perceptions and opinions and all are valid. You say my and Brian's opinions are awful, but that's just your opinion...which doesn't make it the truth. Only to you, Sky. Upon reading our 'awful opinions', the split second you are finished reading them then it all is on you and your reactions, thoughts and feelings. They are yours to have, and neither Brian nor myself are responsible for what you thing and feel. All the thoughts and feelings are self-generated and it takes a smart, courageous, and thoughtful man to realize that and take responsibility for those thoughts and feelings that are his, rather than to blame an outside source. Another wonderful aspect of watching movies as it too applies with regards to our thoughts and feelings while and after watching them. How can one judge another's opinions and perspectives to be awful just because they differ from their own? Each has the right to feel and think what they feel and think. Only fear keeps one from allowing another to express their opinions and feelings by judging them. We've gotten into it in the past because I obviously don't share your opinions and from this last bit of communication with you doubt that I ever will. That is fine with me. Is it with you? It seems not, but that's fine with me too. It has no effect on my opinions or my expressing of them. Now that you have communicated that you are messing around I appreciate you and your posts and thank you for explaining them. Take care. And, sorry to say, the casting of this movie that Brian commented on means squat to me as I'll never watch this kind of movie, but still think Brian was correct and valid with his perceptions.

Bo on Apr 21, 2015


oh my god BO, im not reading that much.... you wasted your time typing that out

Sky on Apr 21, 2015


Now that's way too funny, Sky. I'm literally laughing out loud as to how much I like this reply. Thanks. And hey, look, I can't argue with you about my lengthly opinion and statement. What can I say? That I find our exchange stimulating enough to respond that way? Pity you're not going to read it all, as there is much to value in what I I'm just messin' with you...okay? Later. Take care. I'm sure we'll butt heads again and I shall try to keep my responses to a minimum. Irony again, you see?

Bo on Apr 21, 2015


Please don't speak for me, Sky. I find Brian Sleider's posts interesting and worth while. Especially this one on this thread about this movie they are putting together. In other words, speak for yourself instead the outside world. It's all in your little mind, where else. Righto?

Bo on Apr 19, 2015



Sky on Apr 19, 2015


Of course you like Brian Sleiders post. You both have awful opinions, you both say that something will be bad based off casting reports and studio press releases. Its short sighted and irritating, AND I WILL NEVER STOP TELLING YOU THIS NO MATTER HOW MANY NAMES YOU CALL ME.

Sky on Apr 19, 2015


Again, nice reply.

Bo on Apr 19, 2015


Do you call out Tom Cruises whacked out views when reporting on his roles?

Brian Sleider on Apr 18, 2015

Sorry, no commenting is allowed at this time.




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