Katherine Waterston Lands Lead Role in Next 'Alien: Covenant' Film

December 18, 2015
Source: THR

Katherine Waterston

Meet the new Ripley. THR is reporting that director Ridley Scott has cast actress Katherine Waterston in the lead role opposite Michael Fassbender in the upcoming Alien: Covenant film. Throughout this past year we've been reporting on Ridley kicking this new Alien film into production after catching the sci-fi bug working on The Martian again. He's so invested in this one, that Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie has been postponed. Waterston will star along with Fassbender, with filming starting in Australia in early 2016. The story will follow a colony ship that lands on a planet where they find the android David from Prometheus.

While Katherine Waterston has been acting for years, she has only recently broken out big in Hollywood. Her breakthrough role was in PTA's Inherent Vice as Shasta, which she followed up with appearances in the indies Sleeping with Other People and Queen of Earth, along with the role of Chrisann Brennan in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs movie. This Alien: Covenant role is a huge score for her and will push her further into the mainstream, which is cool because she's talented and a genuine person. The report does not indicate which role or what character Waterston will be playing, other than a lead opposite Fassbender, but I have a good feeling she's a badass Ripley-esque character. I'm excited to learn more about what they're up to this time.

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Reader Feedback - 14 Comments


As most of you know I'm a large defender of Prometheus and by extension I was blown away by Noomi Rapaces performance in it. So I am greatly disappointed that she has been killed off. That being said this Katherine seems like one hell of an actress so I'm on board.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 18, 2015


I shall cautiously share your optimism....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


Rapace sold the hell out of the C-section scene. That could have easily been the most hamfisted moments, but she did it.

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2015


if this is ANOTHER colony ship that meets David , then this movie's time period is prob 20-30 years from Prom 1 ... so Ridley and his scripywriters were prob wondering " how can we say that Shaw has survived for this long ? an andrioid yeah but her ? " . So they were trying to be more realistic ... and at ths point , maybe Noomi made other committments . The national discussions are so negative about Prom 1 , why WOULD she want back ? lol DPD ; Noomi may have sold that scene , and the rest of the movie from that point , but THAT is STILL the Correct Worst Scene of the movie ( and I'm one of the few who actually support Prom ) . Not the just the operation itself ( The 60-Second Abortion ) , but how she could even walk after that , much less jump and run .. horrible continuity ; drugs aren't THAT good ... Granted it was a necessary scene , as it has been used to explain why Ripley's xenomorphs look as they do , with a vaguely human shape . After "Birth " in an Engineer with genes straight from a human uterus , on top of original genetic material Engineers created them with ...just them Not being realistic with a Human character ..

Dominic on Dec 22, 2015


The Female Lead has always been the one who was scripted as most bad-ass - Noomi eventually gets there as does Sanaa Lathan and Reiko Aylesworth .. So it's not a bad Assupmtion that Somewhere in the movie her character wil be kicking Something's ass

Dominic on Dec 22, 2015


yeah that migt be 2nd worst script blunder , but hey we all were prompted to hate Theron's character , so killing her off was supposed to be satisfying for the audience .. The Last Human killed ... David will be doing flashbacks as explanation for this new ship's crew , so this is where u will prob only see Shaw ...

Dominic on Dec 27, 2015


She hasn't been killed off; she'll have a minor role in the film, which I think is the right move narrative wise.

Peter Vallance on Dec 24, 2015


Although i like Noomi Rapace in Prometheus I think this is a good choice, and this photo a bad representation of who she realy is. After the martian (the best movie after mad Max this year) I have again total confidence again in Ridley Scott.

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


Pretty cool. The world needs more strong characters that happen to be women.

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2015


Ridley had his chance to bring back the Alien franchise with Prometheus and blew it. I can't believe he's putting the brakes on Neil Blomkamp's movie. He's acting like a spoiled child who won't share with other children. Ridley, you're TOO OLD for this. Prometheus was OK, but it was no Alien for sure. Come to think of it, you haven't made a great film in more than a decade and yes, I'm including The Martian. Again, it was ok. That's the term I would give your career for this past decade or so. Time to give it up to someone younger.

Charles Knowlton on Dec 18, 2015


no great films in more than a decade? I loved "kingdom of heaven". I also liked "body of lies" and "American gangster". and I thought Prometheus was a good watch too - I loved the way it ended and want to see where the story goes.

dan on Dec 20, 2015


yea, "good year" wasn't bad at all.

dan on Dec 22, 2015


Is there the possibility that the Lispeth character has left for Paradise leaving David behind? It's getting a bit boring though, not sure the stars are aligning any more.

Carpola on Dec 19, 2015


lol everyone needs to calm down a bit, Rapace will still have a role in the film, however minor -

Peter Vallance on Dec 24, 2015

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