Kristen Stewart Joining Ang Lee's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'

April 2, 2015
Source: The Wrap

Kristen Stewart

Last month, the iconic Steve Martin took a key role in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, the latest film from director Ang Lee (Life of Pi). Now the cast has expanded with a younger star on the opposite end of the Hollywood spectrum with The Wrap reporting The Twilight Saga and Still Alice star Kristen Stewart has taken the role of the titular character's older sister. As previously reported, Billy Lynn will be played by newcomer Joe Alwyn in the story of a 19-year old soldier whose squad survived a battle that was captured on embedded news cameras, making them instant heroes back home. But that's just where the story begins.

Lynn and his team get brought back to the United States for a brief promotional tour that will last up until the halftime show of the Thanksgiving Day football game in Texas. The tour unfolds with most of the movie taking place during the football game and utilizing flashbacks to what Lynn and his squad dealt with in war. Garrett Hedlund also stars in the film which could very well end up being an awards contender, especially with a script from Slumdog Millionaire scribe Simon Beaufoy. There's certainly an eclectic assembly of talent for this film, and it sounds very unlike anything Lee has done before, so we'll see how it goes.

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Reader Feedback - 8 Comments


I just don't understand how she keeps getting work.

kitano0 on Apr 2, 2015


I understand why she does. I've always liked this young actress. Way before she started doing the teen-age vampire stuff, which I've only seen in bits and pieces on cable. I think she's interesting and talented and am drawn to her much more than the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. Stewart just seems more edgy and gritty and intelligent and works in films that aren't of the mass appeal and herd mentality that Lawrence has chosen to do. I like that about Stewart. She was pretty good in On The Road. Again, a film not made for the masses and the lowest common denominator. So, I respectfully disagree with you katano as it seems you don't care for her. That's cool. It seems the filmmakers, both nationally and internationally, agree with me and that's why she keeps getting interesting projects.

Bo on Apr 2, 2015


it's REALLY Hard , to play a vapid and self-centered character with only three facial responses .... so give her credit for Consistently nailing it , during that series ... Kitano confuses the character with the actor .. ... I can appreciate KStew's choices of films .. Tho , don't forget that some of Jlaw 's films were somewhat indy , but her presence boosted ticket sales . They both might appreciate each other's grosses ... I think it will be harder for KStew to get another blockbuster role , as Twilight so typecasts her . She;s stuck in small movie heaven .. JLaw is leaving "mutant movies" to NOT get so typecast ...

Dominic on Apr 4, 2015


I agree with your assessment of Kitano confusing the character with the actress. Also thought it funny how you stated the character/3 facial responses. I don't watch those YA movies, just enough on cable to get the jist of what they are. It's just a personal preference with regards to these 2 actresses. I was excited by Jlaw when she first arrived in both The Burning Plain and Winter Bone; then became very disappointed in her choices and going the Hollywood big money actress route. It's her right, but she became very, very uninterestng to me after that. And I don't like O'Russell's films. Hated Silver Lining and American Hustle. Hated them! So Jlaw is of no interest to me what with all her silly antics on talk shows and posting (innocently?) naked photos of herself and then whining about it. Hate to say it, but to me she comes across as a silly bimbo...and that's too bad as I think she was really good in those first 2 films, then grabbed the brass ring and became big time rich and famous. Good for her. Bad for me as I would have liked to see her do better stuff, or the kind that I like. Again, it's just a preference. She's got the right to do whatever the hell she wants! Over and out.....thanks for the comments.

Bo on Apr 4, 2015


well to be fair ..the hackers posted it ; the only silly bimbo thing she did , was not remembering TWO passwords, for her boyfriend ' s "Files" ( and she DEF should have ;?() ).. tho every guy would stop watching porn , if their GFs would send sexy pics of them instead ; she's cool in that respect ... .. well maybe 4 faces for Bella .. what her haters forget , is that she's playing a goofy teenager , not The Queen . Character wasn't supposed to be Deep ... yes ;?)) obviously I've seen them all too , on TV .. just a romance flick , in essence ; the vampires and wolves are just props .. but far more interesting storywise , than The Lead ...

Dominic on Apr 5, 2015


Okay, I can appreciate you perspective on the nude photo thing. Yes, the hackers did post it, but don't we all know that happens on the internet; that nothing isn't vulnerable. And hey, okay, maybe she was just joking about the watching porn thing, although to me, she seemed to serious and defensive in her PR Firm press releases around the whole affair. But I wasn't there to see how she delivered the excuse re: boyfriend. Seemed to me she threw him under the bus. And besides, why care if your dude is watching porn? It's his business and one should be free to do what one wants without someone else trying to control them. However, I hear you and your thinking she's cool in that respect. Always good to hear and listen to another opinion. And let's be real. All these YA movies, girl heroes, etc. are pretty lame stuff. Good for the little teeny-boppers perhaps, and that's cool. But for a grown man? Nah, I think not. Again, thanks for your perspectives. I appreciate hearing them.

Bo on Apr 5, 2015


...most women hate porn ... they feel you're mentally cheating ... so if somebody like HER ( " I;m the highest-grossing female on the planet WHY would you Even think about anyone else " ;?() ) can evolve past that , By being THE porn star in her SO's life , you gotta love that plenty of men are into vampires , werewolves , AND romance with pretty girls .. Whatta combination ;?)). .. And if we are honest , we remember how gawky and feeling like we didn't belong , that we were/did , as teens .. Say that the vampire was Jessica Alba , and you were the nerd teen boy ; HOW would you have Not wanted to be with THAT for eternity ....;?))

Dominic on Apr 5, 2015


Lee could tease out a great performance. Maybe.

DAVIDPD on Apr 3, 2015

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