Light 'Em Up - First Red Band Trailer for 'American Ultra' Blazes In

May 28, 2015
Source: Yahoo

American Ultra Red Band Trailer

"He killed two operatives with a spoon." Roll those joints, then light ’em up, and get ready for a good time. Lionsgate has debuted a red band trailer for Nima Nourizadeh's American Ultra, from a script written by Max Landis, co-starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as stoners and lovers. It turns out that Eisenberg, while living a peaceful pot head existence in a small town, is actually a trained secret agent (think Jason Bourne) and there's suddenly people out to eliminate him. The trailer starts out with a few conventional setups, but gets much bigger in the second half with crazy action. It gets good when he says "I keep killing people… and there's a chance I may be a robot." Topher Grace & John Leguizamo co-star.

Here's the new red band trailer for Nima Nourizadeh's American Ultra, originally from Yahoo:

American Ultra Posters

A stoner and his girlfriend's sleepy, small-town existence is disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operation set to wipe him out. American Ultra is directed by filmmaker Nima Nourizadeh, of Warner Bros' smash party hit Project X previously. The screenplay was written by controversial writer/artist/filmmaker Max Landis, who can currently be found on Twitter @Uptomyknees. Nourizadeh tells MTV, "“You start with this kind of like sweet love story… I don’t want to turn people off with that, but what’s really unique about this movie is the fact that it’s like this kind of crazy action-comedy, but really at the core there is this like romance and there’s this love story where all he wants to do is to propose to her." Lionsgate will release American Ultra on August 21st, 2015 this summer. Blazed?

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Your new Lex Luthor everybody!

Jay Runham on May 28, 2015


haha I found that extremely entertaining. I'm so in.

Danimal on May 28, 2015


I like it.

Xerxexx on May 28, 2015


yea im there

Jon Odishaw on May 28, 2015


Tis looks fun so I am in!

ari smulders on May 28, 2015


Ha ha, they fired the ugly one at Lady-X!

DuirMan on May 28, 2015


I'm amazed....I'm actually looking forward to watching this. But in all seriousness, Eisenberg is becoming one of my favorite actors these days. Dude is talented.

RAW_D on May 28, 2015


I'd only see this movie for Walton Goggins & Connie Britton. Eisenberg & Stewart are so hard to look at.

ragethorn on May 28, 2015


Topher makes me want to turn away from the film entirely

JBroti on May 28, 2015


How many secret super ninjas are there in America?

Carpola on May 28, 2015


We prefer you didn't know. Crap, oh wai..... Damn it. My cover is blown, someone take him out. INI_CODE NOPLACELIKEHOME TAR_CODE Charlie Alfa Romeo Papa Oscar Lima Alfa CMD_DISCARDCODE Sorry man, my bad.

Neuromancer on May 29, 2015


Feeling warm and glowy after the full on nuke assault.

Carpola on May 29, 2015


Count me in.

Franklin Carpio on May 28, 2015


This looks like some dank shit.

Nielsen700 on May 28, 2015


Ok trailer. Terrible music.

ion677 on May 28, 2015


Well, that are skills that he could also use in Zombieland. But, then again, he did good without them too. I hope this will be fun as Zombieland was. Man, I loved that one ...

shiboleth on May 28, 2015


Ahh, they have the same hair! // Dig It.

DAVIDPD on May 28, 2015


Written by Max Landis? Yeah, think I'll pass.

Trey Wilson on May 28, 2015


I can't shake Topher Grace as being Topher Grace. I never think of him as a character, just Topher Grace. The rest of the movie looks like fun.

redtie on May 28, 2015


Adventureland 2: Carousel of death.

Armitall on May 28, 2015


Yup, I can dig it.

Adam on May 29, 2015


I fucking hate Yahoo's video player!

John Doe on May 29, 2015

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