Marvel Studios to Produce New Spider-Man Films for Sony Pictures

February 9, 2015
Source: Marvel


The news Marvel fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Late tonight, Marvel Studios officially announced that they will be teaming with Sony Pictures for the next iteration of Spider-Man. Under the new deal between the studios, the new Spider-Man, which will not be Andrew Garfield from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, will first appear in one of the forthcoming Marvel Studios films (most likely Captain America: Civil War) and then will have the first installment of a new franchise hitting theaters on July 28th, 2017. Sony Pictures will distribute and Kevin Feige will co-produce the film with a familiar face.

Even though Amy Pascal recently stepped down as co-chairwoman of Sony Pictures, she will act as co-producer on the new Spider-Man film after working for 13 years on the previous webslinger franchises. This marks a whole new direction for the neighborhood wallcrawler, though Sony Pictures will still maintain distribution, ownership and creative control over the Spider-Man films. This really is the best of both worlds, and it's something the fans have been clamoring for ever since The Avengers arrived, and Sony's latest iteration of Spider-Man disappointed them. Speaking of which, there's no word on what will happen with The Amazing Spider-Man franchise or the Sinister Six spin-off that was supposed to happen.

In addition, Marvel's announcement also teases that they are talking with Sony about ways to integrate characters from the Marvel cinematic universe into the new Spider-Man franchise. Bog Iger at Disney delivered some standard publicity fluff saying, "Spider-Man is one of Marvel's great characters, beloved around the world. We're thrilled to work with Sony Pictures to bring the iconic web-slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which opens up fantastic new opportunities for storytelling and franchise building." I'm betting that fans are even more thrilled than Iger at this prospect.

And finally, Kevin Feige says, "Marvel's involvement [with Spider-Man] will hopefully deliver the creative continuity and authenticity that fans demand from the MCU. I am equally excited for the opportunity to have Spider-Man appear in the MCU, something which both we at Marvel, and fans alike, have been looking forward to for years." Now the question is who will Marvel get to play Spider-Man since poor Andrew Garfield is missing out on this anticipated collaboration? I hope Donald Glover has his agents ready to start making calls, because now might be the time for him to become Spider-Man. Thoughts?

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Well now, this is pretty damn exciting.

Brian Sleider on Feb 9, 2015


Massive news...looks like everyone wins with this studio setup

desispeed on Feb 9, 2015


apparently everyone finally agreed that they all like making money...

wobbles9094 on Feb 10, 2015


Another reboot, oh well. The good part: is in the MCU.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Feb 9, 2015


Assuming past news is still correct, Spidey shouldn't be getting another introduction movie at the least. Who knows, though? Some people may have forgotten already just how he got his powers. Still excited for this news, and hoping Glover gets his chance to play Spidey, that'd be fun to watch.

Justin R on Feb 10, 2015


Most likely it won't be a reboot, since Spidey will appear in Cap 3 as a side character. So far, there are no plans for a standalone Spidey film, which is good news, since we've been bombarded with standalone Spidey films by Sony in the last 10 years.

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


Think you might have missed this part... Spiderman "will first appear in one of the forthcoming Marvel Studios films (most likely Captain America: Civil War) and then will have the first installment of a new franchise hitting theaters on July 28th, 2017." That's why they moved back 4 films to fit in a stand alone Spidey film.

David Diaz on Feb 10, 2015


DD - yes. They're recasting, but it doesn't have to be a reboot. We all know the origin story, so it'll be more of a new trilogy than a rehash of the old story yet again...

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


Oh yeah. I completely agree. Definitely don't do the origin again. You just said there were no plans for a standalone film at all so I thought you might not have read that part.

David Diaz on Feb 10, 2015


Gotcha. This whole reboot/remake/recast shit gets confusing....

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


3 spidey actors in 10 years great lol

HG2012 on Feb 9, 2015


Same thing with the Hulk and no one complained about his involvement in the Avengers

Jon Odishaw on Feb 10, 2015


I did... the first 10 minutes of the movie

Hamuta on Feb 15, 2015


Haha..Bog Iger, CEO of Disney? Smooth, Ethan..your editing talents are unsurpassed!

1ftninja on Feb 10, 2015


I bet Hugh Jackman is now pleading Fox to allow a crossover so he too can be in the MCU haha! No but this is solid news. I liked Garfield playing Spidey, but at the same time, I'm alright with Marvel recasting. I'm interested if Spidey will be going up against his personal foes or if they'll have him going up against foes from the other's movies. Plus, I'm looking forward to Peter's desire to fight alongside the adults, since he's still a kid and that acknowledgement they'll give him, that even though he's so young, he's still a pivotal hero needed in protecting the city.

JBroti on Feb 10, 2015


I wouldn't be surprised if they go with an African American actor to play Spidey. Either way, Marvel generally does a good job casting superhero roles. Hugh Jackman needs to hang up the claws and let somebody else take a turn as Wolverine.

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


It's already been stated by both Sony and Marvel, they're going with the Peter Parker story, not Miles. And they should. Peter Parker is the better portrayal of Spiderman, with a bigger history to pull from.

JBroti on Feb 10, 2015


Good side: So much more possibilities for MCU. Bad side: MY SINISTER SIX, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was insanely excited for it! It was number 3 in my Top 5 Must See Movies Of 2016-list! But on the other hand, it's propably best it is postponed for later (hopefully!), Warner Bros' attention whore called Suicide Squad would have stolen the spotlight anyway.

Tuomas Lassila on Feb 10, 2015


And even after this there will STILL be complaints.

Rock n Rollllll on Feb 10, 2015


Let's hope Sony's creative control isn't too tight as they've been so woefully off target for both attempts (Maguire & Garfield).

Payne by name on Feb 10, 2015


And this is why I remain skeptical until I see something tangible.

RAW_D on Feb 10, 2015


They should cast a fat, middle aged dude to play Spider Man....just to change things up.

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


I for one am no bigot and think they need to cast a gay black transwoman.

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


I'd be down with that. It would be a first.... there's always Spider-Woman

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


The person who drew that is worse than Hitler. Guess I need a [sarcasm] tag.

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


I know!! How dare he draw her with such unattainable proportions!!

TheOct8pus on Feb 10, 2015


Dat. Crack.

DAVIDPD on Feb 12, 2015


Why are you talking about Alex B.?

Brady Thomas on Feb 10, 2015


Hint hint, FOX...

OfficialJab on Feb 10, 2015


I think after the next five years are done, Marvel should go with what's going on in the comics. The MCU can collide with the Fox Marvel universe and in the end, they are merged, the MCU is whole, fans win, Disney rules the world.

David Diaz on Feb 10, 2015


Bring Garfield with you.

Xerxexx on Feb 10, 2015


He sucks. Leave him

txJM on Feb 11, 2015


Best news of the month. Period.

DAVIDPD on Feb 12, 2015

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