Maybe Ridley Scott is Ready to Jump Back to 'Prometheus 2' After All

August 3, 2015
Source: Scified

Ridley Scott

Now this might be interesting. In the latest issue of Total Film, the magazine has a profile on Ridley Scott for his upcoming space adventure The Martian. It's the latest sci-fi movie from Scott since Prometheus and he seems to have found his genre again. The director told the zine that he kind of "adores" science fiction again, which is an interesting full circle considering for years we touted his quote about how sci-fi films were as dead as westerns. Then he came along and made Prometheus, and everyone wanted him to stay away from sci-fi again. Now he's making The Martian, and it looks damn good, and I still want him to make more sci-fi. Because even though Prometheus didn't have a great script, it was still very invigorating for the genre.

We've been reporting on rumors and rumblings of the Prometheus sequel for a while. Then when Neill Blomkamp got hired to do another Alien, we thought that was the end to Prometheus for the time being, but apparently not. A scan on (via Collider) shows the page where Ridley Scott discusses the genre, and says some interesting things about plans being set in motion. Here's the key paragraph quoted in text:

"There are five or six big spectacles [in The Martian]," promises Scott, who is again super-sizing by shooting in 3D, as he did on Prometheus and Exodus: Gods and Kings. "I've got back into the sci-fi thing. I kind of adore it." (After shaping the genre with Alien in 1979 and Blade Runner in 1982, he only recently returned with 2012's Prometheus; he begins shooting Prometheus 2 in January.) Not that's [sic] he's looking to go head-to-head with Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. "Star Wars is a juggernaut," he says. "Good, bad, or indifferent. And with that director [JJ Abrams], it ain't gonna be indifferent, it's gonna be really interesting."

Let's not jump the gun here and start proclaiming it's confirmed to start shooting. However, it does sound like they got a tip from someone somewhere indicating that it's happening. There is no direct quote and the statement in the parentheses doesn't include any other connection to Ridley Scott's quotes about sci-fi, but who knows. It sounds like they're definitely pushing forward on Prometheus 2 especially if Ridley himself is excited to keep making more sci-fi again. You never know with him, because he always jumps all over. He's been talking about The Forever War being his big sci-fi project for years, but that has never come to fruition yet. As of last year there was a report he may do the new Blade Runner sequel, but with Denis Villeneuve on that, perhaps Ridley is dedicating himself to Prometheus. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Let him do it. I liked Prometheus and the myth behind it. The expectations where to high, but it was a decent sience fiction movie...

ari smulders on Aug 3, 2015


I agree with your first 2 statements. Your last statement however makes it sound like we are at fault for the issues in that movie because we expected too much. Nonsense, the issues with that movie were purely writing, simple as that. There are no excuses for some of the silly moments in that movie.

Tester on Aug 3, 2015


actually people DID expect WAYY too much .. all the Ridley fanboys thought he was remaking Alien .. so when the THEATRE version didn't keep up , they bitched ... many said so specifically , in threads I read ... You'll always be disappointed , when u go into a movie or a sequel , with Expectations .. tho again BUY THE BLURAY he DID succeed in remaking Alien ...

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


This is Hollywood's fault , for believing their metrics that say nobody will go to a movie longer than 2 hours and 20 mins . ... ( partially because we'll miss a few minutes while going to Bathroom ;?)) ) ..and also because theaters can get 6-7 showings of a 2-hour film , only 3-4 of an almost 3 hour one .. so any director's " vision " is truncated ... I'm thinking if we pay for an IMAX version of a film , then we should get the WHOLE film . With all its cuts left in their proper order

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


I'll definitely check the BluRay out after all your comments, but all the same I'm still somewhat skeptical it can make up for a lot of pretty shoddy dialogue and character development the film offers up. To be clear, I did still enjoy the film, but at the same time I also expected the writing to be tighter and the characters to be better conceived.

Dotpols on Aug 5, 2015


the 28 mins specifically flesh out Shaw and David's motivations ....

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


David's motivations I never had any issues with - he's the most interesting character in the film

Dotpols on Aug 5, 2015


Really? Dont you have any standards? Whats to like in P? The shitty script by the writer of one of the worst written shows on TV? (lost) Or are you just blinded by the way the movie looks. Prometheus wasn't even decent. Sorry.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 3, 2015


dear Sascha at the moment I did leave the cinema I thought it was a 7. It was not great but also not bad. It had very good 3D effects and the final act was very exciting... Yesterday seen cowboy&aliens (also written by Damon lindelof) and it was so bad ,but it has a average rating on imbd like Prometheus?????? And if you give me a choice between those two I choose Prometheus..

ari smulders on Aug 3, 2015


I thought it was a nine when I left the theatre, an eight after the second time I saw it in theatres and I would think its about a 7 now in my mind.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


that's the cycle I also went through. But looking back without a the excitement it's always worse. The problem is that alien was a classic and everyone remembers the chest scene, like in the kingsmen the church scene. But in Prometheus there wasn't such a scene, but I was nice science fiction movie.... Better than most of them....

ari smulders on Aug 4, 2015


Im surprised to hear you say that...after all the times Ive watched it and after all the excitement has dissapated I think the one thing that stands out in my mind was The Abortion scene, so I have to disagree. I think it DID have such a scene. I do love the kingsmen church scene.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


For me there wasn't a special scene in it or otherwise I would have mentioned it in my comment! Yes the church scene is epic! Tip :the movie slow west, is one you will never forget....

ari smulders on Aug 4, 2015


I understand Ari haha just for me personally that scene stood out. Oh really? I trust you so I'll check it out.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


a very good western with a few memorable scenes in it! ....And thanks....

ari smulders on Aug 4, 2015


of all , the mech abortion and the 1st viewing of what would become Our Alien , with a elongated " beak " and retractable inner jaw , are the only " special " scenes .. ... maybe also the first sight of its " pre-stage " as a type of many-tentacled thing , instead of the snake that infects the idiot redhead scientist ...

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


a Daniel Craig vehicle , ari . And not a bad idea , since sci-fi is often scripted like a Western . This could only happen in place and time when American towns were widely spaced apart the 1800's

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


I get it, but I found it so bad in dialogue, screenplay that it was painful in my eyes. So much unlogical things in it... I can't deny ofcourse that is it possible in a science fiction story. The special effects where very topnotch....

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2015


:?)) yes illogic is almost a necessary part of every Sci-Fi movie . logic says you don't prod the lion , cause he might come thru the cage ... Viewing it in IMAX was awesome ... but you have to watch the deleted scenes , and put them where they were supposed to be , script time-wise , to appreciate what Ridley was TRYING to do

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


Aaah! oke! I will try it again!

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2015


sorry i meant Prom. bluray there not " Cowboys and Aliens " bluray

Dominic on Aug 6, 2015


You're right, it was better than decent. beautifully filmed with two amazing performances even if the script sucked dick.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


I partially agree - it had some interesting ideas I enjoyed parts of it, but some of the writing and character motivations were just terrible... the entire subplot about faith with the two mains just sounded ridiculous for scientists to be saying. Sadly it ended up being one of those films with an epic trailer, but an average script.

Dotpols on Aug 3, 2015


actually no there are many scientists that have religious backgrounds .. some actually change their 'science " to fit ideology ( see: Republicans ) ... it didn't interfere with her WORK judgement , just her personal one . Anthropologists must take religion into account , for their studies , so it does make Sense , that she would be looking for " clarification " . She wanted to see IF they were Our Makers ...and she got more than she bargained for again the criticism on this page , are from you who HAVEN"T seen the BluRay , where that plot nugget was fleshed out for you better ... the script is fine , For THIS Series .. None of the movies have a chance to be " Citizen Kane " - like

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


Being a scientist and having religious beliefs isn't unheard of, but it is statistically far less common than with the general population. That being said, even for those who are religious, the notion of basing critical and professional decisions on a statement like "because I have faith" - which Elizabeth does - is just ridiculous precisely because it's UNSCIENTIFIC. So yes, I'd argue it does clearly interfere with her work judgement at points in the script. Also, as others have pointed out, anyone who calls themselves a Biologist wouldn't try to pet an alien creature that it knew nothing about... I haven't seen the blu-ray, so maybe you're right that the plot is better fleshed out, but to me the script did feel a little half-baked at times; as though Lindelof just couldn't quite work out how to integrate what we're clearly some very interesting ideas. The whole religion thing just felt a bit poorly executed for me... a more interesting character study might have been for Elizabeth to simply not have been a scientist in the first place and rather just come along as Charlie's religious wife (or even better the other way around - Charlie a religious man who refused to leave his scientist wife out in space). That way the discovery of the Engineers would challenge BOTH of their assumptions about how life on earth started, and could have lead to some very interesting dialogue and encounters. As it stands, the two just have no depth and aren't at all convincing as scientists... The casting wasn't that great either to be honest - a guy like Brian Cranston would have been a much more believable Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green was too young and pretty to be believable as a scientist in the top of his field).

Dotpols on Aug 5, 2015


1 . DID she make the critical decision of going to the planet IN an unscientific way ... or was it only after the Scottish cave paintings . ? so THEN it fits her personal religious beliefs ... again anthropologists do take religion of species studied , into account ... or are u just focusing on that to vent ur hate ? 2 . at which points were her judgement clouded? certainly not after she had been in the mountain , and watched Charlie get sick .. people CAN have more that one reason to do something , or more than one personal application from an event .. 3. i explained that elsewhere on this page ; ALL the people in this series are Idiots . EXCEPT the One Who Survives . by standard plot device .. if they had been smart none would have died , AND we wouldn't have a move to argue about . this is a baseless criticism for THIS series esp . and maybe every horror movie ever made 4. well i u haven't seen the BluRay u CAN"T challenge me on what I am telling you about it ... 5. Charlie a religious man who refused to leave his wife on Earth , u mean ... but it wasn't Marshall -Green's movie .. Its Noomi Rapace's movie . every movie in THIS series has a somewhat torn but good-hearted Female lead again this is not a valid criticism ... Charlie is the FIRST stupid scientist not the botanist . Somebody like Cranston wouldn't have taken this role , as it's not HIS movie .. having only the male survive is counter to the basic premise of the whole series

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


Mate, you're taking this a little personally I feel... the film was pretty widely panned for its writing, so you must realise we're not all just venting hate on one or two issues. Again, I desperately wanted to love this movie and I really hope you're right about the BluRay, but what I saw at the theatres was an average movie - one with interesting ideas - but an average movie all the same. On 1 & 2 - for me the problem was the character's entire focus was on their her faith. Anything scientific seemed little more than window dressing, which just was a little weird given her role. On point 3 - I'll cop that the Alien movies in general have always had idiots, but this was still stretching it I feel... like there's dumb, and there's dumb, and no where else in the series have I witnessed stupidity on that scale. I'll watch that edition and see if you're right, but one minor thing; on point 5, your claim that Cranston wouldn't have taken the film because it couldn't be HIS movie doesn't make sense... after all, he agreed to be in Godzilla didn't he? Unless of course you're arguing that was some how HIS movie in spite of his mere 15 minutes of screen time.

Dotpols on Aug 5, 2015


the haters of this movie take it wayy more seriously than me . I just have info that it seems most don't or aren't trying to find out , from the BluRay. I agree that in theatres ,the visuals and SFX were more entertaining than the acting or SOME elements of the script. Again for sci-fi movies nowadays this is why u Buy the BluRay ... to see the REAL movie hmm they could ONLY focus on Shaw's faith , because the HARD WORK had already been done, i.e. the exploration of caves and comparison to other findings . That was what the 1st two scenes of the movie were about ... Obv after they wake up near the planet , other discussions would be had by all the crew .. lol please not stretching it AT ALL . you've forgotten several characters from EVERY movie starting with the original "synthetic" Caine showing the miltary stupidity ; and Dallas bringing John Hurt's character. back on ship , much less too slow to react to situation. Hell even traveling to that ship can be questioned , if it wasn't a military setup for them in 1st place ...

Dominic on Aug 6, 2015


Look to be frank, I think if you're having a shot at people for "not trying to find" the extra information on the BluRay that apparently fixes a lot of the script's problems, then you've failed to appreciate how underwhelmed people were by the cinematic release. I don't think people "took it too seriously" at all, I think they were just expecting a tighter script and less silly dialogue. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be perfectly logical throughout or anything, but I was hoping for something that would hold together it bit better. Think a film like pitch-black - not a terribly serious film, and made on a shoe string budget, but thoroughly enjoyable and compelling throughout. In a sense it mixed the original alien style genre with a semi-action hero one and it pulled it off brilliantly without the need for blatantly idiotic dialogue. This is where your "all the other movies had dumb actions" thing falls down, as it's also about the execution. Having an overarching military motive that's questionable is just less noticeable that really silly lines like "he little guy" or scientists who say "it's because I have faith" that for me (and many others it would seem) almost break the fourth wall in their unreality. Basically, a little like playing the old resident evil games, it's easy to ignore the bizarre and seemingly profit opposed objectives of the Umbrella corporation when it's happening in the background, but having Wesker explain them to you directly can sound pretty stupid. But anyway, I honestly don't get why you feel the need to defend the film so aggressively... if you liked it, then who cares? What should it matter to you if the rest of us here think the writing and exposition was poorly handled? We're all still going to see Prometheus 2 after all. But, just to lighten the mood a little I suggest you check out HISHE's work on the film:

Dotpols on Aug 6, 2015


I'm secretly hoping that there's a way to interpret Prometheus that reveals it wasn't badly thought out, just badly communicated through the script. Furthermore, I hope that the second Prometheus will right all wrongs, lifting both the sequel and its predecessors up to the level of quality that was already present in Scott's directing. Probably not though.

Snev De la Fontaine on Aug 3, 2015


Buy the BluRay

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


I enjoyed watching Prometheus because of the fictional technology, the cinematography, and 2-3 of the characters who saved the movie....however, if it wasn't billed as the "prequel to the Alien saga" it would just be another (slightly above average) sci-fi horror movie. We can only hope that a sequel makes up for past misdeeds.

TheOct8pus on Aug 3, 2015


Well the two of the three best characters are astill around so there is hope. It was a very flawed movie but I loved it and I want more.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


Scott seems hell bent on dancing all over his legacy.

DAVIDPD on Aug 3, 2015


Prometheus crumbled under its own expectations of Ridley returning back to the Alien films......the back story to the engineers is an interesting starting point but if he gets another script with poor character dev the film will be ripped apart

desispeed on Aug 3, 2015


Prometheus was utter rubbish. Unlikeable characters carrying out ridiculous actions in an ill conceived framework. I lay a lot of the blame for the staggeringly inept and stupid script at the feet of that Lindelof buffoon but one has to question Ridley for filming and assembling such trash around such a flawed script.

Payne by name on Aug 3, 2015


Man i totally join ya to beat that dead horse some more. 🙂 Agreed.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 3, 2015


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LaurenRFrantz on Aug 4, 2015


It was a flawed script but for being so flawed I thought Ridley made a damn good movie around it. It was a spectacle with a fun concept. Also the abortion scene was special and shouldn't go so overlooked.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2015


The abortion scene is a good example of what's wrong with the film. A cool scene that clearly had been formed in complete isolation many months previously and was going to be shoehorned into the film no matter what, that was then seemingly overlooked or forgotten by all the characters and script writer. No questioning of the stapled stomach, no one asking her "what happened?" and no mention from the character that had the 'abortion' of "I don't know if any one is interested but I just gave birth to a fucking alien".

Payne by name on Aug 4, 2015


really that IS the ONLY Flaw , not that she had the abortion ( see above about Smartest Human ) , but that she could jump and land and get hit in that stapled stomach without collapsing in utter pain and re-bleed .. suit was not That tight ... THO David knew , and also you can assume Weyland was not only told , but Also the one who programmed David to have that plan in first place .. Base rule of the series : Somebody always wants a human with an Alien inside of it , back . So I like the fact that Ridley used that as the way to intimate that it was the Alien DNA created by The Engineers , mixed with male and female DNA in utero , that begins the evolution of the Alien WE know and love , in Siggy;s movies ... .i.e. " you stupid humans THIS is what would happen "

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


I say "only flaw " because I have the BluRay , and the movie makes a LOT more sense , with about 28 mins of deleted scenes that did flesh out the characterization better . If u watch those clips , u realize Ridley MADE another "Alien" - like movie , but the pruning made it come across more like a so-so "Aliens " ..gorgeous scenery/ CGI excepted from that criticism

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


You're wrong. Its in your head. The movie makes zero sense with or without the additional 28 mins. Dont settle for mediocre film making just because it looks and sounds somewhat good.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 5, 2015


no You are just exaggerating the point , to be an entertaining troll on it .. I didn't say it was the best movie ever . I know its faults . BUT within it's OWN genre (horror sci-fi ) and series( Alien) , it was good enough

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


There's nothing more entertaining than some anonymous dipshit calling Prometheus "good enough".

Sascha Dikiciyan on Aug 6, 2015


not as Sad of the anonymous hater who THINKS only he has the right opinion ... ..Since u had to delve into insults that means u can't handle the challenge to your opinion .. buy the bluray , before u whine again about MY opinion . Tho I have been fair about the movie's issues

Dominic on Aug 6, 2015


When the "biologist" wanted to pet the alien snake...I knew the ball had got dropped for Prometheus...oh well...I will see P2

Trey on Aug 4, 2015


oh yeah it was so silly. A few characters were pretty good. And the story was decent in the creepy beginning.. but then things went batshit Bflick crazy 🙁

Henry Willis on Aug 4, 2015


Now , To Be Fair .. EVERY Alien movie has at LEAST one stupid character , that ends up doing something bat-S crazy ... in point of fact , the story can't progress until someone is stupid enough to let the Alien out , or in .. starting with the military's fascination and then a character's fascination .... so I don't criticize any movie in the series for that specific plot device... the point of the whole Series is : only the Smartest one who outwits all the Aliens/Queen Mother Alien , survives .... The ego of thinking the Human Brain can outwit ONE of the most feared vicious beings in the Universe , is why we watch u can't have a Last Survivor to root for , if people aren't dying ...

Dominic on Aug 5, 2015


Yes Sir! I can not wait for Prometheus 2.

Н.И. + on Aug 4, 2015


Haters fuck off here immediately.

Н.И. + on Aug 4, 2015


That's fine with me, I liked it

OfficialJab on Aug 4, 2015


I don't mind, just make it good, please! Or simply better this time ...

shiboleth on Aug 4, 2015


P2 will be what? just a head being carried around? lol.

Henry Willis on Aug 4, 2015


WHATEVER happened to the ---long ago promising SCOTT?

IT--IT-- - - -IT2 on Aug 7, 2015

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