Milla Jovovich Runs from Pierce Brosnan in 'Survivor' Thriller Trailer

April 2, 2015
Source: Yahoo


"If you get her in your sight, do no hesitate." Pierce Brosnan took the hero role in last year's action thriller The November Man, but this year he's in villain mode for a new action thriller called Survivor. This time it's Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) on the run as she's being framed for a terrorist bombing that Brosnan's infamous assassin character executed. It seems like a pretty generic plot, but Brosnan is doing some pretty slick stuff in this trailer. In fact, he seems to get more screentime than Jovovich, which doesn't really seem fair to the actress, but Brosnan is a James Bond veteran, so he'll help sell the movie too. Watch?

Here's the first trailer for James McTeigue's Survivor, originally from Yahoo:


Survivor is directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin, The Invasion, The Raven) and written by Philip Shelby (Mechanic: Resurrection). After being mysteriously framed for a terrorist bombing, a Foreign Service Officer (Milla Jovovich) must evade government capture and death by a ruthless assassin (Pierce Brosnan) in order to stop the real perpetrators’ master, and much deadlier, plan. Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett and Robert Forster also star in the film arriving on VOD and in theaters on May 29th.

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Reader Feedback - 27 Comments


V for Vendetta was a nearly perfect movie...what happened James?

Jon Odishaw on Apr 2, 2015


Nearly perfect? Surely you jest. There's probably no such thing as a film being perfect (unless it's a Kubrick film)...but I guess the 'nearly' you inserted makes your statement hard to contest. I take it you really liked V?

Bo on Apr 2, 2015


Loved it, beautifully acted, written, filmed. of course no film is perfect and Kubrick is an example of near perfect films. but the general concensus of V is that it was a damn good film.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 2, 2015


Well, okay then Jon. I respect your thoughts on the film and am kind of chuckling at your enthusiasm for it. I like that. You're probably correct that the general consensus of V was good. I don't remember disliking it. I remember liking the look of the film, the acting and the story, but also that I was a little disappointed in that it just didn't seem to hold together or work in the end for me. Oh well. I did think it was well directed and recall that this same guy had an uncredited directorial hand in The Invasion with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman; a film which I quite liked. I think he took over the direction or something, but don't know why he went uncredited on that film. Cheers!

Bo on Apr 2, 2015


not every kubrick movie is near perfect. Eyes wide shut was mediocre because of cruise and 2001 because the stupid ending nobody gets! The rest is phenomal and don't forget terrence malick,same level!

ari smulders on Apr 2, 2015


I'm laughing out loud, but you are correct in all that you say. Cruise did ruin Eyes Wide Shut and I think Kubrick missed the boat with all that he was attempting about sexual jealousy, etc. I was surprised. As far as 2001 and 'the stupid ending nobody gets'...that's pretty funny too. I guess you're right. I read the book recently and it helped...a little!...Look, Arthur C. Clarke and Kubrick were both way above all our pay grades so I've gotta cut them some slack and accept that maybe we all were too dumb or not evolved As far as Malick, man, I really used to like his stuff. Days of Heaven is still on the top of my all-time favorite films. However, he's gotten a way bit too spacey for me and because I've immersed myself in spiritual matters for a long time, it seems he's in over his head with all the Universe, tree of life, etc. It's almost childishly simplistic. To me. What do you think?

Bo on Apr 3, 2015


There is no doubt kubrick was a genius like van gogh, but not all his paintings are captivating. Full Metal Jacket, the shining and a clockwork orange are simply majestic and worth watching over and over again because they are timeless. 2001 feels very dated and has blade runner, aliens, predator in front of him... I am very aware that I have not the intelligence of kubrick, but what makes sense makes sense. There is in the entire movie no clue to find what the ending means. Is like winning a game with no winner??? Terrence malick is for me a different story, because that's a director who you must get and I also mean spiritual. I love every movie of him besides badlands, because of his swooping camerawork, editing, good dialogue and that's not strange because he is professor in philosophy! So his thinking and under lying story you must get, kubrick is more direct in approach. People now full Metal Jacket and think it's great, but tree of life (awesome) people don't get because of his thinking. Eyes wide shut with onley kidman and a 'Christian grey' would be great, but cruise is a great actor but a miscast because it's cruise and he flies planes and drives bikes, to much macho! Agree?

ari smulders on Apr 3, 2015


Agree? Ah....not really. Look, it's been made pretty clear by me in prior post my feelings about Cruise. And no! Emphatically no, I do not think he's a 'great' actor. He's a slick Hollywood actor who knows what to do when the camera is on him, but he has never, ever revealed the human condition to me in the manner of Brando, DeNiro, Pacino, Hackman, Hoffman, Duvall, O'Toole, even Paul Newman and guys like that who were great actors. I'm violently (emotionally) repelled by Cruise and everything about him. Kubrick intitally tried to get Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger for Eyes Wide Shut, and that would most likely have made for a better film, but Kubrick missed the mark on the sexual stuff he was trying to articulate, in my estimation. It was still an interesting film, none-the-less. Barry Lyndon is my favorite of Kubrick's. Very, very funny movie and a heavy satire of the human condition. Plus, just beautifully mounted and executed cinematically. I also disagree somewhat, still, with your assessment(s) of 2001. For me it's the best, by far, science fiction/space travel film ever made. And I really liked Blade Runner, Alien and Aliens, but they simply are not in the same league as 2001. It might help if you researched and googled and whatever the ending of that film, read some Arthur C. Clarke commenting on it, etc. Just because we can't understand something does not invalidate it. Right? As I've said, I've sadly lost interest in Malick's work of late. In ending...who does have the intelligence of Kubrick? Certainly not I, but I found and still find him very, very intriguing. I've a 15 part audio interview with him that I listen to constantly on my iPod that a friend downloaded for me. I've no idea where it came from. Kubrick is very calm, very intelligent, speaks in a rather soft, high voice that kind of surprised me, and has an excellent sense of humor and laughs quite a bit thru-out the whole interview. Just an amazing, smart, talented guy who thought a lot about a lot of things. Later. Good chat, by the way.

Bo on Apr 3, 2015


I agree, cruise has not the emotional depth of de Niro, pacino or Duval. But in magnolia he did a realy good job! Still think kubrick is more user friendly for the big crowds than malick. I've seen 2001 a month ago and it did nothing for me, but bladerunner (also a few weeks ago) is in my opinion visionary of a maybe' future, so the number one sience fiction classic in my eyes. Baldwin, bassinger would indeed be a better choice, but still I think kidman was a sensual women (pre botox)... Indeed nice chat!

ari smulders on Apr 3, 2015


Well, okay then. Magnolia...ugh! Never Cruise in anything and I do not like Anderson's films including There Will Be Blook and The Master. Just don't like the guy's films. Kubrick more user friendly for the big crowds? Ummmm...I guess, but not the big comic book movie crowd, that's for sure. Hard to argue in any way against Blade Runner. And I prefer the version with Ford's narration. Kidman...yea I've liked some of her work. She was great in The Hours, scary in Malice, terrific in Birthday Girl and I still like seeing her full frontal naked in Dead Calm, which isn't a bad picture to boot. I actually had an argument with someone at a social gathering who refused to believe Kidman used botox. Needless to say, it was a fruitless endeavor on my part to convince these two people so I made a polite exit to other happenings within the

Bo on Apr 4, 2015


People who not believe kidman doesn't use botox still believe nasa didn't put a guy on a moon. Haha There will be blood is one of my favorites ever but daniel d Lewis is solely responsible for that. Anderson is also not my favorite director, but I didn't see all his movies. Sometimes you have something against people, and you can't explain why, in my case Brian Cranston. If you have the time watch the horror movie the canal, I would like to know what you think of it. I like to watch thrillers or horror, but the good ones are spare... I watched the Barber today, very impressive, simple movie, very underrated like the canal or housebound...

ari smulders on Apr 4, 2015


Yea, I've really like Daniel D in the past. I think The Last of the Mohicans is an American masterpiece! I really love that film; the photography; the story; the acting; and especially the music. I laughed out loud at your mentioning Cranston. I simply cannot and will not watch that guy. He's horrible and I could only shake my head at people who loved Breaking Bad and him. Sorry on the horror movie thing. Not my cup of tea and am surprised that you like stuff like The Canal and The Barber. I respect that, but not for me. FYI both of those movies got a 5.8 and a 5.7 on IMDB; not favorable, but that should not make a difference to you if you liked them. Right? However, I did watch a (horror) movie I liked, can't remember the name of it, where these young women go down into the earth and caves and meet with some serious creatures that take them all out except one. Just watched the sequel the other night and liked it too. Do you know of which movie I speak? I like Scott Glenn and The Barber was on my radar, but I took a pass. Maybe when if comes on cable. Maybe. Again, I appreciate your perception of Cranston. I've not met many who will agree with me/us. Also, fyi, I still think, for me, the best horror film ever made is Kubrick's The Shining. It's the real deal.

Bo on Apr 5, 2015


Yeah it's my biggest problem that I like different kinds of movies, and especially horror and thrillers! If there is a serial killer in a storyline I feel myself obligated to watch it, because the are the pinnacle of evil. There are also allot of very crapy horror movies (most of them) butt also very great ones :the exorcist from friedkin (my personal favorite) and 7seven, silence of the lambs, martyrs, and afflicted from last year. But I don't like torture porn movies (martyrs is a exception because it's hight intelligent) like saw or freddy Krueger. I think you mean the descent, but that was a average horror flick, so I get your '' not your cup of tea'' trauma! Yes strange it is, but from young age i did read the novels of Stephen King, so it's my favorite genre besides sience fiction... The shining is a classic and scary as hell but jack Nicholson was at the right place at the right time like heath ledger with the joker! I watched that movie more than I can count because his becoming one with the joker!

ari smulders on Apr 5, 2015


Yea, I liked The Exoricist, however, I do not consider 7seven or Silence of the Lambs to be in the horror genre. I think they are considered to be in the crime/thriller genre. So there's that, and I like them both; especially 7seven. Just a really good film! Yes, right, The Descent. Right, average, but watchable at home on cable on my 55" Flat Panel Glad to hear you don't like the torture porn flicks as they are awful. It doesn't put culture in a good light that people not only make that sort of stuff, but that there is an audience for it. Ugh! And Nicholson was or seemed to be always in the right place at the right time starting with Easy Rider as his getting that part was a fluke; Rip Torn was doing it, but caused problems and Nicholson was on the film as a sort of liason with the producers and viola; he was there; he did it; he knocked it out of the park; and became 'Jack'. He is really good though and has done some really good work in good films.

Bo on Apr 6, 2015


I think it's a sad that you don't like horror, because fear is our deepest instinct and trigger for our actions like copulation. That's why every male is watching action movies and porno. I am now watching citadel, and psychologically very deep, give it a chance for 1,5 ours, and than I will watch a movie you like...

ari smulders on Apr 8, 2015


Well, generic to be sure, Milla is not a good actress on any level, I guess its on Pierces shoulders to carry this.

Brian Sleider on Apr 2, 2015


I agree and he's usually up to the task. This film does have a good cast and good producers, but I think, in the end, you're right about it for sure being generic...perhaps too much.

Bo on Apr 2, 2015


Proly be fun for a redbox rental though. If its rated R there is like a 99% chance of seeing Milla's boobs, thats always a plus/

Brian Sleider on Apr 2, 2015


Probably. I don't know about Milla's boobs though. Does she show them in her movies? I'm not much of a fan of hers. Met her one time socially. She was a bore. Seemed angry and was totally inaccessible. It's probably not fair as she might've just been having a bad day, but whenever I watch her I can't help but recall that experience. Had the same trip with Julia Roberts many years ago. Besides, isn't Milla and her husband just churning out schlock? I don't go to their films as they, from what I've seen of them, just aren't for me.

Bo on Apr 3, 2015


I really don't know how she keeps getting roles.

ColtNoir on Apr 8, 2015


looks nice for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

ari smulders on Apr 2, 2015


I root for Brosnan's character. It would be much more interesting if he wins on the end ... Although, I know, bad people defending government always win ...

shiboleth on Apr 2, 2015


Looks like a follow-up to November Man, no?

Bill Lange on May 13, 2015


I don't know. It looks like Brosnan and M. Jovovich changed rolls. Which isn't quite interesting. But mostly, I am still trying to figure out how did they end up in the same movie ...

shiboleth on May 21, 2015


Can't really take Brosnan seriously. Just doesn't seem a very scary guy, even as Bond he was a bit wet.

Carpola on Apr 2, 2015


Seems fun enough...McTeigue is a redflag. Could be great. V FOR VENDETTA was bad ass.

DAVIDPD on Apr 3, 2015


Um, snipers don't let their guns hang off the front of the building guys, they pull back as to not be seen, that's why you have an expert on set at all times. Besides that this movie looks kick-ass! Mila, Robert Forrester, Brosnan? Hell Yeah!!

Bill Lange on May 13, 2015

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