Must Watch: Emily Blunt Stars in Denis Villeneuve's 'Sicario' Trailer

June 18, 2015
Source: Apple


"Nothing will make sense to your American ears, but in the end… you will understand." Holy crap this looks awesome. Lionsgate has debuted the first official trailer for Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve's new thriller Sicario, one of the most talked about films from the Cannes Film Festival this year (read our review here). Emily Blunt stars in an award-worthy performance as an idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by an elite government task force official to aid in the escalating war against drugs. The cast includes Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Jon Bernthal and Victor Garber. This looks fantastic, with cinematography by the incomparable Roger Deakins to top it off. Cannot wait to see this film for myself soon. Have at it!

Here's the first official trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Sicario, in high def from Apple:


Denis Villeneuve's Sicario, from a script by Taylor Sheridan, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival as an In-Competition film. Official synopsis: "A young female FBI agent joins a secret CIA operation to take down a Mexican cartel boss, a job that ends up pushing her ethical and moral values to the limit." The story in the film specifically features a loophole in which mercenaries are legally allowed to cross the border of Mexico in order to bring in a drug lord. "It's about the alienation of the cycles of violence, how at one point we are in those spirals of violence and ask ourselves, 'Is there a solution?' My movie raises the question; it doesn't give any answer." Lionsgate will release Villeneuve's Sicario in theaters starting September 18th this fall.

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Looks really intense, I'm in.

TXSteadyEddie on Jun 18, 2015


Now THAT'S a movie trailer! Holy crap!

RAW_D on Jun 18, 2015



Trey on Jun 18, 2015


This looks so good

Efterklang on Jun 18, 2015


I am so glad he is doing blade runner, this is truly intense... Never seen a bad movie from villeneuve...

ari smulders on Jun 18, 2015


This trailer is extremely well done... BTW, the music reminds me a lot of...

Nash on Jun 18, 2015


Looks good but...Emily feels completely out of place. Still, will watch it for sure.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jun 18, 2015


whoa there, movies are about feelings. Sasha can feel what he feels. its okay.

jay on Jun 18, 2015


Homie there is some hostility here. Deep breaths.

jay on Jun 19, 2015


feelings........nothing more than feeeelings ........FEEEEEEEEEEEELINNNGS! ....OOOOOOO

dan on Jun 19, 2015


Waiting for this. Villeneuve seems to be the right man to do such a kind of movie ...

shiboleth on Jun 18, 2015


CIA are the good guys right? Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

Carpola on Jun 18, 2015


hah, u really dont know much about this movie then......FBI/CIA are not exactly the good guys which is you see quite plainly in the trailer

desispeed on Jun 19, 2015


No they are the good guys, always going the best for the US citizens. I'm unsure how they can even exist with how fucked they are. No one seems to care though.

Carpola on Jun 19, 2015


yea - and the rest of the world is all sunshine and rainbows......are you naïve.

dan on Jun 19, 2015


I live in Scotland, we never have sunshine. But the CIA creates problems for profit, do you agree?

Carpola on Jun 20, 2015


I'm not defending the CIA - but all of the countries that are major players in how the world runs has their own version of the CIA - ever hear of MI6, MOSSAD, ISI, BND or the KGB, for example.......and none of them run a clean operation.

dan on Jun 20, 2015


MI6 have covered up some of the worst child abuse in history, they are extreme scum, there are members serving in the House of Lords in London that are known child abuser that have never had to go to court. Often I find that the movies seem to somehow justify extreme actions outside of normal moral behaviour for the greater good, but most of the time it's just for a personal gain by corrupt individuals. Like ho wthe CIA used dead soldiers corpses to get heroin out of Vietnam.

Carpola on Jun 20, 2015


man, in a world where priests are some of the biggest pedophiles - there isn't ANYTHING good anymore.

dan on Jun 20, 2015


The church are the ultimate players in the fucking people over game.

Carpola on Jun 20, 2015


Why is Blunt cast in these American roles when she has that British accent slipping here and there?

Bloost on Jun 18, 2015


Probably because she is a good actress and most people ignore her accent.

DAVIDPD on Jun 18, 2015


Look at Daniel Day Lewis, Andrew Lincoln, Vivian Leigh, Hugh Laurie, etc. All better at American accents.

Bloost on Jun 18, 2015


Andrew Lincoln's accent is terrible. But yeah there are other Brits who can pull decent American accents. Cool.

DAVIDPD on Jun 18, 2015


I was actually surprised to hear he was British but going back to the point, I keep hearing so much praise towards Blunt on how her American accent is one of the best from a Brit but it keeps on slipping. Couldn't the director do another take?

Bloost on Jun 18, 2015


sometimes, but usually directors look for the right emotional notes. Accents are really not important in the grand scheme of the film. Look at Liam Neesom for example.

DAVIDPD on Jun 18, 2015


They should be important. It is crucial to the immersion. They could easily find a way to make the accent work while getting that emotional note. Liam Neeson is widely mocked for this, so he's not a good example.

Bloost on Jun 18, 2015


Fair enough.

DAVIDPD on Jun 18, 2015


Emily Blunt makes me feel all funny in the pants.

Sharkman1963 on Jun 18, 2015


I think there's a cream that'll fix that.

dan on Jun 19, 2015


This movie looks absolutely incredible. Blunt looks like she will be giving a career defining performance. Denis Villenueve seriously came out of left field and has made some of the best dramas of the decade.

DAVIDPD on Jun 18, 2015



grimjob on Jun 18, 2015


Hmm, interesting.

John Doe on Jun 18, 2015


This trailer just made me super excited for the Blade Runner suquel! Looks cool!

Armitall on Jun 18, 2015



Nielsen700 on Jun 19, 2015


Mexico's woes seem chock full of cinematic potential but the violent backlash from the cartels seem to prevent them from being produced. Glad Denis was brave enough to make this one, looking forward to it...

cuckoozey on Jun 19, 2015


Intruiging. I'm profoundly interested.

Quanah on Jun 19, 2015


That thumbnail and the night car race to the hospital from Prisoners really get me excited about Roger Deakins on Blade Runner!!!

MUNKICLOUD on Jun 19, 2015


The music in this just escalates this movie to the next level...

backwardsprogress on Jun 19, 2015


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MurielKThach on Jun 20, 2015


Denis Villeneuve, an amazing director.

Н.И. + on Jun 21, 2015


Looks great.can not wait for Blade Runner.

Н.И. + on Jun 21, 2015


I'm gonna watch the shit outta this movie. Looks great! Then I'm gonna marry Emily Blunt and we are gonna be so fucking happy togheter.. She just dosen't know it yet.

Jamie Holmes on Jun 29, 2015

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