Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Bryan Singer's 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

December 11, 2015
Source: YouTube

X-Men: Apocalypse

"Not all of us can control our powers…" Fox has unleashed the first trailer for Bryan Singer's latest X-Men sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, introducing the big bad villain Apocalypse - played by actor Oscar Isaac, who can also be seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening next week. The huge cast for this includes all the young fresh new faces: James McAvoy as Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Olivia Munn as Psylocke, Rose Byrne as Moira, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Evan Peters as (fan favorite) Quicksilver, and Ben Hardy as Angel. Plus there's Lucas Till as Havok, Alexandra Shipp taking over as Storm, and Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler (who I'm glad is back). This actually looks a bit better than expected, with some very epic footage once Apocalypse arrives. Dive in!

Here's the first full trailer (+ poster) for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, direct from Fox's YouTube:

X-Men: Apocalypse

To see the Comic-Con poster featuring Apocalypse, click here. Stay tuned for more, follow @XMenMovies.

X-Men: Apocalypse is directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, X-Men: Days of Future Past), who co-wrote the script with Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and Simon Kinberg. Details are scarce, but we know the comic book villain Apocalypse will be the antagonist, and we'll see Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee join the team as Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler respectively with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Rose Byrne all reprising their franchise roles. X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters on May 27th, 2016.

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Reader Feedback - 84 Comments



DC Clarke on Dec 11, 2015


yes this^^^^^ lol. That was directed by Mr. Rush Hour 1, 2, & 3.

Oblique on Dec 11, 2015


Dear god. According to IMDB, he's attached to Beverly Hills Cop 4. Shouldn't be done in the first place, but that just cements it's failure.

grimjob on Dec 11, 2015


Awesome. The new cast looks amazing! Isaacs sounds so great as Apocalypse. Xavier as he should look! So excited.

David Diaz on Dec 11, 2015


'X-Men The Last Stand' should be X-Men First Class. I'm excited for all the new/old characters. Storm looks great, I always was partial to the mohawk.

serke on Dec 11, 2015


Nope Matthew Vaughn did that one

Jon Odishaw on Dec 11, 2015


Ah that's right. He just wrote and produced that one.

serke on Dec 11, 2015


Pretty excited to watch this. Should be bingo!

Carpola on Dec 11, 2015


Pretty much going to see it for the extended bits with Quicksilver.

DAVIDPD on Dec 11, 2015


Mystique is back... to do absolutely nothing of importance. Can we please get a real X-man to be the front of this group?

ColtNoir on Dec 11, 2015


She's only in front of this group because she's Jennifer L. and a high grossing actress which is stupid. I wish hollywood actually made movies based on the comics we would want to see and not this force fed crap. I'd rather just watch the animated series from the 90's over this garbage.

Oblique on Dec 11, 2015


Oh, I agree. She's an overrated actress who's really not contributed anything to this franchise - which is saying something because of how poor this franchise already is. I really don't think she's the reason people go to see X-men, so I've always been confused as to why she's forced as the lead, outside of Wolverine. Maybe it'll get better when she's finally done with the role.

ColtNoir on Dec 11, 2015


Yea I agree too...Hopefully she leaves soon. My biggest beef with her character is Mystique is supposed to be a blue lady foremost that shapeshifts into other people. Since she's been in this series she has barely been blue just because they want you to know it's "Jennifer" and the audience is probably too dumb to recognize her lol. When Rebecca played her in the older movies I believe she only played herself once if I'm correct but was blue for the rest of the time unless she shapeshifted into another person.

Oblique on Dec 11, 2015


Agree. And I hate what they did with her character looks. Mystique in the comics looks sexy. Mystique is these movies looks stupid. Oh and so does beast. Bleh. Why is she naked. She's got a pussy for heaven's sake. She has freakin kids so she's got all the woman parts. Instead she gets scales and wierd looking lines on her face. So so pissed.

backwardsprogress on Dec 11, 2015


lol agree with the In Comics sexy part , Tho knowing JLaw IS naked under that paint , should compensate . u can't paint with clothes on Mystique is only blue in the movies , because the computer CGI works best off that background I'm guessing those scale drawings and weird lines are actualy helping the production of the morphing effect .... in the comics she had coal BLACK skin , which contributed to the sexiness of the character . And would look better in the movies . Tho that was mostly when she was "evil" , with Rogue in her stable . The Gambit movie is suposed to highlight evil Mystique ...

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


what's with the Hate For Jlaw , btw ?? what , she too rich for you to like now ? .. I doubt HOLLYWOOD thinks she can't act , or she wouldn't BE rich and famous now this may be why she's giving up SH Flicks ; cause people in the business still think it's lowbrow and not challenging . and others see you as lowbrow doing them ... Silver Linings Playbook , if u wish a non-SH movie of hers that was excellent FOR her acting , as well as Bradley Coper , DeNiro , and whole cast ...

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


Overrated actress? No. She is a great actress, it's her character that is poorly written but maybe Apocalypse will change that...She looks really good in the trailer.

TC_94 on Dec 11, 2015


I disagree with all of that. That's the beauty of opinions though.

ColtNoir on Dec 11, 2015


To steal all the best lines and rather than simply looking like the mutants she copies, seemingly possessing all of their powers. When I saw her in the very first X-Men fighting Wolverine with equal skills I realised that her character would always be the go to character when the writing team had written themselves into an uncomfortable dead end. And now with Jennifer Lawrence playing her, they'll be making her even more prominent and powerful. Rather than being just a physical form chameleon, she's now one of the most powerful mutants around.

Payne by name on Dec 11, 2015


This looks shockingly bad... I loved DOFP.... but this... what the hell man..... Ivan Ooze does not make a good Apocalypse... People complaining about the last BvS trailer, this looks much worse... Also the cheesy script: 'Like the four horseman of the apocalypse. He got that one from the bible...' 'Or... the bible got it from him...' (Queue nausea...) I hate it when the script makes the audience out to be stupid.... Bryan Singer... I expected better...

Godzilla on Dec 11, 2015


This indeed looks very very cheap. And bloated with a lot of corny stuff we've seen before.

Alpivan on Dec 11, 2015


Singer is right back to a Superman Returns or Jack The Giant Slayer level of ultra turd... Apocalypse is like Marvel's Thanos, or DC's Darkseid in the X-Men Universe... Marvel certainly got Thanos right... So why can't Fox? ... Singer had such a good thing going with DOFP... I am actually emotionally upset about this... and it's silly... it's just a movie... Also, did I miss something? Where the F is Wolverine? ...

Godzilla on Dec 11, 2015


I second the motion for Wolverine. He should be leading the team! Not effing Mystique!

RAW_D on Dec 11, 2015


whyis everyone getting so worked up about the FIRST Trailer ? if they show you all of the story , you'd be complaining like BvsS fans are ... ease the throttle back , people RawD and 'Zilla ; where are you when everyone complains about TOO much Wolverine ?? obv this trailer is for those people

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


Did Marvel get Thanos right though? We've seen a heavily CG and very cartoonish Brolin in a couple of end credit scenes so far, and that's it and frankly he's never looked terribly intimidating.

Dotpols on Dec 11, 2015


Well, I don't mind CG, not sure how else you would do Thanos. It would look goofy as a rubber suite... (Says man/lizard who wears rubber suit all day) True that we haven't seen a lot of him... except in GoG... he was intimidating as hell... Not perfect... but better than this Apocalypse wanna be...

Godzilla on Dec 11, 2015


You really think Thanos was intimidating in GoG? Ok... all he did was say "boy" a lot and then get a scared look on his face when Ronan gets the power gem. He hasn't been scary at all yet, and so far looks about as convincing as one of the prequel Star Wars Trilogy CG characters. That may change by the time we get to infinity wars, but at the moment he looks about as good as Doomsday in the new Batman v Superman trailer. Personally, I reckon if you have the option you should always at least try to make practical effects work before going down the full CG rout. It's unavoidable with the likes of the HULK etc, but Apocalypse clearly can be done without it and we don't need another bad guy that just looks like a roided up monster.

Dotpols on Dec 12, 2015


Yeah... I get that... It should be a mixture of CG and practical FX . Nothing we can do about this now though... Apoca-IvanOoze-Alypse is here to stay...

Godzilla on Dec 12, 2015


Agreed. P.S.: Cue for signal, queue for the line where you wait.

Snev De la Fontaine on Dec 11, 2015


I had high hopes for this, most of it still looks interesting but I'm with you on Apocalypse. He doesn't look nor sound like what I expected.

Brandon Moss on Dec 14, 2015


This looks pretty vanilla....good Friday night at home with the beau movie....

TheOct8pus on Dec 11, 2015


Straight to DVD, like the rest of the X Men films.

capitandelespacio on Dec 11, 2015


I think it looks Great.

TXSteadyEddie on Dec 11, 2015


same, i'm actually sold on this.

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 11, 2015


This looks pretty cool. Always impressed with Singers world building and characters but his action leaves something to be desired. This looks like a step up.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 11, 2015


I agree with your sentiments concerning the action. I just hope he does not go "full retard" with it.

DAVIDPD on Dec 11, 2015


Oscar Isaac is a fantastic actor, but he's a terrible choice for Apocalypse. Where's the deep voiced sinister Apocalypse from the 90's X-men cartoon?! That dude was intimidating! Also, the line from him about "tearing down the world to build a better one"....was TERRIBLE. Took me right out of it. There's a ton of mutants in this....but damn, this doesn't feel like an epic X-men movie to me. It's resembling X-men: The Last Stand a bit too much....Hope I'm wrong.

RAW_D on Dec 11, 2015


That's interesting - I had totally the opposite reaction to that last line. Gave me chills and it's sold me on Isaacs. I also wanted to see someone bigger and more intimidating looking for the role, but I've come around after this. Singer hasn't had a misstep with these movies so far, so I think we may all be pleasantly surprised.

Dotpols on Dec 11, 2015


the line is more accurately described as Usual , for a villian or mastermind psycho . prob most famous movie script usage of the concept , is The Genesis Wave/Bomb , in StarTrek

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015



capitandelespacio on Dec 11, 2015


Well, that was worse than I thought it would be.

Higgens on Dec 11, 2015


The first part wasn't that good, but ended very well so i am sold! But i don't expect a better movie than days of future past... A eight would be very good...

ari smulders on Dec 11, 2015


Agree 100%. Singer knows what he's doing and that built very nicely at the end.

Dotpols on Dec 11, 2015


Uh Alex Bret Ratner directed The Last Stand

Xerxexx on Dec 11, 2015



grimjob on Dec 11, 2015



Xerxexx on Dec 18, 2015


Considering First Class (and to some extent DOFP) is my favorite superhero movie, I expected better (too early to tell just judging by the trailer). I liked the smaller scale of the last movies, this seems like every other super hero movie currently being released. And I hope that the movie doesn't focus most of its attention on Jennifer Lawrence, Fassbender and McAvoy are the true stars of this (and always the best part of these movies)

Ricardo_PT on Dec 11, 2015


We must wait until Apocalyose finally came out of puberty. and i hope it happens in this movie

toonfed on Dec 11, 2015


I just dont understand why this is so hard to do. Why couldnt they apply the same amount of effort to Apocalypse as they did Thanos? He's a titan. To see him man size just insults the villain's integrity in every way.

Cyberdine on Dec 11, 2015


To be honest, so far I reckon Thanos in the MCU looks too CG... Singer has arguably a couple of the best comic book films under his belt with XMen and X2, and DOFP was pretty awesome, so I have faith this can be great. I also didnt like the look of Apocalypse at first, but this trailer and hearing him speak has changed my mind, because although getting someone like Dwayne Johnson to play him would look more appropriate for the comics, I just don't think the acting would have made it any good.

Dotpols on Dec 11, 2015


The CB movies have been trying to bring these characters " back down to earth " , as closely as possible , SINCE they started making them ; should this be surprising now ? . so no we aren't going to have villains needing total CGI . They gotta seem as close to human as possible , in size and temperment . ...

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


I get that too much CGI makes movies garbage, but in some cases, especially with comic book movies, i think its necessary to capture the true integrity of the character.

Cyberdine on Dec 16, 2015


XMen and X2 we're not great, however DOFP I did like (even though it totally deviated from the comic's version). I think Thanos looks well considering he is CGI and feels pretty authentic thus far. Also got to disagree with Apocalypse's voice. To me it did not at all sound deep and god-like. I dont know.........I'll still watch it, but i wont go in having high hopes.

Cyberdine on Dec 16, 2015


This is Apocalypse's normal size before he even maximizes his body.

Cyberdine on Dec 11, 2015


I think I realised why they changed him so much for the film now... he actually looks a lot dumber than I remember him looking in the cartoon.

Dotpols on Dec 12, 2015


I hate Singer so much. Nothing will beat First Class.

Matthew on Dec 11, 2015


I really hope they bring him in. Always one my favorites.

grimjob on Dec 11, 2015


Not overly impressed by this trailer, but I'll definitely go to the theater to see it. All I can do is hope its good.

grimjob on Dec 11, 2015


When they do the inevitable X-Men reboot after this, if they could maintain any kind of continuity at all, that would be great. At this point it's pretty much random which X-Men will appear in any given movie or even which version of these characters will appear. It makes for a few half-decent individual movies but not much of an overall series.

bumboclot on Dec 11, 2015


I thought this movie IS the reboot ? with all the new actors in old roles . ...and it hasn't been random at all , before or now . which is why people whine about too much Wolverine .. all been planned , and we saw same characters mostly . Changed origins , yes , but that's normal for Hollywood ...this movie is only introducing Jubilee , Psylocke , and the villian , as new characters ... .

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


I just don't knoooooooow

BNN667 on Dec 11, 2015


Well, it looks like a hot mess, but one I am immensely interested in watching. I really don't know why Singer decided that this was the route he wanted to go with. I mean Fox should have known better than to greenlight something that feels so similar to X3. Maybe it is the way the trailer was cut, but it just feels goofy, and completely separate from the past two X-MEN films.

DAVIDPD on Dec 11, 2015


We didn't really see Singer's X3 and even he said that he thought there was just too much going on. It's only giving you glimpses of the people involved to get everyone excited and everything seems out of context anyway. Everyone was against this movie when they released the Empire behind the scenes but tbh this actually looks pretty good.

TK on Dec 11, 2015


Any one else not impressed with Sansa Stark's American accent? That was appalling.

DAVIDPD on Dec 11, 2015


I am. As soon as I heard her voice, then Prof. X called her Jean Grey, I thought Damnit! People are not seeing this movie to see their favorite actors/actresses as much as they are seeing the movie because its part of a much bigger story-line that belongs to the Xmen.

backwardsprogress on Dec 11, 2015


did u read the XMen comic(s) , JUST for your fave mutants , or because it was part of a greater mutant marvel/dc universe ?? of stories and drama ... I migt answer Wolverine to the former , but I also subscribed to about 15 other books ...

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


I want to see this, but so much is wrong with the Xmen. Don't see Wolverine in this one. Jean Grey is totally miscast. Did Mystique's character (Jennifer Lawrence) give birth to a child like 16 years ago and didn't know NightCrawler is her son? Is Storm one of the 4 horsemen? WTF?

backwardsprogress on Dec 11, 2015


In comics she doesn't age like a normal person. In one issue she was over 100 when she met Charles. Who knows if the child version of her is not conjured to gain the trust of young Charles? I guess Storm will be one of the Four Horsemen. Different from her beginnings in the comics but it could work.

TK on Dec 11, 2015


I guess I could totally imagine that being the case except that the current character of Mystique via Jennifer Lawrence doesn't seem that intelligent or sly. Bleh....

backwardsprogress on Dec 11, 2015


and yes that is a "widely known secret " that Storm is one of the Horseman . i think they released a photo of them astride horses , 4 months? back

Dominic on Dec 12, 2015


Storm? No that's Psylocke

Joker's hideout on Dec 15, 2015


The black actress is storm and she is standing next to Apocalypse throughout the trailer. Olivia Munn plays Psylocke in this movie.

backwardsprogress on Dec 15, 2015


Ok, so seeing Jean Gray played by my least favourite actor in game of thrones I was a little worried, and I knew bugger all about Oscar Isaacs and didn't think he "looked right" BUT that there right at the end with Isaacs as Apocalypse saying "everything they built will fall" got me pretty amped. This could well be what "Age" of Ultron SHOULD have been.

Dotpols on Dec 11, 2015


This looks boring as hell.

Henry Willis on Dec 11, 2015


Oh, why can't things be less apocalyptic? This sounds too damn boring Biblical and that means shallow in every respect ...

shiboleth on Dec 12, 2015


Shit looks weak...and the casting looks awful

Trey on Dec 12, 2015


It looks horrible. Terrible CGI, awful-looking Apocalypse, wooden acting, poor casting and soulless direction. Not good at all.

Firefly15 on Dec 12, 2015


Alex, he didn't direct X-men: The Last Stand, that was Brett "dipshit" Ratner.

CShane on Dec 12, 2015


Ah shoot, my mistake, you're right. Fixing now. Sorry about that, don't know how it slipped in.

Alex Billington on Dec 12, 2015


Looks like your typical Brian Singer X-Men film, which unless you like boring, visually mundane blockbuster films with monotone dialogue and mediocre screenwriting, means it's going to suck ass in every conceivable way.

Firefly15 on Dec 12, 2015


There's been 5 X-Men movies, and Singer has directed 3 that were all pretty loved by fans. Of the two he wasn't involved in, X3 was an abomination and First Class was great. As for his screen writing, as far as comic book movies go, Singer's work has all been pretty good and generally had at least reasonably interesting subtexts (what ever the subtext of X3 was I'm not sure).

Dotpols on Dec 13, 2015


Looks like that cheap SPY KIDS type CGI smh...I really hope they don't Fck this up too much, Ive learned not to expect too much with these comic adaptations BUT I hope this doesn't leave too sour a taste in my mouth

Robert Scan Sajous Jr. on Dec 13, 2015


Chills, I got them...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 14, 2015


Oscar Isaac is

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015

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