Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for James Bond 007 in 'Spectre'

March 27, 2015
Source: YouTube

Spectre Teaser Trailer

"Welcome James… It's been a long time. And finally, here we are." Sony Pictures and Eon Productions have unveiled the first official teaser trailer for Bond 24, titled Spectre, starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007, and once again directed by Sam Mendes. The new Bond movie is currently in the middle of filming right now, but they've dropped a first teaser since there's plenty of footage from Austria (and elsewhere) anyway for a tease that makes this look like a fine follow-up to Skyfall. We also get a glimpse at the appearances of Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny in this first tease, but there's more to come since this is barely a tease. A very dark first tease, but enough. Get your first look at Spectre.

Here's the first official teaser trailer for Sam Mendes' Spectre, direct from @007 on YouTube:

Spectre Teaser Poster

Spectre Teaser Poster

We also suggest watching the first two behind-the-scenes video blogs for Spectre, here and here.

Spectre is directed by Sam Mendes (Skyfall, Revolutionary Road, Road to Perdition, American Beauty) and written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wave with John Logan, all with James Bond franchise experience. A cryptic message from Bondโ€™s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation, Spectre. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Spectre. Daniel Craig returns as 007 along with Ralph Fiennes as the new M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, and Ben Whishaw as Q. New cast members include Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Dave Bautista and Lea Seydoux. Sony Pictures will release Spectre in theaters on November 6th, 2015 this fall.

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Bond's... Brother? Bum Bum BAAHHHHMMM

Nick Sears on Mar 27, 2015


Was that a very disheveled Mr. White?!?! I'm so hoping they pick up the Casino Royale/Quantum storyline they seemed to have ignored in Skyfall. Hopefully Mr. White will bridge the Quantum organization to Spectre (they both have cool clubhouse rings?).

Gohikeone on Mar 27, 2015


yep, think so. intriguing. not sure about Judi Dench's M 'not being MI6', but i'll reserve judgement til we see more. *lot* of unanswered questions from that trailer - so job done, i guess.

son_et_lumiere on Mar 27, 2015


Total shame in my book they built up this evil and sinister organization, connected at the highest levels of government, that is pretty Spectre-ish and then just act like it doesn't exist (in Skyfall). So hopefully Quantum turns out to be Spectre or a front group of it or in some other way connected.

Gohikeone on Mar 27, 2015


sounds plausible, especially if Mr White's back. i need to know, now, so the teaser's a success for me!

son_et_lumiere on Mar 27, 2015



DAVIDPD on Mar 27, 2015


Cut off one book, two films will take it's place! (bad placement for the joke here, but I just made it up).

Akirakorn on Mar 27, 2015


"You're a kite dancing in a hurricane..." GAhhH!!!! I can't wait for this to be released!!~

DAVIDPD on Mar 27, 2015


Oh, "kite". Yes, that makes more sense.

Snev De la Fontaine on Mar 28, 2015


I'm not the only one who heard 'c**t'?

Matt C on Mar 28, 2015


I thought he said it as well..

Steven on Mar 28, 2015


You were not, Sir.

Snev De la Fontaine on Mar 28, 2015


I watch too much BBC...

DAVIDPD on Mar 28, 2015


another good piece of mindless fun ...

shiboleth on Mar 27, 2015


Can't wait for this ! I have been a fan of Bond ever since watching Quantum of Solace, and while the writers and directors drove away from the Bond style, it still made made me interested in the Bond films and started to dig into them throughout my teenage hood. Casino Royale was in my opinion one of the best movies (in general) EVER made, and with Skyfall, it felt like the producers wanted to drag Bond back to its roots, while at the same keeping a modernized version and keeping it fresh. Skyfall was an amazing film, and the producers did an amazing job in honoring the character and the mythology, all the while having Bond in a unique mission to save Judi Dench's M. After Skyfall's ending I was more than pleased with how Sam Mendes and Co. successfully transitioned Craig's Bond officially the classic "James Bond," bringing back Moneypenny, Q, and a male M (perfect casting with Ralph Fiennes by the way). Now, all I was expecting from the producers was to bring back the classic James Bond feel completely, and after it was announced that the film was going to be called SPECTRE, I was excited for what was coming ahead in Nov. 2015. This trailer just made me even more anxious, with the return of evil organizations to the Bond films, the amazing cinematography that keeps the feel of Skyfall, the return of Mr. White, and above all, the return of Craig as Bond. The writers seem to be doing no wrong, with that line from Mr. White of Bond being a "kite dancing in a hurricane," lets us know these writers are insanely good at what they do.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 27, 2015


"I have been a fan of Bond ever since watching Quantum of Solace." Jeez. How old are you?

octopus9498 on Mar 27, 2015



SallySpider on Mar 27, 2015


bahahahaha This is like saying "I've been a huge Transformers fan since Transformers 3"

SallySpider on Mar 27, 2015


He goes on to say QoS was the first he'd seen which caused him to dig into the rest. Yes, QoS was crap, guy watched the others and loved them. At least read the whole post and tbh, in general, WHAT IS EVEN YOUR PROBLEM?? I thought we were all here because we loved movies, apparently you're here to knock people who love movies.

blargh on Mar 29, 2015


HAHAHA Fucking noob twat.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 28, 2015


I was also a bit taken aback with the sentence "a fan (...) ever since watching Quantum of Solace" because, in my opinion, that is probably the worst of the lot. But I'm not sure any negative comments read anything else you wrote, because the rest of it I found quite agreeable and marking you out as a true Bond-fan (whatever that is).

Snev De la Fontaine on Mar 28, 2015


Oh man this is how you tease. Cant wait. Look so much better than the Mission Impossible trailer.

Mr Chatterbox on Mar 27, 2015


Not really

SallySpider on Mar 27, 2015


I know which one I'd put money on.

Mr Chatterbox on Mar 28, 2015


Transformers made more money than . Who cares?

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


Huge Bond fan...this did nothing for me

SallySpider on Mar 27, 2015


Absolutely agree. James Bond Begins was inept at best. This looks like a narcotized Kubrick did a Bond film. Mendes is the worst thing to happen to the series.

Guest on Mar 27, 2015


Fully disagree, Mendes is bringing Bond back.

Xerxexx on Mar 28, 2015


Skyfall is one of the most overrated movies ever made.

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


Im glad im not alone on that notion. Aside from some horrid casting choices, Mendez cannot direct action. Ridiculous narrative choices and don't get me started on that rubbish Bond score by Newman. Good for Mendez that he can cover up his weaknesses with pretty cinematography. But heh, Bond is Bond and i have never missed a movie. So im hoping that this one is better than Skyfall.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 28, 2015


That is a rather lazy blanket outlook don't you think?

Xerxexx on Mar 28, 2015


It's called an opinion. Google the word.

SallySpider on Mar 29, 2015


Fully disagree. Because Martin Campbell was the one bringing Bond back. Lets give credit where credit is due.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 28, 2015


Indeed sir.

Xerxexx on Mar 28, 2015


Right on!

ari smulders on Mar 29, 2015


Well said on Martin Campbell. He's actually brought back Bond twice (Brosnan and Craig) but seemingly he does his thing and relaunches the franchise and the makers then kick him to the kerb so they can flit around with their pretentious new director friends.

Payne by name on Mar 29, 2015


I agree on Mendes being all wrong. He can't direct action for shit but even the non action scenes in Skyfall were lame. The writing was bad, the setting was bad and it was just incredibly poor. I despair for some people's bar of excellence being so low that they were wetting their knickers over Skyfall. Because Skyfall performed so well at the box office, this will be equally poor and continue to drive the franchise into the ground. The makers are only concerned with ticking their Bond boxes, make no attempt to get intelligently creative and raise as much cash from product placement. The series has now become pantomime in its woeful attempts to look cool and moody but actually be as empty and vacuous as a paper bag.

Payne by name on Mar 28, 2015


you cant judge a "teaser" with only few months of footage shot...this is just a service for the fans to get them ready for what SPECTRE is all about

desispeed on Mar 28, 2015


this is the dumbest thing I've ever read. If teaser's can't be judged then what's the point of making them?

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


what did you really expect from a 90 sec teaser with a few months footage shot and is a long way from post production being done? The fans that wanted a tease of Spectre got what they wanted, I guess ur not into that plot line

desispeed on Mar 28, 2015


Something that would make me want to see the movie MARKETING 101 Not too bright are you

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


Be gone troll.....transformer 3 trailer got u excited .....Ur obviously not the intended audience anyway

desispeed on Mar 28, 2015


STFU moron. Transformers is garbage made for fools like you. How dumb you must be not to realize the whole point of a trailer is to sell you on something. Did u go 2 coolage? Or duz u flip burgers?

SallySpider on Mar 29, 2015


The only real take away for me from this is how great it looks visually. This and Skyfall are really in love with silhouettes. I love that aspect of this darker look. Not all that intrigued, but I like the direction. Almost felt like a Mikael Blomkvist movie by Fincher.

NathanDewey on Mar 27, 2015


Nice. FINALLY actually excited to see one of the new Bond films. Need me some SPECTRE in my Bond.

grimjob on Mar 27, 2015



jay on Mar 27, 2015



ari smulders on Mar 27, 2015


yes yes yes

Josh W on Mar 27, 2015



redskulllives on Mar 27, 2015


The theme...the theme!

Xerxexx on Mar 28, 2015


Exellent choices in villains lately in bond movies

ProjectionistHP on Mar 28, 2015


Christoph Waltz does seem like he was born to be a bond villain.

Elbak on Mar 28, 2015


I enjoy the Bond films, but I wouldn't say this a "must watch" teaser trailer. That's kind of stretching it a bit.

Jason Scarpelli on Mar 28, 2015


def doesnt have any must see action in the teaser but alot of us Connery Bond fans have waited for SPECTRE to finally come back into the plot lines so its exciting

desispeed on Mar 28, 2015


So freaking excited about this. Glad to see them tie in the whole Quantum thing. Shows class not to just let it go.

Nielsen700 on Mar 28, 2015


Yes yes excited.

hooch on Mar 28, 2015


I fail to see all this excitement with Daniel Craig' 'bond'...most of it is pretty boring really!.....What's real exciting is the forthcoming 'Jason Bourne' film with Matt Damon in 2016. 'bourne' is NOW the benchmark, and the bond producers KNOW IT!....which is why they went for Craig, in the first place! People need to calm down, 'Jason Bourne' is THE MAN!

lindsay george on Mar 28, 2015


Not really, but Im glad you like those films.

Brian Sleider on Mar 28, 2015


All 3 Jason Bourne movies felt like one long repetitive action scene...I couldn't tell you the plot of any of the movies if my life depended on it.

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


something something treadstone, something something amnesia.

Brian Sleider on Mar 28, 2015


Whats with the yelling and the .... ? Maybe lay off the coffee before posting. ๐Ÿ™‚ The benchmark is wrong, IMO. As much as i enjoyed the Bourne movies they have nothing to do with Bond and shouldn't. And really all 3 Bourne movies felt like one long action movie. Bourne runs, FBI sitting in monitor stacked room, failt to track him, car chase, he runs some more. FBI boss is yelling at colleagues for not catching Bourne. I dunno, i did enjoy them but if anything at all, i would like to see some better action in Spectre. Mendez's action is weak IMO. But Bourne is that and he isn't Bond.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 28, 2015


Well, well Mr. Bond... Have you seen my puss? Looks great!

Armitall on Mar 28, 2015


Exquisite looking, just like the last.

Quanah on Mar 28, 2015


This is going to be really good just like Skyfall. Very exciting.

Andrew on Mar 28, 2015


a comment was made on 'Jason bourne' having no plot, well sally it's not exactly 'a plot', it's about a lethal assassin trying to find out what happened, after a mission went wrong, hence losing his memory. Spread out over 3 terrific movies!......forget Renner's version, which was a complete waste of time. The 'bond' films have been tying very hard to emulate the action sequences of the 'bourne' films each time....Daniel Craig is all 'too serious' now as bond. Where is the wit, charm, and tongue-in-cheek of Connery? Damon and Greengrass's 'Bourne' can't come soon enough! bring it on, and watch the box office returns when it arrives...nuff said!

lindsay george on Mar 28, 2015


You're so cute

SallySpider on Mar 28, 2015


I disagree. I'd hate to go back to the insane stunts and non stop slapstick of the Roger Moore era. OHMSS was my first Bond at the theater and that was a very serious, strong film. Craig's character has that same serious tone to him.

Mr. Guymon on Mar 28, 2015


Exactly, couldn't agree more

Mr. Guymon on Mar 28, 2015


Skyfall was a means to an end; that's all. I didn't hate it; but I think there is plenty of room for a much better story. The cinematography was outstanding on that film; probably the very best of any Bond film.

DaveLister_JMC on Mar 28, 2015


Skyfall was the best bond film since Connery. If you don't realize this you probably aren't a fan of the series anyway.

blargh on Mar 29, 2015

71 it's not...not by a million miles. It's not even the best Daniel Craig Bond movie. I'd rather watch half the Roger Moore movies before every watching it again. Both Timothy Dalton movies. Goldeneye. And Casino Royale is still the best Craig movie.

SallySpider on Mar 29, 2015


I disagree.

blargh on Mar 29, 2015


If you think that, you have no idea what a good movie is.

Brian Sleider on Mar 29, 2015


Name a better bond film since Connery's then. Specifically in term of that Bond-film style. I never even said it was a great movie ffs, but a great Bond film yes, it is.

blargh on Mar 29, 2015


Since Connery? Skyfall isn't even the best Craig film (Casino Royale). Hell, Quantum of Solace is better than Skyfall (and makes twice as much sense). Two films before Bond is a fledgling agent, just recently getting his 00 status, then he's about to retire. Made absolutely NO sense. Then there's the far-fetched Skyfall plot...

Bl00dwerK on Mar 29, 2015


Casino Royal.

Brian Sleider on Mar 29, 2015


Great points but I draw particular attention to "apart from the insulting use of the one female character (who they cast as a rape victim and then kill off with almost disdainful indifference)". That scene was all wrong and a good example of the woeful writing and scene setting. She tells Bond that she was sold as a sex slave at 13, which generates sympathy in the audience, and we then cut to a perfunctory and utterly irrelevant sex scene. Why talk about the characters background and then not grasp that the story that you tell might resonate with the audience, making them feel a little uncomfortable and uneasy about Bond exploiting her for a quick shag. But, as I've said before, the makers are now so lazy that they just want to tick the relevant boxes and that ticked the 'sexy Bond girl' box.

Payne by name on Mar 30, 2015


Spot on to you with your analysis. He does very little and achieves very little. His decision to retreat to a remote part of the country away from any form of assistance in his defense of M is just ridiculous, though no more ridiculous than the lake that suddenly appears when Bond is trying to get to M but wasn't there when M was traversing the moors with her gamekeeper friend who was waving the torch around.

Payne by name on Mar 30, 2015


You should probably watch mover films if you honestly believe that.

IamSlave on Mar 29, 2015


Mover films?

SallySpider on Mar 29, 2015


I think he meant "fewer"

Terry Craig on Mar 29, 2015


"Most over rated of the last 10 years" is certainly hyperbole, It was certainly over rated though. It was a plot hole filled mess of poor writing.

Brian Sleider on Mar 29, 2015


I really enjoyed the Shanghai sequence, but the rest of the movie was just bleh

AwesomeWave on Mar 29, 2015


God you guys are hard to please, how about Skyfall is the highest grossing bond film to date, because people went in there droves to see it?? That must say something. For my part, Craig is the best since Connery, but i think each actor brought their own slant on the part, they were the right bond for that time. I think this next film will be epic, and i loved skyfall.

LBR on Mar 29, 2015


Transformers 4 was the highest grossing film of last year. Box office performance is no indicator of quality.

Payne by name on Mar 30, 2015


Its the highest grossing bond film of all time?? I think that has to say something? 92% on rotten tomatoes?? And thats the critics? transformers : age of extinction, 18%

LBR on Mar 30, 2015


Then I must concede that I am clearly in the minority. Does great at the box office and loved by the critics, I'm sure the makers won't be troubling themselves with the naysayers like myself! It's a real shame for the franchise.

Payne by name on Mar 31, 2015


as i said, valid point on that female character, waste to kill her off, i would have like to see some character development, which may well have been left on the cutting room floor. it may be the book, expands , its a fair point though

LBR on Mar 31, 2015


you did make a valid point though in your earlier post, but I'm not sure bond was ever about real life tbh!

LBR on Mar 30, 2015


Trailer looks great. This is my year, really. Bond AND Mission Impossible!

Bl00dwerK on Mar 29, 2015


I can watch Casino Royale and QoS over and over, but Skyfall just didn't do anything for me except for a couple of scenes.

AwesomeWave on Mar 29, 2015


I agree. So far i like all the Bond movies in the order that they came out: Casino 1st, QoS 2nd, and Skyfall last. Lets see if Spectre will supercede any of its previous.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 30, 2015


Great teaser trailer!

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 30, 2015


I think this is the last dramatic and grounded Bond film that I'm ready to tolerate. I'm sure it will be fine like the others (didn't know Skyfall was so contended!) but I'd like to get back to tank chases and space lasers now.

OfficialJab on Mar 30, 2015

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