Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four'

January 27, 2015
Source: Fox

Fantastic Four

Hot on the heels of last night's first look photo from the set of Fantastic Four, the new adaptation of the Marvel comic book, the teaser trailer for the film from director Josh Trank has arrived. It's been a long wait to see footage from this movie, but man, this looks pretty damn good. This doesn't even feel like a comic book movie, almost having the feel of an indie sci-fi flick. This looks impressive as hell, and I can't wait to see Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. Any worries there might have been about the quality of the film have been pushed away for now, and I'm excited to see this movie.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four from 20th Century Fox:

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle) and written by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past). The contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell star in the film which 20th Century Fox releases on August 7th. Well?

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Not a fan of the narrative but visually its a lot better than I expected. Not going to make too many judgements given that this is only a glimpse.

Jon Odishaw on Jan 27, 2015


Words. You took 'em out of my mouth.

avconsumer2 on Jan 27, 2015


It would of been real hard to make it worse then the previous Fantastic Four movies. But this does look promising. I'll bite.

Franklin Carpio on Jan 27, 2015


Wow, what a way to wash away any fear. This looks to be shot incredibly well, doesn't have that popcorn feel to it. Some shots reminded me of past Christopher Nolan films which isn't a bad thing at all. However my gripe is the cast. Yes, they are all fine actors but they just don't feel like the right group for me, but a great story and production will make me forget that.

Matthew on Jan 27, 2015


Agree 100% Matthew, I'm just not sure on the "team" dynamic

TXSteadyEddie on Jan 27, 2015


This looks way better and feels better than the first ones. A darker tone to it. I'm hoping Dr. Doom is the Dr. Doom we've been waiting for.

Andrew on Jan 27, 2015


I hope the original rumor about him being a psychotic basement-dwelling computer hacker are false...

stavi82 on Jan 27, 2015


Handy tip for not getting caught up in the hype: watch without the sound on. Looks like standard fare, except with a terrible logo redesign.

txJM on Jan 27, 2015


They ruined the Logo! Why would you destroy something so iconic? The 4 in the circle was perfect! LAME.

Ammon Anderson on Jan 27, 2015



Brian Sleider on Jan 27, 2015


It's so dark...I love it!

qweqwu on Jan 27, 2015


Trank said this trailer was supposed to have an easter egg of some sort. Could somebody help me to find it?

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 27, 2015


At the 00:47 mark you would see in red on the large bank of screens. That is an IP address that leads to a Marvel Wikia article on Latveria - the place of van Doom! I don't know if there are any other Easter eggs in the trailer.

Sineman on Jan 27, 2015


That's it? Okay...

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 27, 2015


Saw some rocks

The Walking Cuban on Jan 27, 2015


After that picture, all I could think of was "Solomon Grundy wants pants, too!"

CoosCoos on Jan 27, 2015


Very excited for this! And I might be on my own but I love the new logo. The square makes more sense, four equal likes working together to make one shape.

Nathan Williams on Jan 27, 2015


I agree about the logo. It works and the circle logo is now unfortunately associated with the dire first movies so a simple redesign makes sense in that respect too.

izakkson on Jan 27, 2015


definitely not a square, though. just from looking at it, the lines are clearly unequal. a circle makes more sense as they are all together as one. knights of the round table-type vibe, ya know?

Brian James Parker on Jan 27, 2015


that said, i like the new logo too, though.

Brian James Parker on Jan 27, 2015


I'm certainly curious...but it has a feel like nearly every other "young adult, near future/dystopia" movie out there. And while that may be fine, as a man in his 40's I just don't feel compelled to see it. Yes, I am a bit old fashioned and kinda like my super hero stories the same way, and I am ok with a so called fresh take on the beginning of these people. But it seems to be quite a departure from the original source. I think I'll give it a chance, just not excited about it yet.

theslayer5150 on Jan 27, 2015


Definitely made me a lot more interested in seeing this. Before this I was definitely going to skip this one in the theatre due to comic book overload. I'll wait and see what the full trailers look like and some reviews before I'm fully convinced though.

izakkson on Jan 27, 2015


Wow...expacted something....other than that. That feeling in this trailer is awesome! Never thought i would like it because of the strange cast. But they're looking very good. Younger...but...good. Maybe that movie will be much better than expacted.

Dubmaster2010 on Jan 27, 2015


i love what trank is doing here in a world where super hero films are very safe and formulaic and stick to a specific set of rules i like that trank is bringing his own creative voice and vision to this property it feels different,fresh and something we haven't seen before in a comic book film

HG2012 on Jan 27, 2015


Trailer talky but movie looks good.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 27, 2015


This sums up precisely how I feel about it.

Armitall on Jan 27, 2015


From the studio that gave you X-MEN days of the Future Wolverine, Wolverine 2: THE Wolverine, The Wolverine Origins: Wolverine. And next: Wolverinocalypse.

capitandelespacio on Jan 27, 2015


I watched the trailer 5 times now. For's the best trailer since a long time. I got no expectations...but that was great! Maybe just a damn good trailer...but my hopes for a good movie rising.

Dubmaster2010 on Jan 27, 2015


I gotta admit. I had very little hope for this movie just because of the past films, all the rumored troubles, the rumored plot, etc but damn this trailer makes the film look good. Hope thats the case.

IamSlave on Jan 27, 2015


I don't know....still looks very rebooty

TheOct8pus on Jan 27, 2015


Alternate universe? Negative Zone? This might drastically change my outlook on this movie...

stavi82 on Jan 27, 2015


"from the studio that brought you xmen..."? has created a lot more than just xmen dofp....alotta crap in that portfolio.

Christian Good on Jan 27, 2015


So you would prefer a trailer, that would list in the beginning everything that studio has released before?

ProjectionistHP on Jan 27, 2015


Do they still own Silver Surfer too?

OfficialJab on Jan 27, 2015


Not sold yet

mathieu leborgne on Jan 27, 2015


I found the first movies not that interesting, maybe not my heroes but trank did a wonderful job with chronicle, I loved that movie. This is not it for me, sorry...

ari smulders on Jan 27, 2015


I'm usually not for reboots/remakes or whatever, but this franchise really needs it. With the exception of Silver Surfer, those movies were terrible. Still not really interested here, but needs to be done. Hope its worthwhile.

grimjob on Jan 27, 2015


I hate the entirety of this casting.

Astroboy3000 on Jan 27, 2015


Nothing interesting.

grimjob on Jan 27, 2015


I like the darker tone and I like the fact its not a comedy. The previous movies had awful acting along with an awful script. Im holding my judgements til I can watch some decent plot/dialogue to go with the cool shots.

timnimbus on Jan 27, 2015


it doesn't look or feel like the Fantastic Four. that was proven by the script, but this just feels like a heavy sci-fi movie with the name "Fantastic Four". it may end up being good, but this shouldn't really be considered the FF. Still, the best thing that could happen to this franchise is it reverting back to it's owners. Everything Marvel is doing right now plays into the FF so well - unfortunately they can't do anything with them.

ColtNoir on Jan 27, 2015


What's wrong with that? I'd rather have a heavy sci-fi movie with superheroes thrown into it than just another mediocre comic flick...I am getting tired of Marvel's mediocrity, though I know i am one of few, since IM3 made a billion, which kinda worries me about the future of the quality of Marvel/Disney movies...

dawko on Jan 27, 2015


then why even bother watching Comic book movies? you clearly aren't interested. Also, don't compare that crap IM3 to the rest of what Marvel has been doing. and of course it made a ton of money...It's IM and that's arguably the face of the Marvel movie franchise. If I pay to see something called "Fantastic Four" it should feel like a Fantastic Four movie, not some something that just so happens to use their names. This is essentially a Chronicle type spinoff - which is fine, and as I said, it may be a good movie. but it's not the Fantastic Four, by any means.

ColtNoir on Jan 28, 2015


Okay...I'm getting tingles.

Xerxexx on Jan 27, 2015


Michael B Jordan is the next big thing.

ragethorn on Jan 27, 2015


I hope people will now shut up about this film. All the talk over the net for the past few months has bashed this film, from the actors, to the script etc. The trailer speaks for itself, this has potential and much promise

cg on Jan 27, 2015


Any time a movie needs to refer to another movie for being considered credible, its a red flag for me. It means the filmmakers themselves have doubts if the movie will sell on its own. Marvel did it with Guardians and although it turned out to be a good movie, I was still cautious going in, and it sure was a gamble for Marvel.

theboyd on Jan 27, 2015


This argument is retarded

Ryan on Jan 27, 2015


I don't think it is. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones was extremely different than any other PA movie before it, but for whatever reason (likely piggy-backing off the success of PA's previous films), they kept the PA namesake. That's the most recent example I can think of off the top of my head, besides theboyd's Guardians Of The Galaxy comment. Marvel tossed in their credentials for people unfamiliar with the GotG characters. It gains a viewer's trust. Marvel's had a track record of superhero movies, now come watch Marvel entertain you with a talking tree and raccoon! Meanwhile FOX, who previously failed with Fantastic Four (twice!), wants to remind us they made Days Of Future Past in order to assure us they're now capable of getting it right this time. After failing twice, I think this reboot really requires the reassurance. Whether the movie is actually a better attempt at the characters or not remains unseen...

ThrashyTrends on Jan 27, 2015


It is always the case with the trailers, don't you agree? From the producers of XYZ, director of ABC, always placed in a trailer. Granted that this one had a voice over, which makes it feel like a more desperate case. If such is the case where a reference to a previous movie will be a red flag, then indie movies by new comer directors are the only hope. #2cents

Sineman on Jan 27, 2015


Ah, I see what you're saying. There must be more involved to it. Some do come off desperate, some just whiz by with little acknowledgement. I guess a part of it could be just how they present it. It either slips through subtly, or sticks out like a sore thumb.

ThrashyTrends on Jan 27, 2015


I agree, I don't get it.

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


Been looking forward to this...Now I can't wait...this was a great tease!

Danimal on Jan 27, 2015


I don't care, i'll be whenever Kate Mara is. Sweet, sweet, Kate Mara

toonfed on Jan 27, 2015


But right underneath her is Kevin Spacey :/

JuanJondre on Jan 27, 2015


Oh yeah, I agree about sweet Kate... As for the movie, how bad can it be if she's in it..?

shiboleth on Jan 27, 2015


the only good thing she's done is get pushed in front of a subway.

Astroboy3000 on Jan 27, 2015


And well... the logo sucks.

toonfed on Jan 27, 2015


FINALLY someone said it. Yeah, it's hip to be square I guess.

Akirakorn on Jan 29, 2015


Looks like the re4l de4l so f4r.

Quanah on Jan 27, 2015


I know it is just a teaser but where is the group dynamic? This is a team story. I didn't get that feeling here.

Maxx on Jan 27, 2015


This being an origin story, the teaser weighs towards the individuals before they team up to fight Doom, I guess. And as you said it, its still a teaser.

Sineman on Jan 27, 2015


they were a family at the start. thats the point. right? i dunno, i'm not a FF fan, but i'm sure the family dynamic was the only good point about em

Akirakorn on Jan 29, 2015


they look more credible than last ones ...

shiboleth on Jan 27, 2015


Seems like AGAIN, a studio wants to rewrite the source material to put their own mark on the story line. The original source material was good, studios just need to do it right from the source like Disney has. THAT is why they are successful. Disney was able to tweak things because they respected the source material and ran with it, not totally rewrite it. I see a failure of magnificent scale with this. If you want to make a totally different movie than the source, just write your own, don't steal a good concept and trash it. Seems most studios just cannot grasp that simple concept. A square peg trying to fit in a round hole.

JB1794 on Jan 27, 2015


Still keeping my reserve on skepticality but i have to admit that the teaser was pretty captivating.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 27, 2015


I think they are over-compensating for the 'silly' last two films and are taking this one way too seriously. This isn't 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Chris Groves on Jan 27, 2015


Ohhh here it is, Chris Groves ladies and gentlemen, always putting his uptight and stale 2 cents worth in. What exactly would make you happy, this one is too silly, this one is too serious... what the fk makes you happy. Let's make sure we talk to Chris Groves before we make another movie guys. What are doing in life Chris?? If you're better then go out and make a fcking movie that will be perfect in every way and make everyone happy. Oh wait, you don't make movies you just criticize the work of others who do.... Ahhh, man that felt good.

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


Now that you've relieved yourself, honey, go back downstairs and troll some more websites. I'll bring you a Pop-Tart later.

txJM on Jan 28, 2015


I was just giving an opinion. Don't be mad just because it doesn't line up with your own. This movie COULD end up being great. All we have to go off of is a trailer, and this trailer made the film look like it was being too serious for a film based on these characters to be. Believe it or not, movies don't just come in two styles of 'super duper serious' or 'absolutely silly and stupid'. Just because ONE doesn't work doesn't mean you need to go to the other extreme. The vast majority of the great superhero movies fall somewhere in between. And maybe THIS film will fall in between as well, but for right now, we just have this completely "We're making a high brow movie" tone to go off of, so that is what I'm basing my judgment on. Whatever I'm doing, it is 5 times more valuable to society then trying to start petty arguments and debates with people over the internet.

Chris Groves on Feb 1, 2015


Screw me for having an opinion, right? Also, whatever I AM doing, I know it is contributing more to society than going around and trying to start online squabbles on the internet.

Chris Groves on Feb 2, 2015


this looks terrible. I don't get FF from that teaser at all. - I also think the 4 leads are miscast......and I can't get used to a black johnny storm......what's next - johnny depp cast as tupac shakur?

dan on Jan 27, 2015


A) At least use a race swap of fictional characters. The white Tupac/Malcom X/Martin Luther King thing doesn't work. That being said.. B) I'd pay MONEY to see Depp as Tupac. (in Sparrow voice) "I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races ... mate"

Duane on Jan 28, 2015


I would like to see a white Blade movie

Carlos Coca on Jan 28, 2015


No, if they cast Johnny Depp as Tupac, that would be racist. If you cast a black actor in a white role, it's progressive, but if you cast a white actor in a black role it's racist.

Daniel Jesse Spade on Jan 28, 2015


FF was created in a time when black people were drinking from different water fountains. so maybe its a bad example.

Jon Odishaw on Jan 28, 2015


you're proving exactly what my point is - the whole notion that you just mentioned is ridiculous.....and I'm NOT saying YOU are ridiculous - but that common belief IS nonsense.

dan on Jan 30, 2015


I was agreeing with you, with a little ridiculousness for effect.

Daniel Jesse Spade on Jan 31, 2015


I kind of figured you were - that's why I didn't go on any more than I did. thanks for the reply!

dan on Feb 5, 2015


YAY, let's throw in a token to be PC.

Thundercleese on Jan 27, 2015


let me guess, your a disenfranchised white male?

MrKuel on Jan 28, 2015


Why no. Not at all. I'm just pointing out the obvious. To much for you?

Thundercleese on Jan 28, 2015


I was being sarcastic as I stated to txJM. its not to much for me. actually I would like for you to elaborate on why you are negative about a change in the character.

MrKuel on Jan 28, 2015


I'll answer that. Because the original character is not black. I'm not interested in seeing a reboot of Shaft played by a white actor and I would like my FF4 characters to stay the color I know them by in the comics. Real simple, dude.

Richard Abella on Jan 28, 2015


I guess I'm curious as to why it matters. the majority of people that complain are white but have no problems with ethnic characters being portrayed by white European or American actors.

MrKuel on Jan 31, 2015


Name one.

txJM on Feb 1, 2015


How about most of the movies with Jesus in it?

Kyle on Mar 13, 2015


I said "name one".

txJM on Mar 13, 2015


I'm a disenfranchised, white male. What of it?

txJM on Jan 28, 2015


I was being sarcastic. could you explain how you are a disenfranchised white male?

MrKuel on Jan 28, 2015


Does that need explanation?

txJM on Jan 30, 2015


no, your inability to answer it is your answer

MrKuel on Jan 31, 2015


Neckbeard alert.

txJM on Jan 31, 2015


Can't disrespect Trank, the cinematography is top notch. The actors are all very talented individuals. However, this project is just stupid. Fox are setting themselves up to fail again and all of the fans have to suffer for it.

Dimius on Jan 27, 2015


nobody cares about F4 it was barely in the top 100 of selling comic books and it is why marvel cancelled the comic since no one was buying it

HG2012 on Jan 27, 2015


Comic books have a generally small amount of consumers anyway. I'm of the opinion that Marvel pulled the FF comic because they did not want to indirectly support this film. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's on an "indefinite hiatus" as a tactic on the path to slowly earning the rights of FF back.

Dimius on Jan 27, 2015


Really, who reads the FF? Compared to the other comic related movies, exactly. So go into this movie as a fresh start.

mooreworthy on Jan 27, 2015


What are you talking about, nobody is complaining. Buy hey, thanks for bringing it up.

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


I've been against this since the beginning, but that was a damn good trailer. I may have to eat my words.

MattPeloquin on Jan 27, 2015


Out of curiosity, why were you against it? I was for the new Batman flicks by Nolan because the last ones (even the Burton ones) were too goofy. I was against more Spiderman movies because the Raimi ones were good. I am for rebooting Fantastic Four because those last ones were awful. Gruffudd stunk (loved him in King Arthur so that's disappointing), Chiklis was two-dimensional at best and Alba never got one scene right. She was terrible. For me it just depends on the quality of the prior attempts.

LightningB on Jan 27, 2015


Too many changes to the story and script issues, that shitty leaked photo of Doom looking like he's wearing footie pajamas, rumors of problems with Trank coming to set all strung out on coke, and it took them a loooooong time to release anything official from the set besides that instagram selfie when principle photography wrapped. This just goes to show that I shouldn't care what's going on in the kitchen though, as long as my steak still comes out medium rare.

MattPeloquin on Jan 27, 2015


I was in the same mindset. Mainly because of casting. But like MattyP, I may eat my words.

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


Raimi's spidey was shit.

ColtNoir on Jan 28, 2015


Spiderman 3 was crap I'll admit but I enjoyed the first 2(minus Kirsten Dunst in the 2nd one).

LightningB on Jan 28, 2015


people hate on Garfield but his Peter/Spidey is much truer to the comics nowadays. much more so than Raimi's version.

ColtNoir on Jan 29, 2015


ant man trailer looks like dog shit compared to this

HG2012 on Jan 27, 2015


Did I just watch I just watch the teaser for Interstellar 2?

CE1986 on Jan 27, 2015


wow. and I thought the ant man trailer was bad

Michael Miller on Jan 27, 2015


And I thought you were straight. The world is full of surprises, isn't it?

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


Using homosexuality as an insult. How far we've come.

txJM on Jan 28, 2015


Casting aside, from what I have read so far about this movie, it's going to be nothing like what fans of the comics are used to. The last two movies were a disservice to the comics and this one will be as well. I can't wait until Marvel regains the rights to the FF and X-Men. Sure they won't follow the comics panel to panel but it will be worlds better than what Fox has been giving us long time fans.

Jay on Jan 27, 2015


Besides the trailer exceeding expectations like most, the one part that blew my mind was the usage of the Broadchurch soundtrack! If you enjoyed the music, here you go!

zer0limit on Jan 27, 2015


Well, it *looks* pretty enough, I guess. It's a teaser, so not much to see right now. I liked Chronicle, it was a well thought out movie that was nicely done, so it's probable that this should be reasonable. And possibly Trank has done a better job of The Thing, though until we see more... My gripe though, is that if you're going to take source material, why twist it until it's almost not recognisable anymore. For the most part, Marvel Studios has done right with their characters, but Fox (and Sony) continue to take such large steps to distance themselves from the source material that I'm really not sure why they bother. Clearly in this instance, Fox didn't want to just rehash their original movies, hence the change of direction, and director, but this could be any (almost stereo)typical sci-fi movie. Not saying I'll give it a miss (for you haters out there), and I'll reserve final judgement until I see it, but...not digging it that much right now.

1ftninja on Jan 27, 2015


This doesn't look bad though I do have a problem with Miles Teller. He's always reminded me of a poor mans Vince Vaughan and I just find it hard to overlook that. Am I the only one that doesn't mind the first two films? The actors were all good, the FX were impressive and I thought they were good films. Chris Evans' Johnny Storm was always likeable for being a character that actually wanted to be a hero rather than a miserable reluctant one. Well I thought they were good and besides who could ever forget Jessica Alba saying "I'm so hot for you right now".

Payne by name on Jan 28, 2015


Yes, you are the only one who didn't mind the first two fims.

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


He's not the only one. I heard of one other person who that's not true. You're right, he's the only one.

LightningB on Jan 28, 2015


Ha, ha. Well that's a shame as I found them entertaining but I guess the only reason Fox are remaking them is so they don't lose the license rather than wanting to make amends for their previous attempts.

Payne by name on Jan 29, 2015


Kudos to you big guy. I think I preferred the second one more and I agree that the family dynamic were well played along with the friendly antagonism between Johnny and Ben. That's also a great point about Johnny and Sue. I'm all for diversity but that does make it a little silly doesn't it?

Payne by name on Jan 29, 2015


looks decent so far. I can imagine it being about as good as X-Men first class and then going downhill with the next ala Days of future past. to bad they didn't have the guts to make Johnny's sister black as well. I'm most disappointed about the probable lack of toys due to the Disney/Marvel freeze out on Fox. So far - no toys for X-men movies, FF4 comic cancelled, Wolverine killed in comics, Deadpool is going to die. Gambit probably will die of syphilis next. It will be interesting to observe the ongoing war over Marvel properties.

MrKuel on Jan 28, 2015


Still not hyped up to see it, but it now looks worth a look if I can fit it in w the other summer films.

VAharleywitch on Jan 28, 2015


Cant remember if anyone had any issues with a latina Sue Storm for the last FF movie series.

Duane on Jan 28, 2015


No she was breaking out then (like MB Jordan), really hot (like MB... don't be shy guys admit it) and it wasn't cliche then. Then the bleached her out and gave her shit dialogue/character. I know she's not the greatest actor, but she didn't screw up a good character. It was already *(#&#). As the only female character in the damn movie (of note) she shouldv'e had more purpose than "girl the geeks want, when there not busy with what they really want". She was pretty much an afterthought to Doom and Mr. Fantastic, so yeah.

Akirakorn on Jan 29, 2015


Nice and dark, I like it!!! The Thing, from what I saw, looks badass. Can't wait to see Dr. Doom... he is in this right??

Angry Lester on Jan 28, 2015


Doom is an angry blogger.

ColtNoir on Jan 28, 2015


Anderton, your tastes in movies are questionable, favorite actor..Ryan Gosling. For some time when i see one of your posts i cringe. Especially the hype you bring to this movie. And you won't bother to see it, but hey, i quote "Any worries there might have been about the quality of the film have been pushed away for now". Don't mislead people, this movie is unnecesary.

morello on Jan 29, 2015


Funny how that whole, "Don't judge a movie by its trailer" line is only brought out when the trailers suck, isn't it? When the trailer is halfway decent, it's suddenly okay for the editors and the fanboys to drool all over the place.

txJM on Feb 1, 2015


Really, I can't agree with you more, morello. I think this movie sucks,,and this is only a teaser, yeah, well I won't be spending money on this one..and I think other people should too. the thing is it will get later a lot of publicity, and through that, the people will be manipulated so that they all go and watch it,, just like that crap movie the guardians of the galaxy, or that hunger games one...

JUAN B DEHAES GARCIA on Jan 29, 2015


i love the direction of this movie so glad it is'nt another cheese fest comedic super hero movie like GOTG this feels like it has a message,some depth to the lore and characters and has a very cerebral tone and feel

HG2012 on Jan 30, 2015


Sooo... can Chris Evans just be Cap., then, and Forget all about that (Bless her Heart) Jessica-Alba Crap? THANK, GOD.

Mark Brackney on Jan 31, 2015


The title of the movie is embarrassing..

Joop Agema on Feb 12, 2015

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