Must Watch: First Trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

April 17, 2015
Source: Twitter

Batman v Superman Trailer

"Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky." It's time! Feast your eyes on the very first footage from Zack Snyder's highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where we will finally see Batman fight Superman. After the teaser trailer leaked online early via bootlegs (which we don't condone watching!), Zack Snyder tweeted that the first full trailer is now here and fans will get a special IMAX trailer at the preview events on Monday. Henry Cavill returns as Superman, Ben Affleck plays Batman, and we don't see much elese, but it is a rather dark and epic first tease at what is to come. This is just a teaser but I like what we're seeing, even though it's a much different tone than Marvel. Enjoy!

Here's the first teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, via WB/DC:

Zack Snyder's sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Comics Universe will bring back Henry Cavill as Superman and introduce Ben Affleck as Batman. Amy Adams, Laurence Fisburne and Diane Lane are all reprising their roles from Man of Steel, while more new additions include Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter in a role newly created for the film. Jason Momoa will also appear as Aquaman and there have been rumblings of Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next spring, March 25th, 2016. For more info on the film, visit the official website at: Your thoughts?

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Lex Luthor: "We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from the hell beneath us, no, they come from the sky." ??

MUNKICLOUD on Apr 17, 2015


Oh my worse fears become true. It looks like cinematic from a bad videogame. I Hate you, Zack Snyder.

toonfed on Apr 17, 2015


Yet you'll still go see it nonetheless.

NarcolepticNinja on Apr 17, 2015


And you're sure because...

toonfed on Apr 17, 2015


Because you're not the first idiot troll on the internet

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


And since when posting your own opinion it's a troll thing? Trolls are people who discusses without fundaments and goes for life insulting people. You know... like you. But you must be young. I'll forgive you.

toonfed on Apr 20, 2015


you're a yourself

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Well, ok, you come back here after the movie is released and has since stopped screening in cinemas and post that you didn't watch it because you're stubborn or obtuse or something... You know, just to make a point and whatnot.

NarcolepticNinja on Apr 20, 2015


Or to make you feel you win this comment and you're so clever? don't worry if is so important to you, then you are right. i really learned my lesson. I will be here still hating Zack Snyder.

toonfed on Apr 20, 2015


That, doesn't mean at all that is good. Snyder technically copy every single panel of Watchmen and he deliver us a bad movie with terrible acting. This precisely is what i fear, and don't expect too much of this movie, cause its based of Frank MIller's and Zack cannot count a good story.

toonfed on Apr 17, 2015


Well, that's good. It's matter of taste and personal likes and interests. I agree with the ending in Watchmen, because a giant monster it will break the tone of seriousness. it was a logical decision. That doesn't make the whole movie for me. but it's just me. I truly don't like the work of Zack Snyder. i think it's better we have our own tastes. Cheers, man.

toonfed on Apr 17, 2015


I loved watchmen, some of the acting was not great but I loved the movie.

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


i'm not a Snyder hater, but i'm fairly obsessed with Watchmen, and i have to agree with your assessment of the film - it was an excellent *transcription* of the panels, but something was lacking, it had no *soul*. plus slow-mo loses something when you use it all the time. here's hoping this brings more than his one-size-fits-all approach.

son_et_lumiere on Apr 18, 2015


Then you DEFINITELY need to skip the Avengers

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


When Zack Snyder become the director of Avengers, i Will definitely Skip it.

toonfed on Apr 20, 2015


So you're NOT interested in a good director?? Joss Whedon is mediocre at best

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Oh no, Joss Whedon was insulted. I don't care. I still hate Zack Snyder, for you fanboys things work like this: "if you're not with me you're against me". yawn.

toonfed on Apr 23, 2015


we're just tired of idiots like you funding garbage...sorry for trying to raise the bar

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


I just based my opinion of previous experiences with Zack Snyder. it's not about about bars, it's about common sense. Sorry if my personal opinion, hurts some sensitive souls. There is nothing i can do with that but i'm thankful you guys consider my opinions so powerful that you can get it out of your minds. If someone gets funding for Garbage is Zack Snyder. and i agree, we're all tired of that.

toonfed on Apr 23, 2015


You're right. (well maybe you went a little too far with religious extremist). but i totally get your point, discussion on internet should be as entertaining as the topic itself. wich i honestly do, imagine if get really pissed off with every comment they do to me. i will be already dead of a stroke or something. About, Zack Snyder and Whedon, you're right again, like it or not, it works for the studios who puts the money. Unless the executives of Warner are cancelling "Batman v Superman" just because i hate Zack. Cheers, Dotpols.

toonfed on Apr 23, 2015


auto tune batman?

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


"Telll me. Do you-u bleeeed? BAY-BAY!"

Akirakorn on Apr 17, 2015


Wait, wait:" Do you Bleeed in life after love?"

toonfed on Apr 17, 2015


Miracles? Pretty sure he says devils?

andrew on Apr 17, 2015


YESSSSS. Batman is going to WHOOP DAT!

Franklin Carpio on Apr 17, 2015


Not going to lie...this looks FUCKING stunning. Say what you will about Snyder's vision of Superman, HE CAN CUT THE FUCK OUT OF A TRAILER.

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2015



Franklin Carpio on Apr 17, 2015



DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2015


They could offer a better trailer after 2 years.

Н.И. + on Apr 17, 2015


This gave me nothing... And I thought MoS was "okay", nothing more nothing less.

Enola on Apr 17, 2015


you're an idiot

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


Oh No, the Troll called me an Idiot πŸ˜› Get back under the brigde...

Enola on Apr 19, 2015


Someone please dub in some original Robocop lines please: (as in Peter Weller Robocop) "Dead or Alive!, You're coming with me!", etc

Akirakorn on Apr 17, 2015


It looks like the fight scene between Bat and Supes will be pulled pretty much straight outta Dark Knight Returns. Love the voice while he's in the battle armour, and Affleck looks pretty decent as Wayne in that one shot. Also digging the shot where Bat rises up in the normal suit!

NarcolepticNinja on Apr 17, 2015


Affleck looks awesome in the batsuit. Let the marvel haters hate. DC is bringing it big time with this movie. I hope the fight scene is like the Dark Knight Returns bc we'll be in for superman ass kicking.

Jason Savinon on Apr 17, 2015


I agree with everything you guys said. I think the suit is adding muscle to Ben, but as someone who isn't a fan of his casting, he DOES look pretty bad ass. He does look like he's right out the comics.

Franklin Carpio on Apr 17, 2015


For me the only downside in MoS was the final fight between Supes and Zod, but because Bats can't fight at super sonic speed we're probably gonna get a better choreographed squabble followed by a more detailed and brutal hand to hand fight, as long as Bats gets that damn kryptonite! Can't wait!

BNN667 on Apr 17, 2015


Yeah in that final scene you could definitely tell they were writing themselves out of a hole, and the dialogue did lack a small sense of humanity or spirit. Though you could say the reason for that was because the majority of the film had almost no stakes or tension when there wasn't any action going on. With this film there should be Plenty of opportunity for more interesting scenes even when there isn't any action, this film is chalk full of characters and situations that implore dramatic interesting exchanges!

BNN667 on Apr 17, 2015


I swear I thought that's what was going to happen during my first viewing! Not that it would be the way he defeated Zod but maybe they'd be flying/fighting and accidentally fly through the area where the "world builder" had been and suddenly hit the ground hard, then fist fight for a minute before Zod realizes he just needs to run outside the range of the small Kryptonian atmosphere the machine created so he can keep killing people, or something like that. Just something where they both lose their powers for a moment would have been fun, but opportunity lost!

BNN667 on Apr 17, 2015


Hey, I LOVE Marvel! I've tix booked already for Avengers: AoU for tomorrow night! Doesn't mean I don't love DC too, though! Comics are comics, and I don't care what people say otherwise. I'm looking forward to this as much as any other comic book movie coming out in the next five years.

NarcolepticNinja on Apr 20, 2015


For me personally it's still too early to tell, but I have to say that's the most badass batman I've seen on film! That costume, combined with how much Affleck must have hit the gym for this, makes Batman look like he hopped right off the page.

BNN667 on Apr 17, 2015


I agree 100%

Franklin Carpio on Apr 17, 2015


Trailers for big movies are usually cut amazingly now adays. This film might be boring as shit. Won't know before you see it... and I will.

Nielsen700 on Apr 17, 2015



SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


You're an inspiration.

Nielsen700 on Apr 19, 2015


your mom said the same thing

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Looks amazing. Finally, Batfleck have my approval.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Apr 17, 2015


I am sucker for Superman films, so, there's some unavoidable watching this on the way ...

shiboleth on Apr 17, 2015


Pretty sure that's "Devils don't come from hell beneath us..." miracles doesn't really make sense in the context of the discussion of fear about superman

Joshua Addisson Roach on Apr 17, 2015


Did Batman blow the shit out of 4 people in that trailer?

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


It very clearly does NOT say "miracles", I mean Jesus Fucking Christ, miracles coming from hell? Do you people have brains?

davidshaw on Apr 17, 2015


Quite a dark overtone, but I like it. B-fleck looks pissy...I like that too.

Quanah on Apr 17, 2015


I'd like to trade Age of Ultron to watch this first. Sorry but you can keep your soft ass shit for Saturday morning cartoons.

ragethorn on Apr 17, 2015


Another butthurt DC fan ***yawn***

JBroti on Apr 18, 2015


DC fans have the Dark Knight trilogy which are the best comic book movies ever....Marvel fans have an emo Toby Mcguire. hahahah

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


Awwwwwwwwww. Don't be mad bruh. I'm actually a big Marvel fan boy. Their movies are a little too soft for me. Except for Raimi's Spiderman 2. GREAAAAAAAAAAT MOVIE.

ragethorn on Apr 20, 2015


Teaser looks awesome but the real question is how the hell did you hear "miracles"?

IamSlave on Apr 17, 2015


So Batman still has a "throat deceise"-voice?

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 17, 2015


what's "throat deceise"-voice?

digifruitella on Apr 18, 2015


Like Nolan's Batman had, just a lot different.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 18, 2015


It's hard to tell the difference sometimes between a moron and a brilliant troll job

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


Hi's in his battlearmor, which he uses against Superman. Hopefully he doesn't sound like that in normal batsuit..

ProjectionistHP on Apr 19, 2015


it wasn't that bad,affleck convinced me at first glance and hey:it's a zack snyder movie so if you don't like testosterone and strong images it will suck for you! I liked 300 and his take on superman and i onley hope it's not to much a ''mancave'' movie,but at gentle pace and a exploding climax! This trailer got me still interrested,better than the terminator ''give it all away"trailer...

ari smulders on Apr 17, 2015


Indeed, the convincing images of Affleck did the job. Now let's see how BvS holds up when a real full trailer will arrive with Eisenberg in it.

Nash on Apr 18, 2015



ari smulders on Apr 18, 2015


I like the tone....even darker than MoS, plus it stands out that DC are doing there own thing. Though still not sure on, though don't know why. Happy to give it a go though

Steven on Apr 17, 2015


it is a lot *darker*, isn't it? i hope someone turns the lights up at some point in the film.

son_et_lumiere on Apr 18, 2015



Franklin Carpio on Apr 18, 2015


RIP Marvel

qweqwu on Apr 18, 2015


Based on a trailer vs. the MCU? Too soon but would love to see DC succeed as Marvel has, even if it a different approach.

mooreworthy on Apr 18, 2015


I don't think anything can kill Marvel at this point. They've been extremely successful so far in creating their universe, and setting up the next movie over and over again, leaving the audience wanting more. It's too early to say RIP Marvel if you're looking at it from a Marvel vs. DC standpoint. DC only have ONE movie out from a shared universe (Man of Steel). This upcoming movie is just the 2nd movie of the DC universe, so we don't know how well received it will be. Another major factor (and a detractor for DC fans) in Marvel's success, is that Marvel movies for the most part are family friendly. Many parents take their small children to see Marvel movies, which means bigger box office, and a built in future audience. DC movies, with their "grit" and "darkness" tend to scare off the more prudish parents from taking their kids, even though at the end of the day, it's still a bunch of dudes in tights flying around. Let's see how this does before we bury anybody, shall we?

TheOct8pus on Apr 18, 2015


Didn't read all your post, seemed like a waste of time. RIP Marvel from my point of view and other mature people pov, the kiddies can keep marvel

qweqwu on Apr 18, 2015


I love how people think that DC movies (Green Lantern, Superman, Supergirl, Green Hornet, Catwoman, The Flash, Batman and Robin) are so DARK and ADULT, whereas Marvel movies are for kids. It's true that the MCU is more family friendly, but do you really think a movie about a dude with superpowers flying around in tights is for adults only? You think small children DON'T know who Batman and Superman are? All the Nolan fanboys want their films to be shot with a dark filter, with shadows in every corner and "heavy" dialogue, but that's not a DC thing. It's a Nolan, Zach Snyder thing. DC comics have always been equally as dark or lighthearted as Marvel comics. If you read the batman comics, he's one of the funniest characters around. He's always making really funny observational jokes and dry quips. I'm not saying that fucked up shit doesn't happen in Batman comics, because it sure does, but it happens in Marvel comics when the Hulk tore Wolverine in half... Once again, I ask: Is it impossible to enjoy both DC and Marvel equally?

TheOct8pus on Apr 19, 2015


Again, another post that's so long I won't read it because it's wasting more of my time. No, you can't enjoy both, it's either DC for adults or Marvel for kiddies.

qweqwu on Apr 19, 2015


You're an idiot. Brief enough for you?

TheOct8pus on Apr 19, 2015


Finally, a straight answer. Now, I can tell you to go fuck yourself.

qweqwu on Apr 20, 2015


There you go!! That's more like it! Haha! This is the type of response I was expecting from someone at your intellectual level....

TheOct8pus on Apr 20, 2015


He said, after calling me an idiot. I'm gonna stop wasting my time with you, you're not worth it πŸ˜‰

qweqwu on Apr 21, 2015


Almost right. Just change Marvel to DC and you're there

Have Hope on Apr 18, 2015


Marvel is literally scraping billions of $ off the floor, and shoving those "RIP" comments up your a$$es... hahahha

Jordy Calvo on Apr 18, 2015


Who cares? It's not like I make any money out of it, and their movies make so much money because there are a lot more dumb people than smart ones.

qweqwu on Apr 19, 2015


Marvel caters to the fast food demographic...mindless garbage...let me're just another obese American?

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


uhmmm no actually im a 6'2 185lbs. guy who trains MMA with 8% body fat. Oh, and Im a lawyer too so... there

Jordy Calvo on Jun 15, 2015


Marvel is great. But from now on it's gonna be a different ball-game. This is very promising. The right dark tone in the visuals that is typical for DC. The voice-overs are intriguing and not cheesy. There seems to be an interesting underlaying story that involves the corruption of power. And maybe best of all: Affleck looks extremely convincing in these shots. I think the next test will be moving images of Eisenberg. If he can convince too, this is going to be very interesting.

Nash on Apr 18, 2015


Wow was not expecting that really. I love it. It's great to have DC back in the game. i love marvel movies but can't have them having a monopoly over comic book movies. It's also nice to have a different tone and some variety in this genre.

TK on Apr 18, 2015


I felt this trailer was too dark. Literally, most the shots were shrouded in darkness. I get that DC wants to make their movies more "dark and gritty" but that trailer was too much. And it didn't really excite me besides seeing Bat and Sup in the same shot, in the same movie. I want to see this and I'll be there opening night, but compared to the first trailer we got for Avengers AOU, this doesn't leave me with the sheer excitement of "Summer of 2016 can't get here soon enough!". And I laugh at everyone saying, "bye bye Marvel". It's clear these two proporties are going for a different tone and instead of respecting both for being different, it's all of a sudden, DC is better. Remember this is one trailer compared to Marvel's 10 success movies (with a hiccup here and there) and DC's last installment, MoS was a mixed bag of reviews. So I don't know why people are throwing Marvel under the bus when we no very little as to how this movie will preform.

JBroti on Apr 18, 2015


I actually dozed off midway through.

cuckoozey on Apr 18, 2015


Off yourself...or up your meds

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


You want me to commit suicide because I watched a lousy trailer? Try some meds yourself, Sally.

cuckoozey on Apr 19, 2015


still alive? hopefully not

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Im sorry though.. so high on smack watching Bay movies right now. Tf was da bomb! πŸ˜€

SallySpider on Apr 24, 2015


from the director of the snoozefest Suckpunch with the actor from the mind numbingly boring Daredevil movie the expectations are not gonna be a good movie. Marvel and DC are similar in the sense they both have great stories and characters that they can create movies or series from. The differences are huge whereas Marvel has the directoral and acting talent on point, DC has not figured out how to create a steady track record of successful films. I dare say DC has more failures than success when it comes to the big screen. I do not see this film breaking a billion, Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7 will both make more than this will at the box office, Ben Assfleck will be Garfielded and the Justice League movie will be B-grade cannon fodder. DC is simply Marvel circa 1970 with a 2015 sheen trying to cover up the lack of quality with eye-popping visuals without substance. My advice to DC and Warner Bros is to cancel the entire plan, start over with Batman 1 then Superman 1 then Green Lantern 1 then Wonder Woman 1 then Batman 2 Superman 2 JL Movie GL 2 then WM 2 then JL 3 Batman 3 GL 3 WM 3 and end with Superman 3. Yes DC is at Pase one while Marvel is planning Phase three and it will take long time to catch up but while Marvel is winding down is good for DC to take extra time and care and create quality material that stands-up to the quality of the source material.

Nawor Ranie on Apr 18, 2015


Nolan > Any Marvel director You're an idiot if you think Joss Whedon is anything but a glorified Michael Bay. The Avengers was just a CG orgy with ZERO plot.

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


hahahahahahahh....what a moron

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


nolan haters are dumber than dumb

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


Only kidding of course.. Nolan sucks πŸ™‚

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


I take that back though. M. Bay haters are the real dumberer ones! Nolan is overrated. Im just so high on smack right now.. have to focus on that.. see you later dude πŸ˜€ <3

SallySpider on Apr 24, 2015


I didn't hate it but I can't say I'm overly excited for this. Perhaps I will be closer to its release but after the latest Star Wars teaser this week I don't think anything (other than maybe Spectre) will come close to my excitement level for that film for a while.

izakkson on Apr 18, 2015


I can't help. Ich think it looks like a well done fan movie. DC still didn't get it to make me excited for their movies. The difference between Marvel and DC is that Marvel got the right directors for their projects. Directors who know how to make a Superhero Movie. Green Lantern was boring and silly, Man of Steel was silly and boring too (but still the best superman Movie i think), and Batman got a new actor. So they can't build up on old success with the Dark Knight. I hope it will be good but i think it will be as unperfect as the other DC Movies.

Dubmaster2010 on Apr 18, 2015


Marvel has only ever had one solid director and that was Ang Lee. Nolan > any Marvel director by a million miles hahahahah

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


I was just kidding though. Nolan is more like Bay.. a master.

SallySpider on Apr 24, 2015


Trailer relieves some doubt, but with the Snyder's last two films have been underwhelming. This will be a no-brainier for me in that I will be there at midnight; I just don't think that Marvel/ Disney has anything to be worried about, especially with AoU coming out in a matter of weeks (oh the wait) and Force Awakens trailer kicking Sith @$$.

mooreworthy on Apr 18, 2015



OfficialJab on Apr 18, 2015


How refreshing, a superhero movie with actual gravity. Actions provoke reactions-- none of this buildings explode and nobody notices nonsense ala the mcu..."Hey New York was rubished by an alien horde--lets go eat schmegma"

saramya on Apr 18, 2015


hehe schmegma

Rauncor on Apr 18, 2015


Zack....aren't you just a little biased? You did direct this film....

TheOct8pus on Apr 20, 2015


Meh....I'll take Star Wars Ep 7 over any superhero movie.

TheOct8pus on Apr 18, 2015


no one cares

Sky on Apr 18, 2015


That is a lie. I care. And you care enough to comment, that's 2 people who care.

TheOct8pus on Apr 18, 2015


Exactly YOU are no one. And I am Yeezus, no one and everything

Sky on Apr 18, 2015


Really? You're quoting Kanye? The world's biggest douchebag?

TheOct8pus on Apr 19, 2015


YES. The Worlds Greatest Douchebag

Sky on Apr 19, 2015


I'll take Star Wars Ep 1 or 2... or even 3 over... u get the idea.

Akirakorn on Apr 18, 2015


I couldn't agree more. It makes me sad that those movies exist.

TheOct8pus on Apr 20, 2015


I've heard that prisoners in North Korea get to watch Episode 1-3 every day...! πŸ™

MLTC on Apr 22, 2015


Then why did you bother watching the trailer

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


Do I really have to answer your stupid asinine question? I watched the trailers for Star Wars and for Bat v Supes....I'll take Star Wars Ep 7 over this one anytime.

TheOct8pus on Apr 19, 2015


Do you swallow? I do

ErrorSapiens on Apr 23, 2015


I`m sorry, cant answer you right now, to busy impersonating other users and stranglemasturbating myself while watching TF4 πŸ™‚ Swallowing is my job btw.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


That's a very insightful comment. I'll take it under advisement... (slowly walks away backward...)

TheOct8pus on Apr 24, 2015


I agree that Star Wars characters have superpowers, but Star Wars is a grand space opera set in many planets with different races of aliens etc. That's what makes it so takes place on foreign worlds with logic-defying machinery, whereas Superhero films (mostly) take place on Earth with regular people among a few superheroes.

TheOct8pus on Apr 19, 2015


And that what Star Wars movies also are; the allegory of different worlds and beliefs on Earth. Nobody really believed that this is intergalactic story ... But you can dream of it, that's for sure ...

shiboleth on Apr 19, 2015


Prequels? What prequels?

TheOct8pus on Apr 20, 2015


The Force is strong with your denial! πŸ™‚

MLTC on Apr 22, 2015


In reading the comments below I've noticed a few things. There are DC lovers and Marvel lovers. Apparently, if you love one, you have to shit on the other. I personally enjoyed most Marvel movies, and I'm psyched to see Age of Ultron. That said, I'm also psyched to see this film, because come on! It's friggin Batman and Superman beating the fuck out of each other! Can't we enjoy both franchises without getting so political?

TheOct8pus on Apr 18, 2015


I gotta agree, though Marvel does have my heart with the world they've built and the success they have, I'm quite curious on seeing this and hoping it does well. I was disappointed with the way MoS turned out, but seeing Batman and Superman getting ready to go head to head definitely peeked my interest. I hope this film does well, but I'll still enjoy Marvel movies just as I always have. I do gotta throw in, at about 1:30 into the trailer, seeing Batman come out of the wreckage, he looks pissed off and jacked up, I have a feeling Affleck will do well as Batman, or at least I hope he does.

Justin R on Apr 18, 2015


Sure πŸ™‚ But in my opinion...there are only 3 good DC Movies...The Dark Knight Trilogy. The rest of it wasn't really good...even if they got a good ComicBook Origin. But Superman is the worst superhero ever πŸ˜€ And DC/Warner don't know how to build up a universe. Two examples... 1. The TV Series of Flash and Arrow are very famous...and the fans love it. Why don't use these Actors in the movies? There is no reason to recast the roles...that is so crazy...why they don't see their potential? FAILED 2. Christopher Nolan produced a very good and famous Trilogy with a very open end. Why they didn't used the make a movie which build up on the trilogy. I red about Joseph Gordon Lewitt would have loved to play Batman or Robin in upcoming movies. It was a perfect beginning for a new trilogy. FAILED I really hope that movie will be good and they will build a "well working" universe for DC. But i only got a little hope for it after "Man of Steel" and "Green Lantern".

Dubmaster2010 on Apr 18, 2015


Since when did DC want to build some universe.. When marvel is putting old news on the screen.. We have the best of DC everywhere.. On television they are number 1 and once dawn of justice hits the screen it will be number 1... DC doesn't need to tie all of if together to be great.. They just are.. Marvel is getting boring same characters with very little plots... and most of those comics need to be redone.. Not rewritten... Most people need to realize that it is just a fad and in 10 yrs if will all be done again... By different directors and different actors all trying for the almighty dollar..

jeanluke55 on Apr 18, 2015


Yep never understood why they didn't simply build on Nolan's trilogy. Hell if it had been a success they may have even been able to tempt Bale to make an appearance 10 years or so down the line.

Steven on Apr 19, 2015


Original Superman is better than any Marvel movie

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


That is a great movie....but I'm not sure how well it stands the test of time....and spinning around the world backward to go back in time, added a whole new level of wackyness

TheOct8pus on Apr 20, 2015


Yeah...Marvel wouldn't know anything about

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015


i am from the netherlands and we don't have that kind conflict between comics! So i hope both wiil be good!

ari smulders on Apr 19, 2015


Suske en Wiske! πŸ™‚

MLTC on Apr 22, 2015


Ja haha! En storm was mijn favoriet, eigenlijk alles van Don lawrence!

ari smulders on Apr 22, 2015


I'm from Sweden and read Suske en Wiske (Finn och Fiffi) in Swedish, but I'm sad to report they no longer translate it into Swedish. I visited The Netherlands last year and the Suske en Wiske fanclub day. πŸ™‚ Suske en Wiske is my favorite comic!

MLTC on Apr 22, 2015


Everybody here in the Netherlands reads suske en wiske at one time, me too, my favorite story is about the theme park the efteling overhere. It's the best what Belgium got to offer :suske and wiske! πŸ™‚

ari smulders on Apr 22, 2015


I've read that one in Swedish and it's not bad. I have a couple of stories that are my favorites. Suske en Wiske is the best the world got to offer! <3

MLTC on Apr 22, 2015


And of course the time machine πŸ™‚ Tea indeed!

ari smulders on Apr 22, 2015


Miracles? How does that even make any sense? He says "Devils."

TitoG on Apr 18, 2015


So, I guess Batman is the new Alpha, now? GREEEEAAT…….

Mark Brackney on Apr 18, 2015


you god damn fools really need to change the first line of the article, it makes you look like idiots. he very, very clearly says "devils", not "miracles". jesus fucking christ

davidshaw on Apr 18, 2015



Xerxexx on Apr 18, 2015


Affleck you the bomb in Phantoms yo!

Xerxexx on Apr 18, 2015


I like this version.

Etienne Martin on Apr 18, 2015


Exactly what I was thinking during that scene, haha

qweqwu on Apr 18, 2015


Why does Batman sound like the devil?

Have Hope on Apr 18, 2015


You preferred Bale with smoker's voice?

SallySpider on Apr 19, 2015


This looks so damn awesome that it is ridiculous. Takes a leap to darkness from Nolans movies. Totally to a different side than marvels universe. Interested to hear what Affleck will soundlike without his battlearmor...

ProjectionistHP on Apr 19, 2015


To tell the truth, the only thing that really bothers me with those new Superman movies are religious overtones. That's kinda gross ... I know, at least for me ...

shiboleth on Apr 19, 2015


They are laying it on a bit thick at this point.

avconsumer2 on Apr 20, 2015


I disagree and agree at the same time. Part of me thinks "yeah, that would make sense. If we all saw some guy like that in today's world, it might legitimately change the way we all think about God." But then I have a side of me that gets annoyed too. Like, "come on, we're all here to watch superheros fight, save innocent people, take down the badguy -- we're not here to discuss how we'd worship Superman."

I'm Batman on Apr 20, 2015


I must be honest, I'm not a religious person (and am not willing to start a discussion on that subject, especially not here), but I'm mentioning it since I never connected any superhero to any religious idea whatsoever. I always took them as some secular, lay incorporation of many diverse strengths and powers that people have in themselves... In fact, for me, valid idea of superhero is that we are finally and totally free of any religion. And that might direct us into thinking of all the possibility that are in front us, or, better said, in all of us without religion ... So, if there's any worship, it's about people themselves ...

shiboleth on Apr 20, 2015


Eh... still not sold on Batfleck. Withholding judgment till viewing.

avconsumer2 on Apr 20, 2015



ff on Apr 20, 2015


So does the sub-title hint at the beginning of the Justice League?

SacLA on Apr 20, 2015


I do not mind the religious overtone that this trailer had in the beginning. The "False God" snippet was pretty cool too. I like that we are seeing how the world would perceive a "higher being" if you will. Also, I love the new Batman suit. Clearly he has been using that costume for awhile and has been sewing up the knives and bullet wounds.

Jesse on Apr 21, 2015


Comic movies are for obese americans with diabetes...Wes Anderson movies are the only works of art coming out of hollywood these days

ErrorSapiens on Apr 23, 2015


I couldnt take getting my sore arsetroll hind verbally smacked, so now I sit alone in bitterness while masturbating and impersonating other users on Disqus. Following the law of the arsetroll. That and my love for Ben Affleck.

SallySpider on Apr 23, 2015

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