Must Watch: First Trailer for 'Independence Day: Resurgence' Arrives

December 13, 2015
Source: YouTube

Independence Day: Resurgence

"We always knew they would come back." Damn! This looks epic. 20th Century Fox has unveiled the first full trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, the long-awaited sequel to the sci-fi hit Independence Day, which hit theaters back in 1996 (if you can believe it - 20 years ago!). Roland Emmerich is back in the director's chair going even bigger and more explosive with this alien invasion sequel. The extraterrestrials that tried to take over the world before are back, and they seem really pissed, bringing a whole new arsenal. Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner, Vivica A. Fox and Bill Pullman return, joined by Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, Charlotte Gainsbourg and others. This looks pretty good, better than I was expecting.

Here's the first full trailer for Roland Emmerich's Independence Day: Resurgence, direct from Fox:

Independence Day 2 is being once again directed by Roland Emmerich. As for returning cast members – Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner and recently confirmed Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch will all be back as their characters from the first film. William Fichtner and Maika Monroe are new additions. The sequel is supposed to take place 20 years after the events of the first film, which will be real time, almost to the day, from when the original was released. Emmerich is directing again with a script that he co-wrote with Dean Devlin and James Vanderbilt. 20th Century Fox currently has Independence Day: Resurgence scheduled to land in theaters June 24th, 2016 next summer. Looks like this will live up to the original?

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weird, i'd kind of forgotten this was coming. but a little Goldblum goes a long way. add a dash of Pullman and a pinch of Fichtner, and it's tastier than i was expecting. nice use of the Best Worst President's Speech Ever in the trailer, and i like the way they cut the words short. sure, it's Emmerich, so there's a lot of CG flying randomly at the screen, and i anticipate the plot and script will be paper-thin, but i wasn't even remotely interested before, so i guess you could call that a win.

son_et_lumiere on Dec 13, 2015


There is no "best worst" it is the single greatest speech in film history.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 13, 2015


he he, don't get me wrong, i like it too! he somehow managed to channel Abraham Lincoln and William Shatner at the same time. it's much better than Idris in Pacific Rim, for sure.

son_et_lumiere on Dec 13, 2015


It's a great speech because he even throws in a few rhymes here and there.

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


I love Roland films because they go boom. They don't try to do too much. They just go boom. And I want to see this movie go boom in iMax this summer.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 13, 2015



ari smulders on Dec 13, 2015


Prometheus School Of Running Away From Things Alert at 1.23!

Nash on Dec 13, 2015


Looks like the world finally found peace with even more guns and weaponry only to have to go to war again. Damn you aliens! Damn you back to space.

Carpola on Dec 13, 2015


I'm sure will smith is beating himself up right now

FDAapprove on Dec 13, 2015


Something tells me Will Smith does not give two shits about this....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


as he laughs all the way to the bank

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 14, 2015


"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

foreigncontaminant on Dec 13, 2015


I missed that Fichtner was going to be apart of this . This is gonna be fuuuuunnn

Lar Rackell on Dec 13, 2015


This actually looks good. Will Probably thought a sequel would not work with the film.

Trey on Dec 13, 2015


Welcome (back) to Earf!!!!!

DaveLister_JMC on Dec 13, 2015


looks awful with cheap cgi and subpar actors. Oh well. I am sure they didn't spend much on this movie and they will make profit nonetheless.

Henry Willis on Dec 13, 2015


The first hour of Independence Day was amazing. A real sense of dread and scale and then it descended into vacuous cheese. I'll have to reserve judgement on this.

Payne by name on Dec 13, 2015


Oh no...

wylles on Dec 13, 2015



Carpola on Dec 13, 2015


Some really bad CGI in that. That aside looks like some fun popcorn action. Look forward to.

Higgens on Dec 13, 2015


I'm confused as to what people think bad CGI is because this didn't look bad at all to me..

steve on Dec 14, 2015


same Im actually on board doesn't look bad at all

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 14, 2015


Things that look like an old video game.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


What shots were bad? Also I say this every time people comment on CGI in trailers ... they still have months to polish this stuff. Some shots might be locked but with over 6 months to go they are still very much working on the fx.

David Diaz on Dec 14, 2015


If it gets polished thats great. There was a shot with helicopters, looked quite bad, then many of the shots with the planes. Its not a deal breaker, but I expect more from a big budget action flick, I expect to never have a moment of "that looks fake". This trailer did not provide that.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


Alright, well if nothing else, this LOOKs amazing. Like just literally the way it looks. Im digging the imagery and the palette and that sort of thing. Story will probably suck, but at least it will LOOK professional as hell.

jay on Dec 13, 2015


Man Hollywood's really outta ideas.

John Doe on Dec 13, 2015


Loved the first as a teenager and I can't wait to see how they follow it up so many years later. I'm excited.

David Diaz on Dec 13, 2015


Good one! 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 13, 2015


I just wish studios would have higher standards for CGI. This quality is clearly subpar.

HammerTwoZero on Dec 13, 2015


What is par in your opinion? Both Weta and MPC are working on this and they are 2 of the top fx companies in the world.

David Diaz on Dec 14, 2015


This looks awesome. 2 hours of Cgi, bad story and fake patriotism, but still going because everything will be blown to pieces in a fantastic way! Go Emmerich Go!

ari smulders on Dec 13, 2015


I'll be damned, actually looks decent. That speech. 20 years and countless viewings and that speech still gives me chills. Every goddamn time.

grimjob on Dec 13, 2015


That "Oh my G-d." delivery was inexplicably Jeff Goldblum!!! Fantastic!!!~~~

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2015


Random meets comment.

ErrorSapiens on Dec 14, 2015


Yeah...but they hadn't anticipated that everyone of Earth has a smartphone....they're gonna get Tweeted to death....or shamed on social media.

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


Emmerich's "end of the world" movies are dumb and over the top and they only get worse. I think Will Smith finally made a wise choice in not coming back for this.

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


I don't understand all the fuzz about the first one, which is literally nonesense dumb 90's generic action garbage. And still don't get why making a second one is a good idea. Then I saw the Fox logo and understood all right away.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


I never understand how people look back at a film from almost 20 years ago and bash it as generic action garbage. At the time the film was revolutionary in terms of its incorporation of CGI with practical effects. It set the stage for what has become the norm in popcorn action movies of today. Of course today looking back it might not feel that way.

cg on Dec 14, 2015


Hey, I bashed it over before it was cool! I'm a basher-hipster. No, seriously, is not about bashing this dead corpse, this whole thing is just to bring up another recognizable brand (in this case, Independence Day) and milk this before it's so old nobody remembers it. And, btw, the first one was OK. Was not ground breaking - style defining or nothing of that.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Personally I think you're being nice. I thought the first one was pure garbage.

ff on Dec 15, 2015


I like the fact that, although we are all aware of the "Inception" sound is been used in every trailer, the editors still use it anyways. The trailer feels a bit Transformers+Star Trek (2009)+Starship Troopers+The Flinstones.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


And Transformers!

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


And 1950s War of the Worlds

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


...and Jeff Goldblum...

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


wasn't he in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers back in the day too? great sci-fi career

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


.....and President Obama...

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


I had no idea....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


And Kevin Bacon.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


....And Carrot Top....

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


And not even close to as good as any of them!

ff on Dec 15, 2015


The first one was obviously a remake of War of the Worlds.

bumboclot on Dec 16, 2015


Looks like Julius is gonna need a bigger boat!

DJROBL on Dec 14, 2015


I like the new slew of arsenal, and that mankind had adapted the "alien" technology to our own. shouldn't there be a hidden name for the aliens by now? just like how there's xenomorphs that aren't ever mentioned in the Alien movies but every cinephile knows their title anyways? call me shallow but I'm interested in seeing this for just two reasons: Jeff Goldblum & Maika Monroe

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


I usually feel like puking when I hear about or sense the patriotism, but other than that this will pass as some kind of mindless fun... And this is really stupid in the face of so many world problems ...

shiboleth on Dec 14, 2015


Not even going to pretend I won't be a sucker for this one. I will be in theaters for this one for sure. It's Emmerich so I know where to put my expectations. Should be fun.

LightningB on Dec 14, 2015


The interesting thing will be the alternative history since the events of 1996. Of course that will take a back seat to endless nonsensical destruction of earth's greatest landmarks and cheesy one liners. Still better than most CGI oriented garbage because it isn't yet another remake of a lesser 80s movie.

bumboclot on Dec 16, 2015

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