Must Watch: Full-Length Trailer for 'Star Wars - The Force Awakens'

October 19, 2015
Source: YouTube

Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer

"The Force… it's calling to you!" Disney/Lucasfilm have unveiled the full trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, and if you're a Star Wars fan like I am, it will leave you totally giddy with excitement. Star Wars is back!!!! And they're actually making a sequel to Return of the Jedi! And it looks amazing! John Boyega stars as Finn, along with Daisy Ridley as Rey, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Adam Driver as Kyle Ren, Harrison Ford as Han, Carrie Fisher as Leia, Peter Mayhew as Chewie, Andy Serkis as Snokes, Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux, plus Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma, and many others. Ready to go on another adventure in a galaxy far, far away?

Here's the full theatrical trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars - The Force Awakens, via Disney's YouTube:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You can now buy tickets for the opening night showings of The Force Awakens. See the first two teasers.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, continuing the beloved original trilogy about Luke, Leia, Han & Chewie that ended in 1983, is directed by J.J. Abrams, of the films Mission: Impossible 3, Star Trek, Super 8 and Star Trek Into Darkness. The screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Big Chill, The Bodyguard) and J.J. Abrams, with Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm producing. This debut is the beginning of a brand new saga, with another trilogy planned for this storyline, with Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow lined up to direct. Disney, after acquiring Lucasfilm in 2012, will release Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters worldwide on December 18th.

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Okay. Someone that has watched it. Please tell me, is it safe to watch? I know they have been smart with how much they tell/show so far but still I don't want to watch and regret it.

IamSlave on Oct 19, 2015


Amazingly still keeps everything in the dark upon first glance. Kylo and his motives come into play,

Jon Odishaw on Oct 19, 2015


Awesome. Thanks.

IamSlave on Oct 19, 2015


Do it.

Danimal on Oct 19, 2015


Fighting the urge, I will break.

IamSlave on Oct 19, 2015

6's freaking it...then fap to it for the next 2 monts

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 19, 2015


LOL, I cant even... OMG ROFL

wylles on Oct 19, 2015


It's exquisite!

Cyberdine on Oct 20, 2015


I'm all in.

Quanah on Oct 19, 2015


This is the best marketing for a movie I've ever seen...oh also holy hell what a trailer. Beautifully done.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 19, 2015


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Wilhelm scream

TheOct8pus on Oct 19, 2015


I thought Anakins goggles were cool in the last one too. Please be good.

Carpola on Oct 19, 2015


Just saw it live during Monday Night football. Rewound it about 8 times so far, putting kids to bed and then rewatch it about 413 more times. I am 41 years old and just turned into a 9 year old sci-fi geek big time. Can't wait to take my 9 year old son to this.

LightningB on Oct 19, 2015


Interesting though because like the poster, the trailer shows no signs of least that I can tell.

LightningB on Oct 19, 2015


He's the guy that puts his hand on R2, and he was the voice over in the first trailer. I think they're keeping him out of the trailers on purpose. First trailer we got Han Solo. This trailer Princess Leia. 3rd trailer...maybe Luke?

Aero on Oct 19, 2015


This is the 3rd

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 19, 2015


The first two were teaser trailers. This is the first

evilED on Oct 19, 2015


A teater is a trailer Einstein and if this is truly the 1st trailer then Aero thinks they will release 2 more before Dec 18th? Either way he's an idiot.

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 19, 2015


*teaser, not And you are the idiot, kid.

evilED on Oct 19, 2015


Says the moron who thinks this is the first trailer despite Lucasfilm themselves advertising it as the 3rd. you sir are literally too stupid to insult. grab a gun...blow your brains the gene pool a favor

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


The stupid is strong in this

evilED on Oct 20, 2015


But he's absolutely right. It's the 3rd trailer. So if he's stupid what does that make you? Wipe the egg off your face and admit that you were dead wrong.

DarthJohnson on Oct 21, 2015


Teasers are not official trailers you fucking dipshits. So yeah, how's that egg taste dripping down your face? lol.

evilED on Oct 22, 2015


Luke says a very small (but I mportant) role in this film. Apparently he's on screen for only a few minutes, but he gets more screen time in episode 8.

TheOct8pus on Oct 19, 2015


LOL, first I Thought, 413 Times? No way... but then i Thought, Doesnt matter, Why? The Force... 😉

wylles on Oct 19, 2015


Man, thank you everyone at Disney and Lucasfilms for being so quite on the details. Love the trailer and doesn't give anything away. LOVE IT. So excited.

IamSlave on Oct 19, 2015


Agreed. ...of course, there are the moans and groans about how nothing is being revealed and how that's so awful--WTF, do people really want EVERYTHING shown in a trailer?

Scopedog on Oct 20, 2015


Hahahahahahaahhahah I'm so stoked.

Xerxexx on Oct 19, 2015


Hell, it'll be one great X-mas present! (But still keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't suck!)

Scopedog on Oct 19, 2015


*knocks on wood*

Xerxexx on Oct 20, 2015


X-wings for X-mas?

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


It's interesting that the marketing for this has not been pushing Mark Hamill. He's not even on the poster. They have Finn holding a saber for fuck's sake. Where the hell is Luke?! And holy hell I want to see this!

grimjob on Oct 19, 2015


According to my sources (the internets) Luke has a small part in this film and isn't as much of a protagonist as Han Solo or Chewie (from the original cast).

TheOct8pus on Oct 19, 2015


Well, those internets never lie, they know their shit. And I'm fine with the smaller role. I just would have really appreciated his inclusion on the poster. An old bearded Skywalker is something I want to see.

grimjob on Oct 19, 2015


Luke will be played by Kevin Bacon.

capitandelespacio on Oct 20, 2015


If Kevin Bacon join the Star Wars universe, the real universe will explode.... Too many degrees of Bacon.

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


Read the slayer 5150 in this comment section. It's so logical what he is saying...

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015


At the risk of spoiling anything, I get the gut feeling Kylo might turn out to be Luke. Maybe the pull of the Dark Side brought Luke to his TRUE destiny...maybe not, but I would not be surprised with that plot twist

theslayer5150 on Oct 20, 2015


simply it makes allot of sense and it wouldn't surprise me if it is true. Great thought of you!

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015


I read that JJ wants to keep Lukes role under wraps. Evidently some big revelation.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 19, 2015


Unabashedly cinematic! Is anyone else seeing how cinematic the whole thing is?!?! No blockbuster apart from Fury Road or Spectre looks like that this year!

Zack Snyder on Oct 19, 2015


no offense but this is on a different level than those two

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 19, 2015


Yeah, It's shows trough out from the first scene. So polished and beautiful. Got that same feeling from Revenants trailer...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 19, 2015


it's hard to beat mad max as the best movie of the year...

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015



Zack Snyder on Oct 20, 2015


I have been told personally by Mark Hamill that all of Luke's scenes have been cut from the film. That or I just made it up to see how much of a hornet's nest I could stir up.

tommyturner on Oct 19, 2015


You should post it over on IMDB and watch them go berserk....:)

Scopedog on Oct 19, 2015


IMDB is the cesspool of internet comments.

BNN667 on Oct 20, 2015


A wretched hive of scum and villainy...

Scopedog on Oct 20, 2015


Who actually got tickets? Because I didn't-this sucks big time

III on Oct 19, 2015


Looks like somebody's correctional facility got an internet connection

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 19, 2015


It took me ONE HOUR. Refreshing on 3 computers. Ridiculous.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 19, 2015


I finally got mines after 3 hrs lol

III on Oct 20, 2015


Props to that for being a top trailer demonstrating class and restraint. I really hope the film lives up to the same level of quality and control that has been exercised in it's marketing. Add this to the live action TV advert for Star Wars Battlefront and you've got yourself some major nostalgic, emotion tugging, sense tingling entertainment ready to be unleashed.

Payne by name on Oct 19, 2015


Yes JJ is the master of not giving things away in his trailers. I love that. This trailer is well done. It gives you a slight overview without spoiling everything. Well done JJ!!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 19, 2015


Agreed. There are enough tidbits put out there but nothing is spoiled by major reveals. I wish more trailers were like that.

Scopedog on Oct 19, 2015


hahha...ok. The trailer literally covers every major location and event and it's pretty easy to piece together the plot from it. Oh wait...JJ hid the fact that Cumberbatch was Kahn...therefore he's the master.....hahahahah the whole internet knew.

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


Do explain this easily pieced together plot which you refer to....

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


😀 I just have that warm fuzzy feeling in my bum 😀 Why won't december 18 come any sooner

redskulllives on Oct 19, 2015


Much fapping there will be.

evilED on Oct 19, 2015


the moron doesn't have a girl to jack surprise there

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


Umm, I do have a girl to fap with... It's your mom, kid.

evilED on Oct 20, 2015


This i will definitely see in the cinema! This is 1977 all over for me! Awesome and let's make a big bow for JJ!

ari smulders on Oct 19, 2015


Superb trailer. Nothing else to add.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 19, 2015


Someone explain to me why Finns saber is supposed to be Lukes? Wasn't his green in ROTJ? Sorry im not enough of a SW junkie I guess!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 19, 2015


The one he inherited from Anakin, given by Obi-wan, was blue. The one he built himself modelled after Obi-wan's was green

Steven on Oct 19, 2015


The one he dropped in Empire strikes back was blue...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 19, 2015


he had more than aint rocket science

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


This trailer is utter perfection. MOOOOOO!!!!~

DAVIDPD on Oct 19, 2015


Trailer was awesome. Movie looks amazing!!! I already got my tickets.

Firefly15 on Oct 19, 2015


simply amazing! And yes seems that Finn is holding Luke´s saber lost at Coud City, but i'm starting to think that Kylo´s saber maybe built from the saber that Vader lost at the Second Death Star...the guy idolizes Vader, so it sounds possible that he went to fetch the remnants of Vader's saber not destroyed with the Death Star. Brilliant trailer, perfect soundtrack, can't wait to use my already bought tickets 😀

uboat77 on Oct 20, 2015


Good theory - but the 2nd Death Star blew up, so Vader's saber would have been destroyed, no? I believe when Luke chopped Vader's hand off in "Jedi", the saber flew down the shaft....

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


It was, but maybe some part of the saber resisted the explosion...we will soon find out 😀

uboat77 on Oct 20, 2015


Proof that practical sets are the way to go than overused CG.

Mr Chatterbox on Oct 20, 2015


yeah...that life size star destroyer they built is paying off

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015



Jeff Prioleau on Oct 20, 2015


Ever heard of miniature models? The original trilogy used lots of them.

Terry Craig on Oct 20, 2015


I was pretty damn close to shedding tears right there.

Nielsen700 on Oct 20, 2015


by 18 december I watched this trailer for the 1138th times.

PARANAM on Oct 20, 2015


Thats it ?

Tester on Oct 20, 2015



PARANAM on Oct 20, 2015


THX1138 reference

theslayer5150 on Oct 20, 2015


nice, he.

PARANAM on Oct 20, 2015


"The Force… it's calling to you!" No, what's calling is just noisy nostalgia.

naundob on Oct 20, 2015


and then there's this fucking idiot

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


“Control, control, you must learn control!” – Yoda

naundob on Oct 20, 2015



DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Oh geez Whats wrong with some noisy nostalgia? Your obviously not old enough to appreciate it.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


Too cool for school has arrived

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


I don't know, maybe if she said "The Force will be with you… always." I could see it as nostalgic pandering, like in the first or second teaser with Luke's voice over. This line will probably end up in the movie, I'm betting the alien girl that gives Rey the lightsaber says it at some point.

BNN667 on Oct 20, 2015


Top left of poster is that another Death Star i see!! And the dude with the red light saber is that luke??????

LV 426 on Oct 20, 2015


No he's a tall slim relatively unknown actor, they showed him without his helmet in some magazine. I have seen him in quite a few films though.

BNN667 on Oct 20, 2015


That's a moon! Get your facts right.

capitandelespacio on Oct 20, 2015


its actually not...its an actual planet which a trench...they actually show the planet in the trailer...its the ice planet

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


Not Luke. It's Kylo Ren- the new "villain"

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


Imagine if Luke becomes Kylo-Ren, the way Anakin became Darth Vader..."I will finish what you started"...hmmm

theslayer5150 on Oct 20, 2015


dammit, that would be awesome and highley logical....

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015


yeah...its highly logical that Mark Hamill becomes Adam Driver who we've seen in the trailer

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


I assumed Luke was the guy putting his hand on R2 at 1.40.

Payne by name on Oct 20, 2015


But Adam Driver, a twenty-something actor, plays Kylo's more likely (based on your theory) that Luke is the master of Kylo Ren, if he did indeed void everything he learned in Eps 4-6 and turn to the dark side (which he wouldn't)

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


Wait is that a spoiler??? Come on dude.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


I'm just speculating based on how the trailer felt to me. Unless Kylo-Ren removes his helmet from time to time to show his face, it does not matter who is under the helmet doing the "acting", just as though David Prowse was Vader, yet JEJ did the voice, and then a third actor was shown as Anakin at the end of ROTJ. Now I agree, having an older Luke be the main antagonist is a stretch, and your idea that he could be the master to Kylo's student is plausable. It may all turn out to be false, but it's the kind of plot twist JJA likes to spring on people, and would not surprise me (much lol) if they tried something like that.

theslayer5150 on Oct 20, 2015


I hear ya....but if you watch the trailer at 1:58, you'll see Kylo Ren without his helmet on, so he'll definitely get to "act" more than David Prowse as Vader

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


Thanks for that, without resorting to name calling. I thought it was his hoodie, but it's his hair. I guess I owe someone a dollar.

theslayer5150 on Oct 20, 2015


good explanation...

ari smulders on Oct 21, 2015


Imagine if Adam Driver somehow becomes Mark Hamill...oh wait that makes zero sense

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


JJ is King of the Stars!

Cyberdine on Oct 20, 2015


Good trailer. It's a shame that Disney is pushing a racial agenda with its casting, though. Do doubt that the male African will be mating with a European female as the story goes on. It's a shame to have young children subjected to this kind of propaganda, instead of just being able to enjoy a heroic film, with no political agenda.

GavinMcCuck on Oct 20, 2015


Ah, The racists have arrived. How sad.

Carpola on Oct 20, 2015


Classic douchebaggery at its are a lord among douchebags, sir.

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


Boyega has allot of the X Factor and was awesome in the block. It's a good choice because he has a natural credibility. It has nothing to do with his color onley with talent....

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015


No problems with his race, but he wouldn't have been my choice. There are much better looking young black actors out there. I know that sounds mean, but this is showbiz.

kitano0 on Oct 20, 2015


Oke, indeed he isn't a pretty guy! But i think he made a big impression on JJ, he had to decide. Hundreds of pretty black actors, but Boyega has that something special, like idris Elba, very hard to explain...

ari smulders on Oct 20, 2015


Idris Elba is an incredibly handsome man though

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


I didn't like him in Attack the Block but that was more of a dislike of the character that he played and the film that he was in rather than him. I'm sure (and hope) that his character will be far more agreeable in this.

Payne by name on Oct 20, 2015


Wha??? He MADE attack the block good. The rest of the kids were just tagging along. I'd say he deserves his shot and im sure he will deliver.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve his shot, I just found his surly gangsta 'character' unlikeable in that film. For that I blame the director and writer and not the actor.

Payne by name on Oct 21, 2015


Put your white hood and robe back in the closet and join the 21st century, please.

Scopedog on Oct 20, 2015


stupid comment is stupid

Xerxexx on Oct 20, 2015


Disney please, stop the racial agenda, NO MORE WOOKIEES!! GOD HATES WOOKIEES!

Ricardo_PT on Oct 20, 2015


Just shut the fuck up, and enjoy the trailer!

Blue42 on Oct 20, 2015


It's amazing that in this day and age when actors that are non caucasion are cast in films, people can't see past their skin color. If Boyega were a caucasion actor there wouldn't be this uprorar. Get the fuck over it people, there are millions of other ethnicities of people on earth, no one wants to see pure caucasion in film and or televsion anymore.

cg on Oct 20, 2015


Obvious troll job...way to take the bait

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Shame for your racist thinking ...

shiboleth on Oct 20, 2015


I can almost see this movie ending on a dark note like in Empire. You never know with JJ Abrams, but it seems like the Resistance (Rebellion) may actually be on the verge of finally defeating the last vestiges of the Empire (The First Order). From what we've seen so far, it looks like the First Order has an established base on some icy world, or maybe just in the mountains on an Earth-like planet, and it's actually the Resistance on the offensive. One side, or maybe both, is burying stories of Jedi to the point where they are almost a myth, judging by what Han Solo says to Rey and Finn. It's been 30 years since the death of Vader and the Emperor and the (implied) disappearance of Luke. Now, on the seemingly inevitable victory of the Resistance, some Johnny-Come-Lately has constructed a crude lightsaber, and all of a sudden the Force is with the First Order. And what's this? A new (judging by the big red lasers) fully functional Death Star is in play. Wouldn't be surprised by an unexpected death of a major character in the first movie. While I'm most likely completely wrong, this is going to be a frustratingly fun two months as rumors, theories, and conjecture thicken. Brings me back to the days of Lost, where every week a million theories flew across the internet. I have a feeling I'm not going to be disappointed!

Taternuts222 on Oct 20, 2015


I dont think its a new Death Star. Its a base on the ice planet. Starkiller base. That's really what its called. Heres the quote from the official sites databank: STARKILLER BASE An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


This looks like fun! Good job, Jar Jar Abrams!

capitandelespacio on Oct 20, 2015



Joker's hideout on Oct 20, 2015



capitandelespacio on Oct 20, 2015



IG88ShotSecond on Oct 22, 2015



capitandelespacio on Oct 23, 2015


The moment Han says: It's true... All of it ! The Dark side... the Jedi ... it send shivers down my spine, It makes you truly believe that in a galaxy far far away... it did happen. JJ, the force is strong with you !

aleks_989 on Oct 20, 2015


Yup, had the same reaction!

Ricardo_PT on Oct 20, 2015


its the best!!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


I really do not like Boyega. He looks goofy, and to me, does not fit the part.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


I think hes supposed to be like that. Clueless. Hes not a trained Jedi or anything. I have no idea how his part will play out yet but I trust JJ that he hires people for their abilities.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


Ehh, JJ gets no special pass from me. He ruined Star Trek.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015



DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Into Darkness was complete trash. Sorry. All the good things he did with the first ST (Which I liked a lot!) he killed off with that stupid sequel. Of course that's just my opinion.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 23, 2015


I was disappointed with both of his Star Trek efforts. I never understood all the hoopla about re-booting the franchise with a whole new cast and crew and then using some woeful Orci/Kurtzman shambolic mess so that you could shoe horn into it an old Spock. Why did we need an old spock? Rely on the audience's ability to embrace the new people without thinking we'll have to put in a familiar face so that they can remain connected. As for the second one, Christ it almost made the first one bearable descending into tedious exposition, jammed in tie backs and awful tension free set pieces. I mean come on, the final fight on top of the flying loader thing was just 'generic action scene No 4'. My hope with JJ is that he will do what he did so brilliantly with MI:3 and continue the franchise by adding his own magic rather than re-inventing it. Plus the script hasn't received a once over from the dumb and dumber team of Orci & Kurtzman who couldn't write their way out of a paper bag!

Payne by name on Oct 26, 2015


I thought the 1st ST wasn't really too bad. It was a nice change from the rubbish movies released before! But Agreed, how writers like Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof stay in business blows my mind. Its because the average masses have accepted mediocre films and validate them with their money. I have been buying less and less Blurays because well..there are less quality films out there. I think smarts shows like Fargo make TV far more interesting than the cinema these days. Oh sorry got carried away. Back to SW. I think with Kasdan writing the script, I have a good amount of faith that they can pull something off. Cast looks good, trailer looks good. I dont know anything about the plot really. Which is good. Williams wrote the music. Heh, it all looks good. Cross your fingers. 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 26, 2015


Geekchild, STFU!!! You want to cross your fingers, I got a finger for you. *stick up middle finger STRONGLY*

du365 on Oct 27, 2015


Looking at your comment history, it's like one giant clusterfuck of shit. I think your middle finger is too small to even fit anyways so maybe try and TAKE IT OUT of your own ass first, smell it and then realize you are just some sore lonely twat on the net.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 28, 2015


And looking at your comment history...I see a b!tch!!

du365 on Oct 28, 2015


See, the difference is that I'm a made bitch while you're just some anonymous bitch on the net. Massive difference. And I can guarantee you that my life is bitchin'.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 28, 2015


A bitch by any other name is still a bitch....BITCH!

du365 on Oct 28, 2015


It has zero meaning or relevance being called a bitch by a nobody on the net. Zero. It's just fun to see and read all of your pathetic comments which prove that in fact, your the bitch. btw - enjoy posting here while you can. 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 28, 2015


Let me correct your grammatical mistakes. It's pronounced "You're the bitch" not "your the bitch".

du365 on Oct 28, 2015


Oh gosh the troll found a grammar error. Sheesh. if I would list all of your grammar errors out of your 7720 retarded comments, we would be here all year. All of your insults can't save you from the obvious: You are anonymous human trash.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 29, 2015

150 are mad. Don't be mad. Why are you mad? Remember Luca$ love you.

du365 on Oct 29, 2015


You represent everything wrong with everything… Bitch.

BNN667 on Nov 1, 2015



du365 on Nov 1, 2015


I hear you. Believe they are crossed.

Payne by name on Oct 30, 2015


Dude. Come on? First off It's obvious you're a little racist, but there's no shame in it as long as you keep to the keyboard! Secondly I'm a huge fan of Star Trek though I'm fully able to admit that the show could be a little slow, juvenile and cheesy. Now when you say he ruined Star Trek could you please elaborate on that? I'd very much like to hear it.

BNN667 on Oct 20, 2015


Im sorry? Im racist because I dislike an actor in a role? So, thats where the world is now? Filled with idiots who think if some one dislikes a person of a certain race they must hate ALL people of that race. You know what, fuck you for the insinuation. As for Star Trek, the recent additions to the ST universe are, largely enjoyable films. But they wholly leave out what makes Trek, Trek. Reducing it to a space action movie. Social commentary, Real HARD scifi. I mean, look at Wrath of Khan, the finial battle is slow and suspenseful relying on that tension to create excitement. Where as the new ones could not even come up with its own material, copy pasting the end of Khan to a HIGHLY diminished effect. And then there is "lol Khans blood cures death". How can there ever be another sick person in all of Star Trek, they have blood that cures death for fucks sake.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


They are largely enjoyable but ruined the franchise. MAKE SENSE PLEASE. They completely revitalized the franchise. Star Trek ruined itself a while ago with shitty movies and boring TV episodes.

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


A movie can be good, as a movie, while not being true to the source, though I doubt you care, you are just a troll, who seems to have latched on to me like a leech. Good day.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


I agree that he ruined Kahn. Into Darkness wasn't really good and I personally do not like the actor playing Kirk. But One thing i've learned is that whatever your favorite franchise, it will never meet your own personal expectations. I think the prequels def taught me a hard lesson. Same with Prometheus. So sure, i can see your doubts but lets not forget that JJ is a OT fan. He knows what people want. He would have never hired Botega if he wasn't fitting the part. I'd say lets enjoy the anticipation and just hold out any critic until we have seen the movie. I fully expected it to be one giant epic post movie discussion. Fair deal?

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


Because he's black?

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


So many small minded people, has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Has to do with his mouth breathing and general goofy looking face.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


"Goofy looking face" Racist much you small minded ignorant troll.

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Sounds like you are the racist one. Iv not mentioned his race once. It does not concern me. IT seems to concern you a lot though. Go back to your bridge, I left some tires there for you.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


Like most racists you are as dumb as a post. You make disparaging remarks about a black man's face and then you call someone else racist because they are offended. There is no way your IQ is over 75. Go back to your bridge? You sound like a 10 year old.

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Are you still replying to me? Lot of wasted time on an ignorant racist, as you call me.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


yeah..racism should be ignored...what a moron

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Why do you even bother talking to Higgens??? Guy sounds like a 5 year old with Down Syndrome

ExtraHotTaco on Oct 22, 2015


What this guy said

IG88ShotSecond on Oct 22, 2015


I guarantee he will grow on you once you watch the movie....or just watch Attack the Block first. He's a good actor.

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


I saw AtB, I did not find him to be anything special.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


Speaking of "special"

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Once you go Boyega, you never go back... wait, something is not right in that sentence.

capitandelespacio on Oct 21, 2015


That's racist!

Ricardo_PT on Oct 20, 2015


You haven't see the movie yet.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Oct 20, 2015


I have seen his goofy, out of breath face in all the promos. He just look out of place in all the trailers to me. I do not need to see the movie to form this opinion.

Higgens on Oct 20, 2015


well, I'd say that's sticking to what his character is...He's thrown into a lot of new stuff...finding out he's force sensitive, while finding out that all of the old rumors were true and everything that seemed "magical" was real... I'd imagine that character would be in a state of shock. he's learning as he goes along.

ColtNoir on Oct 20, 2015


don't feed the racist troll

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Best post I've read all day

IG88ShotSecond on Oct 22, 2015


To bad your opinion means absolutely nothing...

NINJA TRON 3000 on Oct 21, 2015


Same could be said for yours sir. This is a comment section, a place for discussion. Discussion being an exchange of opinions.

Higgens on Oct 21, 2015


I never shared my opinion...that was a fact.

NINJA TRON 3000 on Oct 21, 2015


Ok kiddo, have a nice day.

Higgens on Oct 21, 2015


I wonder if anyone likes you? lol

DarthJohnson on Oct 21, 2015


I will lose sleep over trolls on the internet disliking me, truly.

Higgens on Oct 21, 2015


But no one likes you...troll or

DarthJohnson on Oct 21, 2015


My life is shattered, DarthJohnson said no one likes me, what ever shall I do. My word you are a pathetic person, you cant even troll well. I pity you.

Higgens on Oct 21, 2015


With all due respect you sound like a complete asshat.

ExtraHotTaco on Oct 22, 2015


4 posts and 2 of em about me? Did you really make another account to try and troll me?

Higgens on Oct 22, 2015


Your stupidity is worth trolling...wait for it... "go to your bridge...I left some tires there". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH You sound like a 4 year old with Down Syndrome.

ExtraHotTaco on Oct 22, 2015



Higgens on Oct 22, 2015


Higgens, one thing you need to know about the comments here, if you dare to have a critic of something be careful. It will haunt you. 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 23, 2015


Oh taco, who I assume is also darth, he is just lonely. He likes to follow me around. I view him as like a lost dog.

Higgens on Oct 24, 2015


Stop feeding the obvious troll

IG88ShotSecond on Oct 22, 2015


I wish I had a dollar for every idiot who thinks Kylo Ren, who is played by ADAM DRIVER, is somehow Luke. We've seen Kylo Ren unmasked in both photos and the trailer. NEWS FLASH IT WASNT MARK HAMILL

DarthJohnson on Oct 20, 2015


Haha I know all the noobs! lol. Just ignore them. 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 20, 2015


What?! If Kylo Ren isnt Luke, then who is the guy short of a right arm stretching an robotic one onto r2d2? So hard to understand, its just so obvious!

ErrorSapiens on Oct 21, 2015


What an idiot. Then how do you explain the shots of Adam Driver WITHOUT HIS MASK ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ExtraHotTaco on Oct 22, 2015


Welcome not understander of sarcasm and trolling every comment in this thread user! Nice to see you 😀

ErrorSapiens on Oct 22, 2015


It was already established during the last comic con that Kylo isnt Luke. Adam Driver plays him and he is 6'5 tall. Mark H is about 5'8. So that alone makes it impossible. And Kylo does not have a robotic hand. So yes, that was most likely Luke touching R2 at the fire.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 23, 2015


My facepalm cannot be measured. Another reader that doesnt understand sarcasm.. I was merely understating the obvious facts DarthJohnsen was informing about. Lol, I have followed the universe of SW since 1979 - use brain, then answer. 😀 No offence.

ErrorSapiens on Oct 24, 2015


You cant offend me because your sarcasm sucked.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 24, 2015


Yup, thats why you have to state the obvious 😉 It`s ok, you made a mistake. Let`s continue talking about the film now.

ErrorSapiens on Oct 28, 2015


BB88 is so cute, he makes R2D2 look like my grandma

TheOct8pus on Oct 20, 2015


It will make me feel the way I felt during 1980s, because that's when I started to watch SW (all from the first series of movies). To be honest, at that times, I was more hooked to Superman. I know, it sounds silly, but it's true. This will be, well, fun. Just going down the line of good old memories.

shiboleth on Oct 20, 2015


Moon Base for the WIN!!! I got very nervous for a minute thinking that the whole thing was a metal construct, but a Moon/Planet built into a base is the tits! I wonder if it can travel, is that an engine?

BNN667 on Oct 20, 2015


After watching the trailer a third time hearing Kylo saying to Vader's mask "I'll finish what you began", and the quick shot of Kylo using the force on Poe possibly showing him a large explosion of someplace, that thing might be a Death Star. In fact, it could just be the way they edited the trailer, the film seems to mirror A New Hope to a crazy extent, but maybe it's subterfuge and the story will take a drastic turn that changes the formula around half way?

BNN667 on Oct 21, 2015


There is no 3rd death star. Its the Starkiller base on the snow planet. Look up the databank on the official site.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 24, 2015


Everything I hoped it would be..

Ry on Oct 21, 2015


Over 150 comments, it's been a while...

Carpola on Oct 21, 2015


Star Wars mania. Catch the train or don't! Wooo. Nah but I'm excited, looks fuckin good.

Alex Billington on Oct 23, 2015


I didnt get midnight tickets. Going to have to go on a internet blackout until 3pm on the 18th. lol 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 23, 2015


Well, the blue light saber might be Luke's one he lost in Bespin in Empire Strike's back. Maybe found by the new girl, Rey, who is some kind of scavenger indiana jones. The new red one? Either a custom work on Vader's lost one or, more probably, an amateur recreation by a fan. And talking about a fan... I'd quite see Kylo as being either Luke's son or Leia and Han's son. In any case, he'd be Vader's grandson, reason why he wants to continue Grandpa's legacy. He possibly could have been trained by Luke, just like Obiwan trained Anakin and failed, deciding to go along grand-daddy's path instead of daddy's path. Kind of a teenage rebellion, the kind of you don't want if the teenager is full of force and sith power. Which would make Luke partially a bad guy since he is the cause of all this, although not with intention. Then Kylo builds a red light saber like granpa. And when Leia learns that her son/nephew is the bad guy, she cries in the arms of hubby Han. Of course, this all a complete personal interpretation with no official information, so just take it as it is, a way to feed the discussion until we know the truth.

dessaintes on Oct 21, 2015


Did it ever occur to you that you can BUILD NEW LIGHTSABERS??? You probably think that's Luke's X-Wing too?

DarthTaco on Oct 22, 2015


Good point, but I'm pretty sure he's right about the blue lightsaber being Luke's from the first 2 movies (also Anakin's lightsaber from Ep III). The lightsaber is actually a major plot point, but I don't want to give away any we'll have to wait and see.

TheOct8pus on Oct 22, 2015


Did it ever occur to you that you can read the full post before replying and making a fool of yourself? I quote myself: "Kylo builds a red light saber like granpa" See? It obviously did occur to me one can build new lightsabers because I used the verb "to build" in my sentence about a lightsaber. (You will forgive me for not using caps in my sentence, kid). The fact that I believe the blue one might be Luke's is because it would have dramatic resonance in the story for tying characters and events from the past and present films together, from Anakin to Luke to Finn, (with Obiwan along in between Anakin and Luke) not because I think there can't be new ones. If you had bothered reading till the end of my post, you would also have seen that I admit I might be completely wrong with this theory.

dessaintes on Oct 22, 2015


Clearly you didn't read your own post then....hahahahah. The Luke part Einstein.

ExtraHotTaco on Oct 22, 2015


Clearly you haven't noticed my second post has more than one paragraph. Come to think of it, my bad. It should have been obvious you were pulling my leg pretending you can't understand as no one could be that obtuse but I fell for it trying to reply and explain. Well done.

dessaintes on Oct 22, 2015


No offense but after reading through this you sound like a complete idiot.

IG88ShotSecond on Oct 22, 2015


My theory is that Kylo Ren will turn to the "light side" before Episode 9....probably at the end of Episode 7 or middle of Episode 8. He will see the light and fight alongside the good guys....that's just my feeling. I can sense it....with the force that has awakened in me....

TheOct8pus on Oct 22, 2015


If Rey is going to be the Main protagonist for all three movies. I Can't see myself enjoying them as much as I would like. When I was a kid playing with my friends everyone wanted to be either Luke or Vader. No one want to be princess Leia. These movies are aimed for a male audience mainly still?

Tachy0n on Oct 22, 2015


Did anyone notice that Kylo does not wear his mask when hes about to go at Finn? If you look close you can see his hair? (Adam Driver)

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 23, 2015


What is this thing and why have I never heard of it? Seriously though, can't wait!

bumboclot on Oct 28, 2015


Love how the Falcon is still missing it's top gun after Lando knocked it off in Jedi while flying through the second Death Star.

BNN667 on Nov 5, 2015


Damnit, it was the radar dish. . .I'm ashamed.

BNN667 on Nov 5, 2015

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