Must Watch: New 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer to Tear You Apart

January 12, 2015
Source: Marvel

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

"This vulnerable world needs something more powerful than any of us." It's 2015, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron is under four months away. That might seem like a long time, but soon enough we'll be in theaters watching our favorite superhero team deal with a new threat. Now a new trailer has arrived to showcase more of what we can expect from the Marvel blockbuster, and we get to see some more of the power that Ultron (James Spader) brings to the table to wreak havoc on the world, not to mention new shots of Hulk and Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor and the normal-sized new Iron Man suit. Watch it below!

Here's the latest trailer for Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age of Ultron from Marvel:

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

You can still watch the extended first teaser trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron right here.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is written & directed by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Serenity). Earth's mightiest heroes must once again assemble when a super intelligent robot created by Tony Stark created to help fight any threats that might harm the world actually turns against him and the human race. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson all return in the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers with new names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen joining the team. Disney & Marvel release the film this summer on May 1st. You ready?

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As I posted on another site.... who is pictured at around :32?

timmmc on Jan 12, 2015


My best guess is that it is Shuri, Black Panther's sister.

MattPeloquin on Jan 12, 2015


This chick? I don't know....but I like

TheOct8pus on Jan 13, 2015


Super Intelligent robots taking over the world? I'm in. This looks great.

Mike on Jan 12, 2015


Had actually forgot about this. Looks fun.

Carpola on Jan 12, 2015


New footage was epic but the first trailer was WAY better

Rauncor on Jan 12, 2015


I love how Robert Downey Jr's name comes before the title of the film in the credits haha amazing!

izakkson on Jan 12, 2015


Yeah, I can't really get hyped for this movie with that song playing in the trailers, but I guess some people like it. Can't wait to see Hulk smash though.

Efterklang on Jan 12, 2015


You. Bet.

Quanah on Jan 12, 2015


man thats some dodgy special effects

HG2012 on Jan 12, 2015


Awesome, totally got me psyched! C'mon May!

Xerxexx on Jan 12, 2015


Dull. Not exciting like the first one which is one of the best trailers ever. That one was just awesome.

boball on Jan 12, 2015


Probably because Marvel has learned from Amazing Spiderman 2 and many many other films, not to show everything in their trailers and give away the movie. We saw new footage. Yea most the footage was continuation footage from the first trailer but it ALL was still new. Be happy that Marvel didn't spoil more for you. Geez.

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


I agree completely but that said I kind of feel this should have been the first trailer. Really like the fact we haven't seen vision or black panther at all but this does feel like a first look rather than a lets get hyped trailer.

blargh on Jan 13, 2015


Always love seeing the South African Police service getting squashed by the Hulk! Got that part on repeat!

Godzilla on Jan 12, 2015


this will be awesome and i have total faith in josh whedon! He is the one who makes this movies great because he has right timing in action sequences,caracter develpmont and emotional depth. He did it with buffy,angel and firefly and now with the avengers. They must give total control at marvel over all movies,so he can build a arc of storylines intil 2025... This will be the movie of 2015 and i am a star wars fan from 1977. But honestly this star wars will look bleak compared to the avengers. hail Josh Whedon.....

ari smulders on Jan 12, 2015



MattPeloquin on Jan 12, 2015


yes joss! i am sorry...

ari smulders on Jan 12, 2015


"But honestly this star wars will look bleak compared to the avengers.hail Josh Whedon...." Buffy? Angel? hahaha Emotional depth? What we need is less of these movies not more of them with 'emotional depth'.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 13, 2015


than you should watch transformers,it's the right thing to do for you! Alott of cgi,noise and no connection with the caracters. Yep your movies!

ari smulders on Jan 13, 2015


*characters (not trying to be a dick)

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


That's ok, I'll be worshipping at the altar of Whedon as well. He's had enough good offerings that like JM Strasynski & Peter David, if I see they wrote/input into something, I'll make the effort to watch as I'll probably enjoy it. Nor was I disappointed by his directing effort on Serenity nor Avengers.

VAharleywitch on Jan 13, 2015


Whedon has a great sense of timing and pacing of movies or tv shows. And he is equiped with a great imagination and he knows that alott of cgi is nothing with a "heart" and emotional detachment to the characters. And if you see him,you think he is a nerd so he realy knows his comicbook characters.

ari smulders on Jan 13, 2015


Gosh, I'm so stupid for not being excited and I want to be.

ragethorn on Jan 12, 2015


First trailer was better, this one didn't do much for me. Maybe I've just reached the hight of the cgi craziness.

Armitall on Jan 13, 2015


NO, it's just this Avengers craze. I'll hop on the bandwagon if I happen to like the sequel but the first one was dull for me, except for the final battle scene.

ragethorn on Jan 13, 2015


Yesterday during the hype of the hoax of BvS being split into two films, a reporter asked Henry Cavalli if BvS will be better than Avengers, and Henry replied "You'll see". Henry....I'm sorry to inform you're mistaken. BvS will not be better. (drop microphone)

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


I too, doubt it will be better.... but perhaps, it'll be as good as Avengers 1? It will all depend on how well WB incorporates Bat-flec in movie 1, and the rest of the JLU members into the second. I enjoyed MoS, but can't say I enjoyed as much, for a 'known' character, as I have the MCU.

VAharleywitch on Jan 13, 2015


LOL ....Bat-Fleck ... BaFleck ?

Dominic on Jan 13, 2015


Your opinion.

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


Are you going to attack everyone who has an opinion until they agree with you?

Mr Chatterbox on Jan 13, 2015



311 on Jan 13, 2015


How did I attack him? All I said was "your opinion" which was a mutually agreeable fact. Do I agree, no, but not enough to emphasize why. Your earlier comment was worth attacking though.

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


I gottta admit - reading through the comments, you appear to be the marvel defense force.

dan on Jan 13, 2015


I'm just a big fan. Guess I am a "marvel defense force". I'll take that as a compliment.

JBroti on Jan 17, 2015


Just more of the same. I don't quite get this idea of putting sentimental music to comic book adaptations. These are not true stories, these are not real events, these are not real people, so stop trying to disguise what your film is by using music usually associated with non-fiction. It doesn't work and fools no one when you have massive CG machines smashing up concrete. I don't feel their pain.

Mr Chatterbox on Jan 13, 2015


So if a movie of any genre is fiction, there should be no emotions tied within the story, is basically what you're saying. If you saw it, I'm assuming you hated Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as well? What a sad, sad way to 'enjoy' a movie. You and that 1% like you can move along then buddy as I'm sure you've offended the rest of us very eager movie goers. "Music usually associated with non-fiction"...yea, I totally forgot Pinocchio was a true story.

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


Music emits an emotion, sometimes its used because the theme or beat of the film is missing and so they turn to music to help bridge the gap. When I'm watching some CG robots tearing up the city I don't need some sub conscious attempt (the music) at trying to make me emit a particular feeling. This is blatantly what they are trying to do here. I think Pinocchio is much more grounded in non-fiction than Avengers by the way! There are a lot of connotations and underlying themes in that film. Are you suggesting Avengers 2 is worth comparing to it?

Mr Chatterbox on Jan 13, 2015


Yes. I do think this music works. Also, Pinocchio involves a wooden puppet coming to life. Definitely grounded. A* for trolling. Ya got me.

blargh on Jan 13, 2015


" I don't need some sub conscious attempt (the music) at trying to make me emit a particular feeling. " - this is a Fair Point . Isn't that the biggest complaint about Interstellar ? that the music is too loud at inappropriate times .. me personally I wish they would tone that down too GOOD drama doesn't need music behind it , ALL the time . Altho I tend to just Auto-Tune Out a movie 's soundtrack ... very few capture my attention. "this is blatantly what they are trying to do here " YES Chatter , and for ALL of Hollywood's life making movies they have done this .. not gonna change anytime soon .. vote with your wallet .... ... I take it you are not a CB fan in general ? so this direction to this genre by Hollywood must piss you off ,, make you wanna troll about what you can't change ...

Dominic on Jan 13, 2015


These arent real stories, or people, or events. But comic book heroes are meant to embody the best of mankind. They are tribute to real life heroes and a homage to all the good in the world...and the bad.

Jon Odishaw on Jan 13, 2015


Believe it or not, comic book characters (and all fictional characters too) are compelling to us because we can relate to them. Iron Man and Captain America aren't just superheroes, they're people with internal struggles and personal conflict. They're not 2 dimensional drawings; they're fleshed out characters with stories, desires and philosophies. All these things make fiction something we can relate to, so yes, there is an emotional depth to them. Your comment just shows that you're narrow minded and have no imagination whatsoever.

TheOct8pus on Jan 13, 2015


"These are not real events". Really? In a movie? Does the police know about this? Come on! If want to see real life I look into the mirror or outside the window. If I want to escape that and want to look at something that transcends real life, I go to the cinema. That's the whole frikkin' point of movies!

Nash on Jan 13, 2015


Wow! What a show this will undoubtedly be!!~ People need to relax a bit with all the comparisons to the first trailer. The ad team knows exactly what they are doing. Enjoy the ride.

DAVIDPD on Jan 13, 2015


I can't agree more. People are always complaining how trailers spoil the movie, giving too much away (Amazing Spiderman 2). And then when a highly anticipated movie such as this avoids that, people loose their shit.

JBrotsis on Jan 13, 2015


Anybody got a clue on what is Andy Serkis doing in this? That guy is everywhere now.

ProjectionistHP on Jan 13, 2015


It looks like to me he is Ulysses Klaw. Which would lead to the Black Panther being in this, in some sort of fashion. More proof is around the :32 mark, that looks like Shuri, Black Panther's sister.

Paul McReynolds on Jan 13, 2015


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Has to be Shuri. Funny that they teased the Panther by showing his sister.

David Diaz on Jan 13, 2015


Thanks, had to Google him. Murderous master of sound, wtf. I wonder how many sharacters they are going to pull off...

ProjectionistHP on Jan 13, 2015


I have a boner.

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 13, 2015


Here you go... this should help - *EDIT* - Picture removed. Even I can't take looking at that picture everytime I go through my Disqus feed...

Guest on Jan 13, 2015


What can I do to make the next four months go by really really fast?

TheOct8pus on Jan 13, 2015


Vodka, cociane... etc

backwardsprogress on Jan 13, 2015


Maybe I should stop doing vodka, cocaine, etc...

TheOct8pus on Jan 13, 2015


Really? I just want more and more Spader talking badass.

Jon Odishaw on Jan 13, 2015


Enjoyed the hand to hand between Ultron and Cap

Jon Odishaw on Jan 13, 2015


What's most awesome about this trailer is that they aren't showing the whole damn movie!

bumboclot on Jan 13, 2015


yeah...most 3 minute trailers contain the entire movie....this one on the other hand isn't defying time and logic...aka not magical

Bruiser on Jan 13, 2015


I'm too old for this shit.

naundob on Jan 13, 2015


$10 this clown is 22

SmarterThanThisIdiot on Oct 20, 2015


It's a shame that they had to show the battered Ultron staggering into the room and then show his robot minions busting through the walls. That's completely killed that moment of surprise hasn't it?

Payne by name on Jan 13, 2015


Gotta love the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is billed above the title of the film on that credits frame.

Matt Welch on Jan 13, 2015


He's getting the fattest paycheck.

TheOct8pus on Jan 13, 2015


Is that Thanos without his helmet and makeup?

ProjectionistHP on Jan 13, 2015


For the love of God; have mercy and please remove this picture.

Nash on Jan 13, 2015


Deleted ... the picture was driving me crazy too.

backwardsprogress on Jan 13, 2015


So generic. Without a doubt the most overrated franchise in recent movie. The first one was completely forgettable.

Bruiser on Jan 13, 2015


true, it comes to me in a future as simple occasion of taking the time off, in about two or three years, one evening (or the night), somewhere around two at night and I have no one around me and nothing else to do but to watch this sorry idea of film...

shiboleth on Jan 14, 2015


You two must be fun at parties

Tywin Lannister on Jan 14, 2015


it's a real pitty you are not some nice lady. We would call you to fill in ...

shiboleth on Jan 14, 2015


nah that's okay, I pass, who in the right mind wanna be with two old geezers anyway..

Tywin Lannister on Feb 13, 2015


well, then, forget it. And, since this came from Tywin Lannister, you must be feeling very young... So, what, you just got your first pension check? Sorry for disturbance anyway ...

shiboleth on Feb 13, 2015


At least Scarlett has nice ass ...

shiboleth on Jan 14, 2015

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