Must Watch: Third Trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

December 2, 2015
Source: Warner Bros

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Most of the world doesn't share your opinion, Mr. Wayne." Warner Bros has unleashed the third, very epic trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the continuation of the Superman story started in Man of Steel. They really go all out in this, revealing quite a bit, including that the big bad villain is indeed Doomsday. Which is a bit crazy, but they're going all out. Ben Affleck stars as Batman, Henry Cavill stars as Superman, Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman, who finally gets some more time in this. Jesse Eisenberg stars as Lex Luthor, and the full cast has Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and many more. "The greatest Gladiator match in the history of the world!"

Here's the third full trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, direct from WB:

Batman v Superman

Watch the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice here plus the extended Comic-Con trailer.

Zack Snyder's sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Comics Universe will bring back Henry Cavill as Superman and introduce Ben Affleck as Batman. Amy Adams, Laurence Fisburne and Diane Lane are all reprising their roles from Man of Steel, while more new additions include Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter in a role newly created for the film. Jason Momoa will also appear as Aquaman and there have been rumblings of Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next spring, March 25th, 2016. For more info on the film, visit the official website at: Supes or Batman?

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Love it!

Mike on Dec 2, 2015


This is going to be EPIC!! DOOMSDAY!!

IrishPryde on Dec 2, 2015


That was a poorly made trailer, but god damn did it contain some cool ass shit.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


expanded thoughts after watching it three times. Doomsday? WOW. Still not sold on Lex but I still want to be. I bet this is still a fraction of the story and film despite a lot being showed. I look forward to a Watchmen length film.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


Snyder is a master of what he does. Maybe not always a good thing, but what ever you want to label it as, he is damn good at it!~

DAVIDPD on Dec 2, 2015


He's like a rich mans Michael bay. That being said I've liked or loved every single thing he's done. Apart from most of suckerpunch.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


I concur. Even SUCKER PUNCH had a couple "cool" moments.

DAVIDPD on Dec 2, 2015


Sunkerpunch was Zack Snyder on cocaine punching the cgi button to often. What a waste of time and money...

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


Jon...just curious as to what you thought was poorly made in the trailer? Genuine interest here...CGI? Cuts? Pacing?

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


The CGI was good but the pacing was odd and choppy. The more I watched the more I enjoyed it. It just feels like a new breed of trailer and I wasn't ready for it yet.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


Gotcha. I'll say this about it, Gal Gadot certainly looked happy to be in the middle of the action. My last thought was "is this actually going to be about Supes/Bats, or WW??"

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


Looks like a solid mix. but more bat and supes.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


Hmmm...maybe it's just me, but since when has a "poorly made trailer" "contain some cool ass shit"? Maybe it is just me....

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


Mother fu.... I mean... Ummm wow.

Quanah on Dec 2, 2015


Awesome, love that final shot of the three!

Efterklang on Dec 2, 2015


Amazing! i saw the whole movie in 3 minutes

toonfed on Dec 2, 2015


Lol I feel like this is going to be a long movie with many more surprises. That being said this comment made me chuckle and may be totally true.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


But but dont know if the heroes win....

Higgens on Dec 2, 2015


Damn! You're right

toonfed on Dec 2, 2015


Im really worried myself. Im pertty sure that Clark guy, might not make it.

Higgens on Dec 3, 2015


I'm really thinking on stopping watching trailers altogether.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Captain...I have, by and large, done that very thing. I typically watch the first trailer, and then avoid all future trailers and tv spots. I've done that for any movie I really care about since The Avengers. It has truly risen my enjoyment factor of the show at the movies. I actually get to be surprised by things! Unfortunately, it's tough to do. You can't even look at posters anymore without major plot points being given away (eg: Into Darkness, T:Genysis, Force Awakens, to name a few). That said, I've watched the two trailers and tease for BvS for a couple of reasons. That said, I won't be watching anything further. I'm sure there will be a few more reveals before the movie hits.

Gohikeone on Dec 3, 2015


It is doubly tough these days. I have seen the Star Wars teasers, but not the trailer - and haven't seen any films the full trailer's attached to (SPECTRE - more I'm sure now) specifically to avoid spoilers. But agree, it absolutely works. Generally only do it for beloved franchises, but yep. They really have gotten out of hand.

avconsumer2 on Dec 3, 2015


I am glad I watched, saved me the money I would have spent seeing it in a theater.

Tester on Dec 3, 2015


Having my doubts. This a totally different approach than the other two trailers. Ofcourse the outcome was always no hero dies but now they fight together like the avengers. I realy hope they don't suckerpunch me out with a bunch of cgi effects and no attachment to the story. Loved man of steel but i know Zack Snyder always loves mayhem and total destruction generated from a computer, please don't let it be Godzilla!!

ari smulders on Dec 2, 2015


Thought the exact same thing.Looks very different from the teaser and the first trailer-not in a good way.

Maxim Karagogov on Dec 2, 2015


Yes, but it would be very unlikely that Superman kills batman. So they gave us the wrong info with purpose ofcourse. I liked the sinister tone of the first trailer, but now it's going to be avengers 3,fighting lex luthor..

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


The tone is definitely in a different place. Would be interesting to know how the marketers interact with the director on these trailers and how that thought process goes down. Was the tone of the preceding trailers a function of what was shot, FX that were complete, or what the director wanted to put out as the "tone" of the film? Or did the marketers just want anything out they could get in the preceding trailers, and this trailer is representative of the tone Snyder wanted to show all along? Development is a long road...would be interesting to understand how the moving parts work to fashion what bread crumbs we are fed along the way.

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


I think halfway the movie they changed the script into a kind of avengers movie. Most of the time that's a bad thing because it will be overflowing with a mess of storylines. They have allot of riding on this, and if doesn't do business like they want the entire franchise is going to hell. I am realy curious how Zack Snyder is feeling right now, because i think he is overruled by the execs to make a new story... Bad bad sign. Mad max Fury road was totally story boarded and no room of changes in the script...

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


Fantastic fun! Looks very exciting, but I'm looking forward to the Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent dynamic most. I hope there is more of that verbal sparring in the final film between the alter egos like we saw in the trailer. My biggest worry for this movie is Eisenberg as Luthor...hopefully he will pull it off. But if he is playing the "boy genius" yet socially awkward billionaire role, I'm not sure it will work as well as a powerful captain of industry genius type that might go toe to toe with Bruce Wayne in a boardroom. Nice reveal on WW as well...looks to be a fun entrance for her. Noticed a bit of Marvel pithiness and fun with Supes and Bat's reaction to her (which is what the DC universe needs a bit more of I think). Hoping this will be BIG.

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


Well...alright. This is now my personal most anticipated film of next year. We already know what we will get with Marvel's offerings. But this just looks too damn cool not to be salivating over!!

DAVIDPD on Dec 2, 2015


PD...I agree, this does look sweet. Definitely raised my interest several notches. Love the new suit by the way!

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


Thanks man. // This is just surprising me in the best possible way.

DAVIDPD on Dec 2, 2015


Honestly it's ahead of Star Wars for me. I know that's blasphemous and I want Star Wars in my laugh as soon as possible to be clear.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


comparing the DC movies to the Marvel movies is like comparing epic diarrhea to receiving a blowjob, one is just obnoxious and awful to sit through while the other is downright pleasant and enjoyable. but by your photo I'm guessing you've never received a blowjob, so you probably wouldn't know.

davidshaw on Dec 3, 2015


Realy they have a long way to go before they can even touch the magic of marvel. But age of ultron sucked big!

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


This movie could never compete with the magic of gems like Ant-Man, Thor the Dark World or Age of Ultron.

Jason Savinon on Dec 3, 2015


I disliked all of those movies. You found those to be gems? I much preferred Captain America, Iron Man and the first Avengers

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


I was being sarcastic lol

Jason Savinon on Dec 3, 2015


thank goodness for that!!

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


my choice too! With the guardians...

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


Good call. Guardians was stellar!

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Don't forget Iron Man 2 and 3!

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Lol yes those classic marvel movies also. I love marvel movies also but people act like all their movies are great. In reality they make as many bad movies as good. Guardians and Winter Soldier are definitely their best in my opinion. The first avengers was honestly pretty lame in terms of plot and character development.

Jason Savinon on Dec 3, 2015


nope! first avengers was awesome, second one sucked big! A total letdown from Josh Whedon!

ari smulders on Dec 3, 2015


p.s. it's Joss Whedon

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


The Marvel films have been stuck in the same GD formula for a while now. Yes, some of do it with more style, but they are essentially the same.

DAVIDPD on Dec 3, 2015


This and the new Captain America movie are my most anticipated films of next year. Yes people, it is possible to like both comic universes.

Jason Savinon on Dec 3, 2015


Wow how do any of you like this. Shitty jokes throughout, gave away everything and Doomsday is a) garbage and b) in the movie It's over

OfficialJab on Dec 2, 2015


Now now OJ...try it, you might like it! I'll say this, once upon a time, we dreamed about getting comic characters into actual big budget movies and not B roll made for TV shows. Now we have a bounty of comic films to choose from. Don't look the gift horse in the mouth. Enjoy seeing the titans brought to life on screen! Maybe it'll be great, maybe it'll bomb...but at least we have something fun to see and talk about.

Gohikeone on Dec 2, 2015


Oh it's already fun to talk about

OfficialJab on Dec 2, 2015


No doubt, ha. Don't see this much conversation around one topic too often these days on the FS boards.

Gohikeone on Dec 3, 2015


Because it looked fun.

Higgens on Dec 2, 2015


How is it over? That was only a few minutes of film, not the whole film. Look, you may be right--it may suck (add whatever body part you choose). But why not wait for the whole film? And why act so surprised that people like the trailer? Some will like it, some will hate it. So it goes.

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


I am waiting but in the meantime the trailer has appeared and was disappointing, which given WB's stumbling so far on the DC universe makes me think that this will not make be able to compete with Marvel on the level people hoped. So I'm making a guess. Then again afaik WB has already invested too much money in upcoming DC projects to just can them all so 'over' probably isn't the case. They really should learn more patience.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


but wait....doomsday is zod???

Christian Good on Dec 2, 2015


It's the DNA from Zod that's used to make doomsday. As far as I gather.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 2, 2015


"She with you? I thought she was with you." Where have I heard that dialogue before?

Mark Sheridan on Dec 2, 2015


In far too many places.

Higgens on Dec 2, 2015


Looks awesome, but I'm not into what Eisenberg is doing with Luthor.

grimjob on Dec 2, 2015


And I'm completely into it. I think that performance is gonna be one that you either love or hate.

Lar Rackell on Dec 2, 2015


Fair enough. I absolutely loved what Hardy did with Bane, but a lot of people disagree. I hope it works, and obviously it's too early to tell.

grimjob on Dec 3, 2015


I'm with you, Van Cleef.

Taternuts222 on Dec 3, 2015


Eisenberg always does a good job making me hate him

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


He's fine. Everything's fine. All is going to be fine.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


It's 'cause he's a good actor...

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


Hate me all you want, but, he was the best thing in that trailer. I really liked the lines and how he delivered. Reminds me of a bit of Geene Hackman, and it's more than fine.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Damn, you're right. I guess he's talented in that way.

grimjob on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah seriously.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


I was surprised that I accepted the Batfleck so readily from that trailer. But yeah, that Luthor is pretty different from any version I imagined.

avconsumer2 on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah, it seems he's got a good handle on it. To be honest, I wasn't too fond of Bale's Batman. Loved his Bruce Wayne though. I'm a Keaton fella.

grimjob on Dec 3, 2015


Loved it all except the Wonder Woman reveal. The stupid "I thought she was with you" line, like can we write a book of all movie cliches and then look through it and not use so many. Then the way she is just BOOM there, I think a subtle reveal of her alter ego would have been better. Still pretty excited for this. Will be fun to watch.

Higgens on Dec 2, 2015


I can't wait for this but I'm gutted about the Doomsday reveal, kind of takes the polish of the marketing to date where it has been sold as mainly Superman against Batman. However, I reckon this is part one of two so I would not not be surprised if they are more advanced with a sequel that anyone thinks... maybe it's already done? Perhaps they've made one long arsed film and split it in two?

The Shnizzle on Dec 3, 2015


Bloody hell... I now want to see this. Damn it.

Michael Kingscott on Dec 3, 2015


Yep. I'm in. Cheesy cliches and all!

EmagSamurai on Dec 3, 2015


This has certainly got me interested but I'm finding it hard to forget just how poor MoS really was. Cavill has zero charisma or presence, the writing was woeful, the characters were unengaging and it was just a noisy, empty mess.

Payne by name on Dec 3, 2015


They have shown too much of this movie. The last reveal was unnecesary.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Totally spoiled that pivotal scene.

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


Yea...I'm in.

Xerxexx on Dec 3, 2015


Same here.

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


Good on ya mate!

Xerxexx on Dec 10, 2015


I'm trying to ignore what people say considering everyone thought Jurassic World would suck and then after they saw it, they all started sucking it's dick and it became the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time

steve on Dec 3, 2015


I thought Jurassic World stunk. So did Avengers 2 and those both made a boatload of money.

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Right there with you, though I wasn't anticipating greatness from JW to begin with, Avengers 2 was a bit of a disappointment. But at least I can say I'm currently interested in BvS, even after this trailer.

Justin R on Dec 3, 2015


Avengers 2 really just wasn't a good film...I've seen it 1 time, not much replay value imho.

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah, I ended up liked Ant-Man over AoU. I didn't think the latter film was God-awful; it just felt like a letdown after the first Avengers film. It was decent, but not great (and not better than Man of Steel).

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


Agreed, Jurassic World was terrible and Age of Ultron was a huge dissappointment.

Firefly15 on Dec 3, 2015


I don't think the moviegoers were expecting "Citizen Kane"

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


You are right. I'm expecting The Godfather II kind of level here, not Citizen Kane.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


I kind of liked JW, but they made some bad gambles here and it's going to cost them and the movie.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


Stop acting like a child

Tester on Dec 3, 2015


But isn't that always the case? The "I know it'll suck because the trailer sucks!" mentality? Look, I liked this trailer, but I don't know whether this film will be good or not. The only way to find out is to watch the movie and then give an informed opinion on it. And I thought JW was okay. Not earth-shattering, but a lot of people liked it a lot more than me. So it goes.

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


Doomsday reveal was a marketing failure. Did they think they needed to amp up the anticipation just by showing a secret villain? Ridiculous Also I didn't like the pacing of the trailer, although some of the footage looks good. Oh and I like Eisenberg's portrayal of Luthor. I like it a lot actually!!

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


I agree. They showed too much in the last 5 seconds....they could have kept a bit more mystery....

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


1 minute longer than necessary, IMHO.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Agree with all of ya'll, at first I was like ok...moving kiiiinda slow but I dig it, then it was almost waaay too much all at once. I'm amped for the film obviously, just dunno how I feel about the way the trailer was put together.

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 3, 2015


Are you sure it is Doomsday? I mean, I'm pretty sure they are not going to call it that in the movie. Also, it doesn't really look like it. Looks more like the trolls in LOTR. Is Weta 3D animating this aswell?

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


It's DC, looks like they're trying to cash in lost times with Marvel dominating the box office for the last 15 years by inserting any and all characters they can into they first big, big hit to lead into Justice League. We've already got Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman confirmed and possibly Cyborg...who else would it be? Also I saw on a few other websites including We Got This Covered that it is Doomsday. I agree, the CGI looks like crud, reminds me of LOTR trolls (only not used with practical effects)

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Confirmed: Weta Digital is doing this movie. Same studio which did LOTR. So, same face for Lizard Monster here and the trolls in the other films.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Batman needs a gun now too

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Horrible. That CG monster looks like a 2002 Playstation FMV

Have Hope on Dec 3, 2015


bruh, I love Snyders films and his use of CG (which is usually like 60-70% of what you see on screen at any given time lol) but CG Doomsday looks kinda shitty...reminds me of Abomination from Hulk. Not sure how I feel about it.

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 3, 2015


I'll help you sucks. That's how you feel about it

Have Hope on Dec 3, 2015


Have a bit of patience, it's cheap trailer CGI. It's going to be finished for march, don't worry. Remember Green Lantern? They were rendering CGI until 1 hour before the release.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


The whole tone of the trailer was trash. And from THAT monster to whatever the final result will be, it won't be that big of a change.

Have Hope on Dec 3, 2015


Repeat after me: It's going to be great.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Repeat after me: It's going to suck ASS

Have Hope on Dec 3, 2015


Pros: Batfleck telling Clark Kent he has a "bad history with freaks dressed like clowns" Cons: Why did they reveal Wonder Woman in what appears to be a pivotal scene? ...and what's with the CG villain that looks like a cross between The Thing and The Lizard?

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


The Lizard monster scene (I'm not calling that Doomsday just to annoy people) has an Amazing Spider-Man vibe all over. From the weird tone and "jokes" and the CGI. Talking about the trailer here, the movie might be a whole different thing altogether (we can only hope).

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


"I'm not calling that Doomsday just to annoy people" lol

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 3, 2015


Going to call it Godzilla from now on, better? 😉

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


That's a pro? My only pro are Cavill and Affleck are p good.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah, I thought it was a good zinger from Batfleck....Cavill's reaction to the line was pretty good too

TheOct8pus on Dec 3, 2015


Horton Hears a Who!

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Tell you what. All you whiners, complainers and all around know-it-alls...why don't you get together (open a lemonade stand, or something), raise some money and make your own bloody movie. At the very least, buy enough tampons for you all.

IrishPryde on Dec 3, 2015



Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Are you Zack Snyder? If you are, big fan here!

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


You're right I guess it's great after all.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


I'm guessing your reading comprehension is right up there with your movie critique and your uncanny ability to judge an entire movie from a few minutes of a trailer. Shyte. My point is, instead of whining like a 6 year old with a splinter, how about making your own movie, since you're so skilled at knowing exactly how this movie is going to be.

IrishPryde on Dec 3, 2015


I don't because I'm not a film-maker, I'm a consumer and consumers are the target of the previews, and as a consumer I have a negative opinion of this particular preview.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


I'm a consumer, too. I'm not a chef. I hate onions. Therefore, I don't eat meals with onions. However, I don't bitch about meals that have onions. I simply don't order/eat them. Other people like onions. Those meals with onions might even be delicious and I'm missing out on them because I'm a picky twat. See how that works?

IrishPryde on Dec 3, 2015


For food - great. And in cooking/recipe circles people do in fact discuss why a certain recipe is bad and what's wrong with it. Sorry but conflicting opinions will always exist. Instead of whining about them how about you just ignore them?

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


What's the matter Megan? Someone steal your pot o' gold? Or did you just wake up on the wrong side of the sheep pen?

Taternuts222 on Dec 3, 2015


Because it's easier to whine, complain, and act like a know-it-all--actually making a movie is a lot harder. Just sayin'.

Scopedog on Dec 3, 2015


Loved it. Can't wait. Looks extremely fun and I love Eisenberg's Lex. I don't really care they they revealed Doomsday. Big deal. Still going to be fun to watch. If you don't want to be spoiled by anything, stop watching trailers. We know by now they tend to show too much, especially second trailers.

David Diaz on Dec 3, 2015


I don't think people are critiquing the physical/mental stress, man hours, or skill it takes a developer to design a cg character. They're complaining about the awful artistic design of the creature, and yes they do have another 3 months roughly to improve the image. . . So Don't Show Him Yet! Or at all for that matter!! SHIT!!! Shiiiiiiiiiittt!!!!!!!!!!

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


I am sorry, but: NO...

Nash on Dec 3, 2015


You say that now, but, in the words of Maz Kanata, just "let it in".

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


You guys are complaining over a villain reveal in a superhero trailer? What superhero movie doesn't put the villain in the trailer? At least they didn't put his name in the title (...Age of Ultron). And you had to have been living under a rock not to know Doomsday would be in this movie. They've been talking about it for months and shown Zod's body in every trailer (I think)...

Kevin Laymon on Dec 3, 2015


Guess I've been living under a rock.

avconsumer2 on Dec 3, 2015


Me too, I thought Doomsday would be too much and too silly of a character to put into what will undoubtedly be an over bloated film to begin with.

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


I've also be living under a rock. Plus I don't think it's Doomsday. Maybe Darkseid. But Doomsday doesn't have heat vision. But neither of them have anything to do Zod. So maybe someone is taking 'film liberties.' Meanwhile let's call him Abomination and see if Tim Roth can reprise his role.

bobby_drk on Dec 3, 2015


Darkseid's origins are apocalyptic...Doomsday's are Kryptonian the use of Zod would make sense.

Kevin Laymon on Dec 3, 2015


Absolutely. But what about the omega bleam? Maybe with his kryptonian past Doomsday would have heat vision and the comic books got it wrong.

bobby_drk on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah the heat vision / beam through me as well. I just assumed that they were taking some artistic liberties based on Doomsday being Kryptonian. I'm not even completely sure that Doomsday in this movie won't be kind of a resurrected/Frankenstein version of Zod.

Kevin Laymon on Dec 3, 2015


I feel it's closer to be Bizarro more than Doomsday. Doomsday felt like his whole existence was just to 'kill' superman. Can't be Darkseid either. Darkseid is DC's equivalent of Marvel's Thanos... which would be incredible but as the first movie.. that's a bit too much.

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015


I like the Bizarro idea. There is History of Lex/Bizarro relationship. I don't like the look. I feel like we've seen it too many times. The other nice thing about Bizarro is he can be a throw away character. We can spend most of the movie building the JLA and very little time on villain development.

bobby_drk on Dec 3, 2015


I honestly hope that's the buildup. I agree, feels like we've seen the 'deformed monster' look too many times.

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015


I love the look - though find it funny how Batman's got a gripe over the amount of damage Superman caused in his fight against Zod and appears to be doing the same amount in this.

Steven on Dec 3, 2015


Okay what the hell did I just watch!? The tone is now all over the map! I got sooo excited with that clip of Superman pulling Batman's cowl off, loved it! I just hope to God that this trailer was a bad attempt to capture some of Marvel or The X-Men's charm, and that the film will be nothing like this. Also, Doomsday!? WHY!? Despite what anyone says I personally think The Death of Superman was a bad comic, and Doomsday is not a good character. He looks absolutely out of place in this trailer, but I hope not so much in the film. . .

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


and what is "marvel or x-men charm"?

dan on Dec 3, 2015


He may be referring to something different than I'm thinking of, but I was caught off guard by all the quips 'wink wink' lines. And writing that just reminded me of the "I thought she was with you" line. Fuck me.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah that line was certainly something, I only hope the film isn't too evocative of this trailer. Maybe they'll cut out Doomsday and do a major rewrite reshoot in time.

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


Like vibe, essence, feeling, tone, thesaurus

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


Jesse really feels like he's acting to be in a Marvel movie.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


I just hope he's not been totally miscast and completely out of his element in this. What would, and could, be cool is if/when he takes off his wig, or isn't having to act like a nice guy in social events, his character totally changes into a more devious serious Lex.

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


I know that movie trailers tend to show too much, but I get the feeling I just saw the entire movie. Bruce meets Clark via Lex. Bats battles Sups and destroys a lot of stuff. Sups discovers Bats is Bruce, Bruce figures out Sups is Clark, they both figure out Lex is behind it all and decide to team up against the common foe, who has created a bigger vilain, and become good cop/bad cop buddies. Wonder Woman gets word somehow and arrives with Caps shield to help them. Justice Leauge is formed when Aquaman crawls out of Gotham river with a giant mutated sea otter from toxic waste from Wayne Enterprises...ok, now I'm getting silly. But still, seems like with the exception of a few details, the story was just told.

theslayer5150 on Dec 3, 2015


Doomsday.. or Bizarro?

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015



capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015



Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


I'm in, (duh), but considering this isn't til summer... feels like they showed too much of what the structure of the film will be.

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015


it's coming in March...more like spring time

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


Autumn, if you live at the South Hemisphere.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


aye Captain!

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


I know more about this movie's plot than I do Star Wars

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015


that's probably not a good thing for BvS, but a great thing for Star Wars

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


IT'S SUPERMAN AND BATMAN!!! The fact that this film is even happening, in whatever form, has me excited.

W. on Dec 3, 2015


Nobody noticed the fact that a few months ago some idiot talked about that there isn't going to be any jokes in this movies? I saw like 3 here. 4 if you count the bad CGI of the Lizard Monster at the end.

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015



Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2015


Well, it's good to see that mindless fun can still do good. However, I do like the fact that Superman isn't just a good guy... He can kill, he says... Isn't that what good people also do?

shiboleth on Dec 3, 2015


Re-watched the trailer for only the 2nd time (I'm busy what can I say?!) If man won't kill God, The devil will do it!

Joker's hideout on Dec 3, 2015


I was so hyped up for this and I thought the first trailer was really great. It just had a great balance of raising questions and hinting to small reveals. This one shows way too much. It looks as if by watching the trailer, you sort of know how the story will develop until the end fight. And we know how the end fight will end; our heroes will survive and the beast will be beaten, for now. But what annoys me the most is the tone of the trailer. I hear cheesy oneliners and I see (again) cities being destroyed and over the top CGI monsters. That's the domain of Marvel. The deal was that DC would distinguish itself with a much more gritty, dark and realistic tone. In that respect, this trailer is a disappointment to me...

Nash on Dec 3, 2015


Love Ben Afflecks version of Batman and even the change in Henry Cavills Superman. I don't like Lex Luthor and I REALLY DON'T LIKE HOW BAD DOOMSDAY LOOKS. Ben Affleck tho!

ragethorn on Dec 3, 2015


Yeah my first reaction was "AFFLECK!?", then I saw him in the suit and thought "Hmmm. . . Affleck?", now after everything I've seen and heard I'm thinking "BATFLECK!!!". Doomsday though, no, just No. It's bad enough they couldn't (or wouldn't) make him look more like his comic counterpart, but why put him in this large a film anyway!? The running time is going to be horrendous, and I'm praying we don't end up with Watchmen meets MoS, because I want this movie to be even moderately good with a huge financial bang.

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


There's a conspiracy here that I just figured out. The "v" does not stand for "versus". The "v" is a symbol of the chalice, the cup, the feminine. Think, the Da Vinci Code. The "v" represents Wonderwoman. So the title is really just a list of the 3 main hero characters.

Todd on Dec 3, 2015


V for V*gina?

capitandelespacio on Dec 3, 2015


Do you really have to censor the word vagina? I hate this world...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 4, 2015


Not sure how the disqus thing works. The other day I've used the words WWII, Ch*rchill, St*lin and H*tler in one comment and was put on hold for moderation 🙂

capitandelespacio on Dec 4, 2015


...actually makes sense since versus abbreviation is vs. not v.

Guest_of_Honor on Dec 5, 2015


Like Affleck as Batman! Even from the few teasters/trailer more and more convinced that he will portray Bats in the right way. Lex mwah Dont need another mad scientist/clown... Doomsday... I do get it why they want to introduce a strong villian. They want Sups and Bats to team up for a common threat. Introducing Zod as Doomsday...get that too. This way they dont have to, for the general viewers, the not comic fans etc, completly introduce a new character/do an origin story. People who don't follow the comics were introduced with Zod in Man of Steel. Snyder is continuing with that without having to introduce the original Doomsday storyline. Doomsday appearance, get the comments, had the same feeling. But don't forget that Doomsday didn't had the same appearance went he was created as we know him now from the comics. As far as I know, everytime he dies, he evolves, so also his appareance will change. We will probably see him die a few times and will finally appear as the being we know now, if not in this movie then in the next movie(s).

Hunter5ANT on Dec 3, 2015


I like Affleck's Bruce Wayne, but not the lines they've given him. Lex looks like a goober so far, I hate him. Fortunately he seems slightly more mysterious so what interest I have left in this movie is only with him p much. Doomsday should not be here for the reason that their premise to get people excited was the BvS conflict. Now we already pretty much know how that conflict is resolved - by having to work together. My personal interest in this movie was huge before this trailer because it seemed like a movie about good guy vs good guy which is very fascinating, especially for a comic book movie. Now they just sold that out, for another 'vaguely reptilian buff CG guy' and 'insert bad guy here' villain. It's not like he won't have an origin story, it will just be predicated on Zod, and apparently Lex. What a waste. At least SS still seems to be set on bucking the trend. Having a villain is fine, but we traded off a great opportunity here and it doesn't seem like it was worth it.

OfficialJab on Dec 3, 2015


Exactly! I was stoked about the coming fight between them. But now we know that they spent half the movie beating each other. Then doomsday and ww come to picture, and they just decide to be bros... Still going to watch and enjoy this, but likely would have enjoyd more if I knew less from the plot...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 4, 2015



evilED on Dec 3, 2015


I agree with a lot of the comments saying it feels like the preview gave the movie away for the most part. We basically got a summary of Batman and Superman mad at each other, Lex driving them to hate each other, fighting, making up, meeting WW, then combining to fight a common enemy. Wondering now what they could be holding back, and if they are, how they're going to pull off anything else considering how much they're stuffing into it. I seriously want this movie to be good so bad, but I'm really having my doubts. Also, I can't help but picture DC filmmakers behind the scenes constantly thinking "but Marvel is on their third phase! We need to make this movie BIGGER!" Only problem is, you can't just simply create a huge movie.

I'm Batman on Dec 3, 2015


I totally agree, and though I wouldn't say I have high hopes for this movie (especially now seeing Doomsday) I do really want it to be enjoyable to some degree (which I think it still can be). I love the new look and direction and The Suicide Squad looks just as good! I'm just praying this movie doesn't get panned by the critics and does super well financially. I want the DC Universe to be a real thing in itself.

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


looks great.

dan on Dec 3, 2015


Can't wait for the remake!

CShane on Dec 3, 2015


I'm genuinely interested to hear what you thought was stupid and lazy about his design in the comics, as well as why this version works better for live action?

BNN667 on Dec 3, 2015


Doomsday looks like the troll from LOTR (fellowship)...on steroids.

Guest_of_Honor on Dec 3, 2015


Who is in charge at Warner Bros? They just gave away the whole movie. Guarantee that doomsday fight is at the end and happens in the middle of batman and superman fighting. Why give away that Wonder Woman saves the day? A movie can be mediocre but with enough surprises and twists it can still be fun. What a mess... I've seen better execution on flash/arrow cross overs than this. Why can't DC/WB do movies right without Nolan. Terrible.

chuckpenz on Dec 3, 2015


You know what I like about the commenters here? You're all movie-literate and can say you like something while admitting that it's junk. Nothing wrong with liking junk every now and then. Junk I like: Battlefield Earth, Waterworld (better than people give it credit for), Bad Boys 2.

Picassoson on Dec 3, 2015


Waterworld and BB2 yes, I just couldn't get down with Battlefield Earth. I'll replace that with Wing Commander.

Jeff Prioleau on Dec 4, 2015



Picassoson on Dec 16, 2015


If they had ended the trailer to that scene which is on the picture above. This would have been a great trailer...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 4, 2015


It's interesting to see how many people don't REALLY pay attention when they watch trailers. Also, because I've been reading comics most of my life, I kinda know how this conflict between Supes and Bats gets resolved. Actually, if you even look at the recent cartoon movies Warner Brothers has done, you'll find out too. But back to not paying attention. If you really look at the trailer, the scenes where Batman is fighting Superman, Batman has on an Exo-Skeleton. When Doomsday shows up, Batman is not wearing the armor. Now, it could be Superman ripped it off of him or any number of other things but it makes no sense that he'd be in his Batcar when Doomsday shows up - IF they were still fighting. The heat blast Batman ziplines away from is too wide to be Superman's heatvision, so it must be Doomsday's. So to say they've given the movie away is PROBABLY incorrect. Just sayin... Besides that, most Hollywood movies are formulaic in one fashion or another these days, so why be surprised by what they do? Again, for those that think they're smarter than most, please look at the trailer one more time and REALLY use your brains this time. I have faith, I believe in you. 🙂 P.S. Remember kids, just because they put scenes in a certain order in a trailer, doesn't mean that's how or when those scenes play out in the movie...I'd venture to say the first scene in the trailer comes AFTER they've already fought or met in costume 😀

Mikeal on Dec 4, 2015


Pretty sure posting this counts as a Bomb Threat, but don't worry. it will be a dud.

Pugiron on Dec 7, 2015


"Man won't kill God, the devil will do it." The Illuminati have approved this movie. Better give them all your money while the world crumbles around you folks. Jesus is the only way. Open your eyes to all these fake shootings, erosion of civil liberties and creation of the NWO through order out of chaos. Call me crazy, yet you know I'm right.

ISpartaChrisI on Dec 11, 2015


A monster indeed.

ISpartaChrisI on Jan 8, 2016

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