Must Watch: Trailer for Charlie Kaufman's Stop-Motion 'Anomalisa'

November 2, 2015
Source: Apple

Anomalisa Trailer

"Remember - there is someone out there for everyone." Paramount has debuted the first official trailer for Anomalisa, the new stop-motion animated film from Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson. This funky sort of drama-romance-comedy mix deals with a guy who is tired of the "mundanity of his life" and meets someone unique on a book tour. Finally, we get to see Michael Stone, voiced by David Thewlis. Up until now, all the marketing or photos available for this film have been that one shot from behind the head, you never know what anyone looks like, but that's all part of the experience. There are only two other voices: Tom Noonan and Jennifer Jason Leigh. We've reviewed this twice, with two positive reviews, and it's worth your time.

Here's the first trailer (+ poster) for Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson's Anomalisa, in high def on Apple:

Anomalisa Poster

Michael Stone, husband, father and respected author of "How May I Help You Help Them?" is a man crippled by the mundanity of his life. On a business trip to Cincinnati, where he's scheduled to speak at a convention of customer service professionals, he checks into the Fregoli Hotel. There, he is amazed to discover a possible escape from his desperation in the form of an unassuming Akron baked goods sales rep, Lisa, who may or may not be the love of his life. Anomalisa is co-directed by Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson (animation work on "Community", "Moral Orel", "Mary Shelley's Frankenhole"), from a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman (Synecdoche New York, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich), originally based on a play. This premiered at the Telluride, Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. Paramount will release Anomalisa in select theaters first starting December 30th, before wide in January.

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Reader Feedback - 32 Comments


"Rated R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language The sexual scene was made to allow audiences to feel more uncomfortable than aroused, given the main character's link to depression throughout the film. The fact that most audiences are prepared to laugh at an obviously staged sexual scene with puppets, but will instead be (at least) mildly disturbed by its realistic portrayal, puts this film at a recommended age range of around 21 years and up. This is also due in part to the graphic detail present in the sexual scene, as well as the frequent, unrestrained portrayals of male and female genitalia in the film. There is also a scene where the protagonist stares out of a hotel window and sees a 'man' masturbating in front of a computer screen." ================= The trailer makes it look like a wonderful film. The description from the MPAA, however, has spared me from being part of a deeply disturbed person's social experiment.

txJM on Nov 2, 2015


Oh good, trailer had me worried it's gonna be along the lines of Spike Jonze's Her. The MPAA description is assuring in that it's not just a whimsical feel good flick. Lookin' forward to it.

Terry Craig on Nov 2, 2015


Well, aren't you hip and edgy.

txJM on Nov 2, 2015


If you say so.

Terry Craig on Nov 2, 2015


This has to be the most charming trailer I've seen in a long time. Can't wait to see it, loved everything about the trailer, from the art/animation to the script!

Ricardo_PT on Nov 2, 2015


Look, I going to have a bit of fun here, so don't take the following too seriously, okay? I'm just being a tad cynical is all. However, Alex did like this film so that does give me pause. Having said that, here goes.... This looks and sounds really, really bad. Why puppets that are made out of wood and therefore look wooden? Who wants to see a wooden puppet's dick or vagina? I have half a mind to go see this nonsense just to get a good laugh out of seeing puppet's genitalia. Is his big or small or just sorta medium and who came to that decision as to what size to make it? What does a wooden vagina look like? Man oh man oh man. I gotta tell ya, people can come up with the weirdest shit and try to sell it to you as honey. Is there really someone out there for everyone? That's about as childish and naive a statement to come down the pipeline in a long time. Are human beings so childish and frightened that they need too be reassured with this kind of maudlin and sentimental bromide delivered to them from puppets? Really? Well, it is Kaufman and folks like his stuff, me not being one of them, so it may be good...or it may not. I'll let you all go and decide. I'll take a pass. Catch it on cable in a year or so...maybe. Someone for everyone...didn't Rocky say that? Or Cinderella...or Snow White?

Guest on Nov 2, 2015


I saw a screening of the movie a few weeks ago. "Why puppets that are made out of wood and therefore look wooden?" This reinforces the message and theme of the movie. It makes sense once you hear everyone's voice. "Is there really someone out there for everyone?" The movie isn't really sentimental. It's about a guy who sees everyone as just being the same, which is the exact opposite of someone for everyone.

Ben Nesvig on Nov 2, 2015


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Igor Osamdesetsesti on Nov 2, 2015


Thank you very much for this response to my post, Ben. It is really very intelligent, insightful and well articulated and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that; only that I do...very much so. I am not a fan of animated films or stop-motion, but after reading your perceptions on this one I find myself interested in seeing this one and keeping an open mind in order to get by my distaste for the animated/stop-motion form. That along with the fact that Alex seems to like this film too, so I will drop my cynicism and give this film a chance. Thanks again. Very well done indeed!

Guest on Nov 3, 2015


No, you really should pass. You seem WAY too hung up on wooden genitalia for some reason. Some people just shouldn't go see movies like this. You may be one.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 4, 2015


Gotta say I agree with David from above about you, Mr. Knowlton. What's your motivation? Why the personal attack(s)? What purpose do they serve? Is it for your own ego-aggrandizement to make you feel more special, more intelligent, bigger, better? What? The purpose of my post is to express my thoughts and perspective on this film. I enjoy doing that and received a thoughtful and intelligent response to it from Ben Nesvig above that resulted in my being able to change my thoughts regarding this film. What's one supposed to do with your petty and self-involved personal attacks and judgments that in the end have no value at all? Your remarks certainly do not put you into any positive light or warrant any serious considerations. I can't imagine they make you feel smarter and bigger when upon reading them I see only an insecure, frightened and small-minded man. It comes across as an immature and worthless voice from the peanut galley. Why would you want that? Who are you to make these proclamations about people you don't even know and then offer 'unsoliciated' advice to them? I'm writing this response to your silliness because I see them as an unconscious need to cry out for help. Your personal attacks have no effect on me. I would, however, be interested in your thoughts about this film which is what the thread and the purpose actually is here. Are you too afraid to share them for fear that someone such as yourself would attack you on a personal level and you wouldn't be able to handle it? Or is that another unconscious motivation on your part to have people react to your personal attacks by putting you down so you can continue to feel worthless and without purpose? I will not do that for you. Take a chance. Express how you feel about the film(s) being discussed. Believe me, no one is interested in your petty, personal attacks. Of that you can be sure. Let us hear what you think about the films, if you can find the courage to do so. If not, I will just ignore you and your petty posts and I hate to do that, but what choice does an intelligent person have in dealing with this kind of immaturity?

Guest on Nov 5, 2015


Wow, I guess I really must have offended you. I really do apologize.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 5, 2015


Well, you didn't offend me as I hope after all the years I've been around I no longer let anything or anybody 'offend' me. They may piss me off, but I'm working on that and haven't whipped anyone's ass in a long However, if your apology is sincere and not ironic, I'm impressed. Changes the thoughts I've been having about you and that's a good thing. And okay, I can see that you may have meant to save me 10 bucks by me not going to see this movie so okay...thanks for that gesture. Peace...oops, sorry. How about...cheers?

Guest on Nov 6, 2015


The apology is sincere. I could have been less of a dick I suppose, but when an unusual movie like this gets the chance for a wide release, it gets on my nerves how people can be so critical when it hasn't even played. I'm not a huge fan of Charlie Kaufman either, but I have liked most of what I've seen from him. He's certainly one of the few filmmakers willing to take chances so few do these days. Same goes for DAVIDPD. I'll extend the same apology to him.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 7, 2015


Thanks, Charles. For the sincerity and explaining your 'nerves' think it just might be the nature of things regarding films and marketing and trailers, etc. that people begin to form opinions and make decisions as to whether they want to see a specific film or not. Myself, you couldn't drag me to see an animated film as I think their mentality is geared in childishness and the purpose is to sooth the folks and tell them all is okay in the world. Just my opinion. I also don't get this stop-motion thing. It's difficult enough for me to suspend disbelief as it is, with animation and stop-motion it's just impossible. It's like ballet or opera. Not my cup of tea, but I appreciate the creative efforts and the enormous talents of the artists involved. I guess the same with stop and cartoons. Still, I am interested in this wooden puppet thing if for no other reason than to satisfy my WAY too much hang up having to do with, couldn't help myself. Irony and humor gets me thru the day, ya know? But aren't you? Love scenes in films are terrible for the most part. Too see what this guy did with wooden puppets and actually constructing their stuff? Interesting. Probably not as worthwhile or as interesting as Noe's new effort Love, which is supposed to be as graphic as they come. That's cool. Kubrick was known to have been interested in making a film total X and showing the whole ball of wax if he could come up with the proper vehicle. Anyway, thanks again for the conversation. I dig and appreciate the course in which it developed and your courage to be honest and forthcoming. Later gator.

Guest on Nov 7, 2015


Damn, those accolades are no joke. Too bad they're mostly from no names.

DAVIDPD on Nov 2, 2015


You are a no name

DavideCoppola on Nov 4, 2015


Ouch. The truth hurts...

DAVIDPD on Nov 4, 2015


Rolling Stone, Ain't It Cool, LA Weekly, Cinevue? What in the Hell are you talking about? Almost every day you prove yourself to be some film wannabe who really doesn't know anything. Good job.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 4, 2015


Thank you. You have once again proven how overly ciritical and ugly people can be here on FS. Thank you for putting me in my place. And to be fair, most people have no clue what AICN and Cinevue are. Rolling Stone is only name that carries true note to the national public, who this poster is designed for, ultimately. I would rather be a wannabe than some one like you who feels the need to be mean spirited on a website like FS.

DAVIDPD on Nov 4, 2015


Hey, don't mention it. Anytime I can be of help, just shout.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 5, 2015


Very well said, David. I have tried to reach out to this guy to his personal attack and 'unsoliciated' advice to my post sharing my thoughts and reservations regarding this film. It certainly is an opportunity to engage with someone who is obviously insecure and suffering internal demons he chooses to place outward upon others. Easy to like those that agree in a loving manner, much more difficult to find space in one's heart for those inflicted with pain and anger. Challenging indeed. Hang in there. You post well and your views and perceptions have value. Keep them coming.

Guest on Nov 5, 2015


Ok, I'll bite. What personal attack and when did you reach out to me because I honestly don't remember. "Easy to like those that agree in a loving manner, much more difficult to find space in one's heart for those inflicted with pain and anger." Oh God, cry me a river.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 5, 2015


Hi Charles, I think the point Bo and I were trying to make was to just stop being so critical to other people who are just giving their opinions on movies. You may not intend for your comments to be offensive, but it is how they are being read. Intention is fine, but what really counts is perception.

DAVIDPD on Nov 5, 2015


Point taken. I take back the wannabe comment and apologize. As I mentioned to Bo, when an unusual movie like this gets the chance for a wide release, it gets on my nerves how people can be so critical when it hasn't even played. I'm not a huge fan of Charlie Kaufman either, but I have liked most of what I've seen from him. He's certainly one of the few filmmakers willing to take chances so few do these days. I wish people would encourage experimental filmmakers with all of the Hollywood garbage that gets released. Or at least not shoot it down before it gets a release.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 7, 2015


Thank you, Charles. I understand where you are coming from much better now. // See you on the other side.

DAVIDPD on Nov 7, 2015


No, you wrote 'you are WAY too hung up on genitalia'. Pretty heavy judgment with the WAY bit; especially since I qualified my whole post in the first two sentences saying I was just going to have some fun and was being a bit cynical. So I have to point out that you are incorrect in your assessment that I'm 'hung up on genitalia'. I usually don't think of 'them' at all, in fact....but I must admit I find it more than amusing that they constructed these puppets with genitalia and how did the come to decide how to present them. Sorry if that offended you. I the end and back to my original post...I was joking, man! Irony, ya know? I know you know what that means and that you have a sense of humor by your 'Oh God, cry me a river'. That was pretty good....sorry, I can get a little 'spiritually'(?) heavy sometimes so I laughed good-heartedly at that specific response. How right you

Guest on Nov 6, 2015


Thank you, Bo. Maybe he is just in a bad way. I have recently been try to be a lot more positive here on the FS. I always try and think of the adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, shut up." Haha!!~

DAVIDPD on Nov 5, 2015


You're welcome, David. However, saying something nice all the time is a bit much. Sometimes being not nice makes for positive change. How about saying something not nice in the nicest way possible in order to facilitate positive change? Eh? Cheers. I do enjoy how you apparently enjoy movies and expressing yourself about them. Good stuff!

Guest on Nov 6, 2015


Wisely said. I mostly meant not making personal attacks on other people, films are all fair game in my book.

DAVIDPD on Nov 6, 2015


Fantastic trailer that doesn't wreck the movie. As unique and darkly funny as every other Kaufman movie I've seen. I really want to watch it again so I can analyze the ending.

Ben Nesvig on Nov 2, 2015


man David Thewlis needs to do more voice acting. This looks fantastic. Count me in.

Xerxexx on Nov 3, 2015

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