Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield & Three More Shortlisted for 'Spider-Man'

April 23, 2015
Source: The Wrap

Asa Butterfield / Spider-Man / Nat Wolff

It's been a couple months since Sony Pictures struck a deal with Marvel Studios to share the iconic superhero Spider-Man, allowing him to enter the Marvel cinematic universe while Sony creates yet another franchise featuring a new version of Peter Parker. The last substantial update on the Spider-Man front pegged Drew Goddard to write and direct what will be the first film in a new franchise, beginning on the big screen July 28th, 2017. Since then, we've learned that Spider-Man will definitely be Peter Parker (not Miles Morales), but we've had no indication as to who may play the webcrawler. That changed today.

The Wrap has learned that Sony and Marvel have narrrowed down their list to five prospects, and if you were hoping to see a non-white Spider-Man this time, even if he was still named Peter Parker, then you're not going to be happy. The five candidates for the new Spider-Man are Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns), Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game, Hugo), Liam James (The Way Way Back, "The Killing"), Timothee Chalamet ("Homeland," Interstellar) and Tom Holland (The Impossible, In the Heart of the Sea). None of the actors have offers yet, but they're about to receive test offers next week with a decision likely to be made sometime in the next two to three weeks so casting can be in place before Captain America: Civil War starts shooting.

Honestly, the only candidate here that really interests me as Spider-Man is Asa Butterfield, but he's a far cry away from most of my previous choices that I hoped would be in the running (even though a couple of them are too old and were just fun ideas). Even beyond my suggestions though, there's plenty of other interesting actors who could pull off teenage Spider-Man. I would much rather have seen Shameik Moore (Dope) or Tyler James Williams ("The Walking Dead") in this role to mix things up. Anyway, hopefully one of these actors will work out and make fans happy to see Spider-Man again. Thoughts?

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Please not Asa.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 23, 2015


I kinda like Hugo Parker.

Duane on Apr 23, 2015


You would prefer Nat Wolf or Liam James??? Have you watched Liam James act? Nat Wolf does not have the look or the personality.

Angry Lester on Apr 23, 2015


No I haven't seen either of them but Asa is just plain bad. Hugo was a great movie but not because of him(he actually wasnt bad in it) but Enders game was an abortion all around.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 23, 2015


Here's what Spider-Man would look like if played by a black actor:

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


Are you 12 years old, or just an ignorant turd?

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


Are you 97 or just lacking in a sense of humor?

Brian Sleider on Apr 23, 2015


No. I'm a black man who's sick and tired of these bullshit stereotypes. I don't like the Yankees and what the fuck is Crunk?

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


....besides. This is 90's rapper Spiderman.

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


spida mang

Ryan on Apr 23, 2015


Ask the black youths what "crunk" is, I have no clue.

Brian Sleider on Apr 23, 2015


Haha!! I don't think they know either.

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


Stereotypes exist for a reason, at least some people can laugh about it instead of people like you screaming "outrage" "ignorance" "intolerance" etc.. and screwing up everyone's good time.

Angry Lester on Apr 23, 2015


Dude....I get it. it's funny. But it completely defeats the purpose of my original post that illustrates that Spider Man is Spider Man whether he's black, white or purple. Besides, this is the lowest form of humor. Would a Hispanic Spider Man be wearing a sombrero, or would an Asian Spider Man be wearing one of those Rain hats from Mortal Combat? It's funny, but it's not that funny.... And if stereotypes exist for a reason, is THIS the reason they exist? To say all black people wear Crunk chains and baseball hats... I'm not so sure. Apu from the Simpsons is an example of a funny stereotype. This one, not so much.

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


spiderman is spiderman, but Peter Parker isn't Miles Morales. there's a difference and shouldn't be changed simply to make a person feel better about themselves and more PC, especially not because it makes them feel like their making a "difference" in the world.. spoiler alert: they aren't.

ColtNoir on Apr 27, 2015


and by the way, here's Asian Spider Man. For some reason, I find this Spider Man funnier than a Spider Man with a straw rice picker hat on...

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


Looks good to me (I am Asian, but not Japanese).

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2015


Sorry, but this is one of most ignorant statements I have ever read recently.

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2015


It's funny, relax.

Angry Lester on Apr 23, 2015


It's funny, and I am relaxed.

TheOct8pus on Apr 23, 2015


Black actor!? Don't appropriate my white culture!

tim on Apr 23, 2015


I know none of them, which is good.

Tuomas Lassila on Apr 23, 2015


I don't think Asa would be the best choice, but who knows. Not too familiar with the other actors, but nothing too impressive at this point. That said, I sincerely trust Marvel to make the right choice and feel way more confident with them at the wheel now (rather than Sony).

I'm Batman on Apr 23, 2015


Tom Holland by far is the best choice, imho. He's a fine, young actor with incredible future prospects. He was outstanding in "The Impossible." He stole that film.

Quanah on Apr 23, 2015


Out of those 5 I'd pick Nat Wolff or Tom Holland but I still think Dylan O'Brien would be a better choice.

izakkson on Apr 23, 2015


in other words you have a boner for Dylan O'Brien.

Angry Lester on Apr 23, 2015


Asa Butterfield is the only good choice. Nat Wolff?? Liam James?? Come on!!

Angry Lester on Apr 23, 2015


Asa is a shitty actor

Jameson Cyr on Apr 23, 2015


PLEASE GOD NOT TIMOTHEE CHALAMET!!!!! he had about as much screen presence as a house plant in homeland.

Ryan on Apr 23, 2015


How ever it is of those four, someones going to have to hit the gym hard. I'm still sorry for Garfield.

ProjectionistHP on Apr 23, 2015


Butterfield would not make a good Spiderman.

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2015


Tom Holland

Jameson Cyr on Apr 23, 2015


I give acting chops to Butterfield, Looks for spidey would have to go to Wolff.

timnimbus on Apr 24, 2015


they should pick Asa he's my favourite actor of all time, he would be a good spiderman!!

Carleigh Barker on Apr 28, 2015


I think Nat Wolff would be the best fit. He's the perfect age to be "Peter Parker"

Lisa Ruemler on Jun 30, 2015

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