Neill Blomkamp Confirms 'Alien' Sequel Project As His Next Movie

February 18, 2015

After teasing fans with some concept art this January for an unrealized Alien sequel, sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp addressed the existence and status of the project in an interview earlier this month and was very hopeful that the project would get made, even though he indicated that it was his own hesitancy that kept it from happening initially. But now Blomkamp seems to be making good on his teasing as he just confirmed that this new Alien project will be his next film. The director again took to Instagram to post another piece of art, but now with the caption, "Um… So I think it's officially my next film. #alien." Whoa!

Here's the post that Neill Blomkamp made on Instagram just moments ago:

Um… So I think it's officially my next film. #alien

A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

And just to assure everyone, Variety has word from 20th Century Fox that they closed a deal for the project.

If you've seen the concept art, you know that Alien cast members like Signourney Weaver were part of whatever story idea he had, but there's no confirmation as to whether or not her involvement will be realized. Though Blomkamp just told ComingSoon recently, "She knows about it, and part of it was just inspired by speaking to her on set when we were filming Chappie, and getting her thoughts on Alien and what she thought of the movies that came after Aliens and what she felt about Ripley and what was incomplete for her about Ripley. There was so much fuel in what she was telling me.” That sounds like she would be on board with this project, but it's up to the studio to strike a deal with her. However, since Ridley Scott is also producing, that shouldn't be too hard to negotiate. Stay tuned for updates from here.

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Well this is fucking awesome. Still stoked on a Prometheus 2 from Ridley though.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 18, 2015


You should have gotten half a like from me there. Alien: Fuck Yeah!!!! Prometheus 2: Fuck NO!!! Did not like that movie, but I love the trailer for it...

Enola on Feb 18, 2015


Prometheus was complete garbage. But its like beating a dead horse now.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 18, 2015


Hate to agree with this trolling twat (as he calls us) dickhead (what I call him), but he right on this one

Tester on Feb 18, 2015


If they would attach you're sorry whiny ass to that dead horse i sure would love to beat it some more. Good day.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 18, 2015


Whoa no fighting you guys. Sascha is a good guy, even though he has terrible taste and sometimes says good movies are garbage (kidding, kidding). But seriously, let's have a civil discussion here. Many people hated Prometheus! And Sascha ain't a troll, he just has an opinion like everyone else.

Alex Billington on Feb 19, 2015


Are U serious ? Have U read his comments lately ? I've been on this site for years, logged in as Tester, and have U ever seen me make anything but civil comments ? Why would I all of the sudden bash someone ? Read his comments and then please request the same from him.

Tester on Feb 19, 2015


I have. Just because he has strong opinions about a movie doesn't mean he should be blocked. I deleted his nasty comments, too. Everyone calm down, that's all I'm saying. No need to be at each other's throats just because we have different opinions! Take it easy.

Alex Billington on Feb 19, 2015


Watching the Bluray's deleted scenes , solves the hatred problem

Dominic on Feb 21, 2015


If I knew they completely spoiled all the great scenes in the film in the trailer I wouldn't have watched it.

Jordan Odinson on Feb 18, 2015


I understand people who didn't like it. It was a polarizing film. But I liked it and I felt like they did a lot of things right. They still have a large universe to explore and I think they could fix the things they did wrong with a second one.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 18, 2015


Agreed. Prometheus was poorly written, poorly acted and just poorly thought out all around.

cuckoozey on Feb 19, 2015


Poorly acted hahahahahaha

Jon Odishaw on Feb 19, 2015


God no, respect to Ridley he was once a great director but not anymore. His last film Exodus was a complete disaster literally. Much like Prometheus the only good thing about it were the visuals and style. I would rather them start semi fresh with Blomkamp's vision for a sequel with Signourney Weaver returning and throw anything Prometheus out the window and far away as possible.

Jordan Odinson on Feb 18, 2015


Agreed. Don't forget the Counselor. It was beyond awful.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 18, 2015


I couldnt bare to finish the counselor, Have to agree with Jordan, Ridley has been off as of late...

cg on Feb 18, 2015


Yeah. Not sure where he went wrong...probably A GOOD YEAR.

DAVIDPD on Feb 19, 2015


I don't think those are the only good parts of the film. There were some Damn fine performances in it and the plot was ambitious. And the abortion scene was Classic Ridley.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 18, 2015


I'd be down with a Prometheus sequel. It doesn't have to be a Ridley Scott film necessarily, but it should have the grit of the Alien universe.

TheOct8pus on Feb 19, 2015


again IF you see the Bluray of Prometheus , and see all the scenes they left on the floor , you realize people would have liked the movie better had they left them in ... BUT they had to get 6 showings a day for the theatres , not 4

Dominic on Feb 21, 2015


Best news ever. His visual style is brilliant. This is going to be beautiful and bloody!!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 18, 2015


Cool, cool, cool.

mooreworthy on Feb 18, 2015


I'm not that bothered about the 'alien' any more, would be good to get an interesting story and get more into the world. Visually though, he's already there. 🙂 Either way, I'm doon like a baboon for this.

Carpola on Feb 18, 2015


FUCK YES!!!! That is so sick.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Feb 18, 2015


This will be worth it for the artbook alone.

eurogibbon on Feb 18, 2015


best move ever in the alien franchise after Cameron did his job! Now we need David Ayer to reboot the predator franchise....

ari smulders on Feb 19, 2015


Uh, the Predator franchise was rebooted with "Predators" - a film that used almost an identical setup as the original, even down to every sound effect and musical score cue. If that film wasn't "faithful" enough, nothing ever will be.

crystaltowers on Feb 20, 2015


but it wasn't any good. Onley the first one with swarzenegger is awesome...

ari smulders on Feb 20, 2015


Yeah, the first one is the best. The second is OK. But I thought "Predators" was a very faithful effort to reproduce the original, with a new twist. If that wasn't well received, then I'm afraid the whole Predator film concept may have reached the natural end of its life.

crystaltowers on Feb 21, 2015


I liked Predators , as the New Twist of them having a Hunting Planet , makes them even scarier to think about . Plus the intimation that they could be behind all those UFO kidnappings/ disappearances ...

Dominic on Feb 21, 2015


WOW! this is great! always welcome for Neill Blomkamp! a great day...

Бабак on Feb 19, 2015


Nailed It.

DAVIDPD on Feb 19, 2015


I want to know what Sigourney said about Ripley, and how she feels about Ripley's story arc so far....

TheOct8pus on Feb 19, 2015


Tester, you're testy today.

TheOct8pus on Feb 19, 2015


Yeah, I had it with this guy.. Bashing everyone for their comments.. No need for this on this site !!

Tester on Feb 19, 2015


Yea he's a dick, ive learned to ignore him.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 19, 2015


I usually do, but then I noticed he does the same with many others.. and to top it off Alex now defends him, wow, just wow.

Tester on Feb 19, 2015


I dunno, saying hes a nice guy and then saying he has terrible taste in movies? Alex is being as shitty to Sasha as he can while still maintaining peace.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 19, 2015


THIS... will be interesting to watch. Though as it's, thus far, rumored to be after Prometheus 2: The Search for a Screenwriter... I'd hazard we won't see it till earliest 2018 (in which time, I imagine Blomkamp will get bored, and start on something else, further delaying it). Also, sadly, it would've been a real treat to see Blomkamp's design team actually collaborate with Giger.

avconsumer2 on Feb 19, 2015


Yes if (unfortunately) you go to another website , you will see that the story Blomkamp is writing is SUPPOSED to be a " Prometheus 3 " story . Bringing some version of Ripley from Somewhere in the Timeline , is just to connect the stories of both trilogies ... I must agree with crystal , in that Alien Resurrection shouldn't even be a part of the series ... Alien 3 is much better and worthier , if you get the extended.version ...

Dominic on Feb 21, 2015


Let me guess, the aliens are just misunderstood and only want to get free healthcare from the evil government corporation?

Dan Hibiki on Feb 19, 2015


Poor xenomorphs just want come to america in hope for a better future

ProjectionistHP on Feb 19, 2015


This is great!

ProjectionistHP on Feb 19, 2015


This sounds perfect. The one thing many people forget about the first Alien is the amount of realism it introduced to the sci-fi genre - video footage, overlapping dialogue, just a dash of shaky cam... something Blokamp has shown in District 9 he can do. My only concern, of course, is that Blokamp will yet again try to include some big obvious message that he'll try to force down everyone's throat (but I hope he'll learn from the mistakes of Alien 3).

Terry Craig on Feb 19, 2015


find the extended version of Alien 3 , either separate or in the Alien Quadrology .... you'll have a different opinion after you watch it ... apparently the problem with these trilogies , is that the producer's leaving all the GOOD scenes which explain the stories and the characters better , on the cutting floor

Dominic on Feb 21, 2015


Thanks for the tip, I'll try to do that sometime.

Terry Craig on Feb 22, 2015



ff on Feb 19, 2015


I'd really like this... I don't care if Ripley is in it. It's all about the Alien for me. I hope they don't come up with some silly way to shoehorn her in (no disrespect to Signourney Weaver meant).

Bill on Feb 19, 2015


Alien series was turned into a complete parody with Alien Resurrection, a cynical cash-grab with AVP1 & 2, and a pointless "midichlorians" prequel exercise with Prometheus where even the original mystery of the space jockey and aliens themselves, was utterly ruined and explained away as "god-like humanoids messing with biology and wearing exo-skeletons". Ridley Scott even originally wanted them to be portrayed as the origin of Jesus/Christianity on earth. LOL. Truly a mistake. Where can it all go from here? It totally depends on Sigourney. Her character was reduced to an unsympathetic mutant in Alien Resurrection. Any new film absolutely CANNOT put us through another 2 hours of Ripley being "part alien", having sex with aliens, and feeling sorry for other part-aliens that look like huge turds, getting vaccuum sucked through fuselage pinholes. If Ripley is not in the film at all, I suppose it can be anything. They essentially need to completely dismiss every film since Alien 3 (yes I know Alien 3 was rough, but at least it made reasonable sense) and start over, with Ripley perhaps waking up after 1000 years of cryosleep having just had four awfully (directed) dreams.

crystaltowers on Feb 20, 2015


I could not say it better. Thank you

mathieu leborgne on Mar 31, 2015

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